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Fish FAQ

copyright 2003 Leo C (diabloDAB) - [email protected] - &
Mike O (ILuvAlixD) - [email protected] -
Last Update v .93 3/14/03 Current Version - v.96 3/16/03

I wrote this FAQ because I know when I first started Dark Cloud 2 I
couldn't wait to start fishing! There's a lot more to fish and fishing
in this game than you would think though. Mike has a major help to me
in getting this FAQ going and keeping the project alive. This FAQ is half
mine and half his. This FAQ will cover just about everything there is
about fish. From getting to fish in the first place all the way to the Finny Frenzy. In no way is this guide complete as of yet but it's on its
way. Any contributions, corrections, praise or death threats can be sent
to [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you and have a day.

| Table of Contents |
| |
| 1. Rods |
| 1a. Lure Rod |
| 1b. Optimal Rod Leveling |
| 2. Bait/Lures |
| 3. The Fish |
| 3a. Baron Garayan |
| 3b. Breeding |
| 3b1. Cross Breeding |
| 3b2. Bait Effects |
| 3b3. Fish Stats |
| 3b4. Tank Effects |
| 4. Fish Locations |
| 5. Competitions |
| 5a. Fishing Contest |
| 5b. Finny Frenzy |
| 6. Legal |
| 7. Thanks/Credits |
| |

| 1. Rods |

You acquire two rods throughout the course of this game, the Bait Rod and
the Lure Rod. The Bait Rod is a storyline event so you really can't miss
getting it. The Lure Rod on the otherhand can be gotten two ways. You can
get the Lure Rod by winning the Fishing Contest or by inventing it with
Fish, Lafrescia Stem, and River. The stats on the rods are as follows:

Flight - How far you can cast your bait/lure (affects fish size)
Strength - How quickly you can pull in fish (affects fish size)
Resiliance - How much pressure the line can take before breaking
Grip - How much the controller rumbles when a fish nibbles/bites
Luck - The chances of getting a big fish, a bite, etc. (affects fish size)

* 1a. Lure Rod *

There are a lot of questions about the Lure Rod out there, and I intend
to put most of them to rest. The most common is how to actually use the
pole. I've found that it's not using the pole itself, it's using the
bait. This is going to sound really corny, but try to be the bait to the
best of your abilities. You'll see what I mean.

The Frog- How would a frog move? Most likely with a jerking motion, right?
Try moving your rod left and right about four times before reeling in for
about a second, which is a lot longer than all the other lures. Stop and

The Minnow- You'll need faster movements with this one. Why? Minnows are
small fish, that's why. Try moving left, right, X, left, left, X, Right,
ect. fairly quickly, but not fast enough for fish not to grab and take
this one.

The Spinner- This is the exception to my rule. In real life, one would cast
out and reel in quickly, causing the spoon to spin (hence the name) and
hope that a fast fish will chase and take it. Well in Dark Cloud, none of
the fish are fast enough to do that, so use it just like the minnow. Reel
in longer than you would with the minnow however.

The Fork- Well... I've never seen anyone fish with a fork. Maybe all the
inventing finally caused Max to snap. Use it like you would the frog at
the Heim Rada Springs and reel in a big one!

Although the first rod you recieve is the easiest to use, people still
seem to have trouble with it. Use my tips and never go wrong again. Put
bait on the hook EVERY TIME YOU CATCH A FISH, cast out, and let it sit
there until a curious fish comes along for a snack. Easy as a breezy
fo' cheesy weezy... Or something.
-Mike Out

* 1b. Optimal Rod Leveling *

Part 1

Most of you will find this information very useful. These are the formulas
for leveling my poles that I have found incredibly effective. The first
pole is harder to level up because the fish brought in are generally
smaller. Here are the best ways to go about leveling up this pole. The
three main attributes worth leveling up, in order of importance,
are: strength, luck, and resilience. You're going to need strength to even
handle the larger fish. Luck will help you bring in bigger and better
fish more often, and finally, you don't want that line to snap, do you?

