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Dragon Quest VIII: Metal Slime Thread
Version 1.0November 28, 2005
By: cyberninja49 (https://blogs.ign.com/cyberninja49/)
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Table of Contents
1) Introduction to Metal Slimes
2) FAQ's
3) Metal Slimes FAQ
4) Liquid Metal Slimes FAQ
5) King Metal Slimes FAQ
6) Techniques and Skills
7) Legal Stuff

0.1 July 07, 2006
1.0 July 08, 2006 *updated titles*

| 1) Introduction to Metal Slimes |

In Dragon Quest VIII Metal Slimes are known as the most annoying characters
as they run
away quite often not leaving any time for real fight and this can become
quite troublesome
I hope to end that with this FAQ.

There are three types of Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest:
- Metal Slime (Common)
- Liquid Metal Slime (Un-common)
- King Metal Slime (Rare)Each The Rarer The slime is the more likely it is to run. Also because most
attacks do around
2 Damage to a Metal Slime this adds to the difficulty of defeating them but
there are ways around a Metal Slimes defense.

| 2) FAQ's |

Q: Where Is Howlwind Hill?
A: It is in the Autumn Region (by Rydon's Tower) on the highrise behind the
Church (Godbird needed)

Q: Where Is the Uncharted Island
A: It is in the Bottom,Left Corner of the map south from Neos. West from

Q: What weapons work best against Metal Slimes ?
A: Basicaly Any thing with the work Metal in it (ie: Liquid Metal Sword,
Metal Wing Boomerang,
Metal King Spear)

Q: Where do I get the Liquid Metal Sword ?
A: Alchemy Pot Recipe: Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown

Q: Where Do I get the Metal Wing Boomerang?
A: Alchemy Pot Recipe: Razor Wing Boomerang + Metal King Spear

Q: Where do I get the Metal King Spear
A: On the pathway to the Dragovian Trials (End of Game)

Q: What is the Gob bird?
A: It is an Item that enables you to fly gained later on in the game

| 3) Metal Slimes |
EXP: 1350
Cash/Drops: $5, Seed of Defense, Seed of Agility

- Northern Island From Farebury (Day/Night)
- Howlwind Hill (Uprise in Autumn Region) (Day/Night) (Godbird needed)
- Trodain Castle (Day/Night)
- West of Royal Hunting Ground (Day/Night)

- HERO: (Metal Slash, Sword)
- YANGUS: (Normal attack, w/e)
- ANGELO: (Metal Slash, Sword)
- JESSICA: (Accelerate, Double Dragon Whip, Whip)

* Have Hero and Angelo Attack For 2 Damage each Yangus for 1 and have Jess
speed everyone up.

| 4) Liquid Metal Slimes |
EXP: 10050
Cash/Drops: $18, Seed of Agility, Elevating Shoes

- Uncharted Island (Night) (west from Empycchu. bottom, left of map)
- South Empycchu Highrise (Night) (Godbird needed)
- Dark Ruins Highrise (Night) (Godbird needed)
- Howlwind Hill (Day/Night) (Godbird needed)
- Desert Highrise (Night) (Godbird needed)

- HERO: (Lightning Thrust, Spear)
- YANGUS: (Executioner, Axe)
- ANGELO: (Metal Slash, Sword)
- JESSICA: (Accelerate, Spell. Double Dragon Whip, Whip)

* Normal and 2 damage attacks don't really work here so go in and try for
criticals with Hero
and Yangus it is a 50/50 chance of instant death and keep everyone speed up
with Jess.

| 5) King Metal Slimes |
EXP: 30010
Cash/Drops: $240, Slime Crown, Orichalcum

- Dragon Graveyard (Day/Night)
- Howlwind Hill (Day/Night) (Godbird needed)
- Tryan Gully (Day)
- Black Citadel (Day/Night) (Godbird needed)
- Heavenly Dias (Day/Night) (End of game)

- HERO: (Lightning Thrust, Spear)
- YANGUS: (Executioner, Axe)
- ANGELO: (Metal Slash, Sword)
- JESSICA: (Accelerate, Spell. Double Dragon Whip, Whip)
- MISC: Any Monster with "Desperate Attack" Ability

* Again normal and 2 damage attacks don't really work here so go for
criticals with Hero and Yangus, 50/50 chance and keep everyone speed up
with Jess. Also monsters may be able to help if desperate attack is used
Instant Death as well

| 6) Techniques and Skills |

- Metal Slash: (Sword skill, 30 skill points, MP cost=0)
- Lightning Thrust (Spear Skill, 59 skill points, MP cost=3)

- Executioner: (Axe Skill, 66 skill points, MP cost=3)

- Metal Slash (Sword Skill, 22 skill points, MP cost=0)

- Accelerate (Staff Skill, 3 skill points, Mp cost=3)
- Double Dragon Whip (Whip Skill, 23 skill points, MP cost=3)

| 7) Legal Stuff |

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