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December 17, 2006 Neverwinter Nights 2


Everything Listed in this Database is taken directly from the NWN2 Toolset
item lists. This Database contains All plot items, armor, weapons, books,
jewelry, gems, etc. The only things I left out of this database are creatures
(monsters, NPCs) and creature items(bite1d4, etc). I've took the liberty of
sorting the list while I was typing it up into more managable sections for
easier referencing.





nw_it_book032 Exotic Weaponry

nw_it_book013 Famous Citizen of the Sword Coast

nw_it_book014 Helm's Hold

nw_it_book001 History of the Creator Races

nw_it_book015 Luskan's Arcane Brotherhood

nw_it_book022 Port Llast

x1_it_mbook001 Prayer to the Overgod

nw_it_book020 Religions of the Sword Coastnw_it_book018 Return of the Beast

nw_it_book029 The Adventures of Grin, Richard, and Wu-Wei

nw_it_book007 The City of Luskin

nw_it_book005 The City of Neverwinter

nw_it_book010 The Dessarin River

nw_it_book003 The Doombringers

nw_it_book009 The Ghost of Conyberry

nw_it_book024 The Imps' Prison

nw_it_book031 The Leadership of Neverwinter

nw_it_book026 The Nether Scrolls

nw_it_book006 The NEverwinter Wood

nw_it_book021 The Nothern Four Adventuring Troupe

nw_it_book017 The Origin of Magic

nw_it_book030 The Rise & Fall of Netheril

nw_it_book011 The Rival Orc Tribes & Thier Great Battles

nw_it_book012 The Ruins of Illusk

nw_it_book004 The Sword Coast

nw_it_book025 The Time of Troubles

nw_it_book008 The Trade of Blades

nw_it_book027 The War of Light and Darkness

nw_it_book016 Uthgardt Barbarians

nw_it_book023 Uthgar's Legacy

nw_it_book002 Wars of the Creator Races

nw_it_book028 Waterdeep

nw_it_book019 Wind by the Fireside

===============CRAFTING COMPONENTS==============


nw_it_msmlmisc23 Belladonna

n2_alc_dmnddust Diamond Dust

n2_alc_disalcohol Distilled Alcohol

nw_it_msmlmisc19 Fairy Dust

nw_it_msmlmisc24 Garlic

n2_alc_beegland Giant Bee Venom Gland

n2_alc_centgland Giant Centipede Venom Gland

n2_alc_scorpgland Giant Scorpion Venom Gland

n2_alc_powsilver Powdered Silver

n2_alc_quicksilver Quicksilver

n2_alc_venomgland Venom Gland


n2_crft_ingadamant Adamantine Ingot

n2_crft_ingsilver Alchemical SIlver Ingot

n2_crft_ingcldiron Cold Iron Ingot

n2_crft_ingdrksteel Darksteel Ingot

n2_crft_plkdskwood Duskwood Plank

n2_crft_ingiron Iron Ingot

n2_crft_hideleather Leather Hide

n2_crft_ingmithral Mithral Ingot

mortar Mortar and Pestle

n2_crft_hidedragon Red Dragon Hide

n2_crft_hidesalam Salamander Hide

n2_crft_plkshed Shederran Plank

smithhammer Smith Hammer

n2_crft_hideumber Umber Hulk Hide

n2_crft_plkwood Wooden plank

n2_crft_hidewyvern Wyvern Hide

n2_crft_plkzalantar Zalantar Plank


n2_crft_dist002 Bat Tooth

n2_crft_dist003 Bear Claw

n2_crft_dist005 Beetle Gland

n2_crft_dist032 Blade SPider Leg

n2_crft_dist001 Bladeling Spike

n2_crft_dist009 Bugbear Tusk

n2_crft_dist010 Demon Blood

n2_crft_dist011 Devid Blood

n2_crft_dist004 Dire bear Claw

n2_crft_dist008 Dire Boar Tusk

n2_crft_dist036 Dire Wolf Tooth

n2_crft_dist012 Dragon Blood

n2_crft_dist006 Fire Beetle Belly

n2_crft_dist018 Fire Giant Head

n2_crft_dist024 Fire Mephit Hide

n2_crft_dist019 Frost Giant Head

n2_crft_dist014 Gargoyle Horn

n2_crft_dist016 Ghast Claws

n2_crft_dist017 Ghost Residue

n2_crft_dist015 Ghoul Claws

n2_crft_dist021 Hellhound Tooth

n2_crft_dist025 Ice Mephit Hide

n2_crft_dist022 Imp Stinger

n2_crft_dist020 Iron Golem Fragments

n2_crft_dist023 Lich Dust

n2_crft_dist026 Ogre Mage Skull

n2_crft_dist031 Phase Spider Mandible

n2_crft_dist028 Shadow Reaver Bones

n2_crft_dist027 Shadow Residue

n2_crft_dist029 Skeleton Rib

n2_crft_dist030 Spider Venom Gland

n2_crft_dist007 Stag Beetle horn

n2_crft_dist033 Troll Blood

n2_crft_dist034 Umber Hulk Manible

n2_crft_dist035 Vampire Tooth

n2_crft_dist037 Winter Wolf Pelt

n2_crft_dist038 Wraith Residue

n2_crft_dist039 Wyvern Scales


cft_ess_air1 Faint Air Essence

cft_ess_earth1 Faint Earth Essence

cft_ess_fire1 Faint fire essence

cft_ess_power1 Faint Power essence

cft_ess_water1 Faint Water Essence

cft_ess_air3 Glowing Air Essence

cft_ess_earth3 Glowing Earth Essence

cft_ess_fire3 Glowing Fire Essence

cft_ess_power3 Glowing power essence

cft_ess_water3 Glowing Water Essence

cft_ess_air4 Radiant Air Essence

cft_ess_earth4 Radiant Earth Essence

cft_ess_fire4 Radiant Fire Essence

cft_ess_power4 Radiant Power Essence

cft_ess_water4 Radiant Water Essence

cft_ess_air2 Weak Air Essence

cft_ess_earth2 Weak Earth Essence

cft_ess_fire2 Weak Fire Essence

cft_ess_power2 Weak Power Essence

cft_ess_water2 Weak Water Essence


n2_crft_mold_hvbm Banded Mail Mold

n2_crft_mold_swbs Bastard Sword Mold

n2_crft_mold_axbt Battleaxe Mold

n2_crft_mold_mdbp Breastplate Mold

n2_crft_mold_ltcs Chain Shirt Mold

n2_crft_mold_mdcm Chainmail mold

n2_crft_mold_blcl Club Mold

n2_crft_mold_swdg Dagger Mold

n2_crft_mold_axdv Dwarven Waraxe Mold

n2_crft_mold_swfl Falchion Mold

n2_crft_mold_blfl Flail Mold

n2_crft_mold_hvfp Full Plate Mold

n2_crft_mold_axgr Greataxe Mold

n2_crft_mold_swgs GreatSword mold

n2_crft_mold_plhb Halberd Mold

n2_crft_mold_hvhp Half Plate Mold

n2_crft_mold_axhn Handaxe mold

n2_crft_mold_bwxh Heavy Crossbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_shhv Heavy SHield mold

n2_crft_mold_mdhd Hide Armor mold

n2_crft_mold_spka Kama mold

n2_crft_mold_swka katana mold

n2_crft_mold_spku kukri mold

n2_crft_mold_ltlt leather armor mold

n2_crft_mold_bwxl Light Crossbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_blhl Light Hammer Mold

n2_crft_mold_shlt Light Shield Mold

n2_crft_mold_bwln Longbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_swls Longsword Mold

n2_crft_mold_blml Mace Mold

n2_crft_mold_blms Morning star mold

n2_crft_mold_ltpd Padded Armor Mold

n2_crft_mold_dbqs QuarterStaff mold

n2_crft_mold_swrp Rapier mold

n2_crft_mold_mdsm Scale Mail Mold

n2_crft_mold_swsc Scimitar Mold

n2_crft_mold_plsc Scythe Mold

n2_crft_mold_swss Short Sword Mold

n2_crft_mold_bwsh Shortbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_spsc Sickle Mold

n2_crft_mold_plss Spear Mold

n2_crft_mold_ltsl Studded Leather Armor Mold

n2_crft_mold_shtw Tower Shield Mold

n2_crft_mold_trap Trap Kit Mold

n2_crft_mold_blhw Warhammer Mold

n2_crft_mold_bldm Warmace mold

------------------------RECIPE BOOKS------------------------------

n2_crft_book_recipe021 A Study of the Fantastical Vestments of the
Priests of the Realms

n2_crft_book_recipe002 Abjurative Enchantments

n2_crft_book_recipe020 Accoutrements of Masterful Wizardry and their

n2_crft_book_recipe003 Advanced Abjuratives

n2_crft_book_recipe015 Advanced Arcanery of Personal Defense

n2_crft_book_recipe017 Alazzabner's Grand Ensorcelments of the Mind

n2_crft_book_recipe008 Codex Necromantica

n2_crft_book_recipe009 Deflections and Dispellings

n2_crft_book_recipe027 Formulae of the Learned Scholars of Halruaa

n2_crft_book_recipe001 Fundamentals of Abjurative Enchantment

n2_crft_book_recipe014 Fundamentals of Protections for the Self

n2_crft_book_recipe010 Fundamentals of Terrible Destruction

n2_crft_book_recipe004 Liber Occultatum

n2_crft_book_recipe019 Marvellous Artefacts for Resistance of Sorcery

n2_crft_book_recipe013 Of Healthful Enchantments for the Body

n2_crft_book_recipe018 On the Crafting of Mystical Garb for All Climes

n2_crft_book_recipe024 On the Refinement of the Alchemist's Craft

n2_crft_book_recipe011 The book of All Elements

n2_crft_book_recipe007 The Book of Banes

n2_crft_book_recipe005 The Book of Fire

n2_crft_book_recipe006 The Book of Ice

n2_crft_book_recipe016 The book of Seeing

n2_crft_book_recipe012 The Crafts-works of Evermeet

n2_crft_book_recipe029 The Lore of the Master Alchemist

n2_crft_book_recipe028 The Quiet Deaths of the Brotherhood of

n2_crft_book_recipe023 The Tome of Alchemy

n2_crft_book_recipe025 The Wondrous Potions of the Brothers of Ilmater

----------Crafting/Tradeskill Material-----------------

x2_it_cfm_bscrl Blank Scroll

x2_it_cfm_wand Bone Wand

x2_poison021 Giant Bee Venom, Average

x2_poison039 Giant Bee Venom, Deadly

x2_poison015 Giant Bee venom, mild

x2_poison027 Giant Bee Venom, Strong

x2_poison020 Giant Centipede Venom, Average

x2_poison038 Giant Centipede Venom, Deadly

x2_poison014 Giant Centipede Venom, Mild

x2_poison026 Giant Centipede Venom, Strong

x2_poison019 Giant Scorpian Venom, Average

x2_poison037 Giant Scorpian Venom, Deadly

x2_poison013 Giant Scorpian Venom, Mild

x2_poison025 Giant Scorpian Venom, Strong

x2_it_pcpotion Magic Potion

x2_it_pcwand Magic Wand

x2_it_cfm_pbottl Magical Potion Bottle


nw_it_gem013 Alexandrite

nw_it_gem003 Amethyst

nw_it_gem014 Aventurine

cft_gem_14 Beljuril

cft_gem_01 Bloodstone

cft_gem_12 Blue Diamond

cft_gem_09 Canary Diamond

nw_it_gem005 Diamond

nw_it_gem012 Emerald

nw_it_gem002 Fire Agate

nw_it_gem009 Fire Opal

nw_it_gem015 Fluorspar

nw_it_gem011 Garnet

nw_it_gem001 Greenstone

cft_gem_11 Jacinth

cft_gem_15 King's Tear

nw_it_gem007 Malachite

cft_gem_03 Obsidian

nw_it_gem004 Phenalope

cft_gem_13 Rogue Stone

nw_it_gem006 Ruby

nw_it_gem008 Sapphire

cft_gem_10 Star Sapphire

nw_it_gem010 Topaz


nw_it_trap034 Average Acid Splash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap014 Average Blob of Acid Trap Kit

nw_it_trap022 Average Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap018 Average Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap030 Average Frost Trap Kit

nw_it_trap026 Average Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap006 Average Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap042 Average Negative Trap Kit

nw_it_trap038 Average Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap002 Average Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap010 Average Tangle Trap Kit

nw_it_trap036 Deadly Acid Splash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap016 Deadly Blob of Acid Trap Kit

nw_it_trap024 Deadly Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap020 Deadly Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap032 Deadly Frost Trap Kit

nw_it_trap028 Deadly Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap008 Deadly Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap044 Deadly Negative Trap kit

nw_it_trap040 Deadly Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap004 Deadly Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap012 Deadly Tangle Trap Kit

nw_it_medkit001 Healer's Kit +1

nw_it_medkit004 Healer's Kit +10

nw_it_medkit002 Healer's Kit +3

nw_it_medkit003 Healer's Kit +6

nw_it_trap033 Minor Acid SPlash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap013 Minor Blob of Acid Trap Kit

nw_it_trap021 Minor Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap017 Minor Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap029 Minor Frost Trap Kit

