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                               .....FINAL FANTASY XII......                                    Rare Weapon FAQ

by C.Tenore ([email protected])
Version 7.0


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I. Introduction

II. The Deathbringer
IIa. Getting the Deathbringer IIb. Recommendations
IIc. The Barheim Key
IId. Barheim Passage
IIe. Fight Ithuno
IIf. Repeating/Tips&Extras
IIg. Deathbringer Elsewhere

III. The Excalibur
IIIa. Requirements
IIIb. Getting the Excalibur

IV. The Zodiac Estucheon
IVa. Getting the Zodiac Estucheon

V. The Tournesol
Va. High Arcana
Vb. Gemsteel
Vc. Empyreal Soul
Vd. Serpentarius
Ve. Selling!
Vf. Tournesol Pictures!

VI. The Masamune
VIa. From Gilgamesh
VIb. From Bazaar

VII. The Wyrmhero Blade
VIIa. Getting the Wyrmhero Blade

VIII. Rare Weapon Recipes
VIIIa. The Sagittarius Bow
VIIIb. The Whale Whisker Pole
VIIIc. The Durandal Sword
VIIId. The Scorpion Tail Axe
VIIIe. The Artemis Arrows
VIIIf. The Grand Bolts

- Closing
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1.0 - The original FAQ. Completed all sections.
2.0 - The completed FAQ for all substantial purposes. Added to some existing
sections, wrote the Deathbringer Elsewhere section.
3.0 - Changed the guide slightly to include other rare weapons, and added
the Excalibur and Zodiac Estucheon. Added to the FAQ section.
4.0 - Some reformatting done.
5.0 - Added the Tournesol section. Hoorah.
6.0 - Fixed some things, added some things, added the Masamune.
7.0 - Added the Wyrmhero Blade and Rare Weapon Recipes section.



Hello. This guide was originally my Deathbringer FAQ, but with the addition
of the Excalibur and Zodiac Estucheon (with likely more to come) I've changed
the name to the Rare Weapons FAQ. Check the index above and search for whatever
weapon youre looking for. Hopefully this guide will help you find it. Any
additions you think should be here? E-mail me.



The Deathbringer is:

Sword (1H) Element: None
Attack power: 90
On Hit: KO

At the point in the game where you can get the Deathbringer relatively easily
(around level 27), the sword is between 30-45 points higher in attack power
then weapons you'll usually have equipped. It's significantly more powerful,
and with a properly Augmented character can be dealing 1200+ damage per hit
at level 27. Also, the On Hit: KO ability gives your attacks a chance to
automatically kill the attacked unit.

The Deathbringer License is Swords 6. Looking at your License Board, begin at
Smallswords. The immediate License below it is Bows 1: this is the row where
Swords 6 is. Following this row all the way to the right, you'll find Swords 6
as the second to last License box (the very last is, obviously, Swords 7). It
costs 60 LP to learn.

It sells for 8000 Gil, so even if you dont want to use them, you can get a
bunch to sell. They will be substantial items for nearly the entirety of
the game, if you get them as early as this guide suggests.


>IIa: Getting the Deathbringer<

Firstly, note that you can't get the Barheim Key (and thusly can't proceed
with this quest) without first passing the Raithwall's Tomb area towards the
beginning of the game, where you get Belias. Once you pass this area, though,
feel free to read on. Thanks to Shadow51665(@yahoo.com) for this info.

>IIb: Recommendations<

In order to get the Deathbringer, make sure youve been to Dalmasca Estersands,
Barheim Passage, and have the proper items to obtain the Barheim Key
(discussed below). Needless to say, youll NEED the Barheim Key to access the
Barheim Passage area youre looking for. You should probably also have:

-Level 28+ characters
-Steal Technick learned by at least 3 characters
-Protect Spell learned
-Haste spell learned
-Curaga or a strong Healer available
-1 or more Thiefs Cuffs accessories

Equip the Thiefs Cuffs to as many characters as you want. They cost 3000 Gil
if you buy them from a shop, you can find them in a few places early-mid game.
They arent needed, but do speed up the stealing process, since it could take
a whole bunch of failed Steals before you get something.

Setting up your Gambits should be
pretty simple. You'll want two characters to take most of the hits from
Ithuno, while Stealing from him as much as possible. THen, the third character
should hang back, Healing your other 2 characters, but also being able to
Steal when healing isn't needed. Gambits should look something like this:

Tank/Stealer 1:
Foe: nearest visible.....Attack (turn this ON when defeating the annoying
Frog enemies, OFF when facing Ithuno)
Foe: nearest visible.....Steal

Tank/Stealer 2:
Foe: nearest visible.....Attack (same as above explanation)
Foe: nearest visible.....Steal

Ally: any .....Raise
Ally: HP < 20% .....Curaga (or Cura)
Ally: HP < 40% .....Cure
Ally: any .....Haste
Foe: nearest visible.....Steal

This way, youll have 2 people mostly stealing, with one hanging back to Raise
dead allies, Cure hurt ones, or re-Haste others. If none is needed, your
healer will begin stealing too.

Remember that casting Haste will speed up the time it takes for Steal to
trigger, as well as Cure spells, so this is very good. Protect will lessen
the damage taken from Ithuno, so your characters can stay up for longer.

