Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for XBOX 360
Battlemage Character Buildby nnepveu (nepveun | Google Mail)

The Battlemage is a power character. The goal is to be able to use destruction
spells to soften an enemy up, and then close (or when they get close), with a
one handed weapons. There is nothing subtle about this character, thus there
is no need to do any sneaking or archery and you should be well prepared to
wade into the thick of things. Because you will not be blocking, or using
bows, you will want to maximize defense.

Starting race should be a red guard. They get bonuses in single handed
weapons, destruction, which will be the key offensive skills you will use.

Key skill trees.

One handed weapons - because you will be casting spells with one hand, you
really don't have too many options. You could switch to a two-handed weapon if
you wanted to, but it is much more fluid to simply use magics in one hand and a
one handed weapon in the other.

Key PerksArms man x 5
Fighting Stance
Savage strike

Destruction - the sort of magic you should be concentrating on is damage
dealing magic, thus destruction. Now, because the Battlemage requires a wide
range of skill specializations, I recommend you choose one element and mostly
stick to it. Personally I chose fire. Lastly, I would put perks as far as
adept level (you will see why later).

Key Perks
Novice destruction
Apprentice destruction
Adept destruction
Augmented flames x2

Heavy Armor - heavy armor is the way to go. You will not need maneuverability
and will definitely need defense. Plus heavy armor looks really cool. When
you start Climbing the perk tree you will get seriously high armor ratings to
the point where physical attacks will not even scratch you.

Key perks
Juggernaut x5
Well fitted
Tower of strength
Matching set

Smithing - I personally believe no matter the class you are playing (except for
pure Mage), smithing is a skill tree you should always give some attention to.
It gives you access to extremely powerful equipment and allows you to upgrade
them to be even more powerful. Furthermore, it is simple to power level.
Whenever you visit a blacksmith, buy all of their stock of iron ingots and
leather straps and then make iron daggers at the forge.

Key Perks
Steel smithing
Dwarven smithing
Orcish smithing
Ebony smithing
Daedric smithing
Arcane blacksmith

Enchanting - enchanting is another skill set every class should put some
attention to. Particularly in the case of the Battlemage, being able to infuse
your items with powerful enchantments of your choosing really works to augment
your characters strengths. Enchanting can be power leveled. My method of
doing this was rather simple. Search out dwemer ruins and explore them and be
sure to use a soul trapping weapon. Dwemer ruins are good for 2 reasons, they
tend to have valuable items and be quite large, and secondly, they are filled
with soul gems. After a good exploration you should emerge with numerous
filled soul gems. After this, go to white run and buy all of the iron ingots
and leather straps from both merchants at war maidens. Next go to the forge
and make iron daggers. Next go to dragonsreach and use the enchanting table
and enchant daggers. Finally return to war maidens and sell all the daggers.
Doing this you should be able to power level smithing, enchanting and make a

Key perks
Enchanter x5
Insightful enchanter
Corpus enchanter
Extra effect
Fire enchanter

Final note on enchantment. Once you get the extra effect perk, I highly
recommend you make one of the enchantments on your helmet, armor, gloves, ring
and amulet fortify destruction and use grand souls. Fully leveled enchantment
skill with a grand souls allows you to reduce magicka cost of destruction by
25% for each item. 25% x 4 = 100%, meaning destruction spells will now cost no
magicka. This is why you do not need to climb the destruction skill tree too
high. Personally, I made the additional enchantment on the gloves, ring, and
amulet fortify single handed which adds 40% damage to single handed weapons
with each enchantment (total +120%, my daedric swords base damage with these
enchantments is 270). This means your weapons deal some serious serious
damage. I also think you are better off not using followers, you will notice
they get in your way a lot and you end up accidentally killing them frequently.

The perk choices I listed I believe will be the most effective choices. To
fill all of these requires 37 perks, (or 37 levels). Obviously there is some
flexibility in the type of weapons or elemental magic choices you want to make.
The only perks I believe are absolutely key are armsman, all th heavy armor
perks listed, all of the enchantment perks listed and all the smithing perks
listed. All in all, you will notice this character kicks a lot of ass, but has
difficulties against high level mages, thus you should carry various resistance
potions with you. As usual, carrying a supply of health potions doesn't hurt.

As far as MHS points go, follow this formula. 2 health, 2 magicka, 1 stamina
until level 20. After which I would do 2 health, 1 stamina for the rest since
you will not need a lot of magicka when you are casting spells for free.