nw_it_trap025 Minor Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap005 Minor Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap041 Minor Negative Trap Kit

nw_it_trap037 Minor Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap001 Minor Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap009 Minor Tangle Trap Kit

nw_it_trap035 Strong Acid Splash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap015 Strong Blob of Acid Trap Kit

nw_it_trap023 Strong Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap019 Strong Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap031 Strong Frost Trap Kit

nw_it_trap027 Strong Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap007 Strong Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap043 Strong Negative Trap Kit

nw_it_trap039 Strong Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap003 Strong Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap011 Strong Tangle Trap Kit


nw_it_msmlmisc16 Adamantine

x0_it_mmedmisc03 Austruth Flute

nw_it_contain006 Bag of Holding

nw_it_msmlmisc06 Bodak's Tooth

x0_it_msmlmisc01 Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals

x0_it_msmlmisc02 Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals

n2_it_brokenitem Broken Item

x0_it_mmedmisc01 Brooch of Shielding

x0_it_mthnmisc18 Canaith Mandolin

x0_it_mthnmisc21 Censer of Controlling Air Elementals

x0_it_mthnmisc04 Chime of Opening

x1_it_msmlmisc01 Coldstone

x0_it_mthnmisc17 Doss Lute

n2_it_drum Drum

nw_it_mmidmisc02 Drum of Haunting

x0_it_mthnmisc05 Dust of Appearence

x0_it_mthnmisc06 Dust of Disappearence

x0_it_mthnmisc13 Elixir of Horus-Re

nw_it_thnmisc002 Empty Ale Stein

nw_it_thnmisc001 Empty Bottle

nw_it_thnmisc003 Empty Spirits Bottle

nw_it_thnmisc004 Empty Wine Bottle

x0_it_mthnmisc08 Fife of Blasting

nw_it_msmlmisc08 Fire Beetle's Belly

n2_it_flute Flute

x0_it_mthnmisc15 Fochluchan Bandore

x0_it_msmlmisc03 Gem of Brightness

x0_it_msmlmisc04 Gem of Seeing

nw_it_gold001 Gold Piece

x0_it_mthnmisc14 Golden Chalice of Lathander

nw_it_contain005 Greater Magic Bag

x0_it_msmlmisc06 Heart of the Beast

nw_it_msmlmisc18 Ironwood

x0_it_mthnmisc10 Latern of Revealing

x0_it_mthnmisc11 Lens of Detection

nw_it_contain003 Lesser Magic Bag

n2_it_lute Lute

x0_it_mthnmisc16 Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern

nw_it_contain004 Magic Bag

nw_it_contain002 Magic Pouch

nw_it_msmlmisc11 Quartz Crystal

nw_it_msmlmisc21 Rags

nw_it_msmlmisc05 Saintsblood Pearl

nw_it_mmidmisc04 Scabbard of Blessing

n2_it_mmidmisc01 Scabbard of Keen Edges

nw_it_msmlmisc13 Skeleton's Kuckle

nw_it_mmidmisc06 Skin

n2_it_spoon Spoon

n2_it_stein Stein

x0_it_msmlmisc05 Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals

nw_it_picks001 Thieves' Tools +1

nw_it_picks004 Thieves' tools +10

nw_it_picks002 Thieves' Tools +3

nw_it_picks003 Thieves' Tools +6

nw_it_torch001 Torch


nw_it_mpotion021 Ale

nw_it_mpotion016 Potion of Aid

nw_it_mpotion006 Potion of Antidote

nw_it_mpotion005 Potion of Barkskin

nw_it_mpotion013 Potion of Bear's Endurance

nw_it_mpotion009 Potion of Bless

nw_it_mpotion015 Potion of Bull's Strength

nw_it_mpotion014 Potion of Cat's Grace

nw_it_mpotion003 Potion of Cure Critical Wounds

n2_it_mpotion001 Potion of Cure Disease

nw_it_mpotion001 Potion of Cure Light wounds

nw_it_mpotion020 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

nw_it_mpotion002 Potion of Cure Serious WOunds

x2_it_mpotion002 Potion of Death's Armor

nw_it_mpotion010 Potion of Eagle's Splendor

nw_it_mpotion017 Potion of Fox's Cunning

nw_it_mpotion012 Potion of Heal

nw_it_mpotion008 Potion of Invisibility

nw_it_mpotion011 Potion of Lesser Resotration

nw_it_mpotion019 Potion of Lore

nw_it_mpotion018 Potion of Owl's Wisdom

nw_it_mpotion004 Potion of Speed

nw_it_mpotion022 Spirits

nw_it_mpotion023 Wine


nw_it_sparscr603 Acid Fog

x1_it_sparscr002 Acid Splash

x2_it_spdvscr201 Aid

x1_it_sparscr102 Amplify

nw_it_sparscr509 Animate Dead

n2_it_spacscr001 Assay Resistance

x1_it_spdvscr204 Aura of Glory

x1_it_spdvscr701 Aura of Vitality

x2_it_spdvscr804 Aura versus Alignment

x2_it_spdvscr508 Awaken

x1_it_sparscr201 Balagarn's Iron Horn

x1_it_spdvscr101 Bane

x1_it_spdvscr601 Banishment

x2_it_spdvscr202 Barkskin

x2_it_spdvscr501 Battletide

n2_it_sparscr002 Bear's Endurance

nw_it_sparscr414 Bestow Curse

x1_it_sparscr801 Bigby's Clenched Fist

x1_it_sparscr901 Bigby's Crushing Hand

x1_it_sparscr602 Bigby's Forceful Hand

x1_it_sparscr701 Bigby's Grasping Hand

x1_it_sparscr502 Bigby's Interposing Hand

x2_it_sparscr801 Blackstaff

x2_it_spdvscr603 Blade Barrier

x2_it_spdvscr103 Bless

x2_it_spdvscr102 Bless Weapon

nw_it_sparscr211 Blindness/deafness

n2_it_sparscr003 Blindsight

x1_it_spdvscr803 Bombardment

nw_it_sparscr212 Bull's Strength

nw_it_sparscr112 Burning Hands

x2_it_spdvscr307 Call Lightning

x1_it_spdvscr107 Camouflage

nw_it_sparscr213 Cat's Grace

n2_it_sparscr004 Cause Fear

nw_it_sparscr607 Chain Lightning

nw_it_sparscr405 Charm Monster

nw_it_sparscr107 Charm Person

nw_it_sparscr610 Circle of Death

nw_it_sparscr307 Claurauduence & Clairvoyance

x2_it_sparscr206 Cloud of Bewilderment

nw_it_sparscr502 Cloudkill

nw_it_sparscr110 Color Spray

x2_it_sparscr201 Combust

nw_it_sparscr507 Cone of Cold

nw_it_sparscr406 Confusion

nw_it_sparscr411 Contagion

nw_it_sparscr707 Control Undead

x1_it_spdvscr804 Creater Greater Undead

x1_it_spdvscr605 Create Undead

x1_it_spdvscr702 Creaping Doom

x2_it_spdcscr601 Crumble

n2_it_sparscr006 Crushing Dispair

x2_it_spdvscr402 Cure Critical Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr104 Cure Light Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr001 Cure Minor Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr203 Cure Moderate Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr308 Cure Serious Wounds

nw_it_sparscr206 Darkness

nw_it_sparscr003 Daze

x2_it_sparscr202 Death's Armor

n2_it_spdvscr004 Death Knell

x2_it spdvscr403 Death Ward

n2_it_sparscr007 Deep Slumber

nw_it_sparscr704 Delayed Blast Fireball

x1_it_spdvscr703 Destruction

n2_it_spdvscr006 Detect Undead

x1_it_sparscr601 Dirge

n2_it_sparscr008 Disintegrate

nw_it_sparscr501 Dismissal

nw_it_sparscr301 Dispel Magic

x1_it_sparscr301 Displacement

x1_it_spdvscr102 Divine Favor

x2_it_spdvscr404 Divine Power

x2_it_spdvscr309 Dominate Animal

nw_it_sparscr905 Dominate Monster

nw_it_sparscr503 Dominate Person

x2_it_spdvscr105 Doom

x1_it_spdvscr604 Drown

nw_it_sparscr219 Eagle's Splendor

x1_it_spdvscr801 Earthquake

nw_it_sparscr416 Elemental Shield

x2_it_spdvscr901 Elemental Swarm

nw_it_sparscr101 Endure Elements

nw_it_sparscr908 Energy Drain

n2_it_spdvscr007 Energy Immunity

nw_it_sparscr412 Enervation

n2_it_sparscr009 Enlarge Person

x2_it_spdvscr106 Entangle

x1_it_spdvscr103 Entropic Shield

n2_it_spdvscr008 Ethereal Jaunt

nw_it_sparscr608 Ethereal Visage

n2_it_sparscr036 Etherealness

nw_it_sparscr418 Evard's Black Tentacles

x1_it_sparscr101 Epeditious Retreat

n2_it_sparscr010 False Life

nw_it_sparscr413 Fear

nw_it_sparscr504 Feeblemind

x2_it_sparscr305 Find Traps

nw_it_sparscr708 Finger of Death

x1_it_spdvscr704 Fire Storm

nw_it_sparscr309 Fireball

x1_it_sparscr501 Firebrand

n2_it_sparscr011 FireBurst

nw_it_sparscr304 Flame Arrow

x1_it_spdvscr403 Flame Strike

x2_it_sparscr205 Flame Weapon

x1_it_sparscr001 Flare

x1_it_sparscr605 Flesh to Stone

nw_it_sparscr220 Fox's CUnning

x2_it_spdvscr405 Freedom of Movement

nw_it_sparscr902 Gate

x2_it_sparscr203 Gedlee's Electric Loop

nw_it_sparscr208 Ghostly Visage

nw_it_sparscr209 Ghoul Touch

nw_it_sparscr601 Glove of Invulnerability

x2_it_spdvscr306 Glyph of Warding

nw_it_sparscr103 Grease

nw_it_sparscr602 Greater Dispelling

n2_it_sparscr012 Greater Fireburst

n2_it_sparscr015 Greater Heroism

x1_it_spdvscr303 Greater Magic Fang

x2_it_sparscr304 Greater Magic Weapon

nw_it_sparscr803 Greater Planar Binding

nw_it_spdvscr701 Greater Restoration

nw_it_sparscr508 Greater Shadow Conjuration

nw_it_sparscr612 Greater Spell Breach

nw_it_sparscr912 Greater SPell mantle

nw_it_sparscr613 Greater Stoneskin

x1_it_sparscr303 Gust of Wind

x2_it_spdvscr406 Hammer of the Gods

x2_it_spdvscr604 Harm

nw_it_sparscr312 Haste

x2_it_spdvscr605 Heal

n2_it_sparscr014 Heroism

x2_it_spdvscr204 Hold Animal

nw_it_sparscr505 Hold Monster

nw_it_sparscr308 Hold Person

x2_it_spdvscr401 Holy Sword

nw_it_sparscr809 Horrid Wilting

x2_it_sparscr401 Ice Storm

nw_it_sparscr106 Identify

x2_it_spdvscr902 Implosion

nw_it_sparscr408 Improved Invisibility

n2_it_sparscr022 Improved Mage Armor

nw_it_sparscr804 Indendiary Cloud

x1_it_spdvscr501 INferno

x2_it_spdvscr301 Infestation of Maggots

x1_it_spdvscr401 Inflict Critical Wounds

x1_it_spdvscr104 Inflict Light Wounds

x1_it_spdvscr001 Inflict Minor Wounds

x1_it_spdvscr201 Inflict Moderate Wounds

x1_it_spdvscr302 Inflict Serious Wounds

nw_it_sparscr207 Invisibility

x2_it_spdvscr310 Invisibility purge

nw_it_sparscr314 Invisibility Sphere

n2_it_sparscr018 Iron Body

x1_it_sparscr603 Isaac's Greater Missile Storm

x1_it_sparscr401 Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm

n2_it_sparscr019 Joyful Noise

x2_it_sparscr303 Keen Edge

nw_it_sparscr216 Knock

n2_it_sparscr020 Least Spell Mantle

x2_it_sparscr602 Legend Lore

nw_it_sparscr218 Lesser Dispel

n2_it_sparscr013 Lesser Glove of Invulnerability

nw_it_sparscr511 Lesser Mind Blank

nw_it_sparscr512 Lesser Planer Binding

nw_it_spdvscr201 Lesser Restoratino

nw_it_sparscr417 Lesser Spell Breach

nw_it_sparscr513 Lesser Spell Mentle

nw_it_sparscr004 Light

nw_it_sparscr310 Lightning Bolt

n2_it_sparscr021 Low-light vision

nw_it_sparscr104 Mage Armor

nw_it_sparscr302 Magic Circle against Alignment

x1_it_spdvscr106 Magic Fang

nw_it_sparscr109 Magic Missle

x2_it_spdvscr304 Magic Vestment

x2_it_spdvscr105 Magic Weapon

nw_it_sparscr807 Mass Blindness/Deafness

x1_it_sparscr402 Mass Camouflage

n2_it_sparscr005 Mass Charm Monster

n2_it_spdvscr001 Mass Cure Critical Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr505 Mass Cure Light Wounds