>IIc. The Barheim Key<

The Barheim Key is something of a Side Quest you need to complete to get into
the Barheim Passage. It's somewhat lengthy, so ill outline it here. For more
information, check the other FAQs on GameFAQs, or search any FFXII forum. Im
going to assume youre doing this a little ways into the game. Things you should
ALREADY have are:

-Cactoid Flower from the Flowering Cactoid Mob Hunt (Dalmasca's Desert Bloom)
-Great Serpentskin from the Nidhogg Mob Hunt (Marauder in the Mines) *Note:
this isn't necessary. Having this item will, however, get you extra
accessories at the end of this quest*

To begin this quest, speak to Dantro in Dalmasca Estersand/Outpost. He's the
guy that issued the Flowering Cactoid mob hunt. He'll ask you to give the
flower to his wife. Head North a few screens until you reach
Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village (the place with the merchant
and Gate Crystal). Go there and talk to Dantro's wife, who will be outside
a house on the Eastern side of the village, near the river bank. She'll give
you a Bundle of Needles. Now exit and re-enter this area. Go to the river
bank and speak with the little boy Chigri. Eventually, choose to go to North
Bank Village. Speak to him again, and after the next scene, have him take you
back to South Bank Village. Now talk to Dantro's wife once more, she should
speak of what she did with your flower. GO behind her house and examine the
flower on the floor. It will turn into a Cactoid and follow you. Go talk to
Chigri, and return to the North Bank Village. Talk to the big Cactoids to
finish this part, gaining you Gil and the Wyrmfire Shot bullets.

Go back to South Bank Village (the boy takes you back and forth now for free)
and talk to Dantros wife. She requests Shells. Search the river bank right
near the house and examine anything shiny you see. These are the Shells.
Depending on how many you collect, the treasure at the end of thsi quest
will increase. Give these to the Wife. She then requests another item (I
forget the name exactly) but it is located near Dantro himself. So go back
South to the Outpost and speak to Dantro. Search around the camp, near any
boxes you see, or anywhere you see something shiny. You should get about 3
vials of the item. Give these back to Dantros Wife. The final item she wants
are these Flowers located in the northern parts of the Estersands.

This part could be hard if you havent reached level 25+. The enemies in The
Yoma and Broken Sands sections are that level, so they can be hard. However,
run north anyway to the Broken Sands. Search around the huge boulders you see
to find some of these Flowers. Bring them back to Dantros Wife. Now, if you
want the treasure at the end of this quest (the EXTRA treasure i mean, not
the Barheim Key) then give her the Great Serpentskin. If you do, you get more
stuff based on what you gave Dantros Wife. It goes:

Great Serpentskin, 5 Shells, 2 vials of second item, 3 Flowers = Golden Amulet,
Magick Gloves, Balance Mote
Great Serpentskin, 2 Shells, 2 vials of second item = Magick Gloves, Balance
Great Serpentskin only = Balance Mote

Now you must leave the South Village, and re-enter. Talk to Dantros wife.
THen leave and re-enter once more. Talk to her again. SHe tells you the
traveler is all healed. Look around the house to find her, and speak with
her. The Traveler thanks you with the Barheim Key.

>IId. Barheim Passage<

Barheim Passage is of course where you must go to continue. Once you have the
Key, head South of Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village into the Banks of the
Nebra area. Go South East into the small area, called Murmuring Defile. Here
you'll see a corridor and a door, which is opened with the Barheim Key. Enter.

You end up in the Barheim Passage/The Zeviah Subterrane area. Head South West,
the North, and enter the next area (Great Central Passage). Go North one
more screen to the North-South Junction, where a Gate Crystal is. Save here.

Now is the time when you'll want to set all your Gambits. Bring out the
3 characters you'll be using primarily (you really only need 3 for this
entire thing, but I suppose if you wanted to set up more then you could).
Now hold down the Flee button, so you arent bothered by anything. Its time
to navigate to Ithuno. This part can be tricky to describe, so just look at
your Select map and the NAME of the area you are.

Starting at the Gate Crystal, go South one screen to the Great Central
Passage. Keep the camera behind you, and turn to your character's right
(technically West) and run until you come upon 2 railroad tunnels. They are
visible on your map at the far West end of this area (one passage is going
perfectly West, the other is going slightly North West, rightontop of it).
You want to go down the passage going perfectly West. If you went correctly,
youre now in Special Op Sector 5. Go forward (technically West) through this
passage. Having Libra on, you should pass a trap. Then, there should be 2
level 36-40 Suriander enemies (the frog ones). These are pretty annoying,
as there are about 7 in this passage. They cast Angelsong and can attack for
400+ damage (depending on your level). However, we're going to bypass most
of them. Flee past these two. There will be another one soon after these
guys. Run past. Just beyond this one is a huge Adamantitan enemy. He'll
cast a bunch of -ara spells if you get too close, but he can be totally
avoided if you just hug the wall and run past. Past him, you should nwo
find yourself running from dirt onto railroad tracks again. There should
be a frog enemy ont he tracks infront of you. Midway down these tracks, near
this frog, will be a boulder on your characters' right (technically north).

This boulder is where Ithuno is. He's a mimic, remember, so hell be disguised
as a treasure (looks like a vase of some kind). He'll be on the FAR SIDE of
this boulder. Now, turn on your attack Gambits and quickly kill this frog
enemy, since he'll only annoy you in the upcoming battle. Once dead, you can
start the fight. But wait...

