{=---------------------------------------------------------------------------=} )=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- Barbarian FAQ -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=(

Creator: Will Cornelius

Initial Writing: May 24th - June 2nd

Version: 1.20

)=- Intro -=(

First off I'll let you know that I'm no "Dungeon Master" on D&D rules, or have
I ever played D&D. This is my FIRST FAQ so feel free to send me "Constructive
Criticism" on how to improve my FAQ. The main reason I wrote this is because
NwN (Neverwinter Nights) is the first real hardcore RPG I've gotten into. I
have played various Final Fantasy's and I've fooled around with some other
RPG's. I decided to do my FAQ on the Barbarian class because it's a beginner
class (for me it was) and also because no one else has made one.
)=- Table of Contents -=(

0.0 FAQ Related Notes
0.1 Legal Information
0.2 Version

1.0 FAQ

2.0 Barbarian 101
2.1 Strengths
2.2 Weaknesses

3.0 Barbarian Recipe
3.1 Race
3.11 Human
3.12 Elf
3.13 Dwarf
3.14 Halfling
3.15 Gnome
3.16 Half-Elf
3.17 Half-Orc
3.2 Stats
3.21 Strength
3.22 Dexterity
3.23 Constitution
3.24 Intelligence
3.25 Wisdom
3.26 Charisma
3.3 Skill Points
3.4 Feats
3.5 Multi-Clasing
3.51 Minor
3.52 Major
3.6 Which Is Right For Me?
3.61 Types Of Barbarian

4.0 Barbarian Items
4.1 Weapons
4.11 Greataxe
4.12 Greatsword
4.13 Scythe
4.14 Double Sword/Double Axe
4.2 Armor, Shields, Helmets, and Cloaks
4.21 Light Armor
4.22 Medium Armor
4.23 Heavy Armor
4.24 Shields
4.25 Helmets
4.26 Cloaks
4.3 Rings, Necklaces, and Boots
4.31 Rings
4.32 Necklaces
4.33 Boots

5.0 Final Thanks

6.0 Contacting Me

)=- 0.0 FAQ Related Notes -=(

Here's where I put all my boring stuff that needs to be said. Also I might put
something else here someday, like some notes on NwN patches or some such like
that. By the way, the current patch is patch V1.29, this is available at the
official NwN website.

)=- 0.1 Legal Information -=(

This guide is not to be posted on sites other than here at GameFAQs, please
contact me if this guide is posted anywhere else. Printing this guide is
perfectly legal as long as it is used by the one who printed the guide and
no other. Do not attempt to post this guide anywhere else on the internet
or any other source that is broadcasted to the public without specific
permission from myself. If you have any questions about this just e-mail me
at doubleu_[email protected]. Remember, plagiarism is illegal and can result

)=- 0.2 Version -=(

V.10 - 24/5/03 - Started the FAQ. Did Title, Intro, Legal Info and Version.

V.20 - 25/5/03 - Fixed up Table of Contents and finished Barbarian 101.

V.30 - 26/5/03 - Slight Changes. Now working on Barbarian Recipe.

V.40 - 27/5/03 - Plan to check things on NwN today. Finished Races and Stats.

V.50 - 28/5/03 - Finished Skill Points and Feats.

V.60 - 29/5/03 - Starting Weapons. Finished Greataxe and Greatsword.

V.70 - 30/5/03 - Managed to finish Weapons and Armor, Helmets, Cloaks.

V.80 - 31/5/03 - Submitted today. Planning on adding more soon.

V.90 - 1/6/03 - Adding more information. Also reformatting.

V1.0 - 2/6/03 - Planning on submitting today. Added Multi-Clasing.

V1.1 - 15/6/03 - Been SUPER BUSY. Hoping to update tonight. Not a full update.

V1.2 - 16/6/03 - Hope to get out a quick update todady.

)=- 1.0 FAQ -=(

Here I will answer any question you ask me. So email me any you have! I've
put up a few just to get things started.

Q: What's a barbarian?

