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Pokemon Colosseum

This FAQ was written by me, Shadow, Frog, however you know me. This is free tobe posted anywhere, as long as I get credited for anything taken here, and I'd
like it if you could email me as to where it would be placed. I would really
appreciate that. My email is [email protected]


To the fellow users at the Pokemon IAPN boards who seem to be so uptight as to
not want to answer someones questions. Your being an asshole really pushed me
to do a FAQ like this, since you make it seem like it's such a bother to answer
one simple question. Thank you, really.

To Nintendo and all of the makers of Pokemon, Colosseum, blah blah, and to those
nice enough to not be jerks and answer those questions, which I will put into
use on this FAQ.

-FAQ Body Structure-

I. Purpose of this FAQ
II. Shadow PokemonIII. Shadow Pokemon Locations
IV. Purifying Shadow Pokemon
V. Natures
VI. Purifying Methods
VII. Faster Purifying Tricks

I. Purpose of this FAQ?

So you don't go all Ctrl + F on this FAQ, I'll just tell you the rundown of
what can be found here.

-List and Locations of all Shadow Pokemon
-Location of the 3, yes, 3, Time Flutes
-List of the 5 taming method to "Purify" Pokemon
-List of what "Taming" method is best for each Pokemon

Along the way, I have uncovered some little "tricks" to say, to speed up the
taming process, but I'll get to those later in section VII.

II. Shadow Pokemon

Colosseum takes place in Orre. After watching the intro, you're probably left
with a few questions. To make it simple, the Lead Character, used to belong to
a secret organization that used to steal Pokemon, so nicely named "Team Snaggem".
For some reason, he decided to leave, destroyed the giant "Snaggem" Machine, that
was used to "Steal" other trainers Pokemon, and he himself took the smaller, more
portable "Snaggem" Machine, which he wears on his left arm. Team Snaggem found a
way to turn Pokemon into pure fighting machines, who are capable of hurting the
Pokemon AND their trainers. Along the way, you come upon your sidekick, and she,
with her powers, can see these "Shadow Pokemon".

Now, before you start asking, you have to remember some things about catching a
Shadow Pokemon.

-Their pre-evolution and after-evolution forms don't count for more than one. If
you caught a Makuhita, and evolved him to a Hariyama, it will still only count as
one Shadow Pokemon.

-If you want some of the pre-evolutionary forms of the Pokemon, like a Larvitar, a
Houndour, etc., you must make sure that you catch a female version of the Pokemon.
If you don't know which is which, next to their name, if the sign is blue, it's a
Male, if it's Red/Pinkish, it's a Female.

-If you lose a match to someone using a Shadow Pokemon, and do not reset, then its
gender will be preset. For instance, if your team is defeated by a Male Quilava,
and you let it take you back to the Pokemon Center manually, and save, everytime
you go back to that Quilava, it will be always be a Male. This can actually be a
good thing, but I will get to that later on the FAQ.

-Catching Shadow Pokemon is just like catching Pokemon in the wild. The weaker they
are, they more likely it is to get caught.

III. Shadow Pokemon Locations

Here, you will find a list of all Shadow Pokemon, in the order they can be
found, and their Male/Female frequency rate, credits to Serebii.net

Some notes to keep in mind, there are some Pokemon that can't be male due
to their species, or due to programming. The following Pokemon can NOT be


Aside from these, any other Shadow Pokemon in the game has a possiblity of
being female.

Pokemon Name Location Male % Female %

Makuhita Phenac City 75 25
Bayleef* Phenac City 87.5 12.5
Quilava* Phenac City 87.5 12.5
Croconaw* Phenac City 87.5 12.5

Noctowl Pyrite Town 50 50
Flaafy Pyrite Town 50 50
Skiploom Pyrite Town 50 50
Quagsire Pyrite Town 50 50
Misdreavus Pyrite Town 50 50
Slugma Pyrite Town 50 50
Furret Pyrite Town 50 50

Yanma Pyrite Building 50 50
Mantine Pyrite Building 50 50
Remoraid Pyrite Building 50 50
Qwilfish Pyrite Building 50 50

Meditite Pyrite Cave 50 50
Swablu Pyrite Cave 50 50
Dunsparse Pyrite Cave 50 50
Sudowoodo Pyrite Cave 50 50

Hitmontop Agate Village 100 0

Entei Mt. Battle Genderless

Ledian The Under 50 50
Suicune The Under Genderless
Gligar The Under 50 50
Stantler The Under 50 50
Piloswine The Under 50 50
Sneasel The Under 50 50

Aipom Shadow Pokemon Lab 50 50
Murkrow Shadow Pokemon Lab 50 50
Forretress Shadow Pokemon Lab 50 50
Vibrava Shadow Pokemon Lab 50 50
Ariados Shadow Pokemon Lab 50 50
Granbull Shadow Pokemon Lab 25 75
Raikou Shadow Pokemon Lab Genderless

Sunflora Realgam Tower 50 50
Delibird Realgam Tower 50 50
Heracross Realgam Tower 50 50
Skarmory Realgam Tower 50 50
Miltank Realgam Tower 0 100
Absol Realgam Tower 50 50
Houndoom Realgam Tower 50 50
Tropius Realgam Tower 50 50
Metagross Realgam Tower Genderless
Tyranitar Realgam Tower 50 50

Smeargle Snagem Hideout 50 50
Ursaring Snagem Hideout 50 50

Shuckle The Under 50 50

Togetic Outskirt Stand 87.5 12.5

So in total, that's 48 Shadow Pokemon, not counting those that you start off
with, (Espeon, Umbreon) and the ones given to you (Plusle, Ho-Oh).