n2_it_spdvscr002 Mass Cure Moderate Wounds

n2_it_spdvscr003 Mass Cure Serious Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr801 Mass Heal

n2_it_sparscr016 Mass Hold Monster

n2_it_sparscr017 Mass Hold Person

n2_it_spdvscr009 Mass Inflict Critical Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr504 Mass Inflict Light Wounds

n2_it_spdvscr010 Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds

n2_it_spdvscr011 Mass Inflict Serious Wounds

nw_it_sparscr202 Melf's Acid Arrow

x2_it_sparscr301 Mestil's Acid Breath

nw_it_Sparscr906 Meteor Swarm

nw_it_sparscr801 Mind Blank

nw_it_sparscr506 Mind Fog

nw_it_sparscr401 Minor Globe of Invulnerability

n2_it_sparscr023 Mirror Image

nw_it_sparscr901 Mordenkainen's Disjunction

nw_it_sparscr705 Mordenkainen's Sword

nw_it_sparscr402 Neutralize Poison

x1_it_spdvscr502 Owl's Insight

nw_it_sparscr221 Owl's Wisdom

nw_it_sparscr409 Phantasmal Killer

x1_it_spdvscr603 Planar Ally

nw_it_sparscr604 Planar Binding

x2_it_spdvscr407 Poison

n2_it_sparscr024 Polar Ray

nw_it_sparscr415 Polymorph Self

nw_it_sparscr903 Power Word, Kill

nw_it_sparscr702 Power Word, Stun

x2_it_spdvscr312 Prayer

nw_it_sparscr808 Premonition

nw_it_sparscr706 Prismatic Spray

nw_it_sparscr102 Protection from Alignment

n2_it_sparscr025 Protection from Arrows

nw_it_sparscr303 Protection from Energy

nw_it_sparscr802 Protection from Spells

x1_it_spdvscr305 Quillfire

n2_it_sparscr026 Rage

nw_it_spdvscr501 Raise Dead

nw_it_sparscr111 Ray of Enfeeblement

nw_it_sparscr002 Ray of Frost

x2_it_spdvscr702 Regenerate

nw_it_spdvscr301 Remove Blindness/deafness

nw_it_sparscr402 Remove Curse

nw_it_spdvscr302 Remove Disease

x2_it_spdvscr107 Remove Fear

x2_it_spdvscr205 Remove Paralysis

nw_it_sparscr201 Resist Elements

nw_it_sparscr001 Resistance

nw_it_spdvscr401 Restoration

nw_it_spdvscr702 Resurrection

n2_it_spdvscr012 Righteous Might

x2_it_spdvscr108 Sanctuary

nw_it_sparscr210 Scare

x2_it_sparscr302 Scintillating Sphere

x2_it_spdvscr313 Searing Light

nw_it_sparscr205 See Invisibility

nw_it_sparscr609 Shades

nw_it_sparscr410 Shadow Conjuration

x2_it_sparscr703 Shadow Shield

nw_it_sparscr910 Shapechange

x1_it_sparscr103 Shield

x1_it_spdvscr105 Shield of Faith

n2_it_spdvscr013 Shield other

n2_it_sparscr028 Shocking Grasp

n2_it_sparscr029 Shroud of Flame

nw_it_spdvscr203 Silence

x2_it_spdvscr506 Slay Living

nw_it_sparscr108 Sleep

nw_it_sparscr313 Slow

n2_it_sparscr030 Song of Discord

nw_it_spdvscr204 Sound Burst

nw_it_sparscr701 Spell mantle

x2_it_spdvscr507 Spell Resistance

n2_it_sparscr031 Spiderskin

x1_it_spdvscr304 Spike Growth

nw_it_sparscr305 Stinking Cloud

n2_it_sparscr032 Stone Body

x1_it_sparscr604 Stone to Flesh

x2_it_spdvscr602 Stonehold

nw_it_sparscr403 Stoneskin

x2_it_spdvscr903 Storm of Vengeance

nw_it_sparscr105 Summon Creature I

nw_it_sparscr203 Summon Creature II

nw_it_sparscr306 Summon Creature III

nw_it_sparscr404 Summon Creature IV

nw_it_sparscr904 Summon Creature IX

nw_it_sparscr510 SUmmon Creature V

nw_it_sparscr605 Summon Creature VI

nw_it_sparscr703 Summon Creature VII

nw_it_sparscr805 Summon Creature VIII

x2_it_spdvscr803 Sunbeam

x1_it_spdvscr802 Sunburst

x1_it_sparscr202 Tasha's Hideous Laughter

nw_it_sparscr614 Tenser's Transformation

nw_it_sparscr606 True Seeing

x1_it_sparscr104 True Strike

x2_it_sparscr601 Undeath to Death

x1_it_spdvscr901 Undeath's Eternal Foe

nw_it_sparscr311 Vampiric Touch

x2_it_spdvscr503 Vine Mine

x2_it_spdvscr002 Virtue

n2_it_sparscr033 Vitriolic Sphere

nw_it_sparscr909 Wail of the Banshee

nw_it_sparscr407 Wall of Fire

n2_it_sparscr034 War Cry

n2_it_sparscr035 Weapon of Impact

nw_it_sparscr204 Web

nw_it_sparscr907 Weird

x2_it_spdvscr701 Word of Faith



boots_chain chain boots

nw_boots_grecloak Chain Boots(greycloak)

boots_hide Hide Boots

boots_leather Leather Boots

n2_boots_plate Plate Boots

boots_scale Scale Boots

paladinboots Scale Boots(paladin)


nw_cloth027 Adept's Tunic

nw_mcloth011 Adventurer's Robe

nw_cloth017 Assassin's Garb

nw_cloth015 Barbarian's Outfit

nw_cloth021 Bard's Tunic

nw_mcloth004 Black Robe of the Archmagi

nw_cloth007 Cleric's Outfit

x2_cloth008 Cleric's robe

nw_cloth022 Commoner's Outfit

nw_cloth024 Commoner's Tunic

nw_cloth012 Conjurer's Robe

n2_pca_dragon Dragon Disciple's Robe

n2_pca_duelist Duelist Garb

nw_cloth011 Gladiator's Outfit

nw_mcloth014 Greater Battle Robe

x0_cloth005 Greater Robe of Eyes

nw_mcloth003 Grey RObe of the Archmagi

nw_cloth020 Illusionist's Robe

nw_mcloth016 Impoved Robes of the Old Order

nw_cloth014 Jester's Outfit

x0_cloth002 Lesser Robe of Eyes

nw_mcloth013 Mage's Battle Robe

nw_mcloth012 Master Adventurer's Robe

nw_cloth019 Militia Outfit

nw_cloth016 Monk's Outfit

nw_cloth026 Necromancer's Robe

nw_cloth018 Noble Guardsman Tunic

nw_cloth003 Noble Outfit

nw_cloth028 Noble's Tunic

nw_CLOTH010 Paladin's tunic

x2_it_pmrobe Palemaster's Robe

nw_cloth002 Performer's Outfit

shirt_wizard Plain shirt

shirt_monk Plain shirt

shirt_cleric Plain shirt

shirt_barb Plain shirt

shirt_fighter Plain shirt

shirt_druid Plain shirt

shirt_sorcerer Plain shirt

shirt_paladin Plain shirt

shirt_ranger Plain shirt

shirt_rogue Plain shirt

nw_mcloth007 Robe of Acid Resistance

x0_cloth001 Robe of Blending

nw_mcloth008 Robe of Cold Resistance

nw_mcloth010 Robe of Electrical Resistance

x1_mcloth001 Robe of Energy

nw_mcloth009 Robe of Fire Resistance

nw_mcloth001 Robe of Larloch

nw_mcloth006 Robe of Light

x0_cloth003 Robe of Scintillating Colors

n2_mcloth001 Robe of the Archmagi

nw_mcloth017 Robes of the Dark Moon

nw_mcloth015 Robes of the Old Order

nw_mcloth018 Robes of the Shining Hand +1

nw_mcloth019 Robes of the Shining Hand +2

nw_mcloth020 Robes of the Shining Hand +3

nw_mcloth021 Robes of the Shining Hand +4

nw_mcloth022 Robes of the Shining Hand +5

nw_cloth008 Sorcerer's Robe

nw_cloth013 Squire's Tunic

nw_cloth009 Urchin rags

nw_cloth023 Vagabond Rags

x0_cloth004 Vest of Escape

nw_cloth006 Veteran's Outfit

nw_cloth029 Warlock's Outfit

nw_cloth025 Warrior's Tunic

nw_mcloth002 White Robe of the Archmagi

nw_cloth005 Wizard's Robe


gloves_chain Chain gloves

gloves_hide Hide gloves

gloves_leather Leather Gloves

gloves_scale Scale gloves

------------------HEAVY ARMOR------------------------

mwa_hvbm_ada_3 Adamantine Banded Mail

mwa_hvfp_ada_4 Adamantine Full Plate

mwa_hvhp_ada_4 Adamintine Half plate

nw_maarcl021 Armor of Comfort

x2_cus_armoroffa Armor of Faith

nw_maarcl054 Armor of Freedom

n2_pca_champion Armor of the Divine Champion

nw_maarcl025 Balduran's Armor

nw_aarcl011 Banded Mail

nw_maarcl051 Banded Mail +1

nw_maarcl064 Banded Mail +2

nw_maarcl076 Banded Mail +3

x0_maarcl019 Banded Mail +4

x0_maarcl020 Banded Mail +5

nw_pca_bguard Blackguard's Plate

nw_maarcl028 Blue Dragon Armor

nw_maarcl042 Copper Dragon Armor

mwa_hvbm_drk_3 Darksteel Banded Mail

mwa_hvfp_drk_3 Darksteel Full plate

mwa_hvhp_drk_3 Darksteel Half plate

nw_maarcl024 Delver's Armor

n2_pca_defend Dwarven Defender Plate

nw_maarcl022 Elven Ceremonial Armor

nw_maarcl029 Enkidu's Armor

nw_aarcl007 Full Plate

nw_maarcl053 Full Plate +1

nw_maarcl068 Full Plate +2

nw_maarcl080 Full Plate +3

x0_maarcl023 Full Plate +4

x0_maarcl024 Full Plate +5

nw_maarcl026 Gnomish Magnetic Armor

x2_c3_maarcl037 Greater Storm Armor of the Earth's Children

nw_aarcl006 Half plate

nw_maarcl052 Half Plate +1

nw_maarcl069 Half Plate +2

nw_maarcl081 Half Plate +3

x0_maarcl021 Half Plate +4

x0_maarcl022 Half Plate +5

x0_maarcl036 Laeral's Storm Armor

mwa_hvbm_mth_3 Mithral Banded Mail

mwa_hvfp_mth_4 Mithral Full Plate

mwa_hvhp_mth_4 Mithral Half Plate

nw_maarcl020 Rainbow Armor

nw_maarcl027 Red Dragon Armor

mwa_hvhp_rdh_3 Red Dragon Hide Half Plate

nw_royalguard Royal Guard Armor

nw_maarcl059 Scales of Truth +1

nw_maarcl062 Scales of Truth +3

nw_maarcl063 Silverbone Armor +2

nw_plate_grayson Sir Grason's Full plate

x0_maarcl037 Storm Armor of the Earth's Children

mwa_hvhp_uhh_3 Umber Hulk Hide Half Plate

n2_pca_warpriest Warpriest half plate

nw_maarcl018 White Dragon Armor

nw_maarcl060 Whitebone Armor +2

mwa_hvfp_wyh_3 Wyvern Hide Full Plate

mwa_hvhp_wyh_3 Wyvern Hide Half plate

-----------------LIGHT ARMOR---------------------------

mwa_ltcs_ada_4 Adamantine Chain Shirt

nw_cloth004 Adventurer's Outfit

n2_pca_archer Arcane Archer Chain Shirt

n2_pca_trickster Arcane Trickster Gear

nw_maarcl004 Armor of Fleetness

nw_maarcl011 Armor of Loyalty

nw_maarcl003 Armor of the Stars

nw_maarcl001 Armor of the Wolf

nw_maarcl013 Armor of Thorns

nw_mcloth005 Aslyferund Elven Chain

n2_pca_assassin Assassin's Leathers

nw_maarcl006 Aurumvorax Armor

nw_maarcl032 Benzo's Luck

nw_maarcl009 Black Flame Armor

nw_maarcl017 Broewende Family Armor

nw_maarcl012 Callurdan Smoothand's Armor

p_hhm_ch01 Chain Shirt

nw_aarcl012 Chain Shirt

nw_maarcl046 Chain Shirt +1

nw_maarcl067 Chain Shirt +2

nw_maarcl079 Chain Shirt +3

x0_maarcl009 Chain Shirt +4

x0_maarcl010 Chain Shirt +5

mwa_ltcs_drk_3 Darksteel Chain Shirt

n2_pca_eknight Eldritch Knight Chain Shirt

nw_maarcl033 Greenleaf

grey_basic Greycloak Armor(basic)

grey_decent Greycloak Armor(decent)

x0_maarcl041 Hair Shirt of Ilmater

nw_pca_hscout Harper Agent Leathers

n2_armor_widow Jarad Widowmaker's Armor

nw_aarcl001 Leather Armor

nw_maarcl044 Leather Armor +1

nw_maarcl071 Leather Armor +2

nw_maarcl083 Leather Armor +3

x0_maarcl003 Leather Armor +4

x0_maarcl004 Leather Armor +5

nw_armor_druid Leather Armor(druid)