A: Simply, a really, really, really, strong melee fighter. They have high hit
points, and semi-high dexterity. They usually use a two-handed weapon.

Q: What's the best race?

A: Well, since there is more than one opinion there is no "best race". But my
personal opinion is, the Half-Orc, gets the bonus strength, for a loss in some
crappy stats.

Q: What's a good build?

A: A good build for a barbarian, is anything focusing on strength. Then on
your choice of dexterity or Constitution, I usually do a balance of the two.

)=- 2.0 Barbarian 101 -=(

The basis of the Barbarian is, big, strong, and stupid. By big I mean high
hit points and heavy armor. Strong meaning big damage and good critical. Being
dumb, ugly and no charisma is being stupid. For me I focus on Strength over
all other stats, dexterity/ Constitution is second. Wisdom comes third and for
intelligence and charisma I couldn't give a rat's @$$ about it. But that's
just me, overall though high strength is a must for a Barbarian. Your next
choice is either going for high AC or dexterity. Constitution should be an
average concern but not number one. As for the rest you can disperse them at
your own will. I'd say keep it low for charisma, the only thing it's going to
do is persuade.

)=- 2.1 Strengths -=(

The Barbarian is obviously a melee fighter, and a good one at that. His
strength stats could make someone fall into a coma there so high. High hit
points are another goodie, boosting your longevity in a battle. A Barbarian's
best weapons are arguably between a greatsword and a greataxe. Both of
them doing high damage and good for foraging. Barbarian Rage is like a
tomahawk missile to a Barbarian, and when you get to level 15 it becomes
Greater Barbarian Rage. Boosting your strength, constitution, and will saves.
But this comes at a slight loss to your AC. Also Barbarians are a great class
to play as a beginner or a dumb@$$ of D&D (like me) because of their
easy-to-use motto.

)=- 2.2 Weaknesses -=(

Barbarians, being stupid and all (again, like me) can't use magic for their
life. This is probably their biggest flaw. Another is their chances of
winning a beauty contest, pretty low huh. Besides that is that there going to
have hell of a time successfully multi-classing with much more than just the
fighter class. Another thing is that you won't be able to specialize that
well with out multi-classing.

)=- 3.0 Barbarian Recipe -=(

Creating the "perfect" barbarian is one of the most important decisions in
your life, along with buying a house, getting married, etc. You will need to
weigh up all the things you want and need, type of weapon, strength or
dexterity, human or Half-Orc. Also you will have to decide if you are going
to multi-class at all, and if you do, what will you multi-class with? All
these factors can make a computer geek go crazy, or neglect their social
life. This is why I am here, to help the unfortunate souls who are caught in
the "Spiral of Never Ending Possibilities". So hop on a magical carpet and let
me show you how to create the "perfect" barbarian.

)=- 3.1 Race -=(

Race, one of the top decisions to be made for your barbarian. Should I go
with the over-powering Half-Orc, or should I take the high endurance Dwarf?
Or maybe a balanced out Human. Here I will break down each races benefits and
downfalls. Also No matter what race you choose you can still become a

(=- 3.11 Human -=)

One of the top races to play with. There overall balance is quite good. One of
the best things about them is their "Quick to Master" feat, which allows you
to gain one more feat during customizing. There other bonus is the extra
skill points per level. Also you won't be getting penalized for
multi-classing. If you want a balanced race this is it.

(=- 3.12 Elf -=)

A great race for over using dexterity. They get a decrease in Constitution
from there dexterity bonus. They also have some good special attributes, like,
plus two to saving throws against enchantment spells. Keen senses, Weapon
proficiency (Elf). A dilemma with the elf is there favored class, wizard,
you can avoid this but, it is a problem. Still a great choice for the
dexterity based barbarian.

(=- 3.13 Dwarf -=)

Another Great Race to use, there stats that are modified are possibly the
best their is. With the increase in Constitution, for a decrease in charisma,
this is defiantly a great deal. There favored class will be a bit of a
problem for you. But overall if you plan on going "straight" barbarian you'll
be sweet.

