Hello, I'm Spongeblob, the KOTOR board's resident Cheat Code master. Feel free to WUL me for my efforts.

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This is to help all who are having problems activating or using cheat codes in
KOTORs 1 & 2, due to the numerous threads that come through here every month,
I decided to create the ultimate Cheat Code help thread, and this is it.

The following is the detailed, sure-fire way to activate and use cheat codes
in both KOTOR 1 & 2.

Knights Of The Old Republic

Note: This requires you to edit a file. Be careful, always make a copy
of the original before attempting this!

For those of you who are users of Microsoft Windows, here’s how to find the
file to enable the cheats.

Click the “Start” icon in the lower left corner of the screen, right next to
the Toolbar. Click on the “Search” function, then choose “All Files &
Folders”. Type in “swkotor.ini” then search for it. Once it shows up, stop the search and double-click the folder. It’s a 3 KB
folder, just so you know. Once in the file, at the very bottom of the “[Game
Options]” area, type “EnableCheats=1” exactly as that, without the quotation

Once inside the game, hit the Tilde key, it’s the key right above the Tab key
and next to the “1” key, then follow the instructions below to achieve your
desired cheat. Note that these are for Knights Of The Old Republic, not KOTOR
2, those cheats are below these following cheats.

Unlike KOTOR 2, the command bar is visible in KOTOR 1.

Code Result
invulnerability - God mode
heal - Heal selected member
turbo - Press W or S to move faster
adddarkside [number] - Gain dark side points
addlightside [number] - Gain light side points
addlevel [number] - Gain level
addexp [number] - Gain experience points
givecredits [number] - More credits
setconstitution [number] - Set constitution
setdexterity [number] - Set dexterity
setcharisma [number] - Set charisma
setintelligence [number] - Set intelligence
setstrength [number] - Set strength
setwisdom [number] - Set wisdom
setcomputeruse [number] - Set computer use
setdemolitions [number] - Set demolitions
setstealth [number] - Set stealth
setawareness [number] - Set awareness
setpersuade [number] - Set persuade
setrepair [number] - Set repair
setsecurity [number] - Set security
giveitem [number] - gives item(see below for item names)

[number] = 10 - 999

Below are items for use with the “giveitem” cheat, to get it to work type
“giveitem” leave a space type name of item( i.e. g_i_mask01), leave another
space and type number required(so should look like this giveitem g_i_mask01

g_i_mask01 - Light-scan Visor
g_i_mask02 - Motion Detection Goggles
g_i_mask03 - Bothan Perception Visor
g_i_mask04 - Verpine Ocular Enhancer
g_i_mask05 - Bothan Sensory Visor
g_i_mask06 - Vacuum Mask
g_i_mask07 - Sonic Nullifiers
g_i_mask08 - Aural Amplifier
g_i_mask09 - Advanced Aural Amplifier
g_i_mask10 - Neural Band
g_i_mask11 - verpine Headband
g_i_mask12 - Breath Mask
g_i_mask13 - Teta's Royal Band
g_i_mask14 - Sith Mask
g_i_mask15 - Stabilizer Mask
g_i_mask16 - Interface Band
g_i_mask17 - Demolitions Sensor
g_i_mask18 - Combat Sensor
g_i_mask19 - Stealth Field Enhancer
g_i_mask20 - Stealth Field Reinforcement
g_i_mask21 - Interface Visor
g_i_mask22 - Circlet of Saresh
g_i_mask23 - Pistol Targeting Optics
g_i_mask24 - Heavy Targeting Optics
g1_i_mask01 - Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask
g1_i_mask02 - Medical Interface Visor
g1_i_mask03 - Advanced Agent Interface
kor38b_mask - Tulak Hord's Mask
geno_visor - GenoHaradan Visor

Implants Class 1
g_i_implant101 - Cardio Package
g_i_implant102 - Response Package
g_i_implant103 - Memory Package

Implants Class 2
g_i_implant201 - Biotech Package
g_i_implant202 - Retinal Combat Implant
g_i_implant203 - Nerve Enhancement Package
g_i_implant204 - The Party Selection Screen Available

Implants Class 3
g_i_implant301 - Bavakar Cardio Package
g_i_implant302 - Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package
g_i_implant303 - Bavakar Memory Chip
g_i_implant304 - Bio-Antidote Package
g_i_implant305 - Cardio Power System
g_i_implant306 - Gordulan Reaction System
g_i_implant307 - Navaradon Regenerator
g_i_implant308 - Sith Regenerator
g_i_implant309 - Beemon Package
g_i_implant310 - Cyber Reaction System
g1_i_implant301 - Advanced Senseory Implant
g1_i_implant302 - Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant
g1_i_implant303 - Advanced Combat Implant
g1_i_implant304 - Advanced Alacrity

g_i_gauntlet01 - Strength Gauntlet
g_i_gauntlet02 - Eriadu Strength Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet03 - Sith Power Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet04 - Stabilizer Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet05 - Bothan Machinist Gloves
g_i_gauntlet06 - Verpine Bond Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet07 - Dominator Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet08 - Karaken Gauntlets
g_i_gauntlet09 - Infilitrator Gloves
g1_i_gauntlet01 - Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
kor38a_gauntlet - Marko Ragnos' Gauntlets
geno_gloves - GenoHaradan Power Gloves
tar03_brejikglove - Brejik's Gloves

g_i_frarmbnds01 - Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds02 - Sith Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds03 - Arkanian Energy Shield
g_i_frarmbnds04 - Echani Shield
g_i_frarmbnds05 - Mandalorian Melee Shield
g_i_frarmbnds06 - Mandalorian Power Shield
g_i_frarmbnds07 - Echani Dueling Shield
g_i_frarmbnds08 - Yusanis' Dueling Shield
g_i_frarmbnds09 - Verpine Prototype Shield
tar03_brejikband - Brejik's Arm Band

g_i_belt001 - Cardio Regulator
g_i_belt002 - Verpine Cardio Regulator
g_i_belt003 - Adrenaline Amplifier
g_i_belt004 - Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier
g_i_belt005 - Nerve Amplifying Belt
g_i_belt006 - Sound Dampening Stealth Unit
g_i_belt007 - Advanced Stealth Unit
g_i_belt008 - Eriadu Stealth Unit
g_i_belt009 - Calrissian's Utility Belt
g_i_belt010 - Stealth Field Generator
g_i_belt011 - Adrenaline Stimulator
g_i_belt012 - CNS Strength Enhancer
g_i_belt013 - Electrical Capacitance Charge
g_i_belt014 - Thermal Shield Generator
g1_i_belt001 - Baragwin Stealth Unit
geno_stealth - GenoHaradan Stealth Unit
tar03_brejikbelt - Brejik's Belt

g_a_clothes01 - Clothing
g_a_clothes02 - Clothing Variant 2
g_a_clothes03 - Clothing Variant 3
g_a_clothes04 - Clothing Variant 4
g_a_clothes05 - Clothing Variant 5
g_a_clothes06 - Clothing Variant 6
g_a_clothes07 - Clothing Variant 1
g_a_clothes08 - Clothing Variant 7
g_a_clothes09 - Clothing Variant 8

Jedi Robes
g_a_jedirobe01 - Jedi Robe (Brown)
g_a_jedirobe02 - Dark Jedi Robe (Grey)
g_a_jedirobe03 - Jedi Robe (Red)
g_a_jedirobe04 - Jedi Robe (Blue)
g_a_jedirobe05 - Dark Jedi Robe (Blue)
g_a_jedirobe06 - Qel-Droma Robes

Jedi Knight Robes
g_a_kghtrobe01 - Jedi Knight Robe (Brown)
g_a_kghtrobe02 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Grey)
g_a_kghtrobe03 - Jedi Knight Robe (Red)
g_a_kghtrobe04 - Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)
g_a_kghtrobe05 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)

Jedi Master Robes
g_a_mstrrobe01 - Jedi Master Robe #1 (Brown)
g_a_mstrrobe02 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Black)
g_a_mstrrobe03 - Jedi Master Robe (Red)
g_a_mstrrobe04 - Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
g_a_mstrrobe05 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
g_a_mstrrobe06 - Darth Revan's Robes (Dark side only)
g_a_mstrrobe07 - Star Forge Robes (Light Side Only)

Armor Class 4
g_a_class4001 - Combat Suit
g_a_class4002 - Zabrak Combat Suit
g_a_class4003 - Echani Light Armor
g_a_class4004 - Cinnagar Weave Armor
g_a_class4005 - Massassi Ceremonial Armor
g_a_class4006 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor
g_a_class4007 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7)
g_a_class4008 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7, Immunity: Mind-
g_a_class4009 - Echani Fiber Armor
geno_armor - GenoHaradan Mesh Armor