I keep my points apart by 5 while building. Keep resilience 5 lower than
strength, but luck 5 higher.

45 Resilience
50 Strength
55 Luck

Flight doesn't really need to be above 25 unless you like to brag about
being able to cast across the Palm Brinks Lake. =P Grip is just a
novelty, in my opinion, but raise it up to 20, just so it looks good
with the other stats. As soon as you get to about 55. 60. 65 with the
three big stats, you'll want to raise that resilience as high as you can.
Why? The faster you bring them in, the faster you can cast out again.

Part 2

The Lure Rod Levels a little differently to me. I keep my luck 5 above
strength, but resilience 5 above luck.

60 Resilience
50 Strength
55 Luck

Why do I do this? It doesn't seem to bring in bigger fish... right?
Wrong. The difference between the rods isn't in length, it's in weight.
The line on the Lure Rod seems so much weaker because the fish are so
much heavier. It also casts out a lot farther than the other rod, so
it'd be a good idea to keep it around 25 or so. The farther out you
cast, the more time you have to try and get a fish to fall for your lures.
-Mike Out

| 2. Bait/Lures |

Different bait catches different fish. Different lures catch different fish.
Now that the obvious is over, here's the list.


Bananna - Piccoly, Niler
Battan - Gummy, Niler, Bon
Bomb Nuts - Piccoly, Gummy, Bon
Carrot - Umadakara
Evy - Bon, Tarton, Bobo
Gooey Peach - Gummy, Bobo, Bon
Heart-Throb Cherry - Gummy
Mimi - Gummy, Niler, Nonky, Bon, Tarton, Bobo
Minion - Bon, Bobo, Den
Petite Fish - Bon, Kaji, Den, Hama Hama
Poison Apple - Mardan Garayan
Potato Cake - Gummy, Tarton, Bon, Priscleen
Prickly - Bon


Many people have been asking how to get lures. Here's the info courtesy of
LuvAlix/Mike again. :)

1. Win any race in the Finny Frenzy in First Place. This is easiest
accomplished in the Beginner Races.

2. Go back to the Palm Brinks Town Square when there are no events
being held there.

3. There will be a Firbit girl in the square at this time. Talk to her
and she will now join you.

4. She will sell you every lure in the game, so you don't have to run
around trying to find/invent more.

One more side note about lures: You only need to buy one of each lure
and they will last you forever!

Fork - Baron Garyan
Frog -
Minnow - Baku Baku, Den, Bon, Hama Hama, Kaji
Spinner - Baku Baku, Tarton,

| 3. The Fish |

And now, our guests of honor, the fishes themselves. This whole FAQ
revolves around those little buggers so maybe you should know which ones
are which. I'll put the game description then my own just for clarification.
**Still under CoNstRuCtIoN**

Baku Baku - No cavities with this one. Only sparkling choppers.
Baron Garayan -
Bobo -
Bon - It may look like he's half smiling but he really isn't. (balloon)
Den - Ancient fish. Still going strong. (looks flat and brown, pillbuggish)
Gobbler -
Gummy -
Hama Hama -
Heela -
Kaji - A fish in its prime. Fresh and juicy. Quite popular. (swordfish)
Mardan Garayan - The cutest eyes around. Sparkling teeth, too. (lipstick)
Negie - I may look insignificant, but this body's elastic! (accordian)
Niler - I may be a piranha, but I'm not really all that fierce. (piranha)
Nonky - Swims along sleepy-eyed, at its own lazy pace. (yellow, sleepy)
Piccoly -
Priscleen - Fish that cleans off moss stuck to King Mardan. (long nose)
Tarton - Aren't shells the best! (turtle-looking fish)

* 3a. Baron Garyan *

Due to all the confusion and such about the Baron Garayan...it has its
own section. This is Mike's material right here since he's the Baron
expert of the two of us. ;)

Ah, yes... The legendary fish that is: The Baron Garayan. *Ahem* Sorry,
they're my favorite fish to catch and an interesting fish to look at.
Mardan Garayans will always be my favorite fish to look at, but this
isn't about them. So what exactly is a Baron? Well, they're a fairly rare
fish, and I use the term "rare" rather loosely. In Dark Cloud 2, they
only bite on one type of rod, on one type of lure, at one location and
usually during one time of day.