Ithuno may not even be there! Look behind the rock. You'll see one of four
1) A regular treasure
2) A silvery treasure (distinctly different. Its silver with some purple on
the inside - this is Ithuno)
3) A regular AND a silvery treasure
4) Nothing

You obviously want to see that silvery treasure there. If you dont, press
Start, Square, and return to the title screen. Reload from your save point,
and return to this area to check again. Keep doing this until you actually
find the silvery treasure. Note that Ithuno is randomized after every reload
your game has. So he could be there, he could not be. After you steal from
him, you can save and reload and go back. He'll randomly be there again. This
is how the trick works. Now you must confront Ithuno.

>IIe. Fight Ithuno<

Ok, so the frog's dead, and you have a silvery treasure infront of you. Turn
OFF your attack Gambits, make sure the others are ready. Make sure each member
has Protect and Haste on them, with (optional) Thiefs Cuffs equipped. And
make sure the healer is ready to heal. Now examine the treasure, and it pops
open to reveal the mimic Ithuno.

He is pretty strong, level 50+. With your characters level 27-30, he'll be
dealing around 700 damage per hit. He also uses Leech, which drains your health
and adds it to his. Not that his health really matters,because we're only
stealing from him. Your guys should immediately begin stealing. Remember that
it's normal to have lots of Steal fails for a while. When a character gets low
on HP, Curaga should be cast. And whensomeone dies, Raise should be cast.
Keep Stealing until you get the Deathbringer. Then, Flee out of this area,
and make your way back to the Gate Crystal. Save. Restart. Repeat.

The Deathbringer is the ONLY treasure Ithuno is holding. And he only holds
ONE each time you face him. So once you steal a Deathbringer, you can't steal
another right then. You have to save and reload, and try again. However,
you CAN save, reload, go back, and Steal Deathbringers an infinite amount
of times.

This entire fight can be done where Ithuno is found (location-wise).
Infact, its much easier that way. However, if youre weak at this point,
and dont have the stamina to take any of Ithuno's attacks, you should
do this: Engage Ithuno, then Flee for your life. Flee past all the other
enemies (if you didnt kill them) to the entrance to this area, making sure
Ithuno is following you. Then, start Stealing from him and whatnot. IF
you get too low on HP, exit the area, and heal up. Use Magicks and Items,
though, because using the Save Crystal to heal will mess up Ithuno's
position. Dont do that. Once healed, return and he should be right at
the entrance still. Repeat this until you have the sword.

>IIf: Repeating/Tips&Extras<


It's pretty simple how to repeat this trick. As stated, once you have
stolen a Deathbringer, just Flee back to the Gate Crystal. Save.
Start -> Square -> Return to main menu. Reload your game. Now go back
to where Ithuno is. If hes not there this time, dont worry: as
mentioned before, his position is random. Press Start exactly where
you are and reload your game. Go back and see again.

It can be quite a hassle to have all this Fleeing to do. I suggest grabbing
some good ol Scotch Tape. take off a piece and stick it over your R2
button on the controller, so its taped down. This way, Flee is engaged
without you holding the button. This was a lot easier for me. Then just
pull the tape off if youre doing battle, or anything else.


Theres another thing to note. You can actually make over 5000 Gil during each
Deathbringer run, just by opening treasures in Ithuno's area. There are 5
treasure chests in this area:
1) Directly when you enter, move foward a tad and look to your left
(techinically south). Theres a chest on the ledge.
2) Near the middle of this area, there is something of an alcove. It is
within here, surrounded by walls.
3) Just past the Adamantitan, go onto the railroad tracks where Ithuno is.
Turn around, run directly East. There will be one infront of a
pile of boulders.
4) The normal chest next to Ithuno.
5) Ithuno himself (if youll count him as a treasure chest...he IS a mimic)

Note that these chests are also RANDOM, so sometimes they wont show up.
However, chests 1 and 3 are noteworthy. Each contains 1500-2500+ Gil. I suggest
only bothering with them if youve stolen a Deathbringer on your run (because
if you HAVENT, youre guna reset anyway, so youll lose the gil. why bother?)
If you HAVE stolen a Deathbringer, snag these two chests on your Flee back
to the Gate Crystal.


Also, the Adamantitan is a cool guy. He is around level 40, with around 14000
HP and a weakness to Air (ie. Aero). He can be tough to bring down, but gives
you 10000+ EXP and 2 LP. You can Steal/Poach/Drop a Turtle Shell item, among
others. The benefits of killing him are good. Plus, he can be Deathbringer
KO'd, making the battle a real cinche if you get lucky with your new swords.
Also, if you get a lucky Steal from him (use Thief Cuffs) you could get
a piece of Adamantite. This can be sold with 2 Battlewyrm Carapaces to
unlock the Bubble Belt Bazaar good (doubles your HP). Also, 2 Adamantites,
2 Death Powders, and a Gnoma Halycon unlocks the Ultima Blade Bazaar

Getting Deathbringers isnt THAT laborious of a process. Once youre all set
with the Barheim Key and Gambits and such, you have good chances of Ithuno
appearing. Its probably about a 75% chance to get him to appear, and youll
always be able to steal the Deathbringer even if it takes a bunch of Steals.
I got 6 in an hour, so its not too bad.

>IIg. Deathbringer Elsewhere<

It's true, you can get the sword at other locations throughout the game. One in
particular comes to mind.


Once you're on the quest for the city of Giruvegan (about halfway or farther
into the game, I estimate), you'll be allowed access to the Mist-protected
areas of The Feywood. So, head there. Then go South forever, past the Save
Crystal area,past the Redolent Glade (where the plant boss was), and keep
going still. The Southmost area of the Feywood is the THe Edge of Reason. A
little West of the centerof this area, you'll find a treasure. Inside here
is a Deathbringer. Careful, though.
The trap around the treasure deals 2500+ damage, so try not to trigger it.
This chest also might hold an Ensanguined Shield, which is alright too.

