Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Nebenquests und Unterereignissen

***********************************************************************Tales of Symphonia
Side-Quest and Sub-Event Guide
Author: bumpygrimes
Additional Contributors to this Guide: Shadow Dino, Fullgore EXE,
Email Address: [email protected]
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: RallyMonkey66
FAQ History:
Version 1: First version of this guide.
Version 1.2: Fixed a few grammatical errors here and there, changed
some misinformation, added info that needed to be addressed. (Thanks to
all GameFAQs users who gave me info to add the my guide.)

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Mini-Games
2.1 EB
2.2 Colette the Waitress
2.3 Scavenger Hunt
2.4 Red Light!
2.5 Desert Uncle Scramble
3. Sub-Events and Side-Quests
3.1 Name the Dogs
3.2 Kratos the Swordsman
3.3 Copy Cats
3.4 The Restoration of Luin
3.5 Mature Presea
3.6 Old Ozette Neighbors
3.7 The Pink Pearl Ring
3.8 Clara is Healed!
3.9 Yuan's Fianc¿e
3.10 Raine and Genis' Mother
3.11 Raine's Sickness
3.12 Princess Hilda Has Been Kidnapped!
3.13 Missing Child
3.14 Trouble at the Hot Springs
3.15 The Truth about Noishe
3.16 Genis the Mana Master
3.17 Sheena's Friend Returns
3.18 Regal's Dynast
3.19 Presea's Gaia Cleaver
4. Costume-Changing Sub-Events and Side-Quests
4.1 The Mask of Zelos
4.2 Presea the Dream Traveler
4.3 Dance Party
4.4 Colette the Maid
4.5 Katz Katz Katz
4.6 The Awakening of Mizuho
4.7 Bathing Suits!
4.8 Raine the Maiden
4.9 Arggh, Me Hearties
4.10 God of the Kitchen
5. Sub-Bosses
5.1 The Elite from the Underworld
5.2 Abyssion and the Devil's Arms
5.3 Maxwell, Lord of Summon Spirits
6. Credits/Legal Stuff

1. Introduction
There are quite a few side-quests, sub-events, sub-bosses, and
mini-games in Tales of Symphonia. I separated these extra goodies into
five different sections for easy navigation. Locate the side-quest you
want, then Ctrl + F the number next to it. (For example, if you want
information on "Kratos the Swordsman," press Ctrl + F on your keyboard
at the same time, type in 3.2, and click "Find Next.")

2. Mini-Games

2.1 EB

Available: As soon as you reach Izoold (Genis must be in the party).
Prize(s): Apple Gels, Life Bottles, Lemon Gels

Description: Talk to the Katz in the port area of Izoold to play this
game. It is a very simple mini-game. The Katz will show you four
emotions, one for each D-Pad direction. These emotions include a
musical note, a question mark, a light bulb, a sweat drop, and an angry
blob of smoke… uh… thing. Additionally, the L and R buttons are used
for jumps of joy (L) and sobs (R). Make sure you write down the correct
controls for the correct emotions, as they vary each time you play. You
can play EB in four different difficulties: Easy (10 rounds), Normal
(20 rounds), Hard (30 rounds), and Non-Stop EB (Unlimited rounds until
you lose). If you get a 10/10 on the Easy difficulty, you are awarded
with five Apple Gels. If you get a 20/20 on the Normal difficulty, you
win five Life Bottles. And if you become the ultimate champion by
getting a perfect score on Hard, you win five Lemon Gels, which heal
60% of your HP. Joy! As for Non-Stop EB, that's for your own personal
record. You aren't awarded anything for playing this difficulty, only

2.2 Colette the Waitress

Available: As soon as you reach Palmacosta, until Palmacosta is
destroyed (Colette must be in the party).
Prize(s): 0-500 Gald, Palma Potion, Colette's "Turbo Waitress" Title

Description: To start this mini-game, go to the Palmacosta Academy
cafeteria (right-most door on the first floor) and talk to guy behind
the counter. He tells you that he needs a waitress to assist in making
food and distributing it to the correct customers. This is an extremely
annoying mini-game. The customers will come piling into the cafeteria
and yelling out what kind of food they want and the amount of food they
want. The best advice is to QUICKLY write down the descriptions of the
customers and what they want to chow down on. I say "quickly" because
their orders will only be on screen for about five seconds, and then
they will randomly sit down at one of the two tables in the cafeteria.
The first round of ordering will have two customers, the second has
three, and the third and final round has four. After serving all of the
greedy students, the chef will come out and give you your reward: 0-500
Gald depending on how well you got the customers' orders right. If you
haven't repaid the group of imposters with a Palma Potion early in the
game yet, then the chef will give you a Palma Potion as well. If you
play this mini-game and do well, Colette will get the title of "Turbo