(=- 3.14 Halfling -=)

Not a great choice, low strength will land you in the dumpster. His high
dexterity is good, but not worth a loss in strength. Also his smallness will
find you trying to think of the dagger as a "great" dagger, with his access to
only medium weapons. The favored class is also a problem. Defiantly not a
great choice, but a challenging choice.

(=- 3.15 Gnome -=)

Like the Halfling, low strength, but a change is the bonus in Constitution.
Still defiantly not worth it, considering his favored class too. Also has
the same problem with the weapons that the Halfling has. Slightly better than
the Halfling, but still not a good one.

(=- 3.16 Half-Elf -=)

Not much experience with them, only slightly different than the Human.
Half-Elves give up the extra feat and skill points for some other nifty
things, immunity to sleep, plus two on saving throws against enchantments,
also they have plus one to their listen, search, and spot. They have the same
multi-classing ability the human has. A bit like an elf and a bit like a
human, probably why it's called "Half-Elf" (Durr).

(=- 3.17 Half-Orc -=)

Half-Orcs, arguably the best race to use for a barbarian. They get a bonus to
strength with minuses in the barbarians most useless stats, intelligence and
charisma. They also have the barbarian as the favored class, which will aid
you greatly if you plan on multi-classing. If you plan on just kicking @$$,
this is the super deluxe package.

)=- 3.2 Stats -=(

Stats, without these, your character would be as good as a fence post, but
probably worse. This is the most important thing when designing your
character, in my opinion. Since this is a game with many different people
playing it, there are many different builds for you character. I will write
up my personal builds here, and later, hopefully, people will e-mail me more.

(=- 3.21 Strength -=)

Most important, max this baby out. Strength is going to aid you in battle and
help you carry lots of items. I'd say putting this anywhere between, fourteen
and eighteen. For every two strength points over ten you will get a plus one
damage in battle. If you're a Half-Orc it should be no lower than sixteen. If
you go much lower than fourteen your going to get in trouble.

(=- 3.22 Dexterity -=)

Now comes a choice, should you go for high dexterity by losing a couple
stats from strength and Constitution, Or keep it regular? You will be choosing
between this and Constitution. It's really up to you on this. Go for anything
between twelve and fourteen, more if you going on the dexterity side.

(=- 3.23 Constitution -=)

Here's your other choice if you didn't choose dexterity. This will make sure
your characters still standing there after a few big hits. If you take
Constitution over dexterity your also going to be getting the Heavy Armor
Proficiency, or should. This will give you high hit points and high AC. This
was the choice I took on most of my characters, but once again, it's all up
to you. About the same for dexterity, if your going to try to keep them the
same, do something like, thirteen dexterity, fourteen Constitution.

(=- 3.24 Intelligence -=)

Not to useful for a barbarian. No need to cast spells or summon creatures,
when you can just kill the enemy with your greataxe/greatsword. Maybe keep it
above nine just to avoid your barbarian from being stupid, unless you like
him talk like this.

(=- 3.25 Wisdom -=)

Around your third most important stat. Not epically useful for much, but it
will give you high saving throws. I never understood wisdom much (probably
because I have none), if you're multi-classing with a class that needs it then
perhaps spend some extra points here. I usually have mine between ten and

(=- 3.26 Charisma -=)

Most useless stat. It should just be persuade as a skill point. I know, a
few, and I mean a few, classes use it a little bit. But on the whole it's
really only useful for persuading. If you really must, then get this up to,
nine or ten, but please make sure you want to.