nw_armor_rogue Leather Armor(rogue)

nw_armor_warlock Leather Armor(warlock)

nw_maarcl002 Mirrored Armor

mwa_ltcs_mth_4 Mithral Chain Shirt

nw_pca_nw9 Neverwinter Nine Tunic

nw_aarcl009 Padded Armor

nw_maarcl043 Padded Armor +1

nw_maarcl072 Padded Armor +2

nw_maarcl084 Padded Armor +3

x0_maarcl001 Padded Armor +4

x0_maarcl002 Padded Armor +5

nw_maarcl034 Rogue Links

mwa_ltlt_slh_3 Salamander Hide Leather Armor

mwa_ltsl_slh_3 Salamander Hide Studded Leather Armor

nw_maarcl005 Shadow Legion Armor

n2_pca_sthief Shadow Thief Leather Armor

n2_pca_sdancer ShadowDancer Outfit

x1_maarcl001 Skin of the Forest

nw_maarcl008 Squire's Defense

nw_aarcl002 Studded Leather ARmor

nw_maarcl045 Studded Leather Armor +1

nw_maarcl075 Studded Leather Armor +2

nw_maarcl087 Studded Leather Armor +3

x0_maarcl005 Studded Leather Armor +4

x0_maarcl006 Studded Leather Armor +5

nw_maarcl007 The Great Oak

nw_cloth001 Woodsman Outfit

-----------------MEDIUM ARMOR------------------------

mwa_mdbp_ada_4 Adamantine Breastplate

mwa_mdcm_ada_4 Adamantine Chainmail

mwa_mdsm_ada_4 Adamantine Scale Mail

nw_maarcl014 Armor of Command

nw_maarcl016 Armor of Horus-Re

nw_aarcl010 Breastplate

nw_maarcl049 Breastplate +1

nw_maarcl065 Breastplate +2

nw_maarcl077 Breastplate +3

x0_maarcl015 Breastplate +4

x0_maarcl016 Breastplate +5

nw_aarcl004 Chainmail

nw_armor_cleric Chainmail(cleric)

nw_armor_greycloak Chainmail(greycloak)

nw_maarcl035 Chainmail +1

nw_maarcl066 Chainmail +2

nw_maarcl078 Chainmail +3

x0_maarcl013 Chainmail +4

x0_maarcl014 Chainmail +5

nw_maarcl039 Chainmail of Speed

nw_maarcl058 Chromatic Breastplate +1

nw_maarcl061 Chromatic Breastplate +3

nw_citywatch City Watch Armor

mwa_mdbp_drk_3 Darksteel Breastplate

mwa_mdcm_drk_3 Darksteel Chainmail

mwa_mdsm_drk_3 Darksteel Scale Mail

nw_maarcl036 Doron's Mistake

nw_maarcl015 Dragon Armor

nw_maarcl037 Elven Chainmail

n2_pca_berserk Frenzied Berserker Hide

grey_best Greycloak Armor(best)

grey_good Greycloak Armor(good)

nw_aarcl008 Hide Armor

nw_maarcl047 Hide Armor +1

nw_maarcl070 Hide Armor +2

nw_maarcl082 Hide Armor +3

x0_maarcl007 Hide Armor +4

x0_maarcl008 Hide Armor +5

nw_armor_barb Hide Armor(barbarian

n2_armor_kana Kana's Armor

nw_maarcl010 Kumakawa

n2_maarcl01 Lesser Golem Armor

mwa_mdbp_mth_4 Mithral Breastplate

mwa_mdcm_mth_4 Mithral Chainmail

mwa_mdsm_mth_4 Mithal Scale Mail

mwa_mdbp_rdh_3 Red Dragon Hide Breastplate

mwa_mdsm_rdh_3 Red Dragon Hide Scale Mail

mwa_mdhd_slh_3 Salamander Hide Armor

nw_aarcl003 Scale Mail

nw_maarcl048 Scale Mail +1

nw_maarcl073 Scale Mail +2

nw_maarcl085 Scale Mail +3

x0_maarcl011 Scale Mail +4

x0_maarcl012 Scale Mail +5

nw_armor_fighter Scale Mail(Fighter)

nw_armor_paladin Scale Mail(paladin)

x2_armor_001 Spellchain

nw_it_novel003 Storm Armor

mwa_mdbp_uhh_3 Umber Hulk Hide Breastplate

n2_pca_wmaster Weapon Master's Scale

mwa_mdbp_wyh_3 Wyvern Hide Breastplate

mwa_mdsm_wyh_3 Wyvern Hide Scale Mail


x2_it_adahelm Adamantine Helm

x0_armhe014 Beholder Crown

helm_chain Chain Helm

n2_it_arhelmcw City Watch Helmet

x0_armhe015 Cowl Of Warding

x2_it_arhelm03 Fighter Helmet

n2_helm_finch Finch's Fine Chapeau

nw_armhe010 Golden Circlet

nw_armhe012 Greater Mask of Persuasion

x0_armhe009 Headband of Intellect +2

x0_armhe010 Headband of Intellect +4

x0_armhe011 Headband of Intellect +6

n2_armhe001 Headband of Intellect +8

x0_armhe016 Headband of the Binder

x0_armhe012 Helm of Brilliance

x0_armhe017 Helm of Darkness

x2_armhe001 Helm of the Stranger

nw_arhe004 Horse Hair Helmet

n2_helm_laborer Laborer's Shade

helm_leather Leather Helm

x2_helm_001 Lichskull

n2_helm_magecap Mage's Skullcap

x0_armhe002 Major Circlet of Blasting

x0_armhe013 Mask of Death

nw_armhe011 Mask of Persuasion

x2_armhe002 Mask of the Skull

x0_armhe001 minor Circlet of Blasting

nw_it_novel004 Moonstone Mask

nw_helm_noblecap Noble's Cap

x2_it_arhelm Paladin Helmet

nw_arhe001 Pot Helmet

n2_it_arhelmroyal Royal Guard Helmet

helm_scale Scale Helm

nw_armhe008 Shukenja Helm

nw_arhe002 Spike Helmet

nw_arhe005 Stag Helmet

n2_helm_swashhat Swashbuckler's Hat

nw_armhe009 Tayvian Circlet

n2_arhe001 The Laurel Crown

x2_helm_002 The Regel

nw_armhe007 Thieve's Hood

nw_armhe006 Watchman's Helm

nw_arhe003 Winged Helmet

n2_helm_wizhat Wizard's Hat

------------------Heavy Shields--------------------

mwa_shhv_ada_4 Adamantine Heavy Shield

mwa_shhv_drk_3 Darksteel Heavy Shield

nw_ashmlw006 Dragon Shield

mwa_shhv_dsk_3 Duskwood Heavy Shield

x2_it_iwoodshldl Heavy Ironwood Shield

nw_ashlw001 Heavy Shield

nw_ashmlw002 Heavy Shield +1

nw_ashmlw008 Heavy Shield +2

nw_ashmlw009 Heavy Shield +3

x0_ashmlw001 Heavy Shield +4

x0_ashmlw002 Heavy Shield +5

x0_ashmlw003 Laeral's Spell Shield

nw_ashmlw005 Mirror Shield

mwa_shhv_mth_4 Mithral Heavy Shield

n2_ashmlw003 Shield of Prator

nw_ashmlw003 Shield of the Holy

nw_ashmlw004 Shield of the SUn

n2_ashmlw001 Silver Shield

mwa_shhv_uhh_3 Umberhulk Hide Heavy Shield

nw_ashmlw007 Uthgardt Holy Shield

mwa_shhv_zal_3 Zalantar Heavy Shield

-----------------Light Shields----------------------

mwa_shlt_ada_4 Adamantine Light Shield

mwa_shlt_drk_3 Darksteel Light Shield

mwa_shlt_dsk_3 Duskwood Light Shield

nw_ashmsw005 Dwarven Mirth

nw_ashmsw004 Hearth Shield

x2_it_ironwshlds Light Ironwood Shield

nw_ashsw001 Light Shield

nw_ashmsw002 Light Shield +1

nw_ashmsw008 Light Shield +2

nw_ashmsw009 Light Shield +3

x0_ashmsw001 Light Shield +4

x0_ashmsw002 Light Shield +5

mwa_shlt_mth_4 Mithral Light Shield

nw_ashmsw007 Mithral Shield

nw_ashmsw003 Protector

nw_ashmsw010 Shield of Dawn

n2_ashmsw002 Shield of the Void

nw_ashmsw011 Shield of the Watch

nw_ashmsw006 Shield of the Wisp Hunter

mwa_shlt_uhh_3 Umber Hulk Hide Light Shield

mwa_shlt_zal_3 Zalantar Light Shield

-----------------Tower Shields------------------------

mwa_shtw_ada_4 Adamantine Tower Shield

mwa_shtw_drk_3 Darksteel Tower Shield

mwa_shtw_dsk_3 Duskwood Tower Shield

n2_ashmto001 Forgotten Shield

nw_ashmto005 Goblin Shield of Nulbish

nw_ashmto010 Greater Shield of Dawn

nw_ashmto011 Greater Shield of the Watch

nw_ashmto006 Hastsezini's Shield

nw_ashmto003 Imaskari Shield

x2_it_ironwshldt Ironwood Tower Shield

mwa_shtw_mth_4 Mithral Tower Shield

nw_ashmto007 Shield of Darksteel Tower

nw_ashmto004 Shield of the Dragonslayer

nw_ashto001 Tower Shield

nw_ashmto002 Tower Shield +1

nw_ashmto008 Tower Shield +2

nw_ashmto009 Tower Shield +3

x0_ashmto001 Tower Shield +4

x0_ashmto002 Tower Shield +5

mwa_shtw_uhh_3 Umber Hulk Hide Tower Shield

mwa_shtw_zal_3 Zalantar Tower Shield


nw_it_mbelt001 Archer's Belt

nw_it_mbelt018 Belt of Agility +1

nw_it_mbelt019 Belt of Agility +2

nw_it_mbelt020 Belt of Agility +3

nw_it_mbelt021 Belt of Agility +4

x2_it_mbelt003 Belt of Agility +5

x2_it_mbelt004 Belt of Agility +6

x2_it_mbelt005 Belt of Agility +7

x2_it_mbelt006 Belt of Agility +8

x2_it_mbelt001 Belt of Cloud Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt008 Belt of Fire Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt007 Belt of Frost Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt016 Belt of Guiding Light

nw_it_mbelt002 Belt of Hill Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt006 Belt of Inertial Barrier

x0_it_mbelt001 Belt of Lions

n2_it_mbelt001 Belt of Stone Giant Strength

x2_it_mbelt002 Belt of Storm Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt010 Brawler's Belt