So why catch them? Probably for the fact that even the smallest ones
usually bring in at least 300 fp. And it only goes up from there.
Oh yeah. Real treasure trove of fish. You can also win the Fishing
Contest with ease because most of them weigh at least 6000g. The
largest one I've caught so far was 92cm, 8556g. Anyway, I like these
fish. Let's all say it out loud. Just once. Ready? Baron Garayan. Sweet.

Here's a quick run-down:
What: The Lure Rod and The Fork Lure
Where: Heim Rada Springs
Time: Generally around 4pm to 9pm

People seem to think that there's some kind of "technique" to catching
them. I don't seem to think there is, but that's just me. All I can
say is, try not to use fast movements. Try moving the line left and
right in groups of three before holding the X button FOR A BRIEF MOMENT.
Let the bait stay in the water longer, but not without reeling it in
too quickly. Another good tactic? Don't even look at the screen. Move
your controller around as you talk to people on AIM or read a book or
something. I'm being serious. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be pleased
with the results. As I'm writing this, I've caught about 125 Barons.
Wow that's a lot! Gee Mike, you're really great at fishing! I know,
I know, hold your applause.

As for Lure Rod Stats? I caught my first small one with about 20 all
around, with the exception of grip. My Rod Stats right now are, and
they are in order respectively, 90, 90, 45, 90, 90. Alright already,
I have tons of FP I haven't even used yet. I honestly feel I don't
have to, and I honestly feel that I don't want to. So no mail about
"unused potential" please.
-Mike Out

* 3b. Breeding *

Ahh breeding...the best part of having fish. Making your own to kick
ass with. This modest part will describe just about everything there
is to breeding your own fish including the extremely wanted breeding

= 3b1. Cross Breeding =

The following is a large and very well made breeding list courtesy of
Invader Zorka. Thanks man!