)=- 3.3 Skill Points -=(

An important aspect of any character, barbarian or not, is skill points.
These will give you a lot of bonuses, like better discipline, which will make
it harder for enemies to knock you down, called shots, etc. There's also
parry, which will allow you to block opponents attacks easier and counter
attack. Taunt will keep those pesky mages from casting their flash spells.
There are lots of skill points, but for every class there are only a few,
like between three and six, different places to place these. You can of
course place these wherever but, it will cost you more skill points.
Barbarian's favored skills are, discipline, parry, heal, listen, lore, and
taunt. I'm not a particular expert on skill points, but I do know that you
need plenty of discipline, max it out at the start then add one every time.
Parry, I don't think many people use it, but I maybe wrong, it's not very good
so stay away from it. Heal, There's not much point in healing yourself when
you have high hit points. I find this skill quite useless, because you also
have to buy the healing kits to heal yourself. Probably best to keep this
skill at zero. Listen is a fairly good skill it will allow you to see that
dire spider in the next room, or that skeleton on the hill top. Give this
full stats at the begging, then when you fell it necessary give it a point or
two. Lore isn't going to be that useful, it does let you identify items, but
that's it. Either give this stat lots or none. Taunt is a good skill to have,
I'm told, and I never personally use it much. But used when someone's casting
a spell, can disrupt them and let you move in for the kill. I would say give
this full at first and then give it points when you think it needs them. Now
after all that you should have some skill points left. I'd say to spend these
on search, which will help you find traps, and spot, which will let you see
enemies that are hidden.

)=- 3.4 Feats -=(

Feats are a very important part of the "perfect" barbarian. Being a
barbarian, considering you don't multi-class, will only get you seven, eight
if you're a human, feats. This number, being limiting, can still let you max
out your barbarian on many things. Improved Critical is a good one when you
know what weapon you're going to finish the game with. Weapon Focus is also
good once you know what you want, it will give you bonus attack damage for
your weapon. Heavy Armor Proficiency is a good feat to have if you went
with the, Constitution based barbarian, it gives you the ability to wear heavy
armor (Durr), which, in my opinion is better than light or medium. Dodge and
Mobility are good ones too. Not only are they for the dexterity based
barbarian, but there good for both. Weapon Proficiency (Exotic) is
only good if you plan on using an exotic weapon the whole game. Because you
only have your limited feats. Toughness is a very good one if you choose it
in the beginning. Best used if your a human, because you will have that
extra feat in the begging. Probably best to stay away from any feats that
increase your two weapon fighting skills, simply because a barbarian should
not be using two weapons, they should be using large weapons like, greataxe,
greatsword, etc. Cleave is extremely good in the beginning, because you will
be facing hordes and hordes of low hit point creatures. That's about it for
feats. Try to get a good combination of offensive aiding ones and defensive
aiding ones.

)=- 3.5 Multi-Classing -=(

An important part of the barbarian. Weather or not to multi-class, and if so,
what with? Multi-classing is important to get some extra feats, special
abbilites, better fighting abilities, etc. Barbarian's will only be able to
multi-class with some classes due to their "Must Be Non-Lawful". So no Monk,
Paladin, and no Druid. Unless their part neutral, then they can be druid. Some
of the best classes to have a barbarian multi-class with are, anything that
gives you Heavy Armor Proficiency, or Cleave. Most of these, will have you
being a Half-Orc, otherwise you'll be going against the experience points
penalty. Multi-classing can be used in so many ways, so go at it, and e-mail
me any you wanting this FAQ.

(=- 3.51 Minor -=)

(16B/4F) - Sixteen barbarian, four fighter. You can add more levels to
fighter. The first couple fighter classes will give you some valuable feats.
Like Heavy Armor Proficiency, a few others to. Could also be a major
multi-class. I have tried this and it's a pretty good combo for getting those
extra feats. A downfall is not very many skill points.

(18B/2R) - Eighteen barbarian, two rogue. Haven't tried this before. Imagine
it will be quite good for getting the sneak attack and the truckloads of skill
points. Like I said before, not much experience with it, but I will get to it. If
anyone has tried this can they please e-mail me?