2.3 Scavenger Hunt

Available: After defeating Kilia, until Palmacosta is destroyed.
Prize(s): None

Description: This is a worthless, yet fun mini-game. After you fight
and defeat Kilia in the dungeons of the Palmacosta government building,
talk to the soldier facing the river in the southern section of the
area with the government building, church, and academy. He'll ask if
you want to play a game called "Orienteering." If you say yes, he'll
get things ready for you, and then come back with a clue. The clue is a
hint as to what the location of the next clue is. Sound familiar? For
completing this game, you do not win anything. I don't know why, but
you don't. It's just a fun game to play when you're bored. Because you
know how much time you have to spare when you're trying to save two
worlds. -_-

2.4 Red Light!

Available: Whenever the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge isn't "up" (Genis must
be in the party.)
Prize(s): Genis' "Strategist" Title, One World

Description: To start this mini-game, speak with the blue Katz on the
Grand Tethe'alla Bridge. This game isn't as innocent and childish as it
sounds. In fact, your competitors in this game are ruthless. They show
no mercy. It's a typical game of "Red Light, Green Light." While the
Katz is turned around, press A repeatedly to move forward. To move to
the left, hold the L button while pressing A repeatedly. Do the same
thing with the R button to move to the right. As soon as the Katz turns
around and says, and I quote, "Red Light!" you must stop pressing A. If
the Katz notices any movement out of you or any of your rivals, that
person or persons must go back to the start. If any two people touch,
the one who is farther from the goal must go back to the start. The
first person to reach the goal wins. If you win round one, you will
move to round two. Round two is harder, as there are more evil children
competing against you. Beat round two to move to the climax: round
three. This time, even MORE demonic youngsters will try to frustrate
you by purposely running into you. Beat round three to obtain the
"Strategist" title for Genis. If you beat all three rounds of Red Light
Green Light after opening the door to the final boss (using the Vinheim
Key and watching a scene), you will win the One World; Genis' most
powerful weapon in the game. (Unless you're one of *those* who consider
the Devil's Arms weapons the best in the game.)

HINT: Whenever the Katz turns around, press start to pause. Even if you
were moving while the Katz was facing the contestants, you won't be
forced to go back. Additionally, it's helpful to STAY AROUND THE EDGES
at all times. That way the possessed children of doom can't maliciously
bump into you as easily.

2.5 Desert Uncle Scramble

Available: After beating the Remote Island Human Ranch.
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Midlife Crisis" Title, 1980 Gald

Description: This is probably the most random mini-game ever. I don't
know what Namco was thinking when they put it in their game.
Nonetheless, it is still fun to play. To play it, talk to the middle-
aged man (you'll be seeing a lot of these) near the inn in Triet. The
game goes like this: a handful of middle-aged men will walk down Triet.
One will say, "I'm number 1!" another will say "I'm number 2!" etc.
After each man has told you his number, they will all get in a line
(NOT in order, their placement in the line is completely random). Talk
to Number 1 first, Number 2 second, and whatnot. The only piece of
advice I have for this game is to write down what kind of hair each
person has. For example, if the Number 1 guy has an afro, write down
"Afro - 1." If the number two guy has a mohawk, write down "Mohawk -
2." If you talk to a man in the wrong order, he'll get angry at you and
the game ends. If you are patient enough to correctly classify 100 men,
Lloyd receives the "Midlife Crisis" Title. If you have WAY too much
time on your hands, you can complete the game completely and win a
measly 1,980 Gald.

3. Sub-Events and Side-Quests

3.1 Name the Dogs

Available: Any time Colette is in your party. (She MUST have her
Prize(s): Colette's "Dog Lover" Title

Description: This is a simple, yet LONG side-quest that spans
throughout the whole game. Whenever you see a dog, change Colette to
the viewable character and talk to the little beast. Colette will say
something along the lines of, "How cuuuuute!!! OMG this dog's name is…
uh… how about Bob?" thus permanently naming the dog. Once naming ALL
thirty dogs, Colette is rewarded with her "Dog Lover" title. Here's a
list of the dog's locations:

-Iselia (1)
-House of Salvation near Triet (1)
-Triet (1)
-Izoold (1)
-Palmacosta (2)*
-Thoda Geyser House of Salvation (1)
-Thoda Geyser (1)
-Asgard (2)
-House of Salvation near Asgard and Luin (1)
-Hima (2)
-Meltokio (2)
-Sybak (2)
-Mizuho (1)
-Ozette (2)*
-Flanoir (2)
-Altamira during the Day (1)
-Altamira, Casino/Theater Area (1)
-Exire (2)
-Heimdall (2)
-Fully-Restored Luin (1)

*Make sure to name these dogs before their respective town is

3.2 Kratos the Swordsman

Available: As soon as you reach Palmacosta, until you go to the Tower
of Salvation.
Prize(s): None

Description: At four points near the beginning of the game while Kratos
is in the party, you can trigger scenes where Kratos trains Lloyd's
swordsmanship skills. You aren't rewarded with anything for doing these
events. Seeing these events does, however, make Kratos' opinion for
Lloyd much better. The four events MUST go in order and can be missed
if you don't activate them at the correct time. Here are the locations
where the events are triggered in the correct order:

-In Palmacosta, talk to the soldier outside the government building.
(The one to the right of the door.)
-After defeating the fake Summon Spirit on the altar in Asgard, you'll
wake up in the expensive Asgard hotel. Go to Linar's house to get Raine
back in your party. Then return to the same hotel you just stayed in
and pay 600 Gald to spend the night again. That night, Kratos will
offer another training session.
-After sneaking into the Asgard Human Ranch undercover and being saved
by Sheena, talk to the guy near the destroyed Weapon Shop. Kratos will
appear out of nowhere and say he wants to train again.
-When all the characters are standing in different points of Hima
before you go on the dragon trip to the Tower of Salvation, talk to
Kratos twice. This should activate the fourth and final event.