Baku Baku + Bobo = Gobbler
Baku Baku + Bon = Priscleen
Baku Baku + Den = Tarton
Baku Baku + Gummy = Niler
Baku Baku + Hama Hama = Kaji
Baku Baku + Negie = Niler
Baku Baku + Nonky = Gobbler
Baku Baku + Priscleen = Heela
Baku Baku + Tarton = Bobo
Baku Baku + Heela = Gummy
Baku Baku + Gobbler = Kaji
Baku Baku + Niler = Nonky
Baku Baku + Kaji = Priscleen
Baku Baku + Piccoly = Negie
Baku Baku + Umadakara = Den
Baku Baku + Mardon Garayan = Piccoly
Baku Baku + Baron Garayan = Bobo
Baron Garayan + Bobo = Tarton
Baron Garayan + Bon = Heela
Baron Garayan + Den = Piccoly
Baron Garayan + Gobbler = Piccoly
Baron Garayan + Gummy = Hama Hama
Baron Garayan + Hama Hama = Gobbler
Baron Garayan + Heela = Baku Baku
Baron Garayan + Kaji = Negie
Baron Garayan + Marden Garayan = Umadakara
Baron Garayan + Negie = Den
Baron Garayan + Niler = Bon
Baron Garayan + Nonky = Niler
Baron Garayan + Piccoly = Gummy
Baron Garayan + Priscleen = Priscleen
Baron Garayan + Tarton = Nonky
Baron Garayan + Umadakara = Kaji
Bobo + Bon = Nonky
Bobo + Den = Hama Hama
Bobo + Negie = Heela
Bobo + Hama Hama = Gummy
Bobo + Tarton = Baku Baku
Bobo + Priscleen = Nonky
Bobo + Nonky = Niler
Bobo + Gummy = Den
Bobo + Heela = Gobbler
Bobo + Niler = Tarton
Bobo + Gobbler = Baku Baku
Bobo + Mardan Garayan = Bobo
Bobo + Kaji = Umadakara
Bobo + Piccoly = Baku Baku
Bobo + Umadakara = Bobo
Bon + Den = Kaji
Bon + Negie = Niler
Bon + Priscleen = Hama Hama
Bon + Tarton = Priscleen
Bon + Nonky = Bobo
Bon + Gummy = Tarton
Bon + Heela = Baku Baku
Bon + Gobbler = Priscleen
Bon + Niler = Gobbler
Bon + Kaji = Bobo
Bon + Umadakara = Nonky
Bon + Mardan Garayan = Tarton
Bon + Piccoly = Tarton
Den + Negie = Kaji
Den + Priscleen = Negie
Den + Hama Hama = Negie
Den + Tarton = Gobbler
Den + Nonky = Tarton
Den + Gummy = Baku baku
Den + Heela = Piccoly
Den + Gobbler = Nonky
Den + Niler = Gummy
Den + Kaji = Nonky
Den + Piccoly = Heela
Den + Umadakara = Baku Baku
Den + Mardan Garayan = Negie
Gobbler + Gummy = Nonky
Gobbler + Hama Hama = Kaji
Gobbler + Heela = Negie
Gobbler + Negie = Priscleen
Gobbler + Nonky = Bobo
Gobbler + Priscleen = Baku Baku
Gobbler + Tarton = Bon
Gobbler + Niler = Baku Baku
Gobbler + Kaji = Negie
Gobbler + Piccoly = Niler
Gobbler + Umadakara = Hama Hama
Gobbler + Marden Garayan = Niler
Gummy + Hama Hama = Piccoly
Gummy + Negie = Gobbler
Gummy + Nonky = Tarton
Gummy + Priscleen = Heela
Gummy + Tarton = Den
Gummy + Heela = Negie
Gummy + Niler = Nonky
Gummy + Kaji = Heela
Gummy + Piccoly = Heela
Gummy + Umadakara = Negie
Gummy + Mardan Garayan = Bon
Hama Hama + Priscleen = Bon
Hama Hama + Niler = Priscleen
Hama Hama + Nonky = Priscleen
Hama Hama + Heela = Bobo
Hama Hama + Niler = Priscleen
Hama Hama + Kaji = Bon
Hama Hama + Piccoly = Kaji
Hama Hama + Umadakara = Tarton
Hama Hama + Mardon Garayan = Den
Heela + Negie = Hama Hama
Heela + Nonky = Den
Heela + Priscleen = Nonky
Heela + Tarton = Gummy
Heela + Niler = Den
Heela + Kaji = Gobbler
Heela + Piccoly = Bon
Heela + Umadakara = Kaji
Heela + Mardan Garayan = Piccoly
Kaji + Negie = Gummy
Kaji + Niler = Priscleen
Kaji + Nonky = Baku Baku
Kaji + Priscleen = Hama Hama
Kaji + Tarton = Niler
Kaji + Piccoly = Hama Hama
Kaji + Umadakara = Den
Kaji + Mardan Garayan = Hama Hama
Mardan Garayan + Negie = Heela
Mardan Garayan + Nonky = Gummy
Mardan Garayan + Piccoly = Piccoly
Mardan Garayan + Priscleen = Priscleen
Mardon Garayan + Tarton = Priscleen
Mardon Garayan + Umadakara = Baron Garayan
Negie + Tarton = Hama Hama
Negie + priscleen = Gummy
Negie + Nonky = Gummy
Negie + Niler = Baka Baku
Negie + Piccoly = Bobo
Negie + Umadakara = Piccoly
Niler + Nonky = Kaji
Niler + Priscleen = Piccoly
Niler + Tarton = Gobbler
Niler + Piccoly = Mardan Garayan
Niler + Umadakara = Piccoly
Nonky + Priscleen = Bobo
Nonky + Tarton = Bon
Nonky + Piccoly = Priscleen
Nonky + Umadakara = Bon
Piccoly + Priscleen = Gobbler
Piccoly + Tarton = Den
Piccoly + Umadakara = Niler
Priscleen + Tarton = Niler
Priscleen + Umadakara = Tarton
Tarton + Umadakara = Bobo