Armor Class 5
g_a_class5001 - Heavy Combat Suit
g_a_class5002 - Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit
g_a_class5003 - Zabrak Battle Armor
g_a_class5004 - Zabrak Field Armor
g_a_class5005 - Reinforced Fiber Armor
g_a_class5006 - Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit
g_a_class5007 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 6)
g_a_class5008 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9)
g_a_class5009 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9, 30 sv Cold, Immunity: Mind-
g_a_class5010 - Republic Mod Armor
g1_a_class5001 - Light Exoskeleton
g1_a_class5002 - Baragwin Shadow Armor

Armor Class 6
g_a_class6001 - Military Suit
g_a_class6002 - Echani Battle Armor
g_a_class6003 - Cinnagar War Suit
g_a_class6004 - Verpine Fiber Mesh
g_a_class6005 - Arkanian Bond Armor
g_a_class6006 - Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit
g_a_class6007 - Davik's War Suit (Defense
g_a_class6008 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10)
g_a_class6009 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10, 20 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-
g1_a_class6001 - Environmental Bastion Armor

Armor Class 7
g_a_class7001 - Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7002 - Bronzium Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7003 - Powered Light Battle Armor
g_a_class7004 - Krath Heavy Armor
g_a_class7005 - Krath Holy Battle Suit
g_a_class7006 - Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor

Armor Class 8
g_a_class8001 - Battle Armor
g_a_class8002 - Powered Battle Armor
g_a_class8003 - Cinnagar Plate Armor
g_a_class8004 - Mandalorian Armor
g_a_class8005 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 9, 10 sv vs all)
g_a_class8006 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all,
Immunity: Critical hits)

g_a_class8007 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all,
Immunity: Critical hits & Mind Affecting)

g_a_class8008 - blank
g_a_class8009 - Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh
g1_a_class8001 - Heavy Exoskeleton

Armor Class 9
g_a_class9001 - Heavy Battle Armor
g_a_class9002 - Durasteel Heavy Armor
g_a_class9003 - Mandalorian Battle Armor
g_a_class9004 - Mandalorian Heavy Armor
g_a_class9005 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit
g_a_class9006 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13)
g_a_class9007 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13, 30 vs Cold/Fire,
Immunity: Mind-affecting)
g_a_class9009 - Cassus Fett's Armor
g_a_class9010 - Mandalorian Assault Armor
g_a_class9011 - Cassus Fett's Amor (special)

Mele Weapons

Light Sabers
g_w_lghtsbr01 - Blue
g_w_lghtsbr02 - Red
g_w_lghtsbr03 - Green
g_w_lghtsbr04 - Yellow
g_w_lghtsbr05 - Purple
g_w_lghtsbr06 - DARTH MALAK's LIGHT SABER
g1_w_lghtsbr01 - Guardian of the Force
g1_w_lghtsbr02 - Mantle of the Force

Short Lightsabers
g_w_shortsbr01 - Blue
g_w_shortsbr02 - Red
g_w_shortsbr03 - Green
g_w_shortsbr04 - Yellow
g_w_shortsbr05 - Purple
g1_w_shortsbr01 - Guardian of the Force
g1_w_shortsbr02 - Mantle of the Force

Double Lightsabers
g_w_dblsbr001 - Blue
g_w_dblsbr002 - Red
g_w_dblsbr003 - Green
g_w_dblsbr004 - Yellow
g_w_dblsbr005 - Purple
g_w_dblsbr006 - Bastila's Lightsaber
g1_w_dblsbr001 - Guardian of the Force
g1_w_dblsbr002 - Mantle of the Force

Saber crystals
g_w_sbrcrstl01 - Rubat Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl02 - Damind Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl03 - Eralam Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl04 - Sapith Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl05 - Nextor Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl06 - Opila Crstal
g_w_sbrcrstl07 - Jenruax Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl08 - Phond Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl09 - Luxum Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl10 - Firkrann Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl11 - Bondar Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl12 - Sigil Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl13 - Upari Crstal
g_w_sbrcrstl14 - Blue Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl15 - Yellow Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl16 - Green Crstal
g_w_sbrcrstl17 - Violet Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl18 - Red Crystal
g_w_sbrcrstl19 - Solari Crystal
g1_w_sbrcrstl20 - Heart of the Gaurdian
g1_w_sbrcrstl21 - Mantle of the Force
tat18_dragonprl - Krayt Dragon Pearl
kas25_wookcrysta - Rough-cut Upari Amulet

Long Swords
g_w_lngswrd01 - Long Sword
g_w_lngswrd02 - Krath War Blade
g_w_lngswrd03 - Naga Sadow's Poison Blade

Double-Bladed Swords
g_w_dblswrd001 - Double-Bladed Sword
g_w_dblswrd002 - Echani Ritual Brand
g_w_dblswrd003 - Krath Double Sword
g_w_dblswrd005 - Ajunta Pall's Blade

Short Swords
g_w_shortswrd01 - Short Sword
g_w_shortswrd02 - Massassi Brand
g_w_shortswrd03 - Teta's Blade

Vibro Swords
g_w_vbroswrd01 - VibroSword
g_w_vbroswrd02 - Krath Dire Sword
g_w_vbroswrd03 - Sith Tremor Sword
g_w_vbroswrd04 - Echani Foil
g_w_vbroswrd05 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
g_w_vbroswrd06 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
(Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +1-6 Electric

g_w_vbroswrd07 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
(Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +1-8 Electric

g_w_vbroswrd08 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
(Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +2-12 Electric
g1_w_vbroswrd01 - Baragwin Assault Blade
geno_blade - GenoHaradan Poison Blade

Vibro Double-Swords
g_w_vbrdblswd01 - Vibro Double-Blade
g_w_vbrdblswd02 - Sith War Sword
g_w_vbrdblswd03 - Echani Double-Brand
g_w_vbrdblswd04 - Yusanis' Brand
g_w_vbrdblswd05 - Yusanis' Brand
g_w_vbrdblswd06 - Yusanis' Brand
g_w_vbrdblswd07 - Yusanis' Brand

g_w_vbroshort01 - Vibroblade
g_w_vbroshort02 - Krath Blood Blade
g_w_vbroshort03 - Echani Vibroblade
g_w_vbroshort04 - Sanasiki's Blade
g_w_vbroshort05 - Sanasiki's Blade
g_w_vbroshort06 - Sanasiki's Blade
g_w_vbroshort07 - Sanasiki's Blade
g_w_vbroshort08 - Mission's Vibroblade
g_w_vbroshort09 - Prototype Vibroblade

g_w_qtrstaff01 - Quarterstaff
g_w_qtrstaff02 - Massassi Battle Staff
g_w_qtrstaff03 - Raito's Gaderffii

Stun Batons:
g_w_stunbaton01 - Stun Baton
g_w_stunbaton02 - Botahn Stun Stick
g_w_stunbaton03 - Bothan Chuka
g_w_stunbaton04 - Rakatan Battle Wand
g_w_stunbaton05 - Rakatan Battle Wand
g_w_stunbaton06 - Rakatan Battle Wand
g_w_stunbaton07 - Rakatan Battle Wand

g_w_waraxe001 - Gamorrean BattleAxe
g_w_warblade001 - Wookie Warblade

Blaster Pistols
g_w_blstrpstl001 - Blaster Pistol
g_w_blstrpstl002 - Mandalorian Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl003 - Arkanian Pistol
g_w_blstrpstl004 - Zabrak Blaster Pistol
g_w_blstrpstl005 - Bendak's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl006 - Bendak's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl007 - Bendak's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl008 - Bendak's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl009 - Bendak's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl010 - Carth's Blaster
g_w_blstrpstl020 - Insta-Kill Pistol
geno_blaster - GenoHaradan Blaster

Hold-Out Blasters
g_w_hldoblstr01 - Hold Out Blaster
g_w_hldoblstr02 - Bothan Quick Draw
g_w_hldoblstr03 - Sith Assassin Pistol
g_w_hldoblstr04 - Bothan Needler

Heavy blasters
g_w_hvyblstr01 - Heavy blaster
g_w_hvyblstr02 - Arkainian heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr03 - Zabrak Testal Mark 3
g_w_hvyblstr04 - Mandalorian Heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr05 - Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr06 - Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr07 - Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr08 - Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
g_w_hvyblstr09 - Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol

Ion Blasters
g_w_ionblstr01 - Ion Blaster
g_w_ionblstr02 - Verpine Prototype Ion Blaster

Disruptor Pistols
g_w_dsrptpstl001 - Disruptor Pistol
g_w_dsrptpstl002 - Mandalorian Ripper