(=- 3.52 Major -=)

(11B/9D) - Eleven barbarian, nine druid. Complete theory here. I imagine the
casting abbilites of the druid, and the fighting qualities of the barbarian
would make an interesting combo. You would have animal companion and barbarian
rage. You would be able to cast some fairly good spells. If you do try this
you'll want to balance the stats out before starting. Dexterity should take
priority over Constitution, take a couple points off strength and slap them on
to dexterity. Wisdom is another must have if you plan on being part druid.
Take points off Constitution, and any others you don't really need, add them
to wisdom. You should now have a fairly well balanced barbarian/druid. When
doing your stats and skill points don't totally neglect one class or the
other, try to keep them even.

(11B/9F) - Eleven barbarian, nine fighter. An enhanced version of the minor
one. You'll get many, many feats if you take this. You'll also get the
fighters Heavy Armor Proficiency. You should still stay basically as strong,
maybe a bit weaker. The only main reason to take this is because of the extra
feats given.

(11B/9R) - Eleven barbarian, nine rogue. The sneak attack here would really
shake up some opponents. Also the immence ammount of skill points would be a
nice addition. Just a better version than the minor multi-class one.

)=- 3.6 Which Is Right For Me? -=(
The great question. Which one? How much? What kind? etc. Here I will actaully
"recomend" what _____ is for you, like what race, how much strength. What type
of feats, and so on. Feel free to e-mail me on any ideas you have.

(=- 3.61 Types Of Barbarian -=)

There are many types of barbarian you can make. A big strength based half-orc
brute, or a dual wieling human. From what you'v read (assuming you read all
the above info) you'll be fairly knowledgable of all the factors that make a
barbarian. From knowing this you will be able to make your own special type of
barbarian. I will be adding more soon, e-mail me any ones you want in here!

(Brute) - Preety much self explanatory, but in case your thick (like me) I
will explain it. Choose Half-Orc, give him eighteen ,or more, strength. Then
focus on constitution give it about fourteen to sixteen. Now spread the rest
of the stat points as you feel necesary. For skill points place them on
dicipline and lore, save money. Now as for feats you will need, power attack,
weapon focus, weapon specialization, improved critical, improved power attack,
and then you will want some that will give you a big advantage in battle.
Maybe either, cleave, knockdown, etc. You will probabally want to use a
greataxe or sword, perhaps even a scythe (make sure you read the part about
scythes). As for armor you want as much AC as you can get, be greedy. The rest
is really up to you.

(Dual Weilder) - Two weapons are better than one, right? Well they should be.
Go for Human, because you get the extra feat, and skill points. Strength is
not as important, but don't neglect it, maybe fourteen up to sixteen. For
dexterity you could put this real high and get Weapon Fineese, or stay around
fourteen. Best to use medium armor, so keep constitution regular to low. You
can spend the rest on where ever, perhaps wisdom? Now a big choice is weapons.
I personally find having one weapon with a 3X critical, and another weapon
with a 19-20 2X critical, a very good combo. Make sure you put the 3X critical
weapon in your primary hand, as to get more dammage on the big critical. For
armor get the best medium armor you can find, make sure it will let you use
your dexterity to the fullest. Again the rest is up to you, so expeirament.

)=- 4.0 Barbarian Items -=(

Through out the game your barbarian will no doubt, find various items. Weapons
armor, belts, rings, etc. This part of the FAQ will go threw, which weapon,
what kind of ring, how much AC in the armor, you get the idea. Note that some
items appear at random times and places. I'm still trying to figure this out
but be aware that you may get some very unique items through out the game,
keep them!

)=- 4.1 Weapons -=(

My favorite items to have, simply because, you can't wreak havoc with out it.
The barbarian, being a big melee fighter will want something big and deadly.
Perhaps a Greatsword? No, something with high critical. How about a Scythe?
Or do you want the Double Axe? This is where a lot of people get very confused
and end up picking the humble "dagger". Well, not to worry, we'll match you
with your ideal weapon. So let's play, Blind Dat ... I mean ... Blind Weapon.

