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Treasure Manipulation Using the RNG

Copyright FF12GrandMaster 28th Aug 2009

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[1] The RNG Method
[2] The 5 Hit Combo
[3] The RNG Method Updated
[3.1] The First Pointer
[3.2] The Second Pointer
[3.3] The Third Pointer
[3.4] The Fourth Pointer
[3.5] Other Possibilities
[3.6] An added Bonus
[4] Things You Can and Can't Do
[5] Appendix A - The Immobilise Glitch
[6] Appendix B - The Zodiac Spear
[7] Credits
[8] Legal Stuff



The purpose of this guide is to show you how to get Rare Items from treasure
chests, including the Zodiac Spear from the Henne Mines. As you already know,
you need to equip the Diamond Armlet in order to be able to obtain a Rare Item
from a chest. The chances of you being able to do this go from slim to utterly
horrendous. If you take the chest that contains a Ribbon in Crossfield, Cerobi
Steppe, you will see that it has a 50% chance to spawn. It is a further 30%
chance that you get an item in place of gil and a 10% chance of it being the
Rare Item i.e. a Ribbon in this case. Now 50% x 30% x 10% = 1.5% which is the
odds that you get a Ribbon from that chest when you enter the area and that
equates to about one chance in 67. Not good. But there are worse! Let's look at
the worst in the game, the Zodiac Spear chest in the Henne Mines. It has a 10%
chance to spawn, a 10% chance of having an item and a 10% chance that it is the
Rare Item, the Zodiac Spear. The maths here is 10% x 10% x 10% = 0.1% and that
is one chance in a THOUSAND!! In other words, a very rare bird. But all is not
lost. I have found a way that enables you to retrieve the Rare Item from chests
100% of the time. The Zodiac Spear goes from being one chance in a thousand to
just one chance in ten. If the chest spawns you get the spear and you can use
this method on any other chest too. To be enlightened, read on!

The RNG Method

After the release of my first guide this method of obtaining rare items from a
chest soon became known as 'The RNG Method' because of how the Random Number
Generator (RNG) is manipulated to get the items. The RNG is not really random,
it is what they call Pseudo-Random. It is a pre-determined list of numbers that
have already been generated by a different computer and then stored in the PS2.
There is actually a bit more to it than that but it'll do to give you an idea
of what is going on. After you turn the PS2 on the RNG is set at the start and
then each time the game wants to use random numbers from this list it will take
them in order. It is this method of selection that I have exploited.

In my first guide I gave a list of the patterns that appear at the start of the
RNG and a way to recognise them. By hitting yourself whilst unarmed, doing zero
damage, you will get combination hits at various stages. By noting when these
combos occurred you could determine what pattern of numbers were being used by
the PS2. Eventually, after around 80 hits you would get a 5 hit combo if you
were in the right pattern and if you opened the chest with the Diamond Armlet
equipped immediately after getting the 5 hit combo you would get the Rare Item.
If you were in the wrong pattern you could change patterns by casting cure and
a list of these pattern corrections were in my first guide. I am not going to
reproduce those patterns here because with the new information I have those old
patterns are now redundant but if anyone wants to know what they are then they
should check my first guide. Also, anyone who doesn't know about the RNG method
should also read through my first guide if they don't understand what I am say-
ing as I don't intend to go over too much old ground in this updated guide. The
full details of the first guide can be found here:


Having completed the first guide I continued experimenting because there were
some patterns that didn't have a successful conclusion and I wanted to make it
a 100% guaranteed method to get rare items from chests. Well, I have done it. I
can get a rare item every time I use the RNG method with one tiny exception but
that only applies to FFXII IZJS where chests can be spawned by moving just one
zone instead of three. Sometimes you have to zone a lot of times to get the
really rare chests to appear and the RNG can move along a fair bit. This leads
to confusing patterns, some of which I don't yet have a solution to so I can't
guarantee the Rare Item 100% of the time. However, in FFXII I can get the rare
item every attempt and I am going to explain how it is done.

The 5 Hit Combo

First, the significance of the 5 hit combo. Getting any 5 hit combo doesn't
mean that if you open a chest each time you get one that you'll get a rare item
from it. It just happens that the random number that follows the one that gives
a 5 hit combo around the 80 hit mark is one that will give a rare item. It is
just at that point that the 5 hit combo is significant. Therefore the intention
is to get that 5 hit combo every time and then open the chest to get the Rare
Item. This is difficult because there is more than one pattern or list of num-
bers that the game can choose and the game will shift from one pattern to anot-
her as certain actions are taken. What we need to do is identify the pattern we
are in, shift it if necessary to the correct pattern to produce the 5 hit combo
and then keep it there. After many hours of studying and testing I'm pleased to
say that I have achieved this goal so let's get on with the explanation of how
to do it. The following information will supersede my original guide though it
doesn't make the whole of the first guide redundant as there is information in
it which is very handy to know.

