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Game: Final Fantasy IX
FAQ: Blue Magic GuideAuthor: -Lacan-
Version: v.10
Last Updated: 3/21/03


II. Blue Magic listing
III. Help
IV. Author's notes



"What is Blue Magic?"

Blue Magic is a collection of magical spells that you can learn from an enemy
and use for yourself. Blue Magic has also showed up in other FF games as
well. Specifically FFV and FFVII under the name "Enemy Skill".

"Who can use Blue Magic?"

In Final Fantasy IX, only the character Quina can use Blue Magic. No one
else. Yeah, it's kind of disappointing.

"How do I learn Blue Magic?"

Final Fantasy IX deals with Blue magic differently than previous Final
Fantasy games. In the older games, you could simply learn a spell by having an enemy cast it against your party. However, in Final Fantasy IX, Quina must
use her command "Eat" to learn spells. Eat only works once you have brought
an enemy to within 1/8 of its max HP.

"What out Quina's trance?"

Once Quina undergoes trance, the ability "Cook" will take the place of
the "Eat" command. Cook works in the same was as Eat, except that Cook will
work on enemies once you bring them down to 1/4 of their max HP. This makes
learning skills from tougher enemies slightly easier.

"Now that I learned a spell, how can I use it?"

Once you learn a Blue Magic spell, it is automatically available under
the "Blue Magic" menu on Quina's character. You can use it right away. Keep
in mind that Blue Magic spells work like regular spells in that they cost MP
to use.

"Can I Eat every enemy in the game?"

No. Some enemies, specifically bosses, are not edible. If you attempt to eat
them anyways, Quina will say "Me no can eat!". Similarly, not every enemy has
it's own unique Blue Magic spell. Some enemies share spells with other
enemies. Meaning that you can try to eat a monster, only to discover that you
already have the spell it teaches you because you ate another enemy with the
same spell. If you do this, Quina will say that the monster tastes bad.


II. Blue Magic Listing

Name: 1000 Needles
MP: 8
Learn from: Cactuar
Description: Deals 1000 damage to the enemy

Name: Angel's Snack
MP: 4
Learn from: Ironite, Mistodon, Behmoth, Epitath
Description: Cast remedy on all party members

Name: Auto Life
MP: 14
Learn from: Cerberus, Yan, Gimme Cat, Stilva, Carrion Worm
Description: Automatically casts life when KO'd

Name: Bad Breath
MP: 16
Learn from: Malboro, Worm Hydra, Anemone
Description: Cast a variety of status effects on the enemy

Name: Doom
MP: 12
Learn from: Ash, Veteran
Description: Counts down from 10 then cast death

Name: Earth Shake
MP: 20
Learn from: Shell Dragon, Earth Guardian, Adamantoise
Description: Earth damage to all enemies

Name: Frog Drop
MP: 10
Learn from: Gigan Toad
Description: Deals damage dependant on number of frogs Quina has caught

Name: Frost
MP: 8
Learn from: Wraith, Kraken, Chimera
Description: Casts Freeze on enemy

Name: Goblin Punch
MP: 4
Learn from: Goblin, Goblin Mage
Description: Non-elemental damage to one enemy

Name: Limit Glove
MP: 10
Learn from: Manddragora, Jabberwock, Blazer Beatle, Axe Break, Muu
Description: Causes non-elemental damage to the target when HP is equal to 1

Name: Level 3 Def-less
MP: 12
Learn from: Carve Spider, Ochu, Grand Dragon, Lizard Man, Sand Scorpion, Lamia
Description: Reduces defense of enemies whose levels are multiples of 3

Name: Level 4 Holy
MP: 22
Learn from: Torama, Feather Circle
Description: Casts Holy on enemies whose levels are multiples of 4

Name: Level 5 Death
MP: 20
Learn from: Draco Zombie, Lich, Stropper, Whale Zombie
Description: Casts Death on enemies whose levels are multiples of 5

Name: Magic Hammer
MP 2
Learn from: Magic Vice, Ring Commander
Description: Steals enemies MP

Name: Matra Magic
MP: 8
Learn from: Zaghol, Trick Sparrow, Armstrong, Dragonfly, Ogre

Name: Mighty Guard
MP: 64
Learn from: Gargoyle, Gigan Octopus, Ant Lion, Serpion, Myconid
Description: Cast shell and protect on all party members

Name: Mustard Bomb
MP: 10
Learn from: Bomb, Grenade, Red Vepal
Description: Casts Heat on 1 enemy

Name: Night
MP: 14
Learn from: Grim Lock, Nymph, Seeker Bat, Abomination
Description: Casts sleep on everyone in the battle

Name: Pumpkin Head
MP: 12
Learn from: Bandersnatch, Python, Yeti, Basilisk, Skeleton, Hedgehog Pie,
Lady Bug
Description: Deals greater damage as your HP decreases

Name: Roulette
MP: 18
Learn from: Zombie, Ghost, Hectoeyes
Description: Randomly casts death on 1 character/enemy

Name: Twister
MP: 22
Learn from: Abadon, Tiamat, Red Dragon
Description: Wind damage to all enemies

Name: Vanish
MP: 8
Learn from: Hornet, Drakan, Troll, Vice
Description: Makes a party member invisible

Name: White Wind
MP: 14
Learn from: Garuda, Griffon, Zuu, Zemzelett
Description: Restores HP of all party members


III. Help

Didn't find what you were looking for? Can't eat a creature for some reason?
If you need help with anything written above, or if you notice a mistake,
please feel free to email me at [email protected].


IV. Author's Notes

There you have it folks. My Blue Magic Guide is finished. Thanks to IAPN for
hosting this FAQ and of course thanks to Squaresoft for making this excellent
game. To tell the truth, I never really used Quina too much. I really didn't
like him/her. Though her level 5 death is useful against Grand Dragons.

If you wish to use this FAQ, please email me. Do not use this FAQ without my