Sonic Pistols
g_w_sonicpstl01 - Sonic Pistol
g_w_sonicpstl02 - Bothan Shrieker

Blaster Carbines
g_w_blstrcrbn001 - Blaster Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn002 - Sith Assault Gun
g_w_blstrcrbn003 - Cinnagar Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn004 - Jurgan Kalta's Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn005 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn006 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn007 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn008 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine
g_w_blstrcrbn009 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine

Blaster Rifles
g_w_blstrrfl001 - Blaster Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl002 - Sith Sniper Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl003 - Mandalorian Assault Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl004 - Zabrak Battle Cannon
g_w_blstrrfl005 - Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl006 - Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl007 - Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl008 - Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle
g_w_blstrrfl009 - Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle

g_w_bowcstr001 - Bowcaster
g_w_bowcstr002 - Chuundar's Bowcaster
g_w_bowcstr003 - Zaalbar's Bowcaster

Ion Rifles
g_w_ionrfl01 - Ion Rifle
g_w_ionrfl02 - Bothan Droid Disruptor
g_w_ionrfl03 - Verpine Droid Disruptor
g1_w_ionrfl01 - Baragwin Ion-X Weapon

Disruptor Rifles
g_w_dsrptrfl001 - Disruptor Rifle
g_w_dsrptrfl002 - Zabrak Disruptor Rifle
g1_w_dsrptrfl001 - Baragwin Disruptor-X Weapon

Sonic Rifles
g_w_sonicrfl01 - Sonic Rifle
g_w_sonicrfl02 - Bothan Discord Gun
g_w_sonicrfl03 - Arkanian Sonic Rifle

Repeating Blasters
g_w_rptnblstr01 - Light Repeating Blaster
g_w_rptnblstr02 - Medium Repeating Blaster
g_w_rptnblstr03 - Blaster Cannon
g1_w_rptnblstr01 - Baragwin ASsault Gun

Heavy Repeating Blaster
g_w_hvrptbltr01 - Heavy Repeating Blaster
g_w_hvrptbltr02 - Mandalorian Heavy Repeater
g1_w_hvrptbltr - Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster
g_w_hvrptbltr002 - Ordo's Repeating Blaster

Upgrade items
g_i_upgrade001 - Scope
g_i_upgrade002 - Improved Energy Cell
g_i_upgrade003 - Beam splitter
g_i_upgrade004 - Hair Trigger
g_i_upgrade005 - Armour Reinforcement
g_i_upgrade006 - Mesh Underlay
g_i_upgrade007 - Vibration Cell
g_i_upgrade008 - Durasteel Bonding Alloy
g_i_upgrade009 - Energy Projector

g_w_adhsvgren001 - Adhesive Grenade
g_w_cryobgren001 - CryoBan Grenade
g_w_firegren001 - Plasma Grenade
g_w_fraggren01 - Frag Grenade
g_w_iongren01 - Ion Grenade
g_w_poisngren01 - Poison Grenade
g_w_sonicgren01 - Sonic Grenade
g_w_stungren01 - Concussion Grenade
g_w_thermldet01 - Thermal Detonator

g_i_trapkit001 - Minor Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit002 - Average Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit003 - Deadly Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit004 - Minor Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit005 - Average Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit006 - Deadly Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit007 - Minor Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit008 - Average Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit009 - Deadly Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit010 - Minor Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit011 - Average Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit012 - Deadly Gas Mine

Medical and Gear
Medical Items
g_i_medeqpmnt01 - Medpac
g_i_medeqpmnt02 - Advanced Medpac
g_i_medeqpmnt03 - Life Support Pack
g_i_medeqpmnt04 - Antidote Kit
g_i_medeqpmnt05 - Antibiotic Kit
g_i_medeqpmnt06 - Advanced Medpac
g_i_medeqpmnt07 - Life Support Pack
g_i_medeqpmnt08 - Squad Recovery Stim

g_i_adrnaline001 - Adrenal Strength
g_i_adrnaline002 - Adrenal Alacrity
g_i_adrnaline003 - Adrenal Stamina
g_i_adrnaline004 - Hyper-Adrenal Strength
g_i_adrnaline005 - Hyper-Adrenal Alacrity
g_i_adrnaline006 - Hyper-Adrenal Stamina
g_i_cmbtshot001 - Battle Stimulant
g_i_cmbtshot002 - Hyper-battle Stimulant
g_i_cmbtshot003 - Echani Battle Stimulant

g_i_parts01 - Parts
g_i_progspike01 - Computer Spike
g_i_secspike01 - Security Spike
g_i_secspike02 - Security Spike Tunneler

Pazaak Decks:
g_i_pazdeck - Pazaak Deck
g_i_pazsidebd001 - Pazaak Side Deck
Pazaak Cards:
g_i_pazcard_001 - Pazaak Card +1
g_i_pazcard_002 - Pazaak Card +2
g_i_pazcard_003 - Pazaak Card +3
g_i_pazcard_004 - Pazaak Card +4
g_i_pazcard_005 - Pazaak Card +5
g_i_pazcard_006 - Pazaak Card +6
g_i_pazcard_007 - Pazaak Card -1
g_i_pazcard_008 - Pazaak Card -2
g_i_pazcard_009 - Pazaak Card -3
g_i_pazcard_010 - Pazaak Card -4
g_i_pazcard_011 - Pazaak Card -5
g_i_pazcard_012 - Pazaak Card -6
g_i_pazcard_013 - Pazaak Card +/-1
g_i_pazcard_014 - Pazaak Card +/-2
g_i_pazcard_015 - Pazaak Card +/-3
g_i_pazcard_016 - Pazaak Card +/-4
g_i_pazcard_017 - Pazaak Card +/-5
g_i_pazcard_018 - Pazaak Card +/-6

g_i_credits001 - 5 credit stack
g_i_credits002 - 10 credit stack
g_i_credits003 - 25 credit stack
g_i_credits004 - 50 credit stack
g_i_credits005 - 100 credit stack
g_i_credits006 - 200 credit stack
g_i_credits007 - 300 credit stack
g_i_credits008 - 400 credit stack
g_i_credits009 - 500 credit stack
g_i_credits010 - 1000 credit stack
g_i_credits011 - 2000 credit stack
g_i_credits012 - 3000 credit stack
g_i_credits013 - 4000 credit stack
g_i_credits014 - 5000 credit stack

Miscellaneous Items:
g_i_gizkapois001 - Gizka Poison
tat17_sandperdis - Sand People Clothing
ptar_sitharmor - Sith Armor

Droid Items
g_i_drdrepeqp001 - Repair Kit
g_i_drdrepeqp002 - Advanced Repair Kit
g_i_drdrepeqp003 - Construction Kit

Droid Armor
g_i_drdhvplat001 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 1
g_i_drdhvplat002 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 2
g_i_drdhvplat003 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 3
g_i_drdltplat001 - Droid Light Plating Type 1
g_i_drdltplat002 - Droid Light Plating Type 2
g_i_drdltplat003 - Droid Light Plating Type 3
g_i_drdmdplat001 - Droid Medium Plating Type 1
g_i_drdmdplat002 - Droid Medium Plating Type 2
g_i_drdmdplat003 - Droid Medium Plating Type 3
g1_i_drdhvplat01 - Composite Heavy Plating

Droid Shields
g_i_drdshld001 - Energy Shield Level 1
g_i_drdshld002 - Energy Shield Level 2
g_i_drdshld003 - Energy Shield Level 3
g_i_drdshld005 - Environment Shield Level 1
g_i_drdshld006 - Environment Shield Level 2
g_i_drdshld007 - Environment Shield Level 3

Droid Probes
g_i_drdcomspk001 - Computer Probe
g_i_drdcomspk002 - Universal Computer Interface
g_i_drdcomspk003 - Advanced Computer Tool
g_i_drdmtnsen001 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 1
g_i_drdmtnsen002 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 2
g_i_drdmtnsen003 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 3
g_i_drdsecspk001 - Security Interface Tool
g_i_drdsecspk002 - Security Domination Interface
g_i_drdsecspk003 - Security Decryption Interface
g_i_drdsncsen001 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 1
g_i_drdsncsen002 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 2
g_i_drdsncsen003 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 3
g_i_drdsrcscp001 - Droid Search Scope Type 1
g_i_drdsrcscp002 - Droid Search Scope Type 2
g_i_drdsrcscp003 - Droid Search Scope Type 3
g_i_drdtrgcom001 - Basic Targeting Computer
g_i_drdtrgcom002 - Advanced Targeting Computer
g_i_drdtrgcom003 - Superior Targeting Computer
g_i_drdtrgcom004 - Sensor Probe
g_i_drdtrgcom005 - Verpine Demolitions Probe
g_i_drdtrgcom006 - Bothan Demolitions Probe
g1_i_drdcomspk01 - Advanced Droid Interface

Droid Arm Weapons
g_i_drdutldev001 - Stun Ray
g_i_drdutldev002 - Advanced Stun Ray
g_i_drdutldev003 - Shield Disruptor
g_i_drdutldev004 - Advanced Shield Disruptor
g_i_drdutldev005 - Oil Slick
g_i_drdutldev006 - Flame Thrower
g_i_drdutldev007 - Advanced Flame Thrower
g_i_drdutldev008 - Carbonite Projector
g_i_drdutldev009 - Carbonite Projector Mark II
g_i_drdutldev010 - Gravity Generator
g_i_drdutldev011 - Advanced Gravity Generator
g1_i_drdshld001 - Baragwin Droid Shield
g1_i_drdutldev01 - Baragwin Flame Thrower
g1_i_drdutldev02 - Baragwin Stun Ray
g1_i_drdutldev03 - Baragwin Shield Disruptor

You can also press TAB to get a list of all console commands.

Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

To achieve your desired cheat codes in KOTOR 2, use the exact same technique
to activate the cheats as you did for KOTOR 1, however, to find the KOTOR 2
folder, you must type in “swkotor2.ini” exactly as that, again, without the
quotation marks.

And again, under the “[Game Options]” area, type in “EnableCheats=1”.

Note that, in KOTOR 2, the command bar in the game is invisible, so you won’t
know if you’re typing the code in correctly or not. The easiest way to assure
that you are is to write down the coding of your desired cheat code (or number
of codes), then in the game hit the Tilde key, and slowly type in the cheat
codes. To make sure that you typed them in correctly, look in your inventory
to see if the item you wanted is there or not. If it isn’t, try again.

{01}Clothing a_robe_01
{02}Padawan Robe a_robe_02
{03}Dark Padawan Robe a_robe_03
{04}Baran Do Novice Robe a_robe_04
{05}Matukai Apprentice Robe a_robe_05
{06}Zeison Sha Initiate Armor a_robe_06
{07}Jal Shey Neophyte Armor a_robe_07
{08}Jedi Robe a_robe_08
{09}Dark Jedi Robe a_robe_09
{10}Norris Robe a_robe_10
{11}Jal Shey Advisor Armor a_robe_11
{12}Gray Jedi Robe a_robe_12
{13}Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_13
{14}Dark Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_14
{15}Matukai Adept Robe a_robe_15
{16}Zeison Sha Warrior Armor a_robe_16
{17}Jedi Master Robe a_robe_17
{18}Dark Jedi Master Robe a_robe_18
{19}Baran Do Sage Robe a_robe_19
{20}Jal Shey Mentor Armor a_robe_20
{21}Ossus Keeper Robe a_robe_21
{22}Natth Cowling a_robe_22
{23}Arca Jeth's Robe a_robe_23
{24}Aleema Keto's Robe a_robe_24
{25}Sylvar's Robe a_robe_25
{26}Darth Malak's Armor a_robe_26
{27}Jolee's Robe a_robe_27
{28}Thon's Robe a_robe_28
{29}Crado's Robe a_robe_29
{30}Nomi's Robe a_robe_30
{x01}Handmaiden's Robe a_robe_x01


{01}Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_01
{02}Cardio-Regulator a_belt_02
{03}Stealth Field Generator a_belt_03
{04}Czerka Utility Belt a_belt_04
{05}Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_05
{06}Aratech SD Belt a_belt_06
{07}Strength Enhancer a_belt_07
{08}Systech Cardio-Regulator a_belt_08
{09}Hyper Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_09
{10}Exchange Shadow Caster a_belt_10
{11}Inertial Inhibitor a_belt_11
{12}Electrical Capacitance Shield a_belt_12
{13}Thermal Shield Generator a_belt_13
{14}Eriadu Stealth Unit a_belt_14
{15}CNS Strength Enhancer a_belt_15
{16}Exchange Utility Belt a_belt_16
{17}Immunity Belt a_belt_17
{18}Adrenaline Stimulator a_belt_18
{19}Nerve Amplifier Belt a_belt_19
{20}Jal Shey Belt a_belt_20
{21}Multishield Generator a_belt_21
{22}Defel Mimicker a_belt_22
{23}Frozian Scout Belt a_belt_23
{24}Tech Specialist Belt a_belt_24
{25}Aratech Cardio-Regulator a_belt_25
{26}GNS Strength Enhancer a_belt_26
{27}Qel-Droma Belt a_belt_27
{28}Immortality Belt a_belt_28
{29}Aratech Echo Belt a_belt_29
{30}Jal Shey Mentor Belt a_belt_30
Safety Harness 100_belt01

Droid Items

Advanced Blowtorch g_d_blowtrch02
Advanced Repair Kit g_i_drdrepeqp002
Blowtorch g_d_blowtrch01
Construction Kit g_i_drdrepeqp003
Droid Advanced Upgrade Slot d_tool_04
Droid Agility Upgrade d_interface_08
Droid Agrinium Armor d_armor_08
Droid Anatomy Library d_interface_12
Droid Assassination Module d_hk47_03
Droid Battle Upgrade d_tool_11
Droid Bio-Assault Spray d_device_10
Droid Capacitor Armor d_hk47_02
Droid Carbonite Emitter d_device_11
Droid Carbonite Projector d_device_08
Droid CEPB d_tool_14
Droid CERS d_tool_12
Droid CESS d_tool_13
Droid Defense Barrier d_shield_03
Droid Deflector Mark I d_shield_01
Droid Deflector Mark II d_shield_02
Droid Deflector Mark III d_shield_05
Droid Desh Plating d_armor_04
Droid Diatium Plating d_armor_12
Droid Dura Plating Mark I d_armor_09
Droid Dura Plating Mark II d_armor_11
Droid Durability Upgrade d_interface_07
Droid Energized Armor Mark I d_armor_13
Droid Energized Armor Mark II d_armor_14
Droid Energized Armor Mark III d_armor_15
Droid Energy Collector d_shield_04
Droid Exchange Interface d_interface_10
Droid Fighting Upgrade d_tool_07
Droid Flame Thrower d_device_03
Droid Impact Armor Mark I d_armor_01
Droid Impact Armor Mark II d_armor_03
Droid Impact Armor Mark III d_armor_05
Droid Ion Blast Mark I d_device_12
Droid Ion Blast Mark II d_device_13
Droid Ion Blast Mark III d_device_14
Droid Ion Striker d_device_06
Droid Lockout Bypass d_interface_04
Droid Machine Interface d_interface_03
Droid Memory Upgrade d_tool_09
Droid Micro-Optics d_tool_15
Droid Modular Plating Mark I d_armor_02
Droid Modular Plating Mark II d_armor_06
Droid Modular Plating Mark III d_armor_07
Droid Molten Cannon d_device_07
Droid Motion Tracker d_tool_01
Droid Motivator Booster d_interface_06
Droid Multi-spectral Emitter d_device_15
Droid Neural Pacifier d_device_01
Droid Neural Scrambler d_device_05
Droid Omniscience Unit d_g0t0_02
Droid Optimized Interface d_interface_01
Droid Parabolic Guides d_interface_05
Droid Perception Sensors d_tool_08
Droid Plasma Thrower d_device_09
Droid Quadranium Armor d_armor_10
Droid Reference Database d_tool_05
Droid Remote Interface d_interface_11
Droid Renewable Shield d_t3m4_03
Droid Repulsor d_device_02
Droid Scavenger Upgrade d_interface_13
Droid Self-Sustaining Unit d_t3m4_02
Droid Shock Arm d_t3m4_01
Droid Singulararity Projector d_g0t0_03
Droid Source Ripper d_interface_14
Droid Stabilization Subroutine d_interface_02
Droid Stealth Booster d_g0t0_01
Droid Surveillance Upgrade d_tool_03
Droid System Fortification d_tool_06
Droid Systems Upgrade d_interface_15
Droid Toxin Emitter d_device_04
Droid Unity Grid d_shield_06
Droid Upgrade Slot d_tool_02
Droid Warfare Upgrade d_tool_10
Droid Wisdom Upgrade d_interface_09
Fire Suppression System g_d_firesupres01
Goto Targeting Module d_g0t0_04
Repair Kit g_i_drdrepeqp001