The RNG Method Updated

I suppose I could go on at length about this and pad it out with useless infor-
mation like a lot of people do with their guide but I know you would rather get
to the meat of the matter so I'll get straight on with it. You can do this at
any point in the game though it's best if you have a character that does not do
any damage when they hit themself. Zero damage isn't a necessity but you are
going to have to hit yourself something like 80 times before you get the 5 hit
combo that points to the rare item. Even doing very low damage it won't take
very long for your HP to get eaten away, especially early on in the game. Not
having the Brawler licence activated is a great help but if yours is activated
it's not drastic as there is a solution. So, character at the ready, into the
details we go.

First of all you need to remove any weapon from your character and if you've
not got Brawler then unequip any shield too. You need a good armour which will
prevent you from doing any damage to yourself. A helm isn't needed though there
is nothing to stop you wearing one. Now what to do if you do have the Brawler
licence activated.

Equip yourself with any shield. By having something in your hand the Brawler
licence is negated and your damage output will be vastly reduced. Now you need
to equip yourself with a Cameo Belt so that you won't block any attacks. If you
don't have one they can be bought from the Leapin' Bangaa in Balfonheim Port,
from the Stranded SeeQ in Old Archades (after you have the Treaty Blade) or it
is a Rare Drop from Archaeoaevis in Zertinan Caverns. Now save your game and
turn the PS2 off. You need to do this each time you set off for a chest because
you want the RNG to be right at the beginning and it will only go back to the
start if you remove all power to the machine. A soft reset will NOT work.

Now make your way to whichever chest you are looking to get the Rare Item from.
If there are any foes in the way the simplest way of all to deal with them is
using the Nihopalaoa and Phoenix Down as this will not affect the RNG at all.
The Nihopalaoa is available after you have completed 10 hunts and achieved the
rank of Headhunter. The cost is 30,00 gil. Expensive but well worth the money.
If you don't have a Nihopalaoa or the foe has the safety augment then use the
Immobilise Glitch. For those that don't know the Immobilise Glitch see Appendix
A. If you still can't clear the enemies then go back to Rogue Tomato because
you're not ready.

Now you're at the chest and ready to start hitting yourself. So what are you
looking for? Well, there are four pointers which will lead you to the 5 hit
combo which is what you want to see before you open the chest to get the rare
item. Here are the four Pointers and the action you need to take to achieve the
5 hit combo.


1st Pointer

A 2 hit combo which appears from 17-28 hits.

Action to take

Cast Cure x 1. This will lead to the 4 hit and then 5 hit combo or it will
lead to one of the other three pointers.


2nd Pointer

A 3 hit combo which appears from 30-36 hits

Action to take

Cast Cure x 4. This will lead to one of two possibilities which are:

1) Your action will be followed shortly by a 4 hit combo which will be followed
by a 5 hit combo 28 hits later.

2) Your action will be followed fairly quickly by a 2 hit combo after which you
must cast Cure x 2. This will again be followed by another 2 hit combo after
which you must cast Cure x 1. The 5 hit combo will follow shortly after that.


3rd Pointer

A 2 hit combo which appears from 40-64 hits

Action to take

Cast Cure x 5. This will be followed by a 5 hit combo, usually after another 19
hits though if your 2 hitter came in 40-45 hits or so then it is highly likely
you will get the 4 hit combo first which will be followed 28 hits later by a 5
hit combo.


4th Pointer

A 3 hit combo which appears from 50-64 hits

Action to take

Cast Cure x 3. This will be followed by a 5 hit combo.


Other Possibilities

There are 3 other possibilities that may happen but you won't have to take any
action when they occur. I call them "No brainers."

1) A 3 hit combo after 23 hits followed by a 4 hit combo 29 hits later followed
by a 5 hit combo 28 hits after that.

2) A 4 hit combo around 56 hits followed by a 5 hit combo 28 hits later.

3) A 5 hit combo after 82-86 hits

Apart from the 4 pointers and the 3 no brainers you can ignore any other combo.
Here is an example of what happened to me. I got a 2 hit combo after 21 hits
and cast Cure x 1 (1st Pointer). On the 24th hit (just 3 hits later) I got a 3
hit combo. Now this didn't fall into any of the 4 Pointers category but it was
close to the 3 hit combo expected after 23 hits so I ignored it, knowing that
another pointer would appear but also I had a slight chance that it could go
onto the 4 hitter and then the 5 hitter 28 hits later. What actually happened
is that I got a 3 hit combo after 61 hits, the 4th Pointer. I cast Cure x 3 and
the 5 hit combo duly followed shortly after.

By using this method you can get the Rare Item from any chest in the game with
a few exceptions. Places like Lowtown and Balfonheim Port are not included be-
cause the chests are within the town, a no combat area. All other chests will
give up the Rare Item.