nw_it_mbelt003 Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt

nw_it_mbelt004 Encircling Scale

nw_it_mbelt001 Girdle of Holy Might

nw_it_mbelt014 Greater Archer's Belt

nw_it_mbelt017 Greater Belt of Guiding Light

nw_it_mbelt013 Greater Brawler's Belt

nw_it_mbelt012 Greater Swordsman's Belt

x0_it_mbelt006 Kossuth's Belt of Priestly Might

x0_it_mbelt004 Kossuth's Belt of Priestly Might and Warding

x2_belt_001 Lothar's Last Belt

nw_it_mbelt015 Lesser Belt of Guiding Light

x0_it_mbelt001 Monk's Belt

x0_it_mbelt005 Mystran Belt of Priestly Might

x0_it_mbelt007 Mystran Belt of Priestly Might and Warding

nw_it_mbelt005 Sash of Shimmering

x0_it_mbelt003 Shar's Belt of Priestly Might

x0_it_mbelt008 Shar's Belt of Priestly Might and Warding

nw_it_mbelt009 Swordsman's Belt


nw_it_mboots002 Boots of Elvenkind

nw_it_mboots015 Boots of Hardiness +1

nw_it_mboots016 Boots of Hardiness +2

nw_it_mboots017 Boots of Hardiness +3

nw_it_mboots010 Boots of Reflexes +1

nw_it_mboots011 Boots of Reflexes +2

nw_it_mboots012 Boots of Reflexes +3

nw_it_mboots013 Boots of Reflexes +4

nw_it_mboots014 Boots of Reflexes +5

x2_it_mboots001 Boots of Reflexes +6

x2_it_mboots002 Boots of Reflexes +7

x2_it_mboots003 Boots of Reflexes +8

nw_it_mboots005 Boots of Speed

nw_it_mboots001 Boots of Striding +1

nw_it_mboots006 Boots of Striding +2

nw_it_mboots007 Boots of Striding +3

nw_it_mboots008 Boots of Striding +4

nw_it_mboots009 Boots of Striding +5

x2_it_mboots006 Boots of Striding +6

x2_it_mboots007 Boots of Striding +7

x2_it_mboots008 Boots of Striding +8

x1_it_mboots001 Boots of the Shifting Sands

nw_it_mboots018 Boots of the Sun Soul +1

nw_it_mboots019 Boots of the SUn SOul +2

nw_it_mboots020 Boots of the Sun SOul +3

nw_it_mboots021 Boots of the Sun Soul +4

nw_it_mboots022 Boots of the Sun Soul +5

x0_it_mboots001 Boots of the Winterlands

x0_it_mboots003 Boots of Tumbling

nw_it_mboots003 Dragon SLippers

nw_it_mboots004 Gargoyle Boots

x0_it_mboots004 Greater Boots of Tumbling

x0_it_mboots002 Lesser Boots of Tumbling

x2_nash_boot Nasher's Nible Boots


x0_it_mbracer001 Bracers of Archery

nw_it_mbracer002 Bracers of Armor +1

x2_it_mbracer005 Bracers of Armor +10

nw_it_mbracer007 Bracers of Armor +2

nw_it_mbracer008 Bracers of Armor +3

nw_it_mbracer009 Bracers of Armor +4

nw_it_mbracer010 Bracers of Armor +5

x2_it_mbracer001 Bracers of Armor +6

x2_it_mbracer002 Bracers of Armor +7

x2_it_mbracer003 Bracers of Armor +8

x2_it_mbracer004 Bracers of Armor +9

nw_it_mbracer001 Bracers of Dexterity +1

nw_it_mbracer003 Bracers of Dexterity +2

nw_it_mbracer004 Bracers of Dexterity +3

nw_it_mbracer005 Bracers of Dexterity +4

nw_it_mbracer006 Bracers of Dexterity +5

x2_it_mbracer006 Bracers of Dexterity +6

x2_it_mbracer007 Bracers of Dexterity +7

x2_it_mbracer008 Bracers of Dexterity +8

x0_it_mbracer002 Bracers of the Blinding Strike


x0_maarcl038 Cape of the Fire Bath

x0_maarcl039 Cape of Winter

x0_maarcl030 Cloak of Arachnida

x0_maarcl040 Cloak of Blackflame

x0_maarcl032 Cloak of Displacement

nw_maarcl057 Cloak of Elvenkind

x0_maarcl033 Cloak of Etherealness

nw_maarcl104 Cloak of Fortification +1

nw_maarcl105 Cloak of Fortification +2

nw_maarcl106 Cloak of Fortification +3

x2_it_mcloak004 Cloak of Fortification +4

x2_it_mcloak005 Cloak of Fortification +5

nw_maarcl056 Cloak of Movement

nw_maarcl055 Cloak of Protection +1

nw_maarcl088 Cloak of Protection +2

nw_maarcl089 Cloak of Protection +3

nw_maarcl090 Cloak of Protection +4

nw_maarcl091 Cloak of Protection +5

nw_maarcl098 Cloak of Protection vs Chaos

nw_maarcl097 Cloak of Protection vs Evil

nw_maarcl096 Cloak of Protection vs Good

nw_maarcl099 Cloak of Protection vs Law

x0_maarcl025 CLoak of Resistance +1

x0_maarcl026 CLoak of Resistance +2

x0_maarcl027 CLoak of Resistance +3

x0_maarcl028 CLoak of Resistance +4

x0_maarcl029 CLoak of Resistance +5

x0_maarcl031 Cloak of the Bat

nw_maarcl030 Cloak of the High Forest

x2_it_drowcl001 Drow Piwafi Cloak

nw_graycloak Graycloak

nw_maarcl102 Greater Cloak of Protection vs Chaos

nw_maarcl101 Greater Cloak of Protection vs Evil

nw_maarcl100 Greater Cloak of Protection vs Good

nw_maarcl103 Greater Cloak of Protection vs Law

x0_maarcl034 Greater Mantle of Spell Resistance

x2_nash_cloak Nasher's CLoak of Protection

nw_maarcl031 Nymph Cloak +1

nw_maarcl092 Nymph Cloak +2

nw_maarcl093 Nymph Cloak +3

nw_maarcl094 Nymph Cloak +4

nw_maarcl095 Nymph Cloak +5

x2_it_mcloak008 Nymph Cloak +6

n2_it_mcloak001 Nymph Cloak +8

x1_it_mcloak001 Skin of the Manticore

x0_maarcl035 Vestments of Faith


n2_it_mglove001 Elder Oak Gloves

x2_glove_bal Fists of Balance

x1_it_mglove001 Flaming Gloves +2

x0_it_mglove005 Gauntlet of Fury

nw_it_mbracer013 Gauntlets of Ogre Power

x0_it_mglove001 Gloves of Appraisal

nw_it_mglove004 Gloves of Concentration

nw_it_mglove007 Gloves of Spellcraft

nw_it_mglove009 Gloves of Swordplay

x0_it_mglove003 Gloves of the Artificer

x0_it_mglove007 Gloves of the Balanced Hands

nw_it_mglove016 Gloves of the Hin Fist +1

nw_it_mglove017 Gloves of the Hin Fist +2

nw_it_mglove018 Gloves of the Hin Fist +3

nw_it_mglove019 Gloves of the Hin Fist +4

nw_it_mglove020 Gloves of the Hin Fist +5

nw_it_mglove021 Gloves of the Long Death +1

nw_it_mglove022 Gloves of the Long Death +2

nw_it_mglove023 Gloves of the Long Death +3

nw_it_mglove024 Gloves of the Long Death +4

nw_it_mglove025 Gloves of the Long Death +5

nw_it_mglove005 Gloves of the Mintrel

nw_it_mglove003 Gloves of the Rogue

nw_it_mglove026 Gloves of the Yellow Rose +1

nw_it_mglove027 Gloves of the Yellow Rose +2

nw_it_mglove028 Gloves of the Yellow Rose +3

nw_it_mglove029 Gloves of the Yellow Rose +4

nw_it_mglove030 Gloves of the Yellow Rose +5

x2_it_mglove022 Great Wyrm Gauntlets

x0_it_mglove002 Greater Gloves of Appraisal

nw_it_mglove010 Greater Gloves of Concentration

nw_it_mglove013 Greater GLoves of Spellcraft

nw_it_mglove015 Greater Gloves of Swordplay

x0_it_mglove004 Greater Gloves of the Artificer

nw_it_mglove011 Greater Gloves of the Minstral

nw_it_mbracer012 Lesser Guantlets of Ogre Power

x2_nash_glove Nasher's Gloves of Combat

nw_it_mglove001 Wondrous Gloves


nw_it_mneck032 Amulet of Acid Resistance

nw_it_mneck030 Amulet of Cold Resistance

x2_it_mneck004 Amulet of Divine Radiance

nw_it_mneck031 Amulet of Electrical Resistance

nw_it_mneck029 Amulet of Fire Resistance

nw_it_mneck036 Amulet of Health

nw_it_mneck001 Amulet of Natural Armor +1

nw_it_mneck012 Amulet of Natural Armor +2

nw_it_mneck013 Amulet of Natural Armor +3

nw_it_mneck014 Amulet of Natural Armor +4

nw_it_mneck015 Amulet of Natural Armor +5

nw_it_mneck005 Amulet of Power

x0_it_mneck006 Amulet of the Harpers

nw_it_mneck034 Amulet of the Master

x0_it_mneck001 Amulet of Undead Turning

x2_it_mneck001 Amulet of Vitality +2

x2_it_mneck002 Amulet of Vitality +4

x2_it_mneck003 Amulet of Vitality +6

nw_it_mneck024 Amulet of Will +1

nw_it_mneck025 Amulet of Will +2

nw_it_mneck026 Amulet of Will +3

nw_it_mneck027 Amulet of Will +4

nw_it_mneck028 Amulet of Will +5

x2_it_mneck016 Amulet of Will +6

x2_it_mneck017 Amulet of Will +7

x2_it_mneck018 Amulet of Will +8

x0_it_mneck005 Arvoreen's Amulet of Aid

nw_it_mneck020 Copper Necklace

nw_it_mneck023 Glittering Necklace

nw_it_mneck022 Gold Necklace

nw_it_mneck037 Greater Amulet of Health

x0_it_mneck002 Greater Necklace of Fireballs

nw_it_mneck035 Lesser AMulet of Health

nw_it_mneck033 Lesser Amulet of the Master

x0_it_mneck007 Lesser Ice Necklace of the Ulutiun

x0_it_mneck004 Luckstone

n2_it_mneck002 Medallion of THought

x2_it_mneck005 Necklace of Fireballs

nw_it_mneck003 Necklace of Prayer Beads

nw_it_mneck007 Periapt of Wisdom +1

nw_it_mneck008 Periapt of Wisdom +2

nw_it_mneck009 Periapt of Wisdom +3

nw_it_mneck010 Periapt of Wisdom +4

nw_it_mneck011 Periapt of Wisdom +5

x2_it_mneck006 Periapt of Wisdom +6

x2_it_mneck007 Periapt of Wisdom +7

x2_it_mneck008 Periapt of Wisdom +8

x0_it_mneck003 Scarab of Greater Protection

nw_it_mneck006 Scarab of Protection +1

nw_it_mneck016 Scarab of Protection +2

nw_it_mneck017 Scarab of Protection +3

nw_it_mneck018 Scarab of Protection +4

nw_it_mneck019 Scarab of Protection +5

nw_it_mneck021 Silver Necklace

nw_it_mneck002 Talisman of Pure Evil

nw_it_mneck004 Talisman of Pure Good

n2_it_mneck001 The Ancient Sermon


x0_it_mring007 Aribeth's Ring

x0_it_mring008 Bone Ring

x0_it_mring009 Commander's Ring

nw_it_mring021 Copper Ring

nw_it_mring023 Gold Ring

x2_it_mring017 Ironskin Ring

nw_it_mring029 Lesser Ring of Power

x2_nash_ring Nasher's Ring of Strength

x0_it_mring013 Purple Dragon Ring

nw_it_mring006 Ring of Clear Thought +1

nw_it_mring014 Ring of Clear Thought +2

nw_it_mring015 Ring of Clear Thought +3

nw_it_mring016 Ring of Clear Thought +4

nw_it_mring017 Ring of Clear Thought +5

x2_it_mring020 Ring of Clear Thought +6

x2_it_mring021 Ring of Clear Thought +7

x2_it_mring022 Ring of Clear Thought +8

nw_it_mring010 Ring of Crimson

nw_it_mring009 Ring of Cyan

x0_it_mring010 Ring of Disease Immunity

n2_it_mring006 Ring of Divine Power (1)

n2_it_mring002 Ring of Divine Power (2)

n2_it_mring003 Ring of Divine Power (3)

n2_it_mring004 Ring of Divine Power (4)

n2_it_mring005 Ring of Divine Power (5)

nw_it_mring002 Ring of Elemental Resistance

x0_it_mring005 Ring of Force Shield

nw_it_mring024 Ring of Fortitude +1

nw_it_mring025 Ring of Fortitude +2

nw_it_mring026 Ring of Fortitude +3

nw_it_mring027 Ring of Fortitude +4

nw_it_mring028 Ring of Fortitude +5

x2_it_mring025 Ring of Fortitude +6

x2_it_mring026 Ring of Fortitude +7

x2_it_mring027 Ring of Fortitude +8

x0_it_mring006 Ring of Freedom of Movement

x0_it_mring002 Ring of Hiding

nw_it_mring007 Ring of Holiness

x0_it_mring004 Ring of Improved Evasion

nw_it_mring012 Ring of Insight

nw_it_mring003 Ring of Invisibility

nw_it_mring011 Ring of Jade

nw_it_mring005 Ring of Magic Defenses

x2_it_mring001 Ring of Major Acid Resistance

x2_it_mring002 Ring of Major Cold Resistance

x2_it_mring003 Ring of Major Electrical Resistance

x2_it_mring004 Ring of Major Fire Resistance

x2_it_mring005 Ring of Major Sonic Resistance

x0_it_mring011 Ring of Might

x0_it_mring012 Ring of Nine Lives

nw_it_mring030 Ring of Power

nw_it_mring001 Ring of Protection +1

nw_it_mring008 Ring of Protection +2

nw_it_mring018 Ring of Protection +3

nw_it_mring019 Ring of Protection +4

nw_it_mring020 Ring of Protection +5

nw_it_mring004 Ring of Regeneration

nw_it_mring031 Ring of Resistance +1

nw_it_mring032 Ring of Resistance +2

nw_it_mring033 Ring of Resistance +3

nw_it_mring013 Ring of Scholars

n2_it_mring001 Ring of Sorcerous Power

x0_it_mring014 Ring of Spell Battle

x2_it_mring006 Ring of the Ram

nw_it_noval001 Ring of the Wood Elves

n2_it_mring007 Ring of Wizardry (1)

n2_it_mring008 Ring of Wizardry (2)

n2_it_mring009 Ring of Wizardry (3)

n2_it_mring010 Ring of Wizardry (4)

n2_it_mring011 Ring of Wizardry (5)