(=- 4.11 Greataxe -=)

Ahh, the very great, greataxe (Yeah bad grammar, I know). The greataxe is
probably the most used barbarian weapon, if not this, then the greatsword.
With 1D12 damage, and 3x critical, it certainly is threatening. This is going
to be your only real choice in the begging, this or the greatsword. You will
eventually find a greataxe plus one, in chapter one. You will then want to go
get it upgraded, for an adamantine and five hundred gold, to a "Stone Fire
Greataxe" which has two additional fire damage, and a cool new look. Next
you'll be in chapter two. At the Green Griffon Inn you will be able to buy a
great axe plus two. Also another special one, but you have to be level
fourteen to use it, so don't bother with it yet. You also may well run across
some other special kind of greataxe, I didn't. Then in the begging of chapter
three there will be a forge and a place to get a greataxe plus three. If you
still have your "Stone Fire Greataxe" and an adamantine you can make it do
1D6 damage instead of plus two. The rest of the game will have you either
staying with the greataxe plus three or the "Stone Fire Greataxe" or if you
find another really sweet greataxe.

(=- 4.12 Greatsword -=)

The biggest of the swords, ironically it's called the, greatsword (Bad joke, I
know). The difference between this and the greataxe is, that the greatsword
does 2D6 damage and a 19-20 2x critical. The difference between this and the
greataxe is, the same difference which made me choose the greatsword over the
greataxe is. The greataxe does 1D12 which gives you an average of six and a
range of one to twelve. Now with the greatsword you do 2D6, this gives you an
average of seven and a range of two to twelve. So in case you got lost in my
math mumbo-jumbo. The greatsword will never do one and has a higher average
than the greataxe. Of course the critical can make you look the other way on
this, seeing as the greataxe has a 3x, which is very good. The greatsword is
found quite common everywhere you go. Whether you start with this or the
greataxe makes little difference now. Towards the end of the first chapter
you'll either want to use your adamantine on the greataxe or greatsword. If
you go for the greatsword the rest of the game will be the same as the
greataxe would be. You do happen, to get more special greatswords, I did,
like the "Blade of Rishmi", which has spell resistance.

(=- 4.13 Scythe -=)

Not much experience with the scythe, plan to do some though. The main thing is
the 4x critical. The 2D4 isn't great but the critical will keep you safe. The
upgrade at the forge is also really good, with 1D6 bonus sonic dammage, and
something else I don't remember. Like I said before I don't have much
knowledge with the scythe but I will try to get some.

- [email protected] added the following.

"I know, it only does 2d4 damage, but it has a x4 critical like you said. If
you get improved critical however, it becomes 19-20 x4. if you are a half-orc,
and get 20 strength, you will have a plus 5 modifier. if you then get weapon
focus, it will then add to your normal half orc +1 bonus to damage and you
will have 2d4 + 7. follow me so far? ok. then, you will (hopefully) have
learned the following feats: weapon proficiency (exotic) weapon focus
(scythe) power attack, improved critical (scythe), cleave, and improved power
attack. I know, it seems like a lot, but if you multiclass in fighter, no
problems. now, if you use improved power attack, it will be 2-8 + 17. this is
19 - 25. if you are a fighter and get weapon specialization, it will be
21 - 27. even at level 1, your attack bonus would go only down to -3. now,
finally, the payoff. With a 19-20x4 critical with the scythe, you will end
up doing 84 - 108 damage. two of those could take a whole dragon down easy."

(=- 4.14 Double Sword/Double Axe -=)

As far as I know these two weapons are the same, except for look, weight, and
critical. Dealing 1D8/1D8 damage, giving you two attacks a round, defiantly a
good weapon. I have some experience with these, but not lots. There initial
cost is more than usual, but will be paid back soon. They can both be upgraded
at the forge before the end of chapter one, fairly well upgraded to. They then
follow the same path that the greataxe and greatsword do. Going up each
chapter and some special ones along the way. A special double sword that I
found along the way "Blade of Corellon" was, extremely useful, with plus
three enchantment, along with heal plus two and spot plus two. It also would
have fetched a fair price at the merchant, near eight thousand.