You can also buy the Deathbringer later in the game from Armories.



The Excalibur is a truly invigorating sword that can only be obtained in
the depths of the Great Crystal (Giruvegan). Its really good and stuff. The
Excalibur is:

Sword (2H) Element: Holy
Attack power: 128
Evasion: 10
LP: 160

Its license is way at the end of the Swords/Katana license area, and the
Excalibur of course has its own license. Its pretty great for later in the
game when you want to level up characters to fight King Behemoth, Hellwyrm,
Yiazmat, etc. Because it does 9999 to most enemies in Pharos, where youll
likely be doing your leveling. So thats good, plus its the second strongest
2H Sword next to the Tournesol (which only has 12 more attack and 15 more
Evasion). So, how to get it?

>IIIa: Requirements<

Before you go hunting for the Excalibur, you need to have (done) these things:

- Have a Diamond Armlet
And dazzit. This is by far the longest section in the FAQ.

>IIIb: Getting the Excalibur<

Arrive at Giruvegan.
Now go all the way through until you reach
The Great Crystal. This is where the going gets tough.
Open up this link:


This is the map of the Crystal. Now I'll walk you through
it. Note that there will undoubtedly be lots of enemies
teleporting in everywhere, most of which are weak to
Holy, so if you have a Holy Lance or something like that
equip it. Now.

You start at Waystone (WS) VIII. This is at the bottom
left of the provided map. Go North
now to WS IX, and touch it. This brings you to WS X. Go
down the only path and you'll arrive at WS XX. Now head
down either Southern path to the Sagitarrius Gate Stone.
Touch that and go back to WS XX, then go East, opening
up that Sagitarrius Gate, and to WS XII.

This brings you to WS XIV. Now you have to travel around
to the Excalibur chest. Looking at the map, head SW to
the first platform. North to the next. NE to the next, and
finally NE again to the last. There should be a treasure
chest here, and probably an enemy or two. Equip the
Diamond Armlet and open it. You'll probably get Gil, but
if youre lucky you'll get the Excalibur and youll be done!
However, if you didn't, you have to travel 3 screens back
to reset the chest. That means just count back 3 platforms
or whatever, then return to the Excalibur room. It might
take you in excess of 10 tries. Either way, youll get it, and
a good character can now deal 9999 damage to most of the Great
Crystal monsters with it. Now you can go get the Zodiac

Note that, while the chest will respawn, you can only get 1
Excalibur. Also, something to note, when I got mine, I
actually found 2 chests overlapping, so I opened 2. I guess
it was a glitch, but it was still cool.



The Zodiac Estucheon is the best shield in terms of Evasion towards physical
attacks. It has 50 Evasion and Lightning Immunity and its just really good.
You should get it. It is a treasure within the Great Crystal of Giruvegan,
so please read the above Excalibur guide since that's where this one starts.
Also make sure youve got a Diamond Armlet.

>IVa: Getting the Zodiac Estucheon<

Great Crystal map:

TO get it, you have to go through the Great Crystal more.
Assuming youre at the Excalibur platform and looking at
the Great Crystal map noted above, return all the way
to Waystone (WS) XIV. Head NE once to the Leo Gate Stone,
touch it, and return to WS XIV. Now go SW to the first
platform, North to the next, NE to the next. Now go
NW (*not* to the Excalibur platform) to the next area. Go
down the only path accessible and open the Leo Gate. Go
North 2 screens to WS XV.

Touching that, it takes you to WS XVI. This is the very
confusing part, so refer to the map often. Head North
to the Libra Gate Stone and touch it. Now move West to open
Libra Gate II (L2 on the map). Go South a ways to the Capricorn
Gate Stone and touch it. Now backtrack all the way to WS XVI,
head East once and open Capricorn Gate I (C1). Proceed forward
and touch the Virgo Gate Stone. Now backtrack back to the Libra Gate
Stone, dont touch it, and go NE once. You should now be on the platform
with 2 Gates. Open the Virgo Gate II (V2) which should be on your left.
Proceed through and North a platform or two to reach WS XVII. Touch it.
Youll be at WS XVIII. North once is a Save Crystal. Use that, then go NW
to the Aquarius Gate Stone. Touch that and backtrack to WS XVIII, touch it,
and return to WS XVII. Go back many platforms until you reach the platform
just BEFORE the Capricorn Gate Stone. Instead of going there, go West
and open the Aquarius Gate I (A1). Now backtrack to the Capricorn Gate
Stone again, touch that, and go all the way past Libra Gate Stone to the
platform with V2 and C2. Open Capricorn Gate II (C2). Now backtrack to
where we just opened Aquarius Gate I (A1) and continue forward to the
Taurus Gate Stone. Touch that and backtrack to the Libra Gate Stone,
forward through where Capricorn Gate II used to be, and East one
platform. Open Taurus Gate II, continue, and the dead-end platform
you reach will be the Zodiac Estucheon one.