Believe me the above information really is all you need to know to get any rare
item from any chest. No long lists of combos needed and certainly no long lists
of damage done. This updated method is 100% accurate to the best of my know-
ledge, meaning I have never failed to get the 5 hit combo in all the testing I
have done with this newer method. Just watch the combos and wait for one to
fall into one of the four Pointer categories and when it does, just take the
action that is described in the relevant section and you WILL get the 5 hit

Once you have the item you want you should then go to the save crystal, save
your game and, if you want to try again for more rare items, turn the PS2 OFF
and then back on again and reboot the game. You MUST power the PS2 down or you
will not reset the RNG back to the start. If it's not reset then you will start
getting random numbers from further down the list and will miss out on the 5
hit combo. But just before you reset......take a look at the next section and
you'll find something of real interest to you....a nice added bonus.


An Added Bonus

Now comes something really special about this method of obtaining Rare Items. I
promised you the item 100% and if you did as the guide says you will have got
your 5 hit combo which guarantees you the Rare Item if you open the chest there
and then. But how would you like 2 more Rare Items? This is what you should do
to get them.

After opening the chest you should immediately cast cure on yourself. Now find
another chest in the same area, one that has the item percentage 40% or better.
If it's less than 40% all you'll get from that chest is 2,099 gil. Ok, so you
have found another chest that has an item percentage at 40% or better. Now open
the chest. YAY!! Another Rare Item. But wait.....there is more. Go find another
chest, this time any is ok and go and stand by it. Now you need 2 characters in
the party. This is important. Now cast Thundara on yourself. As soon as you
have done that put the second character away and just have a solo character in
the party. Now cast Thundara on yourself again. Then do it once more. Now open
the chest. YAY!! A third Rare Item. If you have any trouble following this part
just use the link below and watch a vid that shows you exactly how to do it.



Things You Can and Can't Do

There are some things that you can do that won't affect the RNG but there are
also others which will affect it. Here are the main dos and don'ts with regard
to the RNG.

The following WILL affect the RNG:

Taking Damage
Dealing Damage
Using Magicks
Inflicting Status Effects using the Nihopalaoa
Setting off a trap
Crossing a zone line
Opening a chest
Soft Reset (I tested this out when getting Gendarme in IZJS)

The following will NOT affect the RNG:

Using Nihopalaoa and Phoenix Down
Healing with Potions
Collecting Loot
Curing status effects with an item
Touching a Save Crystal
Saving your game (again I tested this out when getting Gendarme in IZJS)
Pausing the game
Switching characters
Changing equipment


Appendix A

The Immobilise Glitch

Have a single character cast immobilise on themself and then bring in your main
character. Use your main character and head off towards the chest you want to
open. Once the immobilised character disappears off your minimap you can use
the glitch. When you come across an enemy switch leader to the immobilised cha-
racter and then switch back immediately. This will make all enemies in range
disappear though they will reappear when you move back into that same area.


Appendix B

The Zodiac Spear

As you probably all know by now I spent a vast amount of time on this so that I
could find a solution to getting the Zodiac Spear from the Henne Mines. At the
time of writing this Guide there have been 15,000 views of my vid on YouTube
and I have had people emailing me to ask if they could translate my guide into
another language which I have agreed to. So far no one has come to me complain-
ing that they can't get the Zodiac Spear because my patterns are wrong. However
people have struggled to spawn the chest at the start of the RNG. This is due
to different PS2 models spawning the chest differently from each other. I have
tried my best to find out as much information as I can to help those who are
struggling and I have published details concerning the different models and
what to do to get the chest to spawn more often. As I find out more details I
update the thread. You can find out more by viewing the first post in this



To me, FF12GrandMaster, for all the hours of hard work I put into testing these
RNG patterns.

To Pprincess from FFTogether.com for inspiring me to research this project and
supporting me whilst I came up with the solutions.

To Okland199 whose post gave me the 5 hit combo details.

To Flak76e for drawing our attention to Okland199's 5 hit combo details. Also
credit given to Flak76e for telling me about getting no damage from a character
with the Brawler Licence and not changing the RNG Patterns if using a Shield
and Cameo Belt.

To Bmxer31000 for his pattern contributions and for pointing out to me that
casting Cure/Curaga shifts the RNG to the next pattern.

Legal Stuff

Whilst the info that is in this guide is freely available to the general public
who wish to seek it out, the form that it is in here - i.e. THIS GUIDE - has
been put together by me, FF12GrandMaster from FFTogether.com and the copyright
to this particular guide lies solely with me.

This guide must not be reproduced in any form (with the exception of being
printed off for PERSONAL use only) without first obtaining permission from me,
FF12GrandMaster - All requests for permission to [email protected]
If permission is granted it will be on the condition that the whole document is
left unaltered and in the original plain text format and credit for the guide
is given to me. I reserve the right to revoke this permission and ask for the
guide to be removed should I find it to be altered in any way or credit taken
for my work.

Final Fantasy XII and all related media are the property of Square Enix. All
trademarks and copyrights are acknowledged.