Endungen FAQ

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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (BG2 Expansion, PC)
Endings FAQ

June 29, 2001
Version 1.0

Written by: Dan Simpson
Email: [email protected]

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I also have an FAQ/Walkthrough, Item List FAQ & a Class FAQ all of which you
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This is a list of the "epilogue" texts that tell of what happens to yourcompanions after the Throne of Bhaal ends. As such, it is rife with spoilers,
and if that bothers you, don't read any further. This is mostly intended for
the curious who have already beaten the game, to see what they missed.

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This Document is Copyright 2000-2001 by Dan Simpson
Baldur's Gate II is Copyright 2000 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay
BG2: Throne of Bhaal is Copyright 2001 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay

I am not affiliated with Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay or anyone who had
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In case you didn't read it earlier, there be SPOILERS ahead, matey.

Table of Contents:

Good "Godly" Ending
Evil "Godly" Ending
Non-"Godly" Ending
Aerie Romantic
Jaheira Romantic
Viconia Romantic

Final Words...

Good "Godly" Ending:

Your mortal essence fades away as you embrace your divinity.

Through friends and enemies, you have conquered your heritage, turning shadow
to light, and now the infernal power of Bhaal no longer holds sway

You will take your place among the powers, as a force of balance and good.

It is the close of many things, but a new destiny stretches endlessly before

There are greater evils to fight than you might have dared imagine and sights
among the planes that you had never thought possible.

In the years to come, your name shall be a beacon in times of darkness.

Tales of your life shall inspire and guide, while servants of darkness will
flee your wrath.

It is a legacy that will forever change the face of the Realms.

Evil "Godly" Ending:

Your mortal essence crumbles as you embrace your fate, and take the legacy of
Bhaal as your own.

You welcome the divine power, and feel your dark influence flow over all that
you know.

The Abyss welcomes you, and you know you can shape it to your darkest

All your enemies have been crushed, but there will be more to come.

You are one of many in the crowded planes, but you are certain to destroy any

You have stolen the destiny of a god, and none shall stand in your way.

In time, all will know your terrible name.

Your tyranny shall be renowned, your strength and guile legendary.

You are the Bhaal-spawn, Lord of Murder, and the mark you have carved upon
the Realms shall never fade.

Non-"Godly" Ending:

Your divine essence slowly fades, and for a moment you feel empty,

It is frightening, but soon yields to a new sensation, one of hope.

With your closest companions at your side, you are free to live out your
mortal life, no longer a pawn of Bhaal's Prophecy.

The adventure draws to a close, but there will be more to come.

Even as a mortal you are to be looked upon in awe, and your power commands
attention, both friendly and otherwise.

Your life is yours, as are the trials to come.

As years pass, tales of your exploits shall spread far and wide, and bards
will sing your name along with heroes and villains of legend.

Your life may be mortal, your time now finite, but the mark you have left
upon the Realms will endure.


Aerie continued adventuring after leaving