3.3 Copy Cats

Available: After blowing up the Asgard Human Ranch.
Prize(s): None

Description: Remember those stupid imposters from Palmacosta? Well,
they're back. There are four areas you can see them after Palmacosta.
These events must be seen in order. The first three will not happen on
Disc 2.

-After destroying the Asgard Human Ranch, go back to the altar where
you fought the fake wind Summon Spirit. The imposters will be there
trying to steal money from the people of Asgard! The real party shows
up and gets kicks those losers out of Asgard.
-Next, you'll catch them leaving the Balacruf Mausoleum, already with
stolen money from the two tourists and the dog in front of the ruins.
Those greedy mullets!
-After the tenth large payment to restore Luin back to its former
state, the imposters will be causing trouble once again in front of the
item shop.
-Fourth and finally, the copy cats are back in Asgard after you clear
the Iselia Human Ranch. The citizens of Asgard have the shortest.
Memories. Ever.

3.4 The Restoration of Luin

Available: After Raine heals Pietro's sickness.
Prize(s): Lloyd, Sheena, and Raine Statues in Luin

Description: Even though those dirty Desians destroyed Luin and took
all of its residents prisoner, you can still rebuild the city by
donating money to Pietro. First you must heal Pietro in Hima by forming
a pact with Undine and obtaining the Unicorn Horn. Afterwards, Pietro
will stand near Luin's entrance taking donations to rebuild the city.
You most donate money in certain increments for the town to be rebuilt.
For example, you must donate 5,000 Gald the first time and 12,000 the
second. You cannot, however, donate 17,000 at a time. Only 5,000 of
that 17,000 would be used. Additionally, you must leave Luin and come
back in between each donation for Luin to improve. After the eleventh
donating stage, the Weapon Shop begins selling each character's second
most powerful weapon (not including the Devil's Arms) for 40,000 Gald

Here are the stages of donating:

1. Donate 5,000 Gald (Pietro thanks you).
2. Donate 12,000 Gald (A new resident moves in).
3. Donate 21,500 Gald (Name changes to "Luin: City of Rebirth").
4. Donate 15,000 Gald (More workers move into town to help rebuild).
5. Donate 20,000 Gald (More citizens move back to Luin).
6. Donate 25,000 Gald (More workers move in).
7. Donate 35,000 Gald (Inn and Item Shop re-open).*
8. Donate 40,000 Gald (Even more people come to Luin).
9. Donate 45,000 Gald (Katz return).
10. Donate 50,000 Gald (Weapon Shop re-opens).
11. Donate 75,000 Gald (Weapon Shop now sells stronger weapons).
12. Donate 100,000 Gald (Name changes to Luin: City of Water).
13. Donate 5,000 Gald (Sheena Statue is placed near Weapon Shop).
14. Donate 5,000 Gald (Lloyd Statue is placed atop the fountain).
15. Donate 5,000 Gald (Raine Statue is placed near Item Shop).

*Only the first seven stages can be completed before you go to
Tethe'alla for the first time. The other eight stages can be completed
once you return to Sylvarant.

3.5 Mature Presea

Available: After consulting with Altessa for the first time.
Prize(s): Presea's "Mature Kid" Title

Description: After going to Altessa's house to ask him to make a Key
Crest of Presea, go back to Ozette and walk up the giant tree branch
towards the item shop. Some random guy named Wells will yell at the
party for bringing Presea back to Ozette, then leave. After beating the
Remote Island Human Ranch, go to the gravestone in the main area of
Altamira (NOT Alicia's gravestone on the company building). You'll
encounter that Wells guy again for another scene. After all this is
said and done, Presea receives the title of "Mature Kid."

3.6 Old Ozette Neighbors

Available: After defeating Rodyle's dragons in Tethe'alla and saving
Prize(s): None

Description: To begin this non-rewarding series of sub-events, go to
Meltokio after rescuing Colette from Rodyle. Go to the east-most house
in the "Rich People Square" and talk to the girl looking out the
window. She will tell you that she has been practicing the harp in
order to show her brother in Sybak her musical skills one day. Leave
the house and Lloyd will talk to Presea. Continue the sub-events by
choosing the first option. Now head over to Sybak and talk to the guy
next to the dog outside the Sybak University. He will tell you that
Presea looks just like a girl who babysat him and his sister Janet back
in the day. Leave the area and Lloyd will once again consult Presea.
Choose the first option to continue the sub-events. Now return to Janet
in her house in Meltokio. Talk to her again for another scene, and then
try to leave the house. She will then offer to play you a song on her
harp. Listen to her song to finish this side-quest.