There is only a 20% chance that the chest will spawn, so you have to zone
back 3 screens and return for its chances to reset. Also, have the Diamond
Armlet. With the Armlet the chest will give you the Estucheon 100%.
Without the Armlet, there is a 50% chance for the Estucheon, and a 50%
chance for a Brave Suit. Anyway, equip that when you get it. To get out
of the Great Crystal, head North to Waystone XIX and touch that. That'll
get you in a better position to leave.



|NOTE: I assume that, if youre trying this, youre towards the end |
|of the game, or have beaten it; have started the Phon Coast Hunter's |
|Club and have killed little or no rare game; have successed in |
|Montblanc's Clan past Paragon of Justice; have the Canopic Jar |
|and Hunter's Monograph Grimoires |

Ah yes the Tournesol, a beacon of shining light among a sea of speculating
demons. The most powerful weapon in the game (next to the likely-missed Zodiac
Spear and the harder-to-get Wyrmhero Blade). Anyway, it is:

Sword (2H) Element: none
Attack power: 140
Evasion: 25
LP: 225

Of course, getting it is quite the task. You'll traverse the world in search of
many pointless and annoying monsters and stealing their loot, just to sell it and
buy other pointless things, to sell them and finally get the Tournesol. Anyway.
This sword is unlocked only in the Bazaar, meaning you have to sell certain things
to unlock it, then buy it itself. You must sell:

- 3 Gemsteel - 3 Empyreal Souls - 3 Serpentarius -

Then you sell those and buy the Tournesol for 600,000 Gil. However, these 3 are
made up of different loots themselves that you must sell. It goes:

1 Gemsteel = 2 Damascus Steel + 2 Hell-Gate's Flame + 1 Scarletite
1 Empyreal Soul = 2 Wargod's Bands + 1 Soul Powder + 1 High Arcana
1 Serpentarius = 2 Serpent Eyes + 4 Snake Skins + 1 High Arcana

So find the ingredients on the right, sell them in those quantities, buy the things
on the left, sell those in 3's, and get the sword. Theres a trick to selling that
you only need to use 1 High Arcana to create a Empyreal Soul AND a Serpentarius rather
than using 2 High Arcana (of course you need all the other ingredients as well).

>Va: High Arcana<

OK, you should actually have the 3 required High Arcana for the Tournesol. I did.
However, if you don't, heres how to get them:

- Unlock in Bazaar Goods (Sell 10 Arcana, 1 Feystone, and 1 Soul of Thamasa)
- Steal from any Esper
- Get 4 Espers and talk to Montblanc
- Reach 'Paragon of Justice' Clan Centurio rank and talk to Montblanc

You should have the last 2 if youre trying this, and if youre not dumb, you
should have 1 or more from stealing from Espers. If you dont, though, go
find an Esper and steal from it! Or just unlock a High Arcana in the bazaar.

Get the Arcana by buying the Canopic Jar Bazaar good. Once you have that, all
enemies will drop Arcana at some point.

For the Feystones, steal from any Entite (those electrical ball things you see
in most areas that are uber powerful), or steal from Crystalbugs.

For the Soul of Thamasa, you should have 1 as a reward from the Dead City
Watch hunt. Get more as drops from Oversouls in the Necrohol of Nabudis (you
might need the proper grimoire). OR, steal from the rare Ishteen located in
Barheim Passage - East-West Bypass/Zeviah span.

Hopefully you guys can manage that on your own. I suggest staying away from
making it in the Bazaar, thatll just take too long. Get the reward ones.

>Vb: Gemsteel<

Of course, the Gemsteel requires 2 Damascus Steel, 2 Hell-Gate's Flames, and
1 Scarletite. However, you should have 1 already as a reward from:

- Montblanc, for commanding 8 Espers

So go run off and do that if you havent already. Now you can go hunting for loot!
Prepare for frustration. Lots of it.

- We're gunna get us some Damascus Steel. You need 2 per Gemsteel, so likely
you'll need 4. Go to Cerobi Steppe/Crossfield. THis is getting stolen from the
rare Bluesang, who will be
between the 2 windmills on the West side. Go look for him, If he isnt there,
go one map away (preferably directly West) and check again. Then Steal till
you get this item. Now run South
to the Save Crystal area (thats 1 map) then South again (that's 2) and head
back to Bluesang to steal again.

- Now for the Hell-Gate Flame. Make sure you have the Hunter's Monograph!
Teleport to Mt Bur Omisace and grab a chocobo. Now run all the way to
the Feywood, and dismount. Go South to the Walk of Stolen Truths. This is
where we're going to chain Cerberus and only Cerberus until we get some
HGFs (HellGate Flames). Set a gambit for Foe: water-weak....Attack. This will
target only the Cerberus as you run around, so no other enemies are killed.
Chain Cerberus till you hit 25, and you should have at least 1 HGF. Zone out
2 screens to reset the monsters (go South to the Save Crystal area - 1 map -
and South again - 2 maps - then back to the Cerberus area). Now, BREAK
THE CHAIN AT 25! Or a little bit more, if you want. But the key is to have
LOW chains of ONLY Cerberus. This could take a while. You'll need 4 HGFs.

- Lastly, the Scarletites. Remember how we did Bluesang? Aspidochelon is another
rare game which you hopefully didnt kill (it's a turtle). Go to
Cerobi Steppe/Feddik River. Near the 2 bridges he might spawn. If he's not
there, go 1 map away and return. After youve stolen from him, go 2 maps away,
and return to reset his items. You need 2 of these if you already have 1 Gemsteel.