There will be some occasions that you will have to fight many Shadow Pokemon
that you are able to catch in succesion. You have to remember that sometimes,
the Pokemon can already be caught in your Ruby/Sapphire game. Remember to try
to catch females of those that have a pre-evolutionary form, and that can NOT
be found in your Ruby/Sapphire game.

Another thing to remember is that if you find a Shadow Pokemon female, if you
lose to it, and save, it will ALWAYS be female. The only flaw to this is that
you will lose half of the money you have. So only do this to Pokemon that you
have had a very hard time finding a Female form of a certain Pokemon. Also,
use your Time Flutes and Master Ball wisely.

*Whichever one of these Pokemon that you decide to get first, you will not be
able to get the other 2 until you have encountered Tyranitar.

IV. Purifying Shadow Pokemon

Now, if you just started, if you checked the "summary" of a Pokemon, you will
easily see this purple bar. That bar signifies it's purification progress. A
Shadow Pokemon can only be fully purified until the entire bar is depleted,
and it says for you to undo the "Final Lock". When it says that, you have one
final thing to do. You go to Agate Village, go into the forest, and talk to
the Ancient Relic.

Choose the Shadow Pokemon that is ready to be purified, and it will lose the
move "Shadow Rush" and regain its fourth move. Then, it will gain the exp. it
was storing up during its Shadow form.

V. Natures

Before you skip this part, please, READ this. This is very important when it
comes to purifying a Shadow Pokemon as fast as possible.

Natures are the most important thing in purifying a Pokemon. When you check
it in the summary, it will give you a ???. The cheapest way to determine a
Pokemon's nature is to save first, VERY important, so you don't "lose" any
money. Then go to the shop in Agate, buy as many "Vivid Scents" as you can.
After that, use it on the Pokemon that you want to know its nature. After a
few Vivid Scent's, it should get past the 2nd bar. That is when its nature
shows up. Once you find its nature, write it down, remember it, whatever,
and consult the chart in Section VI (below). After you know its nature, you
can reset, so the money you wasted on the Scents won't be wasted, but the
Pokemon's Nature is already determined and can not be changed.

VI. Purifying Methods

There are quite a few ways to Purify a Pokemon. Once you know its Nature,
search for it in the list in the bottom. See what method works best for it
and use that to purify it as quickly as you can. Below are the ways you
can purify a Pokemon, and below the list of methods is the Nature/Method

Method 1: Participating in Battle
Method 2: Call it back from Hyper Mode
Method 3: Walking around, the Pokemon in your party
Method 4: Leaving it at the Daycare in Agate Village
Method 5: Using Cologne.
Method X: The Time Flute

| Method

Nature | 1 2 3 4 5
Adamant Good Bad Good Average Bad
Bashful Very Bad Average Bad Good Very Good
Bold Good Bad Very Good Average Very Bad
Brave Very Good Bad Good Bad Bad
Calm Good Average Average Good Good
Careful Bad Average Bad Good Good
Docile Bad Very Good Average Bad Average
Gentle Very Bad Average Bad Very Good Good
Hardy Good Average Good Very Bad Average
Hasty Very Good Average Bad Very Bad Good
Impish Very Good Average Good Very Bad Bad
Jolly Good Average Average Very Bad Good
Lax Average Bad Good Bad Good
Lonely Very Bad Good Good Very Bad Very Good
Mild Bad Bad Bad Good Very Good
Modest Bad Average Very Bad Very Good Average
Naive Average Average Good Bad Average
Naughty Good Bad Very Good Bad Bad
Quiet Average Average Average Average Average
Quirky Very Good Bad Very Bad Very Good Bad
Rash Bad Average Average Average Good
Relaxed Bad Bad Bad Very Good Good
Sassy Very Good Very Bad Good Bad Average
Serious Average Good Average Average Bad
Timid Very Bad Good Very Bad Very Good Good

Example: If you have an Impish Pokemon, you are better off using it in battle,
rather than leaving it in the day care center, or using cologne on it. Now if
you had a Mild Pokemon, using 10 or so of the "Vivid Scent" cologne's would
fully purify it.