Forearm Bands

{c01}'s Armband a_band_c01
{x01}Nomi's Armband a_band_x01
{x02}Vao Armband a_band_x02
{x03}Ludo Kressh's Armband a_band_x03
Arkanian Energy Shield a_shield_03
Echani Dueling Shield a_shield_06
Echani Shield a_shield_04
Energy Shield a_shield_01
Mandalorian Melee Shield a_shield_02
Mandalorian Power Shield a_shield_05
Telos Mining Shield 100_fore01
Verpine Prototype Shield a_shield_07
Wrist Launcher g_i_wristlaunch


{01}Insulated Gloves a_gloves_01
{02}Exchange Casual Gloves a_gloves_02
{04}Taris Survival Gloves a_gloves_04
{05}Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_05
{06}Gamorrean Gauntlets a_gloves_06
{07}Exchange Work Gloves a_gloves_07
{08}Czerka Defensive Gauntlets a_gloves_08
{09}Detonator Gloves a_gloves_09
{10}Unarmed Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_10
{11}Infiltrator Gloves a_gloves_11
{12}Jal Shey Perception Gloves a_gloves_12
{13}Gamorrean Wargloves a_gloves_13
{14}Eriadu Strength Amplifier a_gloves_14
{15}Karakan Gauntlets a_gloves_15
{16}Bothan Precision Gloves a_gloves_16
{17}Sith Power Gauntlets a_gloves_17
{18}Gamorrean Power Gauntlets a_gloves_18
{19}Nagai Combat Gloves a_gloves_19
{20}Kubaz Scoundrel Gloves a_gloves_20
{21}Automation Gloves a_gloves_21
{22}Jal Shey Meditation Gloves a_gloves_22
{23}Echani Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_23
{24}Zeison Sha Gloves a_gloves_24
{25}Dominator Gauntlets a_gloves_25
{26}Nikto Soldier Gloves a_gloves_26
{27}Ossluk's Gloves a_gloves_27
{28}Disruption Gloves a_gloves_28
{29}Improved Automation Gloves a_gloves_29
{30}Lightning Gloves a_gloves_30

Implants lvl 1

{imp1 01}Reflex Package e_imp1_01
{imp1 02}Pheromone Package e_imp1_02
{imp1 03}Cardio Package e_imp1_03
{imp1 04}Strength Package e_imp1_04
{imp1 05}Response Package e_imp1_05
{imp1 06}Fitness Package e_imp1_06
{imp1 07}Skills Package e_imp1_07
{imp1 08}Health Package e_imp1_08
{imp1 09}Physical Boost Package e_imp1_09
{imp1 10}Mental Boost Package e_imp1_10
Implants lvl 2
{imp2 01}Retinal Combat Implant e_imp2_01
{imp2 02}Lornan Implant e_imp2_02
{imp2 03}Biotech Implant e_imp2_03
{imp2 04}Power Implant e_imp2_04
{imp2 05}Alacrity Implant e_imp2_05
{imp2 06}Insight Implant e_imp2_06
{imp2 07}Skills Implant e_imp2_07
{imp2 08}Durability Implant e_imp2_08
{imp2 09}Physical Boost Implant e_imp2_09
{imp2 10}Mental Boost Implant e_imp2_10
Implants lvl 3
{imp3 01}Bio-Antidote System e_imp3_01
{imp3 02}Nerve Enhancement System e_imp3_02
{imp3 03}Reaction System e_imp3_03
{imp3 04}Advanced Combat System e_imp3_04
{imp3 05}Bavakar Strength System e_imp3_05
{imp3 06}Cardio Power System e_imp3_06
{imp3 07}Skills System e_imp3_07
{imp3 08}Numbness System e_imp3_08
{imp3 09}Physical Boost System e_imp3_09
{imp3 10}Mental Boost System e_imp3_10
Impants lvl 4
{imp4 01}Strength D-Package e_imp4_01
{imp4 02}Immunity D-Package e_imp4_02
{imp4 03}Perception D-Package e_imp4_03
{imp4 04}Enhancement D-Package e_imp4_04
{imp4 05}Immortality D-Package e_imp4_05
{imp4 06}Quickness D-Package e_imp4_06
{imp4 07}Skills D-Package e_imp4_07
{imp4 08}Universal D-Package e_imp4_08
{imp4 09}Physical Boost D-Package e_imp4_09
{imp4 10}Mental Boost D-Package e_imp4_10


{01}Neural Band a_helmet_01
{02}Breath Mask a_helmet_02
{03}Rakatan Band a_helmet_03
{04}Stealth Field Enhancer a_helmet_04
{05}Bothan Perception Visor a_helmet_05
{06}Sonic Nullifiers a_helmet_06
{07}Interface Band a_helmet_07
{08}Targeting Visor a_helmet_08
{09}Shielding Visor a_helmet_09
{10}Spacer's Sensor a_helmet_10
{11}Regal Visor a_helmet_11
{12}Meditation Band a_helmet_12
{13}Bothan Sensory Visor a_helmet_13
{14}Arkanian Blinders a_helmet_14
{15}Combat Sensor a_helmet_15
{16}Multi-spectral Target Assessor a_helmet_16
{17}Consciousness Helm a_helmet_17
{18}Rebreather Mask a_helmet_18
{19}Das'skar Hunting Mask a_helmet_19
{20}Force Mask a_helmet_20
{21}Sith Mask a_helmet_21
{22}Stabilizer Mask a_helmet_22
{23}Matukai Meditation Band a_helmet_23
{24}Target Assessor a_helmet_24
{25}Circlet of Saresh a_helmet_25
{26}Bindo's Band a_helmet_26
{27}Enchanced Shielding Visor a_helmet_27
{28}Force Shield a_helmet_28
{29}Absorption Visor a_helmet_29
{30}Force Focusing Visor a_helmet_30
Survey Gear 100_mask01


Chemicals chem_00001
Broken Item brokenitem
Components compont_00001
Credits g_i_credits001
Credits g_i_credits002
Credits g_i_credits003
Credits g_i_credits004
Credits g_i_credits005
Credits g_i_credits006
Credits g_i_credits007
Credits g_i_credits008
Credits g_i_credits009
Credits g_i_credits010
Credits g_i_credits011
Credits g_i_credits012
Credits g_i_credits013
Credits g_i_credits014
Credits g_i_credits015
Datapad g_i_datapad001


Adrenal Alacrity g_i_adrnaline002
Adrenal Stamina g_i_adrnaline003
Adrenal Strength g_i_adrnaline001
Advanced Medpac g_i_medeqpmnt02
Antidote Kit g_i_medeqpmnt04
Average Flash Mine g_i_trapkit002
Average Frag Mine g_i_trapkit005
Average Gas Mine g_i_trapkit011
Average Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit008
Average Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit014
Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot001
Blinding Flash Mine g_i_trapkit003
Computer Spike g_i_progspike01
Deadly Frag Mine g_i_trapkit006
Deadly Gas Mine g_i_trapkit012
Deadly Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit009
Deadly Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit015
Devastating Flash Mine g_i_trapkit017
Devastating Frag Mine g_i_trapkit019
Devastating Gas Mine g_i_trapkit023
Devastating Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit021
Devastating Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit025
Echani Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot003
Hyper-adrenal Alacrity g_i_adrnaline005
Hyper-adrenal Stamina g_i_adrnaline006
Hyper-adrenal Strength g_i_adrnaline004
Hyper-battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot002
Life Support Pack g_i_medeqpmnt03
Medpac g_i_medeqpmnt01
Minor Flash Mine g_i_trapkit001
Minor Frag Mine g_i_trapkit004
Minor Gas Mine g_i_trapkit010
Minor Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit007
Minor Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit013
Parts g_i_parts01
Pazaak Deck g_i_pazdeck
Security Spike Tunneler g_i_secspike02
Security Tunneler g_i_secspike01
Squad Recovery Stim g_i_medeqpmnt08
Strong Flash Mine g_i_trapkit016
Strong Frag Mine g_i_trapkit018
Strong Gas Mine g_i_trapkit022
Strong Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit020
Strong Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit024

Plot Items

Aesthetic Item g_i_asthitem001
Bith Accordian g_i_bithitem004
Bith Clarinet g_i_bithitem002
Bith Guitar g_i_bithitem001
Bith Trombone g_i_bithitem003
Comlink comlink
HK Chassis hkpart02
HK Control Cluster hkpart03
HK Droid Processor hkpart01
HK Protocol Pacifist Package hkpart05
HK Vocabulator hkpart04