3.7 The Pink Pearl Ring

Available: After defeating Rodyle's dragons in Tethe'alla and saving
Prize(s): None, unless you steal the Pearl Ring and the 5,000 Gald.

Description: After rescuing Colette from Rodyle, a student wearing blue
clothing will appear outside the Sybak Library. Talk to him and he will
give Sheena the Pink Pearl Ring that he once gave his ex-girlfriend. Go
to Altamira after clearing the Iselia Human Ranch. As you walk towards
the Elemental Railway, Sheena drops the Pearl Ring. A girl named Rosa
picks it up, gives it back, and asks if you can give 5,000 Gald to the
person who gave you the ring. Return to Sybak and attempt to give
Joshua the money. He idiotically refuses 5,000 free Gald that he could
use for his college intuiton. Now go to the wealthy area of Meltokio to
bump into Rosa once again. You'll find out that she works for an
oppressive boss that forced her to engage him. Now, return to ol' Joshy
and tell him the story. To finally finish this long side-quest, go to
the Meltokio slums after the doctor Flanoir events. Joshua and Rosa
will be there to take back their ring.

3.8 Clara is Healed!

Available: After killing Rodyle and clearing the Remote Island Human
Prize(s): None

Description: Remember Clara, Dorr's wife from a loooooooooong long time
ago near the beginning of the game? Well, it's finally time to turn her
back into a human. After the Remote Island ranch is cleared, go to the
beach area in Izoold. You'll run into Clara. Raine will use the
Resurrection Technique to turn Clara back to normal.

3.9 Yuan's Fianc¿e

Available: After killing Rodyle and clearing the Remote Island Human
Prize(s): None, unless you keep Yuan's ring.

Description: After Mithos saves you from Rodyle's dragons and whatnot,
leave the Sylvarant Base and fly to Hima. Yuan will be there, looking
for something. When he can't find it, he leaves. So go to the top of
Fooji Mountain in Tethe'alla to find Yuan again. He finally admits he's
looking for a ring, and then he leaves all flustered and such. After
beating the annoying Latheon Gorge level, go to the Palmacosta Ranch
ruins to find Yuan again. You find out that he was engaged to Martel
before she died. You then give the ring you found earlier in the game
on Hima back to Yuan, and all is good.

3.10 Raine and Genis' Mother

Available: From the beginning of Disc 2, until you free Raine from her
illusion in Welgaia. (Thanks to Shadow Dino for this information.)
Prize(s): Virginia's Diary

Description: Once you get to Disc 2, fly to Exire (the floating city in
Tethe'alla). Find the small, raised house and go inside. The man in the
house, who happens to be the elder of Exire, tells you that Virginia
lives in this city. Now go to the other side of the city. Once you get
in front of Virginia's house, a lady outside will warn you not to go
in. Completely ignore this warning and go inside. You will now see a
very odd scene with Raine, Genis, and their mother, Virginia, who is
sick in the head. She is holding a doll that she THINKS is Raine. And
she acts like she doesn't know the real Raine or Genis standing right
in front of her. Leave Virginia's house and return to the city elder to
obtain Virginia's Diary and to hear the story of why Raine and Genis
were abandoned.

3.11 Raine's Sickness

Available: After the event where the party, including Mithos, goes to
the Sybak Library.
Prize(s): Genis' "Friend" Title

Description: After going to the Sybak Library and diagnosing Colette's
sickness, return to Altessa's house where Raine faints. After much
ruckus, the party splits up, with Zelos, Colette, and Presea going to
see Flanoir's doctor, and Sheena and Regal going to see Meltokio's
doctor. Raine, Lloyd, Genis, and Mithos are the only four that remain
at Altessa's house. Mithos tells Genis that Raine has the Ozette Flu.
He also knows of a flower atop the Fooji Mountain that is the only cure
for the deadly disease. Lloyd overhears their conversation and wonders
if he should follow them. Choose to follow them, and you'll end up at a
scene in the Fooji Mountains where Lloyd saves the two half-elves.
During this scene, Genis obtains his "Friend" title.

3.12 Princess Hilda Has Been Kidnapped!

Available: After hearing the Elf Storyteller's story on Latheon Gorge.
Prize(s): Zelos' "Princess Guard" Title

Description: After beating the annoying Latheon Gorge level, go to
Meltokio and talk to Zelos' butler. A soldier will come to the mansion
to tell Zelos that he needs immediate assistance. The Tethe'alla King
tells Zelos that Princess Hilda was kidnapped by the pope, and the pope
would only give Hilda back if Zelos met him at the Grand Tethe'alla
Bridge. Go to the bridge to meet the pope and Princess Hilda. Zelos
immediately notices that the Princess Hilda in front of him is a fake.
Quickly fly to and enter the Gaoracchia Forest through the entrance
near Mizuho. You will meet up with the pope. Fight three Papal Knights
to complete the first half of this side-quest (for the second half,
read the information on "4.1 Dance Party" in the Costume-Changing Side-
Quests section). Zelos obtains the "Princess Guard" title for saving

3.13 Missing Child

Available: After speaking to Celes.
Prize(s): None

Description: After Zelos talks to his bratty sister at the Abbey, head
over to Sybak and talk to the child outside the inn. He will tell you
that he was separated from his mother and doesn't know what to do. A
soldier comes by and eventually finds the child's mother to end this
simple sub-event.