)=- 4.2 Armor, Shields, Helmets, and Cloaks -=(

Obviously important, with out this your character would be in his undies, cold
and scared. Armor is essential for the barbarian, weather you go, heavy armor
or stay with medium armor. If you do go with heavy armor, you will of course
need the feat.

(=- 4.21 Light Armor -=)

Not a good choice for the barbarian, usually that is. If you want to go for
super dexterity, then by all means be my guess. I have absolutely no
experience with light armor, so don't ask!

(=- 4.22 Medium Armor -=)

Your starting armor proficiency, I usually use this for a good three quarters
of the first chapter. Normally I don't go beyond that with medium armor. What
I do know is that it's a good balance between dexterity and AC. I believe the
highest AC on medium armor is six? Not sure on this. The good thing about
medium armor, that heavy armor doesn't have is, it has a decent dexterity

(=- 4.23 Heavy Armor -=)

Here's what I'm talking about, the "good" stuff. Heavy Armor is going to keep
you safe and high on hit points. There are also a lot of special heavy armor
pieces I've come across, like "White Dragon Armor", "Mithral Splint Mail",
"Enkidu's Armor", etc. Heavy armor has got the "shiz" for AC, with things
getting up to AC 10 (For just armor), your going to be doing fine. A downside
to heavy armor is that barbarians need to use one of their limited feats to
get it, you can always multi-class though.

(=- 4.24 Shields -=)

Not usually associated with barbarians, they do indeed help the AC though.
Probably not such a good idea for a barbarian, unless you have a particularly
good medium weapon. There are some shields that add a lot of bonuses, but it
is possible to get a barbarian with a shield to be effective. Plan to do some
experimenting with this.

(=- 4.25 Helmets -=)

Buy your barbarian a helmet as soon as you can, since there only twenty five
gold. There are not that many helmets through out the game that are going to
help a barbarian. A good choice could be the "Mask of Persuasion" or "Greater
Mask of Persuasion", simply because you might of neglected your charisma. Or
you could get the "Thayvian Circlet". The lack of helmets is a bit of a
bummer, but can be ignored.

(=- 4.26 Cloaks -=)

Anything with a plus in AC or damage reducing is a good cloak. As with
helmets, there are not lots of cloaks. "Cloak of Protection vs. (good, evil,
chaos, law)" is fairly good. Your best bet though is probably any of the
"Cloak of Protection", giving you direct AC bonuses.

)=- 4.3 Rings, Necklaces, and Boots -=(

Some very good items here, "Ring of Elemental Resistance", "Amulet of the
Uthgardt". You're allowed two rings, one necklace, and a pair of boots.

(=- 4.31 Rings -=)

The great thing about rings is, if you have two really good rings, you don't
have to spend hours, and hours, deciding what ring you want. Because, you can
have two! In the begging you're not going to have a whole lot of choice,
mostly real crappy protection ones, or crimson/jade/cyan rings, they give off
a small light, a bit like a torch. A few of your henchman will give you
special rings, nothing great but there better than nothing. Once you get into,
about the second chapter you start getting some good rings. Some of these you
find, some you buy, and some you steal. By the third chapter you should have
what you want for the rest of the game. Barbarians won't find rings all that
great, there are a few of special interest, but none that increase strength.

(=- 4.32 Necklaces -=)

One of the barbarian's best accessories is a necklace. "Amulet of the
Uthgardt/Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe", given to you by your buddy/henchmen
Daelan Red Tiger. This gives you plus strength, immunity to fear, and spell
resistance. Besides that there's not much else for necklaces. You'll probably
want to wear the "Amulet of the Uthgardt/Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe" the
whole game.

(=- 4.33 Boots -=)

Probably one of the most wasted items, only because there's not very many
good items for it. There are a few though. "Boots of Striding" and "Boots of
Hardiness", are your only real good ones. Once your in the third chapter, its
"Gargoyle Boots" all the way

)=- 5.0 Final Thanks -=(

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