Keycard g_i_pltuseitm01

Pazaak Card +/- 1/2 g_i_pazcard_019
Pazaak Card +/-1 g_i_pazcard_013
Pazaak Card +/-2 g_i_pazcard_014
Pazaak Card +/-3 g_i_pazcard_015
Pazaak Card +/-4 g_i_pazcard_016
Pazaak Card +/-5 g_i_pazcard_017
Pazaak Card +/-6 g_i_pazcard_018
Pazaak Card +1 g_i_pazcard_001
Pazaak Card +2 g_i_pazcard_002
Pazaak Card +3 g_i_pazcard_003
Pazaak Card +4 g_i_pazcard_004
Pazaak Card +5 g_i_pazcard_005
Pazaak Card +6 g_i_pazcard_006
Pazaak Card -1 g_i_pazcard_007
Pazaak Card -2 g_i_pazcard_008
Pazaak Card -3 g_i_pazcard_009
Pazaak Card -4 g_i_pazcard_010
Pazaak Card -5 g_i_pazcard_011
Pazaak Card -6 g_i_pazcard_012
Pazaak Card Double g_i_pazcard_020
Pazaak Card Flip 2&4 g_i_pazcard_022
Pazaak Card Flip 3&6 g_i_pazcard_023
Pazaak Card Tie Breaker g_i_pazcard_021
Pazaak Side Deck g_i_pazsidebd001


Armor Reinforcement g_i_upgrade005

Armor Upgrades
{ov 01}Heat Shielding Mark I u_a_over_01
{ov 02}Armorply Plating Mark I u_a_over_02
{ov 03}Sound Dampening Overlay Mark I u_a_over_03
{ov 04}Ablative Plating Mark I u_a_over_04
{ov 05}Energy Shielding Mark I u_a_over_05
{ov 06}Ballistic Shielding Mark I u_a_over_06
{ov 07}Bonded Plates Mark I u_a_over_07
{ov 08}Heavy Bonded Plates Mark I u_a_over_08
{ov 09}Heat Shielding Mark II u_a_over_09
{ov 10}Armorply Plating Mark II u_a_over_10
{ov 11}Sound Dampening Overlay Mark II u_a_over_11
{ov 12}Ablative Plating Mark II u_a_over_12
{ov 13}Energy Shielding Mark II u_a_over_13
{ov 14}Ballistic Shielding Mark II u_a_over_14
{ov 15}Bonded Plates Mark II u_a_over_15
{ov 16}Heavy Bonded Plates Mark II u_a_over_16
{ov 17}Heat Shielding Mark III u_a_over_17
{ov 18}Armorply Plating Mark III u_a_over_18
{ov 19}Sound Dampening Overlay Mark III u_a_over_19
{ov 20}Ablative Plating Mark III u_a_over_20
{ov 21}Energy Shielding Mark III u_a_over_21
{ov 22}Ballistic Shielding Mark III u_a_over_22
{ov 23}Bonded Plates Mark III u_a_over_23
{ov 24}Heavy Bonded Plates Mark III u_a_over_24
{ov 25}Heat Shielding Mark IV u_a_over_25
{ov 26}Armorply Plating Mark IV u_a_over_26
{ov 27}Sound Dampening Overlay Mark IV u_a_over_27
{ov 28}Ablative Plating Mark IV u_a_over_28
{ov 29}Energy Shielding Mark IV u_a_over_29
{ov 30}Bonded Plates Mark IV u_a_over_30
{un 01}Environment Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_01
{un 02}Biorestorative Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_02
{un 03}Armorweave Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_03
{un 04}Strengthening Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_04
{un 05}Flexible Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_05
{un 06}Durasteel Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_06
{un 07}Environment Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_07
{un 08}Biorestorative Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_08
{un 09}Armorweave Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_09
{un 10}Strengthening Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_10
{un 11}Flexible Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_11
{un 12}Durasteel Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_12
{un 13}Environment Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_13
{un 14}Biorestorative Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_14
{un 15}Armorweave Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_15
{un 16}Strengthening Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_16
{un 17}Flexible Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_17
{un 18}Durasteel Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_18
{un 19}Environment Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_19
{un 20}Biorestorative Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_20
{un 21}Armorweave Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_21
{un 22}Strengthening Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_22
{un 23}Flexible Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_23
{un 24}Durasteel Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_24
{un 25}Environment Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_25
{un 26}Biorestorative Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_26
{un 27}Armorweave Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_27
{un 28}Strengthening Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_28
{un 29}Flexible Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_29
{un 30}Durasteel Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_30

Beam Splitter g_i_upgrade003
Durasteel Bonding Alloy g_i_upgrade008
Energy Projector g_i_upgrade009
Hair Trigger g_i_upgrade004
Improved Energy Cell g_i_upgrade002

Lightsaber Upgrades
{ce 01}Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_01
{ce 02}Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_02
{ce 03}Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_03
{ce 04}Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark I u_l_cell_04
{ce 05}Improved Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_05
{ce 06}Improved Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_06
{ce 07}Improved Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_07
{ce 08}Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark II u_l_cell_08
{ce 09}Superior Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_09
{ce 10}Superior Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_10
{ce 11}Superior Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_11
{ce 12}Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark III u_l_cell_12
{ce 13}Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_13

{color 01}Crystal, Blue u_l_colo_01
{color 02}Crystal, Green u_l_colo_02
{color 03}Crystal, Yellow u_l_colo_03
{color 04}Crystal, Red u_l_colo_04
{color 05}Crystal, Violet u_l_colo_05
{color 06}Crystal, Cyan u_l_colo_06
{color 07}Crystal, Silver u_l_colo_07
{color 08}Crystal, Orange u_l_colo_08
{color 09}Crystal, Viridian u_l_colo_09
{color 10 NOT USED}Crystal, Bronze u_l_colo_10

{cr 01}Crystal, Adegan u_l_crys_01
{cr 02}Crystal, Rubat u_l_crys_02
{cr 03}Crystal, Ruusan u_l_crys_03
{cr 04}Crystal, Nextor u_l_crys_04
{cr 05}Crystal, Dragite u_l_crys_05
{cr 06}Crystal, Firkrann u_l_crys_06
{cr 07}Crystal, Phond u_l_crys_07
{cr 08}Crystal, Bondar u_l_crys_08
{cr 09}Crystal, Velmorite u_l_crys_09
{cr 10}Crystal, Sigil u_l_crys_10
{cr 11}Crystal, Jenruax u_l_crys_11
{cr 12}Crystal, Kasha u_l_crys_12
{cr 13}Crystal, Opila u_l_crys_13
{cr 14}Crystal, Eralam u_l_crys_14
{cr 15}Crystal, Stygium u_l_crys_15
{cr 16}Crystal, Damind u_l_crys_16
{cr 17}Crystal, Sapith u_l_crys_17
{cr 18}Crystal, Pontite u_l_crys_18
{cr 19}Crystal, Upari u_l_crys_19
{cr 20}Ultima-pearl u_l_crys_20
{cr 21}Crystal, Solari u_l_crys_21
{cr 22}Lorrdian Gemstone u_l_crys_22
{cr 23}Barab Ore Ingot u_l_crys_23
{cr 24}Ankarres Sapphire u_l_crys_24
{cr 25}Crystal, Kaiburr u_l_crys_25
{cr x21}Crystal, Qixoni u_l_crys_21x
{cr x23}Crystal, Hurrikaine u_l_crys_x23
{em 01}Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_01
{em 02}Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_02
{em 03}Crude Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_03
{em 04}Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_04
{em 05}Improved Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_05
{em 06}Advanced Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_06
{em 07}Synthesized Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_07
{em 08}Improved Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_08
{em 09}Expert Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_09
{em 10}Superior Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_10
{em 11}Phobium Alloy Emitter u_l_emit_11
{em 12}Expert Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_12
{em 13}Refined Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_13
{le 01}Synthesized Kunda Lens u_l_lens_01
{le 02}Dragite Lens u_l_lens_02
{le 03}Synthesized Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_03
{le 04}Beam Gem Lens u_l_lens_04
{le 05}Vibration Lens u_l_lens_05
{le 06}Pure Kunda Lens u_l_lens_06
{le 07}Adegan Lens u_l_lens_07
{le 08}Pure Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_08
{le 09}Improved Beam Gem Lens u_l_lens_09
{le 10}Improved Vibration Lens u_l_lens_10
{le 11}Ossus Dueling Lens u_l_lens_11
{le 12}Pontite Lens u_l_lens_12
{le 13}Enhanced Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_13