WAIT! Did you kill the Aspidochelon? Well then youre going fishing! Anyway,
go kill Gilgamesh (its a rank VI Hunt) and then talk to Ruksel in
Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village. Now that you did that, refer to this


Or Google FFXII Fishing. Follow that guide all the way, past where you get
the Matamune, and continue on until you unlock the Den of the River Lord
area. Now catch the King of Nebra. Good. Now whenever you return here, catch
all the fish perfectly. At the end, where you get to put in the combos and
nothings moving (the prize stage), theres a very good chance youll get a
Scarletite. The key here is to memorize the LAST 3 keys. There are only,
I dont know, six fish total for this stage. Youll get to know the last 3
keys, so by the time you pour over the first 3, you can push out the last
in a second and save yourself. For example, one is L1 X R1. Thats simple enough,
being one sweeping motion from left to right. Remember the combos like that
and youre good to go.

>Vc: Empyreal Soul<

This is an item and yes. Ok first things first, you can get a free one
from the Clan again (dont you just love the clan by now? I did.) This is how:

- Complete 28 Hunts and get 300,000 Clan Points, and talk to Montblanc

Go do that and youve got 1. Now we need to get some more! First thigns first
are the Wargod's Bands.

- Wargod's Bands are received from Victanir, a rare monster in the Nam-Yensa
Sandsea/Yellow Sands. Steal them from him. This is done in the same way that
we did Bluesang and (maybe) Aspidochelon. In other words, if Victanir isnt
there, go a screen away and return - after you steal from him, go 2 screens
away (just go South 2 screens through Zertinan Caverns, its easier) and return.
Victanir is a horse monster, and he'll be somewhat invisible as you approach
him, so he wont be on the minimap. Hes not too hard to see, though. Steal
at least 4 of these, 2 per Soul needed.

- Now for the Soul Powders. Alot of people have trouble with this. Steal these
from the Vorres rare monster in the Necrohol of Nabudis. Teleport to the
Nabreus Deadlands and go to the Necrohol. Run all the way through to Hall
of Ivory Covenant and look for a Dark Elemental near that door where Fury is,
or towards the middle of the area. Sometimes it helps spawn these if you kill
everything from when you enter the Ivory Covenant till you see it. THen, attack
it once, and lead the Elemental North or South. Keep dragging it in one direction,
through as many rooms as possible, until Vorres teleports in. If Vorres isnt
coming, try leading the Elemental int he opposite direction, through the rooms
on the other side. Steal a Soul Powder from Vorres, then run back to the Nabreus
Deadlands (thatll be 2 areas). Return and to this entire thing again. Youll
need 2 Soul Powders if youve got that Empyreal Soul.

- Now you just need a High Arcana. See section Va for that. And um... yup.
1 High Arcana per Empyreal Soul recipe - we only need 3.

>Vd: Serpentarius<

Ok, the last item needed. But lots more frustration. You have to get all
3 of these - there are none up for rewards. So you need 4 Snake Skin, 2
Serpent Eyes, and 1 High Arcana per Serpentarius.

- For the Snake Skins, go to Giza Plains during The Dry. If its the Rains,
you have to wait at most an hour (game time) for it to change. If you have
to wait, skip down and find some other loot. If its the Dry, run down to
Toam Hills. Near the Southern exit, in the grass, a Wildsnake will pop out.
Steal from him with Thiefs Cuffs on (not really a necessity, but....) and
youll get a Snake Skin. Kill it to try to get another. Now you need to run
2 areas away, so go through the Nomad Village, and East one screen - thats 2.
Return, Steal, kill, zone, etc. You need 12 of these things. You might already
have some from your earlier trips through the game.

- Now for Serpent Eyes. I assume you have the Hunter's Grimoire by now. You need
it. Teleport to Giruvegan and go to the Feywood/The Edge of Reason. Kill every
Basilisk in sight, chaining them (remember the Cerberus!). Then, move North a screen,
to Feywood/Ice Field of Clearsight and chain more. North one more screen
to Feyood/White Magick's Embrace will make 2 areas, so now the ones in the first area
are respawned. Go back there and chain more. However, DONT CHAIN PAST 25!
This should ring some bells. Break the chain after 25 on a Mantis or something.
Then chain more. You should get 1 or 2 of these during each chain segment.
Have fun.

- Lastly, we need High Arcana, which of course you should have already. See
Section Va.

>Ve: Selling!<

Ah, so youve collected everything, youve cursed at your PS2 many'a time and
broken many'a controller, now its time to collect! Well to collect we must
first sell. Pay attention, cuz this is where the High Arcana trick comes in.
I'll do this in steps so its nice and easy. Oh yeah, this is gunna cost a
buttload of gil, so um... sell all extra weapons, armor, and loot. Also,
remember to sell things seperately. Like, don't sell all 12 Snake Skins
at once. Sell 4, buy the Serpentarius, then sell another 4, etc. If you
sell all 12 at once, the excess 8 are lost. Step 1:

2) Sell these all at once:
- 2 Serpent Eye
- 4 Snake Skin
- 1 Soul Powder
- 2 Wargod's Band
- 1 High Arcana
3) Go to the Bazaar and buy Jewel of Creation and Jewel of the Serpent.
Notice how we only sold 1 High Arcana to get 2 needed items.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 once more. You'll have 1 High Arcana left.
5) Sell your last 2 Serpent Eyes, 4 Snake Skins, and last High Arcana. Buy
Jewel of the Serpent. You now have 3 Empyreal Soul and 3 Serpentarius.
6) Sell these at once:
- 2 Damascus Steel
- 2 Hell-Gate's Flame
- 1 Scarletite
7) Buy the Matchless Metal Bazaar good. Theres one Gemsteel.
8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 two more times. You'll have 3 Gemsteels.
9) Find 600,000 Gil.
10) Buy The Sunflower Bazaar good. There's your Tournesol!