nw_it_mring022 Silver Ring

x2_ring_pet Stoneeater's Ring

x1_it_mring001 The Nomad's Ring

x1_it_mring002 The Wanderer's Ring

============SPECIAL EDITION - ITEM SETS===============


n2_itset_bbn3 Graena's Bond

n2_itset_bbn1 Graena's Fortune

n2_itset_bbn2 Graena's Triumph


n2_itset_brd1 Ysridain's Muse

n2_itset_brd3 Ysridain's Soul

n2_itset_brd2 Ysridain's Touch


n2_itset_clr2 A Mad Gent's Boots

n2_itset_clr1 A Mad Gent's Cloak

n2_itset_clr3 A Mad Gent's Gloves


n2_itset_drd3 Scattertrail boots

n2_itset_drd1 Scattertrail helmet

n2_itset_drd2 Scattertrail hide


n2_itset_ftr2 The Industrious Hands of Pim

n2_itset_ftr3 The Sturdy Feet of Pim

n2_itset_ftr1 The Watchful Mind of Pim


n2_itset_mnk2 Grainstone Belt

n2_itset_mnk1 Grainstone Boots

n2_itset_mnk3 Grainstone Gloves


n2_itset_pal3 Armor of Gram the Mouse

n2_itset_pal2 Helm of Gram the Mouse

n2_itset_pal1 Mantle of Gram the Mouse


n2_itset_rgr2 Favor of Ilum Lura

n2_itset_rgr3 Heart of Ilum Lura

n2_itset_rgr1 The Breast of Ilum Lura


n2_itset_rog1 Balhoderie's Softer Skin

n2_itset_rog2 Balhodrie's Constant Hearth

n2_itset_rog3 Balhodrie's Eelskin Boots


n2_itset_sor1 Heirloom of Asenath

n2_itset_sor2 Shackles of Asenath

n2_itset_sor3 Vengeance of Asenath


n2_itset_war1 Finger of the Lame Kobold

n2_itset_war2 Foot of the Lame Kobold

n2_itset_war3 Head of the Lame Kobold


n2_itset_wiz1 Anagrys' mindmaze

n2_itset_wiz2 Anagrys' Shackle-Breaker

n2_itset_wiz3 Anagrys' Slave-Collar




nw_wammar003 Acid Arrow

nw_wamar001 Arrow

nw_wammar009 Arrow +1

nw_wammar010 Arrow +2

nw_wammar011 Arrow +3

x2_wammar012 Arrow +4

x2_wammar013 Arrow +5

nw_wammar001 Arrow of the Vampire

x2_wammar001 Arrows of Petrification

nw_wammar001 Fire Arrow

nw_wammar005 Ice Arrow

nw_wammar006 Lightning Arrow

nw_wammar007 Mild Poison Arrow

nw_wammar004 Piercing Arrow

nw_wammar008 Poison Arrow


nw_wambo001 Bolt

nw_wammbo008 Bolt +1

nw_wammbo009 Bolt +2

nw_wammbo010 Bolt +3

x2_wammbo011 Bolt +4

x2_wammbo012 Bolt +5

nw_wammbo005 Bolt of Fire

nw_wammbo001 Bolt of Frostbite

nw_wammbo002 Bolt of Lightning

nw_wammbo004 Bolt Piercing

nw_wammbo006 Mild Poison Bolt

nw_wammbo003 Paralytic Bolt

nw_wammbo007 Poison Bolt


nw_wambu001 Bullet

nw_wammbu008 Bullet +1

nw_wammbu009 Bullet +2

nw_wammbu010 Bullet +3

x2_wammbu009 Bullet +4

x2_wammbu010 Bullet +5

nw_wammbu002 Bullet of Screaming

nw_wammbu004 Bullets of Smiting

nw_wammbu003 Farel's Gold

nw_wammbu005 Fire Bullet

nw_wammbu001 Giant's Bane

nw_wammbu006 Ice Bullet

nw_wammbu007 Lightning Bullet


mst_axgr_ada_3 Adamantine Greataxe

mst_axgr_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Greataxe

nw_waxmgr004 Axe of the Culling

n2_waxmgr001 Axe of the Holy

mst_axgr_cld_3 Cold Iron Greataxe

mst_axgr_drk_3 Darksteel Greataxe

nw_waxgr001 Greataxe

nw_waxmgr002 Greataxe +1

nw_waxmgr009 Greataxe +2

nw_waxmgr011 Greataxe +3

x0_waxmgr001 Greataxe +4

x0_waxmgr002 Greataxe +5

nw_waxmgr006 Guumsh Hand

mst_axgr_mth_3 Mithral Greataxe

nw_waxmgr003 Netherese Axe

nw_waxmgr005 Re's Redemption

nw_waxmgr008 Stonefire Axe +1

nw_waxmgr010 Stonefire Axe +2

x1_waxmgr001 The Sandstorm

-----------One-Handed AXES------------------------

mst_axbt_ada_3 Adamantine Battleaxe

mst_axdv_ada_3 Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_ada_3 Adamantine Handaxe

mst_axbt_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Battleaxe

mst_axdv_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Handaxe

nw_waxbt003 Axe of Dead Illusk

n2_waxmhn001 Axe of the Broken Plains

nw_waxbt001 Battleaxe

nw_waxmbt002 Battleaxe +1

nw_waxmbt010 Battleaxe +2

nw_waxmbt011 Battleaxe +3

x0_waxmbt001 Battleaxe +4

x0_waxmbt002 Battleaxe +5

nw_waxmhn005 Blood Rust Axe

nw_waxmbt005 Clangeddin's Wayward Axe

mst_axbt_cld_3 Cold Iron Battleaxe

mst_axdv_cld_3 Cold Iron Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_cld_3 Cold Iron Handaxe

mst_axbt_drk_3 Darksteel Battleaxe

mst_axdv_drk_3 Darksteel Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_drk_3 Darksteel Handaxe

nw_waxmbt006 Deepstone Progeny

x2_wdwraxe001 Dwarven Waraxe

x2_wmdwraxe002 Dwarven Waraxe +1

x2_wmdwraxe003 Dwarven Waraxe +2

x2_wmdwraxe004 Dwarven Waraxe +3

x2_wmdwraxe005 Dwarven Waraxe +4

x2_wmdwraxe006 Dwarven Waraxe +5

nw_waxmhn003 Ember's Axe

nw_waxhn001 Handaxe

nw_waxmhn002 Handaxe +1

nw_waxmhn010 Handaxe +2

nw_waxmhn011 Handaxe +3

x0_waxmhn001 Handaxe +4

x0_waxmhn002 Handaxe +5

nw_waxmhn008 Ice Reaver +1

nw_waxmhn009 Ice Reaver +3

mst_axbt_mth_3 Mithral Battleaxe

mst_axhn_mth_3 Mithral Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_mth_3 Mithral Handaxe

nw_waxmbt004 Mordan's Withering Blade

nw_waxmhn006 Offhand Axe

nw_waxmbt008 Sentinel +1

nw_waxmbt009 Sentinel +2

nw_it_novel006 Silvermane's Axe

n2_waxmbt001 Terrance's Fell Axe

nw_waxmhn004 Woodcutter's Axe

---------------BASTARD SWORDS----------------------

mst_swbs_ada_3 Adamantine Bastard Sword

mst_swbs_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Bastard Sword

nw_wswbs001 Bastard Sword

nw_wswmbs002 Bastard Sword +1

nw_wswmbs009 Bastard Sword +2

nw_wswmbs010 Bastard Sword +3

x0_wswmbs001 Bastard Sword +4

x0_wswmbs002 Bastard Sword +5

nw_wswmbs004 Bloodletter

mst_swbs_cld_3 Cold Iron Bastard Sword

mst_swbs_drk_3 Darksteel Bastard Sword

nw_wswmbs007 Discord

nw_wswmbs006 Dragonslayer

nw_wswmbs005 Lawgiver

mst_swbs_mth_3 Mithral Bastard Sword

nw_wswmbs003 Nameless Light

---------------GREAT SWORDS-------------------------

mst_swgs_ada_3 Adamantine Greatsword

mst_swgs_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Greatsword

x1_wswmgs001 Blade of Chult

nw_wswmgs004 Blade of the Rashemi

mst_swgs_cld_3 Cold Iron Greatsword

mst_swgs_drk_3 Darksteel Greatsword

nw_wswmgs003 Gemsword

nw_wswgs001 Greatsword

nw_wswmgs002 Greatsword +1

nw_wswmgs011 Greatsword +2

nw_wswmgs012 Greatsword +3

x0_wswmgs001 Greatsword +4

x0_wswmgs002 Greatsword +5

nw_wswmgs009 Harbinger Kin +1

nw_wswmgs010 Harbinger Kin +3

mst_swgs_mth_3 Mithral Greatsword

nw_wswmgs005 Shining Light Of Lathander

nw_it_navel009 The Dagger of Chaos

n2_wswmgs001 The Golem's Blade

nw_wswmgs006 Vermin's Bane


mst_swdg_ada_3 Adamantine Dagger

mst_spka_ada_3 Adamantine Kama

mst_spku_ada_3 Adamantine Kukri

mst_spsc_ada_3 Adamantine Sickle

mst_swdg_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Dagger

mst_spka_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Kama

mst_spku_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Kukri

mst_spsc_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Sickle

nw_wspmsc004 Blacksoul Sickle

mst_swdg_cld_3 Cold Iron Dagger

mst_spka_cld_3 Cold Iron kama

mst_spku_cld_3 Cold Iron Kukri

mst_spsc_cld_3 Cold Iron Sickle

nw_wswmdg003 Courtesan Blade

nw_wspmku005 Cutting Star

nw_wswdg001 Dagger

nw_wswmdg002 Dagger +1

nw_wswmdg008 Dagger +2

nw_wswmdg009 Dagger +3

x0_wswmdg001 Dagger +4

x0_wswmdg002 Dagger +5

mst_swdg_drk_3 Darksteel Dagger

mst_spka_drk_3 Darksteel Kama

mst_spku_drk_3 Darksteel Kukri

mst_spsc_drk_3 Darksteel Sickle

nw_wspmka006 Empty Fields

n2_wspmka001 Eye of the Sun

nw_wspmsc008 Golden Sickle +1

nw_wspmsc009 Golden Sickle +2

nw_wspmka004 Hideo's Kama

nw_wswmdg004 Ice Talon

nw_wspmka007 Imaskari Kama

nw_wspka001 Kama

nw_wspmka002 Kama +1

nw_wspmka008 Kama +2

nw_wspmka009 Kama +3

x0_wspmka001 Kama +4

x0_wspmka002 Kama +5

nw_wspku001 Kukri

nw_wspmku002 Kukri +1

nw_wspmku008 Kukri +2

nw_wspmku009 Kukri +3

x0_wspmku001 Kukri +4

x0_wspmku002 Kukri +5

nw_wspmku001 Kukri of the Eclipse

nw_wspmku003 Ladymist Talon

nw_wswmdg005 Leech

nw_wspmku007 Messanger Blade

mst_swdg_mth_3 Mithal Dagger

mst_spka_mth_3 Mithral Kama

mst_spku_mth_3 Mithral Kukri

mst_spsc_mth_3 Mithral Sickle

nw_wspmku004 Neverwinter Kuki

nw_wspmka005 Peasant Dynasty

nw_wswmdg007 Pixie Lance

x2_sic_renewl Renewal

nw_wspmku006 Sharpshadow Blade

nw_wspsc001 Sickle

nw_wspmsc002 Sickle +1

nw_wspmsc010 Sickle +2

nw_wspmsc011 Sickle +3

x0_wspmsc001 Sickle +4

x0_wspmsc002 Sickle +5

nw_wspmsc005 Sickle Of Holy Mourning

x2_kuk_storm Stormwalker

nw_wswmdg006 Tagget's Talon

nw_wspmsc006 Teneraad's Sickle

n2_wswmdg001 The Finisher

x1_wswmdg001 The Nighttheif's Nimbleknife

nw_wspmka003 Thread of Life


mst_swls_ada_3 Adamantine Longsword

mst_swls_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Longsword

nw_wswmls005 Angurvadal(Flame Tongue)

nw_wswmls009 Astral Blade +1

nw_wswmls011 Astral Blade +2

nw_it_novel007 Blade of the Gladiator

nw_wswmls006 Blessing of the Daystar

nw_wswmls007 Cold Iron Blade

mst_swls_cld_3 Cold Iron Longsword

mst_swls_drk_3 Darksteel Longsword

n2_wswmls007 Holy Avenger

nw_wswls001 Longsword

nw_wswmls002 Longsword +1

nw_wswmls010 Longsword +2

nw_wswmls012 Longsword +3

x0_wswmls001 Longsword +4

x0_wswmls002 Longsword +5

mst_swls_mth_3 Mithral Longsword

nw_wswmls004 Soulrazor Minion

x1_wswmls002 The Singing Sword

n2_wswmls001 The Sly Blade


mst_swfl_ada_3 Adamantine Falchion

mst_swka_ada_3 Adamantine Katana

mst_swrp_ada_3 Adamantine Rapier

mst_swsc_ada_3 Adamantine Scimitar

mst_swfl_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Falchion

mst_swka_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Katana

mst_swrp_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Rapier

mst_swsc_ada_3 Alchemical Scimitar

n2_wswmfl006 Anhur's Favored Blade

nw_wswmrp004 Blade Rider Quill

nw_wswmka007 Blade of the Elements

nw_wswmrp006 Bleederkin

mst_swfl_cld_3 Cold Iron Falchion

mst_swka_cld_3 Cold Iron Katana

mst_swrp_cld_3 Cold Iron Rapier

mst_swsc_cld_3 Cold Iron Scimitar

mst_swfl_drk_3 Darksteel Falchion

mst_swka_drk_3 Darksteel Katana

mst_swrp_drk_3 Darksteel Rapier

mst_swsc_drk_3 Darksteel Scimitar

n2_wswmfl007 Decision

nw_wswmsc008 Desert Wind +1

nw_wswmsc009 Desert Wind +2

nw_wswmka004 Divine Fury

roll20s Enchanted Papyrus Blade(dev hack/god weapon)