Crystal{01_D} qcrystal_1_1
Crystal{01_L} qcrystal_1_3
Crystal{01_N} qcrystal_1_2
Crystal{01_VD} qcrystal_1_0
Crystal{01_VL} qcrystal_1_4
Crystal{02_D} qcrystal_2_1
Crystal{02_L} qcrystal_2_3
Crystal{02_N} qcrystal_2_2
Crystal{02_VD} qcrystal_2_0
Crystal{02_VL} qcrystal_2_4
Crystal{03_D} qcrystal_3_1
Crystal{03_L} qcrystal_3_3
Crystal{03_N} qcrystal_3_2
Crystal{03_VD} qcrystal_3_0
Crystal{03_VL} qcrystal_3_4
Crystal{04_D} qcrystal_4_1
Crystal{04_L} qcrystal_4_3
Crystal{04_N} qcrystal_4_2
Crystal{04_VD} qcrystal_4_0
Crystal{04_VL} qcrystal_4_4
Crystal{05_D} qcrystal_5_1
Crystal{05_L} qcrystal_5_3
Crystal{05_N} qcrystal_5_2
Crystal{05_VD} qcrystal_5_0
Crystal{05_VL} qcrystal_5_4
Crystal{06_D} qcrystal_6_1
Crystal{06_L} qcrystal_6_3
Crystal{06_N} qcrystal_6_2
Crystal{06_VD} qcrystal_6_0
Crystal{06_VL} qcrystal_6_4
Crystal{07_D} qcrystal_7_1
Crystal{07_L} qcrystal_7_3
Crystal{07_N} qcrystal_7_2
Crystal{07_VD} qcrystal_7_0
Crystal{07_VL} qcrystal_7_4
Crystal{08_D} qcrystal_8_1
Crystal{08_L} qcrystal_8_3
Crystal{08_N} qcrystal_8_2
Crystal{08_VD} qcrystal_8_0
Crystal{08_VL} qcrystal_8_4
Crystal{09_D} qcrystal_9_1
Crystal{09_L} qcrystal_9_3
Crystal{09_N} qcrystal_9_2
Crystal{09_VD} qcrystal_9_0
Crystal{09_VL} qcrystal_9_4
Lightsaber Emitter Fixture lspart02
Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture lspart01
Lightsaber Focusing Lens Fixture lspart03

Melee Upgrades

{ed 01}Mild Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_01
{ed 02}Basic Ionite Edge u_m_edge_02
{ed 03}Basic Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_03
{ed 04}Basic Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_04
{ed 05}Moderate Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_05
{ed 06}Improved Ionite Edge u_m_edge_06
{ed 07}Improved Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_07
{ed 08}Improved Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_08
{ed 09}Severe Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_09
{ed 10}Superior Ionite Edge u_m_edge_10
{ed 11}Superior Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_11
{ed 12}Superior Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_12
{ed 13}Deadly Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_13
{ed 14}Quadranium Edge u_m_edge_14
{ed 15}Ostrine Edge u_m_edge_15
{gr 01}Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_01
{gr 02}Contoured Grip u_m_grip_02
{gr 03}Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_03
{gr 04}Basket Hilt u_m_grip_04
{gr 05}Nagai Grip u_m_grip_05
{gr 06}Advanced Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_06
{gr 07}Advanced Contoured Grip u_m_grip_07
{gr 08}Advanced Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_08
{gr 09}Advanced Basket Hilt u_m_grip_09
{gr 10}Advanced Nagai Grip u_m_grip_10
{gr 11}Superior Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_11
{gr 12}Superior Contoured Grip u_m_grip_12
{gr 13}Superior Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_13
{gr 14}Superior Basket Hilt u_m_grip_14
{gr 15}Superior Nagai Grip u_m_grip_15
{mc 01}Ion Cell u_m_cell_01
{mc 02}Vibration Cell u_m_cell_02
{mc 03}Enhanced Energy Cell u_m_cell_03
{mc 04}Sonic Discharge Cell u_m_cell_04
{mc 05}Ion Cell Mark II u_m_cell_05
{mc 06}Vibration Cell Mark II u_m_cell_06
{mc 07}Enhanced Energy Cell Mark II u_m_cell_07
{mc 08}Sonic Discharge Cell Mark II u_m_cell_08
{mc 09}Ion Cell Mark III u_m_cell_09
{mc 10}Vibration Cell Mark III u_m_cell_10
{mc 11}Enhanced Energy Cell Mark III u_m_cell_11
{mc 12}Sonic Discharge Cell Mark III u_m_cell_12
{mc 13}Ion Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_13
{mc 14}Vibration Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_14
{mc 15}Enhanced Energy Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_15
Mesh Underlay g_i_upgrade006

Ranged Upgrades

{fc 01}Broadening Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_01
{fc 02}Amplifying Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_02
{fc 03}Precision Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_03
{fc 04}Beam Splitter Mark I u_r_firi_04
{fc 05}Mandalorian Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_05
{fc 06}Broadened Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_06
{fc 07}Amplifying Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_07
{fc 08}Precision Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_08
{fc 09}Beam Splitter Mark II u_r_firi_09
{fc 10}Mandalorian Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_10
{fc 11}Broadened Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_11
{fc 12}Amplifying Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_12
{fc 13}Precision Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_13
{fc 14}Beam Splitter Mark III u_r_firi_14
{fc 15}Mandalorian Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_15
{pp 01}Ion Charger Mark I u_r_powe_01
{pp 02}Power Pulsator Mark I u_r_powe_02
{pp 03}Basic Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_03
{pp 04}Ion Charger Mark II u_r_powe_04
{pp 05}Power Pulsator Mark II u_r_powe_05
{pp 06}Standard Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_06
{pp 07}Ion Charger Mark III u_r_powe_07
{pp 08}Power Pulsator Mark III u_r_powe_08
{pp 09}Advanced Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_09
{pp 10}Ion Charger Mark IV u_r_powe_10
{pp 11}Power Pulsator Mark IV u_r_powe_11
{pp 12}Superior Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_12
{pp 13}Ion Charger Mark V u_r_powe_13
{pp 14}Power Pulsator Mark V u_r_powe_14
{pp 15}Pure Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_15
{sc 01}Pinpoint Scope Mark I u_r_targ_01
{sc 02}Accuracy Scope Mark I u_r_targ_02
{sc 03}Targeting Scope Mark I u_r_targ_03
{sc 04}Crippling Scope Mark I u_r_targ_04
{sc 05}Pinpoint Scope Mark II u_r_targ_05
{sc 06}Accuracy Scope Mark II u_r_targ_06
{sc 07}Targeting Scope Mark II u_r_targ_07
{sc 08}Crippling Scope Mark II u_r_targ_08
{sc 09}Pinpoint Scope Mark III u_r_targ_09
{sc 10}Accuracy Scope Mark III u_r_targ_10
{sc 11}Targeting Scope Mark III u_r_targ_11
{sc 12}Crippling Scope Mark III u_r_targ_12
{sc 13}Pinpoint Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_13
{sc 14}Accuracy Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_14
{sc 15}Targeting Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_15
Scope g_i_upgrade001
Vibration Cell g_i_upgrade007


Blaster Rifles

{01}Blaster Carbine w_brifle_01
{02}Ion Carbine w_brifle_02
{03}Sonic Carbine w_brifle_03
{04}Blaster Rifle w_brifle_04
{05}Bowcaster w_brifle_05
{06}Repeating Blaster Carbine w_brifle_06
{07}Ion Rifle w_brifle_07
{08}Disruptor Carbine w_brifle_08
{09}Sonic Rifle w_brifle_09
{10}Repeating Blaster Rifle w_brifle_10
{11}War Bowcaster w_brifle_11
{12}Arkanian Blaster Rifle w_brifle_12
{13}Disruptor Rifle w_brifle_13
{14}Argazdan Riot Buster w_brifle_14
{15}Bothan Droid Disruptor w_brifle_15
{16}Combat Enforcer w_brifle_16
{17}Heavy Repeating Carbine w_brifle_17
{18}Plasma Projector w_brifle_18
{19}Mandalorian Assault Rifle w_brifle_19
{20}Verpine Droid Disruptor w_brifle_20
{21}Ceremonial Bowcaster w_brifle_21
{22}Heavy Repeating Rifle w_brifle_22
{23}Charric w_brifle_23
{24}Zabrak Blaster Carbine w_brifle_24
{25}Slavemaster Stun Carbine w_brifle_25
{26}Onderon Repeating Carbine w_brifle_26
{27}Sonic Disruptor w_brifle_27
{28}Mandalorian Heavy Repeater w_brifle_28
{29}Verpine Droid Disintegrator w_brifle_29
{30}Zersium Rifle w_brifle_30
{hk47 01}Droid Assasin's Rifle d_hk47_01