If you did anything wrong, good thing you saved! Restart and try again. Now,
lets address...


Need more gil? Its pretty easy. Firstly, you should haev an excess of
Francisca Axes from chaining those Cerberus. I had 9, and sold them for
a ton of gil. Sell those. Then, sell all armor and weapons you dont want.
Then, sell all loot you dont want. Sell all Gems and anything else you
have more than, say, 3 of. Some of the Fleshes and Pelts will rake in the
big bucks, and you should have plenty of cash in no time. Personally, I
bought all Tournesol components and the thing itself with loot. However, if
still you need more, take on the Rank VII Behemoth King hunt. Kill him.
Then, go to Mt Bur Omisace, and keep going North till a tent pops up. Unequip
Vaan's weapon and touch it for 500,000 Gil. That should help.

Well, you got the Tournesol (hopefully). Yay. Give it to a guy with super
high Strength - Basch or Vaan usually. 2H Sword damage is calculated by
a factor solely of the character's Strength. So um.. yay again.

>Ve: Tournesol Pictures!<

Too lazy to get the Tournesol but really wanna see it? Well I took some
pictures of mine so you could relish in its glory. And here they are:



Yay Tournesol!



The Masamune is the best Samurai Katana you can get in the game. It is really good
and in addition to crazy damage, it has a 40% combo rate! And 70% if you use its
partner, the Genji Gloves! So, the Masamune is:

Katana (2H) Element: none
Attack: 93 Combo Rate: 40%
Evasion: 5

Sweet. It's possible to get TWO Masamune in the game. One from Gilgamesh and
another if you make it. If you havent gotten the Tournesol yet, you can overlap
the Gemsteels to get it. It requires 2 Mallets, 3 Orichalcum, and 2 Gemsteel.

>VIa: From Gilgamesh<

Gilgamesh is of course a Rank VI(I) Hunt, received from Montblanc entitled
Ancient Man of Mystery. I actually ahve documented this hunt already on my
Mob Hunt FAQ on ign.com. Here is the link:


Go to that, press Ctrl+F, and search Gilgamesh. Then beat him and talk to
Montblanc. Hooray, you get a Masamune! Of course dont forget to Steal from
Gilgamesh during the first battle, last stage. This is where you get the
Genji Gloves, which multiply the combo rate of any weapon by 1.8. For the
Masamune, we're talking 70%. The actual *number* of hits you'll pull off
is related to your HP, and if you have less than 6% HP, you'll be hitting
an average of NINE times! Cool.

>VIa: From Bazaar<

Kay, we need 3 ingredients. Remember doing the Tournesol? Well here we go again.
You gotta get 2 Mallets, 3 Orichalcum, and 2 Gemsteel. And 350,000 Gil.

- For the Mallets, we can get these from a rare game. Named Bombshell. Firstly,
go defeat the Antlion Hunt and youll get a nice Site 3 key. Now head over to
Phon Coast and search northern Hunter's Camp. Next to the dude that fell from
Bhujerba is the Site 11 key. Got that, now head to Lhusu Mines/Lasche Span,
which is in the deep Western area of the Mines (read up on Gilgamesh). Now
look, theres a 20% chance he'll be here. If not, go one area away and return.
Steal from him till you get a Mallet, then run TWO areas away. Return. Steal.
The Mallet also drops from Purobolos enemies in the Pharos. Also, you'll
prolly have 1 already from Montblanc (the Clan moogle) for killing King Bomb.
So just do this once.

- Now for the Orichalcum. Go to Pharos/First Ascent. Look around for 10
Deidars and kill them. Now go to floor 48F and Vishno will be where the Aeronite
was. Steal. You might get a Damascus Steel. Once you steal something, run 2 areas
away to reset the Steal. Go back and repeat, etc. Ironically, these things
also drop from Deidars themselves, so you can try chaining them if you want. Or
Poach them.

- Gemsteel time. You need 2, but you should have one from the clan (for having
8 Espers). Then you
only need one. The Gemsteel itself is comprised of 2 Damascus Steel (you might
have some from Stealing from Vishno), 1 Scarletite, and 2 Hell-Gate Flames.
For this and more, look above at Section Vb. Now you just need to sell ALL
this everything to get it.

Ok, sell the Gemsteel ingredients for ONE GEMSTEEL per time. Assuming youre makng
2 (even though you should have one from the Clan for 8 Espers). Then simply
sell the rest of the ingredients to unlock the Masamune, and buy it for 350k Gil.

Now, if you want to do this and get the Tournesol too, sell in this order:
- 3 Empyreal Soul
- 3 Serpentarius
- 2 Mallet
- 3 Orichalcum
- 3 Gemsteel

Now both the Masamune and the Tournesol will be unlocked.



The 'best' sword in the game, but more of a slower, more powerful Excalibur.
This is pretty much a trophy and won't be used much if you get it, since it has
the slowest attack rate of anything in the game. Anyway, it is:

Sword (2H) Element: Holy
Attack: 130
Evasion: 50

To get it, sell 1 Omega Badge, 1 Godslayer's Badge, and 1 Lu Shang's Badge.

