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A.Character Creation


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Playing Stupid in Fallout 2 means having an Intelligence lower than 4.
So,what's the difference? First,the dialogue options are very limited,
people won't give you many quests. Second, you can recruit only a few NPCs:
Sulik, Vic, Goris, K-9, Dogmeat (but don't bother with the last two).
Third, you can't obtain some locations, like Toxic Caves or Sierra Army Depot.

Surely, you can chew Mentats to raise INT by 2 and enable the normal dialogue
options but this must be done only when absolutely necessary (you really want
more NPCs, or the car, or Bonus Rate of Fire Perk).That being said you'll level very slowly and with few Skill Points and as you
can't talk away various dangers the battles can be very difficult.

So what can be done? The answer is to farm encounters around every city
in World Map until you're happy with your level.

Note that the game will be easier/harder if you want to steal alot or not (save

So why should you want to play Stupid? Well,it's a different game, less talk
and more fight. But ,in the first place, the dialogues are very hilarious.

Finally, please note that SPOILERS abound. Anyway, obviously, I don't recommend
this guide for first time players.


A.Character Creation

Primary Stats (SPECIAL):

-Strength -6- to be able to use the Gauss Rifle from New California Republic.

-Perception -8- you need at least 6 for the Better Criticals Perk.

-Endurance -4- it's enough for the Hit Points

-Charisma -4- will do for Sulik and Vic. Chew one Mentat to take Goris if you
have Mason's mirrored glasses.

-Intelligence -3- to get at least a few skill points when levelling

-Agility -10- a must like in any game. Means 2 targeted shots in the eyes
per turn with the Magnum revolver or with almost any gun after Bonus Rate
of Fire.

-Luck -6- required for the Better Criticals Perk.


You can't take the widely known Gifted, as the loss of 5 Skill Points per
level is too much at 3 Intelligence. And you don't need so many Primary Skill
points. So it will be:

-Small Frame, for the extra Agility point.

-Sex Appeal, LOL, really it's not any other good Trait to take.

Secondary Skills:

-Small Guns, you'll use this from the beginning to the end.

-Doctor, to cure those crippled limbs.

-Energy Weapons (replaces the "must have" Speech), to save that Tag! Perk at
Level 12.


-Level 3- Awareness, duh

-Level 6- Bonus Move, will come in handy to close for aiming the eyes better

-Level 9- Better Criticals, duh

-Level 12- Action Boy

-Level 15- Bonus Rate of Fire. You need to eat 2 Mentats to get this.

-Level 18- Action boy, again

-Level 21- another Bonus Move

-Level 24- Sniper,widely known as the best Perk in the game (along with Slayer).


1.Temple of Trials

KIll the Giant Ants and Scorpions by landing 1-2 punches then retreating.
You can also fight Cameran,the last trial,this way while remaining unharmed.


You can kill the plants in Hakunin's garden.


Get Sulik.The very first one when you talk to him, choose always the second
line in conversation and eventually you'll get him (assuming that you have
350$ in your inventory).

Give him the Spiked Knuckles stealed from a Dunton brother and buy two Leather
Armors for you and Sulik at Buckner House. You must do with Vic's Piped Rifle
for now.

Resolve the rat problem.Be sure to grab the 10mm Pistol in the lowest part of
the rat cave.

Guard the brahmin. Offer to help Torr the FIRST time when you speak with him.

4.The Den

As you can't barter with Flick, kill him and take his stuff.Now you have the
Magnum pistol which rocks! Two aimed shots per turn,baby! You'll be using
this until middle game.

Kill Joey, take the locket and put Anna to rest.

Then take 2 Psycho (Tubby has for sale) and kill Lara's band and the men
guarding the church.

Medzger will be a tougher bone but if you stay at Mam's Diner window you can
pick with a Hunting Rifle one by one.Then grab Vic then return to Rebecca to
get 1000$. Sweet!

You can give a Hunting Rifle to Vic (another Magnum revolver will do best but
ammo is scarce at the moment) and make a trip to Klamath to buy him a Leather


As Flick is dead, you need to travel to Vault City to Happy Harry's shop for
ammo for you and Vic.You can grab 3 Metal Armors also there.Then, return to

Guard the brahmin.

You can get a free omlet from Rose each time you talk to her, which fully
restores your hit points .

You can clear Farrel's garden.

You can deliver Slags' message to Jo.

6.Vault City

Now, that you have enough Magnum ammo, give Vic a Magnum pistol to be able to
shot twice per turn.

Repair the Autodoc.

Return Mr. Nixon doll to Curtis.

Use Doctor on the radiated man then give him a Rad Away.

To enter the Inner City you can:
-talk to Skeev at the Customs Office and you'll end up like servant (but you
can go anytime)
-speak with Wallace wearing only the Vault Suit to get a Day Pass
-steal the Day Pass from Wallace

You can go in the Vault by beeing a servant (once) or by talking with Barkus at
the Servant Allocation Center.
Pop a Buffout and open the stucked doors at level 2 for ammo and a Metal Armor.
Repair the air vent.
Open the central computer at level 3 and get the Travel Log.
Go to the leftmost room at the lowermost computer and use Science on it for
some experience points.

Be careful that you can be banned from Inner City by many important NPCs.
It's a good idea to choose the option "Shamble off " in conversations.
It's possible to barter with the 2 Amenities still.
Also you can get your first Mentat by stealing off Lynette.