{01}Blaster Pistol w_blaste_01
{02}Ion Blaster w_blaste_02
{03}Field Survival Pistol w_blaste_03
{04}Sonic Pistol w_blaste_04
{05}Disruptor Pistol w_blaste_05
{06}Heavy Blaster w_blaste_06
{07}Scout Enforcer w_blaste_07
{08}Systech Aural Blaster w_blaste_08
{09}Republic Blaster w_blaste_09
{10}Aratech Droid Oxidizer w_blaste_10
{11}Arkanian Heavy Pistol w_blaste_11
{12}Mandalorian Blaster w_blaste_12
{13}Systech Static Blaster w_blaste_13
{14}Arkanian Sonic Blaster w_blaste_14
{15}Sith Disruptor w_blaste_15
{16}Mandalorian Heavy Blaster w_blaste_16
{17}Heavy Sonic Blaster w_blaste_17
{18}Watchman Blaster w_blaste_18
{19}Zabrak Blaster Pistol w_blaste_19
{20}Mandalorian Ripper w_blaste_20
{21}Aratech Ionmaster w_blaste_21
{22}Onasi Blaster w_blaste_22
{23}Dashade Sonic Blaster w_blaste_23
{24}Zabrak Heavy Blaster w_blaste_24
{25}Systech Electric Blaster w_blaste_25
{26}Micro-Pulse Blaster w_blaste_26
{27}Elite Watchman Blaster w_blaste_27
{28}Mandalorian Disintegrator w_blaste_28
{29}Dashade Sonic Disruptor w_blaste_29
{30}Freedon Nadd's Blaster w_blaste_30
{Special}Drink In Hand w_drink_01
{Special}Empty Hand w_emptyhnd_01
{Special}Pazaak Cards In Hand w_pazaak_01
{x05}Luxa's Disruptor w_blaste_x05
{x20}Remote's Blaster w_blaste_x20

KillBlaster killblaster
Mining Laser mininglaser
Adhesive Grenade g_w_adhsvgren001
Concussion Grenade g_w_stungren01
CryoBan Grenade g_w_cryobgren001
Frag Grenade g_w_fraggren01
Ion Grenade g_w_iongren01
Minor Sonic Detonator g_w_sonicdet01
Plasma Grenade g_w_firegren001
Poison Grenade g_w_poisngren01
Sonic Detonator g_w_sonicdet02
Sonic Grenade g_w_sonicgren01
Thermal Detonator g_w_thermldet01

{01}Short Sword w_melee_01
{02}Long Sword w_melee_02
{03}Energy Baton w_melee_03
{04}Quarterstaff w_melee_04
{05}Vibroblade w_melee_05
{06}Vibrosword w_melee_06
{07}Double-Bladed Sword w_melee_07
{08}Exchange Negotiator w_melee_08
{09}Gamorrean War Axe w_melee_09
{10}Zabrak Vibroblade w_melee_10
{11}Rodian Blade w_melee_11
{12}Sith War Sword w_melee_12
{13}Trandoshan Sword w_melee_13
{14}Force Pike w_melee_14
{15}Vibro Double-Blade w_melee_15
{16}Gamorrean Cleaver w_melee_16
{17}Rodian Death Blade w_melee_17
{18}Gand Silencer w_melee_18
{19}Ryyk Blade w_melee_19
{20}Trandoshan Double-Blade w_melee_20
{21}Echani Vibrosword w_melee_21
{22}Sith Tremor Sword w_melee_22
{23}Gand Shockstaff w_melee_23
{24}Shyarn w_melee_24
{25}Arg'garok w_melee_25
{26}Geonosian Electro-Staff w_melee_26
{27}Tehk'la Blade w_melee_27
{28}Zhaboka w_melee_28
{29}Gand Discharger w_melee_29
{30}Freyyr's Warblade w_melee_30
{x01}Handmaiden's Staff w_melee_x01
{x02}Twi'lek Spinning Blade w_melee_x02
{x03}Twi'lek Spinning Blade w_melee_x03
{x12}Ludo Kressh's War Sword w_melee_x12

Dark Jedi Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr001
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g1_w_dblsbr001
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g1_w_dblsbr002
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr001 (Blue)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr002 (Red)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr003 (Green)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr004 (Yellow)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr005 (Purple)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr007 (Bronze)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr008 (Orange)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr009 (Silver)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr010 (White)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_dblsbr011 (Viridian)
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr002

Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber w_sls_x02

Lightsaber g1_w_lghtsbr01
Lightsaber g1_w_lghtsbr02
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr01 (Blue)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr02 (Red)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr03 (Green)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr04 (Yellow)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr05 (Purple)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr07 (Bronze)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr08 (Orange)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr09 (Silver)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr10 (White)
Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr11 (Viridian)

Short Lightsaber g1_w_shortsbr01
Short Lightsaber g1_w_shortsbr02
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr01 (Blue)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr02 (Red)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr03 (Green)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr04 (Yellow)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr05 (Purple)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr07 (Bronze)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr08 (Orange)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr09 (Silver)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr10 (White)
Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr11 (Viridian)

Vibrocutter vibrocutter
Visas Marr's Lightsaber w_ls_x01
Buster Rocket w_rocket_03
Concussion Rocket w_rocket_11
Explosive Rocket w_rocket_01
Ion Rocket w_rocket_10
Kyber Dart w_rocket_04
Paralysis Dart w_rocket_09
Piercing Dart w_rocket_08
Plasma Rocket w_rocket_05
Poison Dart w_rocket_07
Poison Rocket w_rocket_06
Tranquilizer Dart w_rocket_02


{hvy 01}Battle Armor a_heavy_01
{hvy 02}Heavy Battle Armor a_heavy_02
{hvy 03}Echani Heavy Armor a_heavy_03
{hvy 04}Durasteel Heavy Armor a_heavy_04
{hvy 05}Powered Battle Armor a_heavy_05
{hvy 06}Flex Heavy Armor a_heavy_06
{hvy 07}Mandalorian Battle Armor a_heavy_07
{hvy 08}Mandalorian Heavy Armor a_heavy_08
{hvy 09}Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh a_heavy_09
{hvy 10}Mandalorian Assault Armor a_heavy_10
{hvy 11}Corellian Powersuit a_heavy_11
{hvy 12}M'uhk'gfa a_heavy_12
{hvy 13}Iotran Braceman Armor a_heavy_13
{hvy 14}Felenar Armor a_heavy_14
{hvy 15}Matrix Armor a_heavy_15
{hvy x01}Mandalore's Armor a_heavy_x01
{light 01}Light Combat Suit a_light_01
{light 02}Combat Suit a_light_02
{light 03}Heavy Combat Suit a_light_03
{light 04}Mandalorian Combat Suit a_light_04
{light 05}Zabrak Combat Suit a_light_05
{light 06}Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit a_light_06
{light 07}Echani Light Armor a_light_07
{light 08}Massassi Ceremonial Armor a_light_08
{light 09}Mandalorian Heavy Suit a_light_09
{light 10}Zabrak Battle Armor a_light_10
{light 11}Ubese Environmental Suit a_light_11
{light 12}Echani Shield Suit a_light_12
{light 13}Reinforced Fiber Armor a_light_13
{light 14}Zabrak Field Armor a_light_14
{light 15}Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit a_light_15
{light x08}Electromesh Suit a_light_x08
{med 01}Military Suit a_medium_01
{med 02}Light Battle Armor a_medium_02
{med 03}Echani Battle Armor a_medium_03
{med 04}Cinnagar War Suit a_medium_04
{med 05}Sith Battle Suit a_medium_05
{med 06}Bronzium Light Battle Armor a_medium_06
{med 07}Verpine Fiber Mesh a_medium_07
{med 08}Krath Heavy Armor a_medium_08
{med 09}Powered Light Battle Armor a_medium_09
{med 10}Krath Holy Battle Suit a_medium_10
{med 11}Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit a_medium_11
{med 12}Heavy Cinnagar War Suit a_medium_12
{med 13}Verpine Fiber Ultramesh a_medium_13
{med 14}Electromesh Armor a_medium_14
{med 15}Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor a_medium_15
Armored Flight Suit g_a_armrdfsuit
Khoonda Militia Armor a_khoonda


{light x02}Atton's Ribbed Jacket a_light_x02
{light x09}Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket a_light_x09

Clothing g_a_clothes01
Clothing {Variant 01} g_a_clothes07
Clothing {Variant 02} g_a_clothes02
Clothing {Variant 03} g_a_clothes03
Clothing {Variant 04} g_a_clothes04
Clothing {Variant 05} g_a_clothes05
Clothing {Variant 06} g_a_clothes06
Clothing {Variant 07} g_a_clothes08
Clothing {Variant 08} g_a_clothes09
Clothing {Variant 09} g_a_clothes010
Clothing {Variant 11} g_a_clothes012
Clothing {Variant Czerka} g_a_clothes011
Dancer's Outfit g_danceroutfit
Miner Uniform mineruniform

And that's it, for those of you who continue to create threads asking for
help, I wish that users who reply will direct you here, if not, I'm sure they
will be able to help. However, this is the best way to go.