3.14 Trouble at the Hot Springs

Available: After the Flanoir Doctor scenes (Zelos must be in the
Prize(s): Colette's "Ironing Board" Title, Sheena's "WOW!" Title, and
Lloyd's "Peeping Tom" Title.

Description: To activate this strange, yet funny event, fly to the Hot
Springs and talk to the pastor to let the females take a dip in the
spa. While they are in there, Zelos peeks at them like the perv he is.
Lloyd observes him doing this, so he scolds Zelos. The girls hear
voices coming from Lloyd and Zelos, so they get out of Hot Spring.
Zelos quickly runs from the scene, leaving Lloyd to take the blame.
During this event, Colette receives her "Ironing Board" title and
Sheena obtains her "WOW!" title. Lloyd gets the "Peeping Tom" title.

3.15 The Truth about Noishe

Available: After Heimdall is destroyed.
Prize(s): None

Description: Talk to the elf children in Heimdall after it is
destroyed. They talk about a creature that supposedly evolved from a
slug to a fish to a bird… you get the picture. After this propaganda is
told to Lloyd, Noishe appears and they quickly exclaim that he is the
creature that they were talking about. Lloyd reassures them that Noishe
is just a dog.

3.16 Genis the Mana Master

Available: After you get the Derris Emblem.
Prize(s): Genis' Meteor Storm Tech and "Mana Master" title.

Description: Talk to the two men in the east park in Heimdall. Genis
shows them some of his magic skill. Because he is so powerful, one of
the elves teaches Genis the all-power "Meteor Storm" skill, giving him
the "Mana Master" title. Genis also promises to duel with one of the
elves after the world is saved.

3.17 Sheena's Friend Returns

Available: After you get the Derris Emblem, and after Sheena fights
with Kuchinawa.
Prize(s): None

Description: Enter Iselia, and a new skit should appear in which Sheena
tells Lloyd that she feels Corrine's presence. Head over to the Martel
Temple where Sheena explains that she knows Corrine is near. Go to the
seal room and Corrine will appear in a bigger and more Summon Spirit-
looking form. Sheena is happy and all is good.

3.18 Regal's Dynast

Available: After you get the Derris Emblem.
Prize(s): Dynast

Description: Go to the Meltokio Castle, then go left one room. Walk
down the stairs to reach the prisons. Walk up to the bottom left prison
and press A. You'll talk to a man who used to be a cell-mate of
Regal when he was in prison. The prisoner tells Regal that Master
Levin, the one that taught him how to fight with his feet, is at the
Hot Springs. Fly over to the Hot Spring, where you'll find Levin. Talk
to Regal's master to see a scene. Return to Levin when Regal reaches
Level 80 or after he has mastered all his techs to obtain the Dynast,
Regal's most powerful weapon. (Not counting the Devil's Arms.)

NOTE: You must also have opened the door to the final boss with the
Vinheim Key, entered the door, and watched a scene before Regal can
obtain the Dynast. (Thanks to LordSelane for the info about the Vinheim

3.19 Presea's Gaia Cleaver

Available: After you get the Derris Emblem.
Prize(s): Gaia Cleaver

Available: Go to Ozette, where you'll find a man standing near the
gravestone of Presea's father. The man introduces himself as Ralph, one
of Presea's father's greatest friends back in the day. Come back to
Ralph when Presea gets to level 80 or when she masters all her techs to
get her strongest axe: the Gaia Cleaver.

NOTE: You must also have opened the door to the final boss with the
Vinheim Key, etered the door, and watched a scene before Presea can
obtain the Gaia Cleaver. (Thanks to LordSelane for the info about the
Vinheim Key.)

4. Costume-Changing Sub-Events and Side-Quests

4.1 The Mask of Zelos

Available: After talking to Celes.
Prize(s): Zelos' "Masked Swordsman" Title.

Description: Take a trip to Meltokio and walk towards Zelos' house
after he speaks to his sister. A bunch of girls walk by greet the
Chosen. The party thinks it'd be funny if they hid Zelos' face behind a
mask. Zelos hides his face, giving him the title of "Masked Swordsman"
and a new costume.

4.2 Presea the Dream Traveler

Available: After clearing Latheon Gorge.
Prize(s): Presea's "Dream Traveler" Title.

Description: Talk to George in Altamira where he explains that the city
needs a new mascot. Coincidentally, Presea is the perfect size to fit
inside the mascot's costume. She gains the "Dream Traveler" title, as
well as a new costume.