>VIIa: Getting the Wyrmhero Blade<

Basically you need those 3 things, sell them to the Bazaar, and buy the blade
for 65000 Gil. Get them like this:

- The Omega Badge is received after beating the optional boss, Omega Mk. XII.
He is located in the depths of the Great Crystal. Check out this map:
That should guide you nicely. If you need help navigating, I'm gunna copy and
paste my walkthru of getting the Zodiac Estucheon here, since its relatively
the same path. First, look up at the Excalibur section, and proceed to the
platform where the Excalibur is/was. Then...

Assuming youre at the Excalibur platform and looking at
the Great Crystal map noted above, return all the way
to Waystone (WS) XIV. Head NE once to the Leo Gate Stone,
touch it, and return to WS XIV. Now go SW to the first
platform, North to the next, NE to the next. Now go
NW (*not* to the Excalibur platform) to the next area. Go
down the only path accessible and open the Leo Gate. Go
North 2 screens to WS XV.

Touching that, it takes you to WS XVI. This is the very
confusing part, so refer to the map often. Head North
to the Libra Gate Stone and touch it. Now move West to open
Libra Gate II (L2 on the map). Go South a ways to the Capricorn
Gate Stone and touch it. Now backtrack all the way to WS XVI,
head East once and open Capricorn Gate I (C1). Proceed forward
and touch the Virgo Gate Stone. Now backtrack back to the Libra Gate
Stone, dont touch it, and go NE once. You should now be on the platform
with 2 Gates. Open the Virgo Gate II (V2) which should be on your left.
Proceed through and North a platform or two to reach WS XVII. Touch it.
Youll be at WS XVIII. North once is a Save Crystal. Use that, then go NW
to the Aquarius Gate Stone. Touch that and backtrack to WS XVIII, touch it,
and return to WS XVII. Go back many platforms until you reach the platform
just BEFORE the Capricorn Gate Stone. Instead of going there, go West
and open the Aquarius Gate I (A1). Now backtrack to the Capricorn Gate
Stone again, touch that, and go all the way past Libra Gate Stone to the
platform with V2 and C2. Open Capricorn Gate II (C2). Now backtrack to
where we just opened Aquarius Gate I (A1) and continue forward to the
Taurus Gate Stone. Touch that and backtrack to the Libra Gate Stone,
forward through where Capricorn Gate II used to be, and East one
platform. Open Taurus Gate I (as opposed to Taurus II, in the Zodiac
Estucheon case) and go to WS XXI. Now just keep touching Waystones and
you'll arive at Omega. I might post a guide on him later, for now just
google him if you need help.

- The Godslayer's Badge is received after beating the Yiazmat mark. He is
arguably the strogset monster in the game, with 50 million HP. Killing him in
2 hours time is considered extremely fast. To unlock Yiazmat, first kill
Hellwyrm (to find Hellwyrm, you can look at my Mob Hunt FAQ on ign.com. Just
ctrl+f and look for Hellwyrm). Then Montblanc will allow you to take on
Yiazmat. Again, I might post a guide at some point, just Google him.

- The Lu Shang's Badge is the last item and you get it from the fishing
minigame. For this I like to quote Ishamaelxx's Fishing Guide on gamefaqs.
Basically just follow that guide all the way until you unlock the Den of
the River Lord. Catch the Riverlord fish to get this item. The secret to this
is memorizing the *last 3 keys* in any given combination. Once you familiarize
yourself with the last 3 combos, you can do this much faster. Because you'll
take some time with the first 3 keys, then once you get to the familiar last 3,
you can push those out quickly to save yourself. For example, one combination
of the last 3 is L1 - X - R1. This is a simple sweeping motion from left to
right, obviously, and once you realize that it's this combo, you can pull it
off quickly.



This section will list recipes for the best items in each given class, which
can only be obtained through the Bazaar. They don't have their own section
since it should be pretty straightforward. If you need locations, look at this
FAQ: https://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/final_fantasy_xii_bazaar_loot.txt

>VIIIa: The Sagittarius Bow<
Bow (2H)
Attack: 93

- 4 Sagittarius Gems
- 3 Beastlord Horns
- 3 Moon Rings

>VIIIb: The Whale Whisker Pole<
Pole (2H)
Attack: 108
Evasion: 25

- 4 Aquarius Gems
- 3 Corpse Fly
- 3 Mythril

>VIIIc: The Durandal Sword<
Sword (1H)
Attack: 99

- 1 Leshach Halycon
- 2 Emperor Scales
- 3 Lifewicks

>VIIId: The Scorpion Tail Axe<
Axe (1H)
Attack: 119
Evasion: 2

- 4 Scorpio Gems
- 3 Wyrm Bones
- 3 Charged Gizzards

>VIIIe: The Artemis Arrows<
Attack: 5
Element: Earth

- 3 Gemini Gems
- 2 Vampyr Fangs
- 2 Dorsal Fins

>VIIIf: The Grand Bolts<
Attack: 4

- 3 Capricorn Gems
- 2 Wrath of the Gods
- 2 Ring Wyrm Liver



Q: Ithuno isn't there. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Probably not. There is only a chance that he'll be there, so make sure
youre looking in the right spot, and just keep trying.

Q: I couldn't find the Feywood Deathbringer.
A: Oh well, it's a random chest. I found it twice though.



Well, that's probably everything you wanted to know about the Deathbringer. It
can be bought later on in the game, but this way is more fun. PLus, can be done
earlier. If there's anything I missed, or something I said wrong, please
contact me and ill change it. Thanks for reading.

If there are any weapons you want to see here, email them to me and ill post
what you have.



Feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

I'll respond ASAP. Please put FF12 FAQ or something similar in the subject line.