You can't do anything except trade with the merchant Percy.

8.Broken Hills

Beware when you trade with Liz she will take tenth of your money as "service
charge".To avoid this, simply hit Barter in the dialogue screen.

Also Doc Hollyday will take you 100$ each time when you talk to him,even
if you only barter.

You can break Manson and Frank outta prison (without been asked to).

You can recover Typhon's treasure.

You can relocate the plant.

Take Professor's tests and don't forget to steal his Mentats :)

Chew 2 Buffouts (you can steal a ton from Eric, the ghoul who needs more
elecrical power) and beat Francis at arm wrestling. You'll get a Power Fist,a
good weapon for Sulik, but there are no ammo around for the moment.This weapon
has Penetrate which means it'll ignore the Damage Treshold af any armor.

You should be at least Level 10 by now, so wander around the map until you get
the Bridgekeeper's Robe, which is like a Combat Armor. Neat!


On the road to Redding, around New Reno, there are Yakuza encounters which can
be farmed. You can get Wakizashi Blades, which also have Penetrate. Give one to

Around Redding you'll run into Prospectors. They can be killed, with a loss of
some Karma to obtain a Pancor Jackhammer, very good when you will have Bonus
Rate of Fire (in Redding I hope).

Nothing to do in the city except to clear the mine from those pesky Wanamingos
for some serious experience.


Nothing much to say here except that take a Psycho and be ready to kick some

11.New Reno

Wander around the city in the World Map until you get the "Mobsters fighting a
Gang" encounters. A gang member has the 223 Pistol,which also has Penetrate.
It's a good idea to give one to Sulik and one keep to yourself.

In the city pay a visit to New Reno Arms and buy 2 Metal Armors Mark ll for
Sulik and Vic. Seems to be a good idea to go to basement also and get the
Electronic Lockpick and the Small Energy Cells. Sulik can now use the Power
Fist. Whee!

Become a Prizefighter. Chew 2 Buffouts after the first match and use the Plate
Boxing Gloves if you want.Go for aimed blows to the head.

You can sleep with either Ms Bishop or Mrs Bishop, but then you'll have to
fight all the Bishop family.

Talk to a Wright child and witness the transaction in the desert. Then, you can
kill them all.Take care not to murder any children.

KIll the Mordinos and the Salvatores.

12.New California Republic

Pay a visit to Buster and buy some Gauss ammo and some Micro Fusion Cells.

Eat a Buffout then talk to Mira (Strength 7 required), she'll give you a quest
to kill officer Jack ,the one who want to blow himself.

Before entering the city change the Weapon Proficiency at party NPCs to
something they don't have in stock. This way they'll put away their weapons.

You can kill Hoss, at Dusty's Cantina.

You can take the Zeta Scan.

Talk to Tandi and accept the Vault 15 quest.

Kill Seriff Dumont and Deputy Karl with SuperStimpacks and take their Gauss
Rifles. Keep one for yourself and give Vic the other.

Eliberate the sclaves (without been asked to).

Guard Westin's brahmin.

13.Vault 15

Recover Rebecca's daughter, Chrissy.

KIll Darion and the Khans.

Find the location of Vault 13 from the leftmost computer at Level 3.

Return to Tandi at NCR and give her the computer parts. Also expose the spy
with the Holodisk.

14.Vault 13

Install the Voce Recognition Module at the computer on Level 3, also grab the
G.E.C.K, the Navcom Parts and the Combat Armor.

Take a Mentat and recruit Goris.

15.Military Base

Waste all the muties here. Don't forget the Power Armor, the Plasma Rifle (it's
a good weapon for yourself) and the Gauss Pistol.

16.San Francisco

Buy 2 Power Armors for Sulik and Vic. Go to the tanker and buy a Mega Power
Fist for Sulik.

Clear the hold below the ship.

Kill all the Hubologists then talk to the Shi to collect some experience points

-After Navarro-

Deliver Vertibird plans to Brotherhood and they'll have the tanker ready to go.
Also access their base,take the Pulse Rifle and increase your primary stats.

Then, take a Mentat, ditch your NPCs and sail to the Enclave.


Chew a Mentat and say your party NPCs to stay put.

Kill Chris and infiltrate the base. Grab the Advanced Power Armor.

Free or kill Xarn, the Deathclaw.

Murder the Commander with Super Stimpacks and retrieve the Tanker FOB (not
really necessary but wields some experience points).

Take the Vertibird plans.

Repair K-9, the cybernetic dog.

Take a Mentat again and rejoin with party NPCs.

18.The Enclave

Pass through the maze and grab the Advanced Power Armor MK ll (and the G.E.C.K.
if you don't have it with you ).

The Maze is like this:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9


Take this approach: 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 8, 9.

Use a tool on the loose fires to cut the electricity on the floor.

Plant a dynamite next to consoles in the Reactor Room and destroy it.Be sure
that isn't any scientist next to the explosive.

Now the final:

Pop a Psycho and attack Sergeant Granite and his squad.Frank Horrigan will come
to their help and you will battle afar from those pesky turrets.Take Granite
team first then move to Horrigan. Shoot him in the right arm to switch to his
knife,then in both legs,then in the eyes until he drops.

Then pass the turrets and reach the exit.

Congratulations! You've just beaten the game!


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Black Isle and Interplay for such a great game.


"The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" by Per Jorner


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