4.3 Dance Party

Available: After completing the "Princess Hilda Has Been Kidnapped"
quest, and after the Flanoir Doctor scenes. (Zelos must be in the
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Nobleman" Title and four of the following titles:
Colette's "Fair Lady" Title, Genis' "Easter Sunday" Title, Raine's
"Glamorous Beauty" Title, Sheena's "You Look Great!" Title, Zelos'
"Narcissist" Title, Presea's "Little Madam" Title, or Regal's "Dandy"

Description: If you have completed the side-quest involving the
princess, talk to Zelos' butler in Meltokio after the Flanoir Doctor
events. He tells the party that they are having a dance party thing-a-
ma-bob at the castle, and everyone but Lloyd's costume for the party
has arrived. Head over to the castle where Lloyd receives his
"Nobleman" title, which changes his costume to formal attire. In the
next scene, a lady tells you that there is a character waiting for you
inside. A list of all the characters shows up, so choose the character
in which you want to also receive their fancy costume. Once you're in
the ballroom, talk to three other characters. They will each get a new
title and a new costume.

4.4 Colette the Maid

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes.
Prize(s): Colette's "Maid" Title.

Description: Talk to the maid inside Meltokio Castle. She tells you
that she needs someone to help her do the castle's chores. Colette
agrees to help her. You'll then view a slightly hilarious scene of
Colette attempting to be a maid. After the scene, Colette gains the
"Maid" title and a new costume.

4.5 Katz Katz Katz

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes.
Prize(s): Genis' "Katz Katz Katz" Title

Description: After the part of the game where the doctor in Flanoir
heals Altessa's injury, enter the slums in Meltokio. You'll see a Katz
being pursued by a child. Follow them to one of the rooftops. The kid
will tell you that Noah, his grandfather, is dying, and he wishes to
see a Katz before he dies. But the Katz the kid was chasing refuses and
runs off. Walk over to the Meltokio Item Shop (to the left of the
entrance) and talk to the Katz inside. This Katz will tell you that
Noah used to hunt and perform experiments on Katz long ago. (Can
you blame the guy? If I saw a large cat that walked on too legs and had
the face of a human, I'd want to experiment on it too.) So anyway, hop
on your Rheiards and fly to the most northwest continent in Sylvarant,
where you'll find the Katz Village. Talk to the Katz Elder at the top
of small town. The elder gives Genis the Katz costume that Noah used to
hunt Katz in. Return to the slums in Meltokio and talk to Noah. He'll
say some corny line about how he wanted to apologize to a Katz before
he died. Now that his wish is fulfilled, he and his grandson both go to
heaven or something, ending this side-quest.

4.6 The Awakening of Mizuho

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes, and after Sheena
fights with Kuchinawa.
Prize(s): Sheena's "Successor" Title, Kannazuki

Description: Return to Mizuho and talk to Orochi and Tiga to learn news
regarding the Chief of Mizuho and the Temple of Lightning. Fly to the
Lightning Temple and return to the seal where you summoned Volt a long
time ago. Watch a scene and go back to Mizuho. You'll immediately be
alerted that Chief Igaguri has finally awakened from his long coma.
Sheena obtains her "Successor" title, as she is the heir to Mizuho.
This title also contains a new costume for Sheena. Return to the Chief
in Mizuho after unlocking the door to the final boss with the Vinheim
Key, entering the door, and watching a scene to get Sheena's Kannazuki
robe. (Thanks to LordSelane for the info about the Vinheim Key.)

4.7 Bathing Suits!

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor events. (Zelos must be in
the party.)
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Beach Boy" Title and three of the following titles:
Colette's "Mermaid" Title, Genis' "Beach Comber" Title, Raine's "No,
Not the Sun!" Title, Sheena's "Queen of the Beach" Title, Zelos'
"Pickup Artist" Title, Presea's "First-timer at Sea" Title, and Regal's
"Swimmer" Title.

Description: Take a trip to Altamira and talk to the lady in front of
the hotel. She tells you that her four daughters are missing, and all
are somewhere in Altamira. First go to the end of the beach and speak
to the little girl (boy?) there. She (he?) will go back to her (his?)
mother in front of the hotel. Next, take the elemental railway to the
amusement park and talk to the little girl there. She won't budge. So
return to the main area and talk to the mother again. Now return to the
little runt at the theme park and talk to her again. This time she'll
return back to the mother. For the third daughter, go to the second
floor of the hotel and speak to the little girl while Zelos is the on-
screen character. She'll return to her mother. For the fourth and final
kid, go to the smoothie bar on the beach. Talk to the girl there. She
says that she'll return to her mother now that her three sisters have.
Talk to the mother again for a thank you. She also tells you that she
has some presents prepared for the party in the hotel. So enter the
hotel and talk to the lady at the front desk. Lloyd will receive a
bathing suit, as well as the "Beach Boy" Title. The front desk lady
also gives you a choice for one other character to get their bathing
suit. Additionally, the two characters that like you the most will
receive bathing suits and titles.

4.8 Raine the Maiden

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes (Zelos must be in the
Prize(s): Raine's "Maiden" Title

Description: In this simple side-quest, go back to the altar in Asgard.
The residents of the town will ask Raine if she can show them the
Maiden dance atop the altar once again. After Raine does her dance
again, she obtains the "Maiden" title as well as a new costume.