Now you may be asking now that why isn't there a listing for the Time Flute
method? That's simple. ANY Pokemon, no matter what nature, can be completely
restored using the Time Flute. So there doesn't need to be a listing for it.
That is also why you should use the 3 Time Flutes you receive wisely. It is
also very important to save one for Tyranitar. Not only is it incredibly hard
to Purify him in any way, despite his nature, he is very hard to catch without
the Master Ball. So use two Time Flutes on any of the Legendaries, and save 1
for Tyranitar.

Just to clear up, the 3 Time Flutes are found as followed...

1. Received after fighting Entei
2. Using the U-Disk in the UFO at The Under
3. At the Top of Mt. Battle

VII. Faster Purifying Tricks

Now, I have mentioned all of the Purification methods. But I have found a way
to sorta "ease" things up a bit. Doing it this way can make Purifying a very
cheap (as in, no money), yet very time consuming method. There are also some
hazards, but I will put that in the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER: The following method is upon YOUR decision to do so. If something
happens to your Gamecube, Memory Card, Game, Controller, or anything, is only
the fault of your decision to do so. Any problems occuring during the process
of doing this is the problem if the person him/herself. I myself am doing this
and am putting myself to the same risks as anyone else. There may be potential
damage that can be done to your stuff, but I have yet to encounter any. This
is just to Protect myself just in case anyone's GC or anything messes up and
they try to blame it on me. This is what I do, I am not telling you to do this
or to NOT do this. That is up to you.

Now that I have that out of the way, the method is this. First, you must have
access to Agate Village. This is very important. Also, you must already be able
to talk to the relic, to purify your Shadow Pokemon.

After you have all of this, make sure you save. Now, take the Shadow Pokemon,
or 6 for a much better range, and go to the first hill when you enter Agate.
Here is a picture if you don't know what I'm talking about...


That hill is very important. If you have tried, you've noticed that even when
you walk against a wall, you keep walking. After a test, I've realized that
if you do that, it will not affect the Pokemon's Shadow bar. So as I was on
the brink of giving up, I was walking through Agate. I accidentally hit the
corner of the hill and I noticed one very important thing. Unlike any other
wall or hill, hitting that wall caused the entire screen to shake. Walking in
that direction would make the screen continually shake. Now it occured to me,
maybe that would actually help. So while watching Seinfeld, I held "DOWN" on
the Control Stick. After a half hour, I checked on the 6 Shadow Pokemon on my
team, and it had gone down a good 25% on the Bold Smeargle. It was then that
I realized I could use this to my advantage.

This may be considered very cheap, or not, it's up to you. I myself just find
this as a much easier and simpler way to purify Shadow Pokemon. To simplify it,
I'll put them in numbered steps.

1. Get any 6 Shadow Pokemon on your team.
2. Go to that hill in Agate. -> https://svr01.thump.net/631920/ftk/pokcol02.jpg
3. Hold down to make your character shake the screen.*
4. Wait after a while, and your Pokemon should be fully purified.

The process of waiting is the longest. Even if the Pokemon as a Very Good in
just walking around, it can take a good hour to fully purify it. If you have a
Pokemon has has a Very Bad in Method 3, it can take up to 5 hours. However long
you decide to keep the Gamecube on while doing this is up to you. I can not be
held responsible if anything happens.

*Now, of course, there are different ways to do this. Maybe you thought about
this already, but if you have worked with Control Sticks, you know that if you
tilt them in a direction while plugging them in, they tend to glitch out. This
is useful, since what I've noticed with the Gamecube Controllers is that if you
hold the Control Stick in any direction, if you plug it in, it will move in the
opposite direction. So once you are at the end of the hill like so.


Disconnect your controller. Then, hold up, then plug in the controller WHILE
you are holding UP on the Control Stick. Once it is plugged in, you will see
your character going upwards slowly. Let the controller go, and he will start
to run in the direction of the hill, causing that shake. All that is left is
to leave it there on its on, while you go out to do something, watch a movie,
whatever you want. Just make sure you check on it, and save. You have to make
sure that when your character is running into the hill, it causes the screen
to shake. That is VERY important. Also, make sure that if you plan to keep the
Gamecube on for a very long time, to leave it in a nice open space, to get a
good venting of air out. Whatever you choose to do in the process of the wait
is up to you. Go out, get some air, watch TV, a movie, whatever. Or you could
leave a Pokemon in the Daycare to purify 7 all at once.


I really suggest that you do NOT use a Wavebird for this. The reason is because
not only will this easily chew a good 5 hours of your battery life for it, the
Wavebird also causes this "black out" message if the battery is to low. If that
happens in the middle of this process, your character will just stand there. If
you decide to use a Wavebird, that's your decision, but I really decide against

This method was completely devised by me. I have not heard of anyone Purifying
Pokemon this way, so this was entirely my method. It's free to use and to be
distributed, I'd just like to make sure I get credited :D.

That's all there is to it for this FAQ. If you have any comments, see that I may
have made an error, with an in-game fact or a Typo, please let me know. I will
give full credit to you. If you have anything you'd like to add, or a question,
please e-mail me or PM me on the IAPN boards.

E-Mail: [email protected]
IAPN Board Name: FrogTheKnight