n2_wswfl001 Falchion

n2_wswmfl001 Falchion +1

n2_wswmfl002 Falchion +2

n2_wswmfl003 Falchion +3

n2_wswmfl004 Falchion +4

n2_wswmfl005 Falchion +5

n2_wswmrp001 Fencer's Blade

n2_wswmfl008 Hierarch's Blade

nw_wswmka005 Kaga-To

nw_wswka001 Katana

nw_wswmka002 Katana +1

nw_wswmka010 Katana +2

nw_wswmka011 Katana +3

x0_wswmka001 Katana +4

x0_wswmka002 Katana +5

x2_it_cremumkat Katana of the Mummylord

nw_wswmsc006 Laughing Blade

nw_wswmka006 Master Li's Way

nw_wswmrp005 Mercykiller Blade

mst_swfl_mth_3 Mithral Falchion

mst_swka_mth_3 Mithral Katana

mst_swrp_mth_3 Mithral Rapier

mst_swsc_mth_3 Mithal Scimitar

nw_wswmrp008 Namarra(Neversleep) +1

nw_wswmrp009 Namarra(Neversleep) +2

nw_wswrp001 Rapier

nw_wswmrp002 Rapier +1

nw_wswmrp010 Rapier +2

nw_wswmrp011 Rapier +3

x0_wswmrp001 Rapier +4

x0_wswmrp002 Rapier +5

nw_wswmrp007 Rapier of the High Road

nw_wswsc001 Scimitar

nw_wswmsc002 Scimitar +1

nw_wswmsc010 Scimitar +2

nw_wswmsc011 Scimitar +3

x0_wswmsc001 Scimitar +4

x0_wswmsc002 Scimitar +5

nw_wswmsc005 Scimitar of Speed

nw_wswmsc004 Shimmering Blade

nw_wswmka008 Sword Saint Legacy +1

nw_wswmka009 Sword Saint Legacy +4

n2_wswmsc001 The Brute

mst_swsc_jerro The Forsaken Path

n2_wswmfl009 The Waking Dagon

nw_wswmsc007 Ula's Heart

----------------SHORT SWORDS----------------------------

mst_swss_ada_3 Adamantine Short Sword

mst_swss_slv_3 Alchemical SIlver SHort Sword

nw_wswmss005 Breath Of the Maiden

mst_swss_cld_3 Cold Iron Short Sword

mst_swss_drk_3 Darksteel Short Sword

nw_wswmss008 Feyduster +1

nw_wswmss010 Feyduster +2

nw_wswmss003 Ichthia's Neck-Knife

x2_it_crewmmuice Icy Blade

mst_swss_mth_3 Mithral Short Sword

nw_wswss001 Short Sword

nw_wswmss002 Short Sword +1

nw_wswmss009 Short Sword +2

nw_wswmss011 Short Sword +3

x0_wswmss001 Short Sword +4

x0_wswmss002 Short Sword +5

nw_wswmss003 Short Sword of Quickness

n2_wswmss001 The Biting Sword

n2_wswmss003 The Dark Companion

nw_wswmss006 The Lucky One

x1_wswmls001 The Nightthief's Claw

n2_wswmss002 The Wizard's Ally


nw_wblcl001 Club

nw_wblmcl002 Club +1

nw_wblmcl010 Club +2

nw_wblmcl011 Club +3

x0_wblmcl001 Club +4

x0_wblmcl002 Club +5

nw_wblmcl012 Club of Smiting

mst_blcl_dsk_3 Duskwood Club

nw_wblmcl008 Gladiator's Club +1

nw_wblmcl009 Gladiator's Club +4

x2_it_iwoodclub Ironwood Club

nw_wblmcl005 Tethir-wood Cudgel

nw_wblmcl006 The Angry Soul

nw_wblcl002 Training Club

nw_wblmcl003 Watchman's Club

nw_wblmcl004 Will of the Lost

mst_blcl_zal_3 Zalantar Club


mst_blfl_ada_3 Adamantine Flail

mst_blfl_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Flail

mst_blfl_cld_3 Cold Iron Flail

mst_blfl_drk_3 Darksteel Flail

nw_wblmfl007 Eberond's Flail

nw_wblmfl002 Flail +1

nw_wblmfl010 Flail +2

nw_wblmfl011 Flail +3

x0_wblmfl001 Flail +4

x0_wblmfl002 Flail +5

nw_wblmfl006 Flail of Destruction

n2_wblmfl001 Flurry's End

nw_wblmfl008 Foundation +1

nw_wblmfl009 Foundation +4

nw_wblmfl005 Heirs of Osiris

nw_wblfl001 Light Flail

mst_blfl_mth_3 Mithral Flail

nw_wblmfl004 Writ of the Vizier


mst_blhl_ada_3 Adamantine Light Hammer

mst_blhw_ada_3 Adamantine Warhammer

mst_blhl_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Light Hammer

mst_blhw_ada_3 Alchemical SIlver Warhammer

mst_blhl_cld_3 Cold Iron Light Hammer

mst_blhw_cld_3 Cold Iron Warhammer

nw_wblmhl004 Daraz Hammer

mst_blhl_drk_3 Darksteel Light Hammer

mst_blhw_drk_3 Darksteel Warhammer

nw_wblmhl006 Forge Fire

nw_wblmhl003 Hammer of Blasting

nw_wblmhw006 Hammer of Justice

n2_wblmhl001 Hammer of Light

nw_wblmhl005 Hammer of the Beast

n2_wblmhw001 Hammer of the Lost Empire

nw_wblmhw003 Hammer of the Wisp

nw_wblmhw004 Hammer of Thunderbolts

nw_wblmhw005 Lesser Rift Hammer

nw_wblhl001 Light Hammer

nw_wblmhl002 Light Hammer +1

nw_wblmhl010 Light Hammer +2

nw_wblmhl011 Light Hammer +3

x0_wblmhl001 Light Hammer +4

x0_wblmhl002 Light Hammer +5

mst_blhl_mth_3 Mithral Light Hammer

mst_blhw_mth_3 Mithral Warhammer

nw_c3_wblmhw005 Rift Hammer

nw_wblmhw009 Rune Hammer +1

nw_wblmhw010 Rune Hammer +2

nw_wblmhl008 Storm +1

nw_wblmhl009 Storm +2

nw_wblhw001 Warhammer

nw_wblmhw002 Warhammer +1

nw_wblmhw011 Warhammer +2

nw_wblmhw012 Warhammer +3

x0_wblmhw001 Warhammer +4

x0_wblmhw002 Warhammer +5


mst_blml_ada_3 Adamantine Mace

mst_bldm_ada_3 Adamantine Warmace

mst_blml_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Mace

mst_bldm_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Warmace

nw_wdbmma004 Ardulia's Fall

n2_wblmml002 Balafour's Gnashing Rod

nw_wblmml014 Champion's Fist

mst_blml_cld_3 Cold Iron Mace

mst_bldm_cld_3 Cold Iron Warmace

mst_blml_drk_3 Darksteel Mace

mst_bldm_drk_3 Darksteel Warmace

nw_wdbmma006 Ebon Warmace

nw_wblmml006 Fist of the Legion

nw_wdbmma008 Ironwood Warmace +1

nw_wdbmma009 Ironwood Warmace +3

nw_wblmml004 Kiss Of Sune

nw_wdbmma003 Krotan's Skullcrusher

x1_wblmml001 Lesser Mace of Disruption

n2_wblmml001 Loremaster's Mace

nw_wblml001 Mace

nw_wblmml002 Mace +1

nw_wblmml011 Mace +2

nw_wblmml012 Mace +3

x0_wblmml001 Mace +4

x0_wblmml002 Mace +5

nw_wblmml009 Mace of Disruption +2

nw_wblmml010 Mace Of Disruption +5

mst_blml_mth_3 Mithral Mace

mst_bldm_mth_3 Mithal Warmace

nw_wblmml007 Petty's Tempest

nw_wblmml005 Planar Mace

nw_wblmml008 Soldier's Might

nw_wdbmma005 Stoutcorps Key

nw_wdbma001 Warmace

nw_wdbmma002 Warmace +1

nw_wdbmma010 Warmace +2

nw_wdbmma011 Warmace +3

x0_wdbmma001 Warmace +4

x0_wdbmma002 Warmace +5


mst_blms_ada_3 Adamantine Morningstar

mst_blms_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Morningstar

nw_wblmms003 Bone Phoenix

nw_wblmms006 Circling Star

mst_blms_cld_3 Cold Iron Morningstar

mst_blms_drk_3 Darksteel Morningstar

nw_wblmms008 Drone +1

nw_wblmms009 Drone +2

mst_blms_mth_3 Mithral Morningstar

nw_wblms001 Morningstar

nw_wblmms002 Morningstar +1

nw_wblmms010 Morningstar +2

nw_wblmms011 Morningstar +3

x0_wblmms001 Morningstar +4

x0_wblmms002 Morningstar +5

nw_wblmms007 One of Many

nw_wblmms004 Sleepwalker Kin


nw_wdbmqs003 Aiedo Wither-stick

nw_wdbmqs006 Blackforest Staff

mst_dbqs_dsk_3 Duskwood Quarterstaff

x2_it_iwoodstaff Ironwood Quarterstaff

nw_wdbmqs004 Negastaff

nw_wdbqs001 Quarterstaff

nw_wdbmqs002 Quarterstaff +1

nw_wdbmqs008 Quarterstaff +2

nw_wdbmqs009 Quarterstaff +3

x0_wdbmqs001 Quarterstaff +4

x0_wdbmqs002 Quarterstaff +5

n2_wdbmqs001 Rememberance

nw_wdbmqs007 Staff of Ascension

nw_wdbmqs005 Staff of Curing

n2_wdbmqs002 Thornshield

mst_dbqs_zal_3 Zalantar Quarterstaff


nw_wmgmrd004 Rod of Beguiling

nw_wmgmrd006 Rod of Frost

nw_wmgmrd002 Rod of Resurrection

nw_wmgmrd005 Rod of Reversal

nw_wmgmrd003 Rod of Terror

nw_wmgrd002 Rod of the Ghost

x2_it_wmgrd001 Rod of THunder and Lightning


x2_it_rakstaff Rakshasa Staff

n2_wmgst001 Staff of Balpheron

nw_wmgst002 Staff of Command

nw_wmgst004 Staff of Defense

nw_wmgst005 Staff of Power

nw_wmgst006 Staff of the Holy

nw_wmgst003 Staff of the Magi

nw_it_novel008 Staff of Valmaxian

x2_wmgst001 Withering


nw_wmgwn011 Wand of Arcane Disjunction

nw_wmgwn003 Wand of Fear

nw_wmgwn002 Wand of Fire

nw_wmgwn014 Wand of Frost

nw_wmgwn013 Wand of Lesser Summoning

nw_wmgwn007 Wand of Lightning

nw_wmgwn004 Wand of Missles

nw_wmgwn005 Wand Of Paralyzation

nw_wmgwn012 Wand of Sleep

nw_wmgwn010 Wand of Stinking Cloud

nw_wmgwn008 Wand of Summoning

nw_wmgwn009 Wand of the Heavens


mst_plhb_ada_3 Adamantine Halberd

mst_plsc_ada_3 Adamantine Scythe

mst_plhb_slv_3 Alchemical Silver Halberd

mst_plsc_ada_3 Alchemical Silver Scythe

nw_wplmhb003 Arc Asunder

nw_wplmss005 Black Kumade

nw_wplmss007 Briarspike

mst_plhb_cld_3 Cold Iron Halberd

mst_plsc_cld_3 Cold Iron Scythe

n2_wplmhb001 Cruel Halbred

mst_plhb_drk_3 Darksteel Halberd

mst_plsc_drk_3 Darksteel Scythe

nw_wmplmsc004 Death's Handmaiden

nw_wplmhb006 Dragon's Breath

mst_plss_dsk_3 Duskwood Spear

nw_wplmss008 Fey Spear +1

nw_wplmss009 Fey SPear +3

nw_wplhb001 Halberd

nw_wplmhb002 Halberd +1

nw_wplmhb010 Halberd +2

nw_wplmhb011 Halberd +3

x0_wplmhb001 Halberd +4

x0_wplmhb002 Halberd +5

nw_wplmss004 Heartwood Spear

nw_wplmsc005 King's Scythe

mst_plhb_mth_3 Mithral Halberd

mst_plsc_mth_3 Mithral Scythe

nw_wplmsc003 Nathure's Scythe

nw_wplmhb008 Ravager +1

nw_wplmhb009 Ravager +4

nw_wplsc001 Scythe

nw_wplmsc002 Scythe +1

nw_wplmsc010 Scythe +2