4.9 Arggh, Me Hearties

Available: After seeing the Flanoir Doctor scenes, and after you have
paid the 11th donation to rebuilding Luin.
Prize(s): Lloyd's "Arggh, Me Hearties" Title, Aifread's Hat.

Description: Talk to the out-of-place pirate standing near the boat in
Luin. He'll offer to sell his boat to Lloyd for 3,000 Gald. Agree to
this deal. The pirate will disappear and Raine will realize that Lloyd
had been cheated. Leave Luin and come back. The pirate Aifread will be
standing there again. He offers Lloyd a new deal to look for the
Spiritua Ring. Agree to his terms to receive Lloyd's "Arggh, Me
Hearties" Title. When Lloyd uses this title, he dresses up as a pirate!
:D Next, head to the following Houses of Salvation in this order:
Asgard, Iselia, Palmacosta, and Thoda Geyser Dock. You'll end up
obtaining the Spiritua Ring, which is what the pirate Aifread asked you
to find. Fly over to Hima and talk to Aifread in the graveyard. Give
the ol' scarvy Lyla's Letter that you received a looooooooooooooooong
long time ago in the first few hours of the game. (If you do not have
this letter, then you missed it at the beginning of the game and cannot
complete the rest of this side-quest.) Aifread will give you a letter
to give to Lyla. Take this letter to Lyla in Izoold, and she tells you
that it says the party is going to pay her the 100,000 Gald that
Aifread owed her. (That sneaky pirate…) To make this money, sell the
Spiritua Ring to the old man at Hakonesia Peak. To finally finish this
side-quest, talk to Max at the Izoold dock to get Aifread's Hat.

4.10 God of the Kitchen

Available: After defeating Yggdrasill and following Kratos to Heimdall.
Prize(s): Regal's "God of the Kitchen" Title.

Description: It's time for a cook-off! Approach the man arguing with
the Wonder Chef outside Meltokio Castle. The man, who happens to be a
member of the Dark Chefs, challenges Regal to a contest. Regal learns
the recipe for Beef Stew, and the cook-off begins! When it's all said
and done, Regal wins the "God of the Kitchen" title, which changes his
costume, making him look like a chef. After the cook-off, make Regal
the on-screen character, put on his chef costume, and talk to the cooks
in the Tethe'alla Houses of Guidance and the chef in front of Asgard
for some new recipes.

5. Sub-Bosses

5.1 The Elite from the Underworld

The Elite from the Underworld, more commonly known as the "Sword
Dancer," is one of the most popular side-quests in Tales of Symphonia.
You fight the Sword Dancer three times throughout the game, and each
encounter must happen during a certain time period. In addition, you
must win the previous Sword Dancer battle to encounter the next one.
Here is the location, information, and descriptions for each Sword
Dancer appearance:

| Sword Dancer 1 |
Location: Ossa Trail Cave
Available: Once you reach Ossa Trail, until you go to the Tower of
Prize(s): Yata Mirror
Health: 8,888 HP
Level Suggestion: 20+

Description: The first Sword Dancer encounter can be very hard or very
easy, depending on which level your party is when you fight it. I
suggest a party consisting of Lloyd, Kratos, Raine, and Colette. Don't
take on the Sword Dancer until your characters are level 20 or higher.
If you feel lucky, you can take it on during your first trip through
Ossa Trail. But believe me, you'll get PWNED. Have Raine constantly
heal the party while you and Kratos attack the Sword Dancer head on.
The giant skeleton's biggest weakness is Colette's angel techniques, so
have Colette constantly use Angel Feathers. You'll obtain the Yata
Mirror charm for defeating the Sword Dancer the first time.

| Sword Dancer 2 |
Location: Gaoracchia Forest
Available: As soon as you can enter the Gaoracchia Forest, until Sheena
summons Luna and Aska. (Raine and Colette must be in the party.)
Prize(s): Yasakani Jewel
Health: 33,333 HP
Level Suggestion: Around 50

Description: To reach the second Sword Dancer, enter Gaoracchia Forest
from the Mizuho entrance. Go north until you reach a left, and take
that left. The Sword Dancer should be at the end of this path. For this
battle, I suggest using Lloyd, Raine, Colette, and another character of
your choice (I used Genis). Make sure your characters are all around
level 50. (Level 45 at the VERY minimum.) Like last time, have Raine
heal and have Colette use her angel techniques while you attack the
Sword Dancer head-on. If your other character is Genis, have him use
his most powerful techs (Tidal Wave, Lightning Blade, Gravity Well,
etc.) If you have any All-Divides and can afford using one up, then go
right ahead and use one. It makes the battle easier. Best the Sword
Dancer for the second time to receive the Yasakani Jewel.

| Sword Dancer 3 |
Location: Iselia Forest
Available: After Colette's sickness is healed, until the end of the
Prize(s): Kusanagi Blade
Health: 99,999 HP
Level Suggestion: 65+

Description: It's time to defeat the Sword Dancer for good and send him
back to the underworld. Enter the Iselia Forest from the entrance near
Dirk's House. For this battle, I suggest using Lloyd, Raine, Colette
(as usual), and either Genis or Kratos (if he's in your party). Use the
same techniques as before (Raine heals, Colette uses angel techs, etc).
I really suggest using an All-Divide for this battle, as it is TOUGH.
Defeat the Sword Dancer once and for all to receive Lloyd's most
powerful weapon: the Kusanagi Blade.