nw_wplmsc011 Scythe +3

x0_wplmsc001 Scythe +4

x0_wplmsc002 Scythe +5

nw_wplmsc008 Sea Reaver +1

nw_wplmsc009 Sea Reaver +2

nw_wplss001 Spear

nw_wplmss002 Spear +1

nw_wplmss010 Spear +2

nw_wplmss011 Spear +3

x0_wplmss001 Spear +4

x0_wplmss002 Spear +5

nw_wplmss006 Spear of Withering

n2_wplmss001 The Captain's Spear

n2_wplmsc001 The Sowing Fields

x2_it_venomhb Venom Halberd

nw_wplmhb007 Water's Edge

nw_wplmsc006 Wicked Union

nw_wplmhb004 Will of Atar

mst_plss_zal_3 Zalantar Spear


nw_wbwmxh003 Crossbow of Accuracy

nw_wbwmxl003 Crossbow of Affliction

nw_wbwmxh004 Crossbow of Enchantment

nw_wbwmxl007 Crossbow of Murder

nw_wbwmxl004 Crossbow of the High Forest

nw_wbwmxl006 Crossbow of the Unicorn

mwr_bwxh_dsk_4 Duskwood Heavy Crossbow

mwr_bwxl_dsk_4 Duskwood Light Crossbow

nw_wbwmxh005 Feywarden Crossbow

nw_wbwmxh007 Glorious Revolution

nw_wbwmxh006 Graceblood Bow

nw_wbwxh001 Heavy Crossbow

nw_wbwmxh002 Heavy Crossbow +1

nw_wbwmxh008 Heavy Crossbow +2

nw_wbwmxh009 Heavy Crossbow +3

x0_wbwmxh001 Heavy Crossbow +4

x0_wbwmxh002 Heavy Crossbow +5

nw_wbwxl001 Light Crossbow

nw_wbwmxl002 Light Crossbow +1

nw_wbwmxl008 Light Crossbow +2

nw_wbwmxl009 Light Crossbow +3

x0_wbwmxl001 Light Crossbow +4

x0_wbwmxl002 Light Crossbow +5

n2_wbwmxh001 Nimble Crossbow

n2_wbwmxl001 Outrider's Flight

nw_wbwmsl005 Ruby Crossbow

mwr_bwxh_shd_3 Shederran Heavy Crossbow

mwr_bwxl_shd_3 Shederran Light Crossbow

mwr_bwxh_zal_3 Zalantar Heavy Crossbow

mwr_bwxl_zal_3 Zalantar Light Crossbow


nw_wbwmln010 Composite Longbow +1

nw_wbwmln011 Composite Longbow +2

nw_wbwmln012 Composite Longbow +3

x0_wbwmln003 Composite Longbow +4

x0_wbwmln004 Composite Longbow +5

mwr_bwln_dsk_4 Duskwood Longbow

nw_wbwmln004 Elven Court Bow

nw_wbwmln006 Longarm

nw_wbwln001 Longbow

nw_wbwmln002 Longbow +1

nw_wbwmln008 Longbow +2

nw_wbwmln009 Longbow +3

x0_wbwmln001 Longbow +4

x0_wbwmln002 Longbow +5

nw_wbwmln007 North Wind Bow

nw_wbwmln005 Ripper

mwr_bwln_shd_3 Shederran Longbow

nw_wbwmln003 Taralash

n2_wbwmln002 Tearsdale Bow

n2_wbwmln001 Uthgardt Heavy Bow

mwr_bwln_zar_3 Zalantar Longbow


n2_wbwmsh001 Bow of Flaming Wrath

nw_wbwmsh010 Composite Shortbow +1

nw_wbwmsh011 Composite SHortbow +2

nw_wbwmsh012 Composite Shortbow +3

x0_wbwmsh003 Composite Shortbow +4

x0_wbwmsh004 Composite Shortbow +5

mwr_bwsh_dsk_4 Duskwood Shortbow

nw_wbwmsh003 Eaglebow

nw_wbwmsh006 Lesser Oathbow

nw_wbwmsh007 Lilting Note

nw_wbwmsh004 Phantom Bow

mwr_bwsh_shd_3 Shederran Shortbow

nw_wbwsh001 Shortbow

nw_wbwmsh002 Shortbow +1

nw_wbwmsh008 Shortbow +2

nw_wbwmsh009 Shortbow +3

x0_wbwmsh001 Shortbow +4

x0_wbwmsh002 Shortbow +5

n2_wbwmsh002 Strongheart's Arm

nw_wbwmsh005 Tansheron's Bow

mwr_bwsh_zal_3 Zalantar Shortbow


nw_wbwmsl007 Charming Sling

nw_wbwsl001 Sling

nw_wbwmsl001 Sling +1

nw_wbwmsl009 Sling +2

nw_wbwmsl010 Sling +3

x0_wbwmsl001 Sling +4

x0_wbwmsl002 Sling +5

nw_wbwmsl004 Sling of Arvoreen

nw_wbwmsl006 Sling of Force

nw_wbwmsl003 Sling of Seeking

nw_wbwmsl005 Sunlight Sling

nw_wbwmsl008 Tempertuppin's Ever-Thrower


x2_it_acidbomb Acid Bomb

nw_wthmdt006 Acid Dart

x1_wmgrenade001 Acid Flask

x1_wmgrenade002 Alchemist's Fire

nw_wthmdt004 Asp's Nest

nw_wthmax004 Axe of the Coming Storm

nw_wthmax005 Black Raven Axe

x1_wmgrenade004 Choking Powder

nw_wthdt001 Dart

nw_wthmdt002 Dart +1

nw_wthmdt008 Dart +2

nw_wthmdt009 Dart +3

x0_wthmdt001 Dart +4

x0_wthmdt002 Dart +5

nw_wthmdt007 Dart of Accuracy

nw_wthmdt003 Dart of Stunning

nw_wthmsh004 Dragon's Tail

nw_wthmax007 Fire Axe

x2_it_firebomb Fire Bomb

nw_wthmsh007 Grains of Sand

n2_it_acid_3 Greater Acid Flask

n2_it_alch_3 Greater Alchemist's Fire

n2_it_chok_3 Greater Choking Powder

n2_it_holy_3 Greater Holy Water

n2_it_tang_3 Greater Tanglefoot Bag

n2_it_thun_3 Greater Thunderstone

x1_wmgrenade005 Holy Water

nw_wthmdt005 Ice Dart

n2_it_acid_2 Improved Acid Flask

n2_it_alch_2 Improved Alchemist's Fire

n2_it_chok_2 Improved Choking Powder

n2_it_holy_2 Improved Holy Water

n2_it_tang_2 Improved Tanglefoot Bag

n2_it_thun_2 Improved Thunderstone

nw_wthmsh006 Many Talons

n2_it_acid_4 Perfected Acid Flask

n2_it_alch_4 Perfected Alchemist's Fire

n2_it_chok_4 Perfected Choking Powder

n2_it_holy_4 Perfected Holy Water

n2_it_tang_4 Perfected Tanglefoot Bag

n2_it_thun_4 Perfected Thunderstone

nw_wthmax006 Rifthome Axe

nw_wthmsh005 Shining Light

nw_wthsh001 Shuriken

nw_wthmsh002 Shuriken +1

nw_wthmsh008 Shuriken +2

nw_wthmsh009 Shuriken +3

x0_wthmsh001 Shuriken +4

x0_wthmsh002 Shuriken +5

nw_wthmsh003 Stars of Ojy-do

x1_wmgrenade006 Tanglefoot Bag

nw_wthax001 Throwing Axe

nw_wthmax002 Throwing Axe +1

nw_wthmax008 Throwing Axe +2

nw_wthmax009 Throwing Axe +3

x0_wthmax001 Throwing Axe +4

x0_wthmax002 Throwing Axe +5

nw_wthmax003 Thunderbeast Axe

x1_wmgrenade007 Thunderstone

-------------UNIQUE WEAPONS-----------------------

n2_unw_bst3 Acandar

n2_unw_rap2 Alacrity

n2_unw_bax3 Alrec

n2_unw_lsw2 Arn Kerym

n2_unw_ssw2 Arvoreniad

n2_unw_sic3 Athame

n2_unw_gax3 Axe of the Surly Woodsman

n2_unw_kam2 Balance in All Things

n2_unw_gax2 Black Stag Axe

n2_unw_gsw1 Blindstriker

n2_unw_mor3 Bone Breaker

n2_unw_lbw2 Bow of the Black Archer

n2_unw_dma2 Bruiser

n2_unw_scy1 Caput Mortuum

n2_unw_gax1 Chuk

n2_unw_clb2 Churchman's Cudgel

n2_unw_dwa1 Clangeddin's Beard

n2_unw_lbw1 Coldheart

n2_unw_sic2 Crescent Moon

n2_unw_sci3 Dervish Sword

n2_unw_kuk2 Devil's Right Hand

n2_unw_kat2 Dragonsblood Katana

n2_unw_lbw3 Falling Star

n2_unw_kat3 Falling Thunder Storm

n2_unw_ssw1 Feybane

n2_unw_clb3 Gaharu

n2_unw_sli3 Giant Feller

n2_unw_ssw3 Gladius

n2_unw_bax2 Goblinsplitter

n2_unw_sic1 Golden Sickle

n2_unw_bst1 Grimstone Blade

n2_unw_sli1 Guumsh's Other Eye

n2_unw_spr3 Gungne

n2_unw_kuk3 Gutspiller

n2_unw_bst2 Hallowed Redeemer

n2_unw_lxb3 Hammer & Nails

n2_unw_whm2 Hammer of Marish

n2_unw_bax1 Ha'Ra'Kor

n2_unw_fal1 Headsman

n2_unw_hal3 Hedge Trimmer

n2_unw_kam3 Honor's Edge

n2_unw_sbw1 Horseman's Bow

n2_unw_spr1 Huntsman's Spear

n2_unw_hax1 Ice Axe

n2_unw_dma1 Iron helm, Iron Boot

n2_unw_dwa2 Kharash Dur

n2_unw_lfl1 Kossuth's Hand

n2_unw_lfl3 Lichbreaker

n2_unw_hax2 Little Death

n2_unw_hxb3 Locust Crossbow

n2_unw_hal2 Longcutter

n2_unw_hxb1 Longshot

n2_unw_qst2 Mage Shield

n2_unw_whm1 Might Makes Right

n2_unw_dwa3 Mithral Mirror

n2_unw_whm3 Mockery of Mail

n2_unw_qst1 Monk's Friend

n2_unw_lha2 Nagendra

n2_unw_rap1 Needles

n2_unw_clb1 Old Bones

n2_unw_qst3 Old Hickory

n2_unw_mac1 Orc Crusher

n2_unw_kam1 Peasant Blade

n2_unw_mac2 Pharaoh's Mace

n2_unw_dag1 Pins

n2_unw_hxb2 Plate-Piercer

n2_unw_kat1 Shishi-0

n2_unw_sci2 Silk and Iron

n2_unw_spr2 Spear of Death

n2_unw_mac3 St. Sollar's Mace

n2_unw_lfl2 Starbright

n2_unw_rap3 Stirge

n2_unw_fal2 Storm of the Steppes

n2_unw_sci1 Sun From the West

n2_unw_lxb1 Swift Flier

n2_unw_lsw1 Sword of Wrathraven

n2_unw_kuk1 Talon Blade

n2_unw_lha1 Tapper

n2_unw_gsw3 Tempest-Caller

n2_unw_fal3 The Bloody Hand

n2_unw_lsw3 The Dark Blade

n2_unw_sbw3 The Dove

n2_unw_mor1 The Good Day

n2_unw_dag2 The Left Hand

n2_unw_scy3 The Mower

n2_unw_dag3 The Slow Blade

n2_unw_mor2 The Sun's Rays

n2_unw_lha3 Thunderer

n2_unw_lxb2 True Crossbow

n2_unw_hax3 Vendetta

n2_unw_scy2 Verdant Crescent

n2_unw_gsw2 Vile Drinker

n2_unw_hal1 Waves Along the Shore

n2_unw_sli2 Whistling Sling

n2_unw_sbw2 White Dragon Bow

n2_unw_dma3 Wolfsbane

----------Developer Hack Weapons--------------

instodeath Instrument o'Death

n2_killerweapon The Destructificator

--------------PLOT ITEMS----------------------

silver_sword Silver sword of Gith

nwn2_it_ifist_belt Belt of Ironfist

nwn2_it_ifist_gaunt Guantlets of Ironfist

nwn2_it_ifist_hammer Hammer of Ironfist

n2_invis_boots Invisible Boots

n2_invis_gloves Invisible Gloves

nw_cloak Neverwinter Kingt's Cloak

nwn2_it_shard2 Silver shard: Acid and Electrical Resistance

nwn2_it_shard6 Silver Shard: combat bonus

nwn2_it_shard0 Silver Shard: core

nwn2_it_shard8 Silver Shard: Death magic Immunity

nwn2_it_shard7 Silver Shard: Fire and Cold Resistance

nwn2_it_shard1 Silver Shard: Health Bonus

nwn2_it_shard4 Silver Shard: mental bonus

nwn2_it_shard5 Silver Shard: Paralysis Immunity

nwn2_it_shard3 Silver Shard: Physical Bonus

nw_wswmls013 Tenser's Sword

nwn2_it_plot_truename True Name Scroll