5.2 Abyssion and the Devil's Arms

This is a long and involved side-quest. You must find the nine Devil's
Arms (cursed weapons belonging to the family of Demon Hunters) to help
lift the curse off a man named Abyssion. You can NOT acquire any of the
Devil's Arms unless all eight party members are with you. (Thanks to
Fullgore EXE for this information.)

Here is a step-by-step process of how to complete this side-quest:

-After destroying the large mass of mana in the Toize Valley Mines,
check its rubble to receive the Evil Eye, Colette's darkness weapon.
-Talk to the homeless man near the entrance of Flanoir to learn of the
Devil's Arms. He gives you Lloyd's darkness weapon, the Nebilim, as
well as the Nebilim Key.
-Open the dark chest in the Gaoracchia Forest with the Nebilim Key to
obtain the Fafnir, Kratos and Zelos' darkness weapon.
-Go to Altessa's House and talk to the Gnomelette inside. He'll return
to the Temple of Earth. Follow suit, and enter the secret entrance in
the temple. Walk past the dragon to find all five Gnomelettes. Walk
down further to find another dark chest. Open it to receive Sheena's
Darkness weapon, the Gates of Hell.
-Talk to the man on the bridge between the casino and theater in
Altamira. He'll sell you the Disaster, Genis' darkness weapon, for 1000
-Fly to Triet and talk to the man near the produce stand south of the
Katz team. Then talk to the man sitting by his dog in the oasis area.
Now head to the left side of the lonely mountain north of Triet. One o'
them shiny skit point things should appear. Walk inside of it to fight
the Sand Worm. Defeat this monster to get the Soul Eater.
-Open the dark treasure chest in Latheon Gorge to get the Diablos.
-Open the dark treasure chest in Welgaia to get the Apocalypse.
-Now return to Abyssion in Flanoir. He thanks you for finding eight of
the nine Devil's Arms. He heads off to the Seal Room in the Temple of
-Fly to Hakonesia Peak in Sylvarant and talk to Koton, who very
conveniently happens to have the ninth Devils' Arm. Raine trades some
strange relic she acquired years back for it.
-Go to the seal room in the Darkness Temple where Sheena summoned
Shadow. Abyssion will be there. He'll suddenly morph into some weird

| Abyssion |
Location: Temple of Darkness
Available: After finding all nine Devil's Arms, until the end of the
Prize(s): Presea's "Empty Soul" Title
Health: 120,000 HP
Level Suggestion: 70+

Description: Abyssion is the toughest boss in the game. Make sure
you're well-prepared item-wise and level-wise (yay for hyphens!) before
fighting this demonic sub-boss. Have a party of Raine, Genis, Lloyd,
and another character of your choice. Disable all of Raine's techniques
except for Revitalize. Have Genis constantly cast Meteor Storm, as well
his other strongest techs. Have Lloyd attack Abyssion with his sword
head-on. (Use Rising Falcon a lot.) If you are below level 70 when you
fight Abyssion, it's best to use an All-Divide. I also suggest to use
an All-Divide even if you are level 70 or higher, but it is still very
possible to beat him without one. After you defeat Abyssion, Presea
gains a new title, and the true power of the Devil's Arms are
activated. Each time you kill an enemy, each Devil's Arm gets
stronger. The power of these darkness weapons is unlimited, thus
potentially making them the strongest weapons in the game.

5.3 Maxwell, Lord of Summon Spirits

Even after Sheena summons the eight elemental Summon Spirits and
Origin, she still has one left to go. Maxwell, who is considered the
leader of the spirits (and also has a very strange name), lies in
floating half-elf city of Exire. To fight and ultimately summon him,
you must first have gotten the Derris Emblem in Welgaia. Choose thefour
party members you wish to use in the battle against Maxwell. I suggest
using Lloyd, Raine, and Genis in addition to Sheena (who MUST take part
in this battle). Equip the Aquamarine, Garnet, Ruby, or Opal to each of
the four fighting characters, then approach the gravestone in Exire
(behind the elder's house) to fight Maxwell.

| Maxwell |
Available: After you get the Derris Emblem, until the end of the game.
Location: Exire
Prize(s): Sheena's "Master Summoner" Title, Turquoise
Health: 60,000 HP
Level Suggestion: 60+

Description: Maxwell is definitely easier than Sword Dancer 3 and
Abyssion, but he is still not a pushover by any means. He has a
whopping 60,000 HP and uses some of the most powerful techs in game,
including Meteor Storm. Have Raine constantly cast Revitalize while
Lloyd and Sheena directly attack the summon spirit lord. If you have
Genis in your party, then command him to use Meteor Storm as well as
his other strong techniques. An All-Divide is certainly not necessary
at all for this battle unless you are below level 60. Defeat Maxwell
and Sheena will summon him, as well as receiving the Turquoise charm
and the title of "Master Summoner."

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