Thanks again Zorka!

= 3b2. Bait Effects =

While you raise fish you'll notice that you can feed them. Each stat
raising bait raises its respective stat by one for each bait fed.
*NOTE* Trying to raise stats above 100 by feeding will cause the game
to freeze. Fish stats will max out at 400 total. Meaning all your
stats added together = 400 is the cap. Don't know why but if you have
any info, feel free to input.

Battan - Tenacity
Carrot - Boost - Changes gender of fish (male to female, vice versa)
Evy - Stamina
Petite Fish - Endurance
Potato Cake - Stamina - Lowers weight of fish(?)
Prickly - Tenacity
Mimi - Endurance
Minion - Boost

= 3b3. Fish Stats =

Yes, the fish have stats of their own. Here they are.

Boost - How fast the fish will go.
Endurance - How long the fish can push itself.
Strength - How hard the fish will bump another fish.
Tenacity - How fiercly the fish will bump others.
Stamina - How well the fish takes a bump.
Mood - Not too sure as of yet...any help would be nice.
Gender - Male or Female
Length - How long the fish is. (pairs with weight for total size)
Weight - How large the fish is. (pairs with length for total size)

Moods determine how your fish will fight in the battle tank. The
moods are as follows.

Moody - Behaves in various ways. Might try to win, might not care.
Sore loser - Doesn't care about winning at all.
Reckless - Lacking in caution. Blows all energy out then is tired.
Clownish - Fools around a lot.

= 3b4. Tank Effects =

Three tanks!? What do I do with them all!? HELP! Have no fear...I'm here.
The three tanks are pretty explainatory but there are some confusing parts.

Rec Tank - Where all your fish go when you put them in the tank in the
first place. Only fish in here can be fed and entered in the Finny

Breeding Tank - Put two fish in here and they undergo..."sexual
intercourse." Seriously though. Only one male and one female can be in
the tank at once. (no fish orgies...) You'll see the fish go into what
appears to be a shoving match then there'll be a flash of light and
the two fish will be gone but you'll have one new one! The fish will
have slightly better stats than the parents and will be a different
breed if you cross bred. Check the above list for all possible
combinations. Sometimes there will be a color change as well. You've
noticed that Kaji are always that nice blue color, right? Well, through
breeding, you can get a brown or red one! We haven't figured out how
color changes work yet so if you have any info, send it in.

Battle Tank - Before I start, YES, your fish CAN DIE while in the
battle tank. The warning signs aren't too obvious so I just say,
"put the fish in and when you start to get paranoid, take them out."
Keep in mind strength will go up through breeding. You can put up to
four fish in the tank at once if you feel like doing a fish battle
royal. If anyone has any info on the fish dying, send it in.

| 4. Fish Locations |

We know which bait catches which fish...but now we need to know where the
damn fish are! **Still under CoNstRuCtIoN**

Baku Baku -
Baron Garayan - Heim Rada Springs 4pm - 9pm
Bobo -
Bon -
Den -
Gobbler -
Gummy -
Hama Hama -
Heela -
Kaji -
Mardan Garayan - Fish Monster Swamp 6pm - 6am
Negie -
Niler -
Nonky -
Piccoly -
Priscleen -
Tarton -

| 5. Competitions |

Why raise fish if you can't kick ass with them, right? This section will
cover the Fishing Contest and the Finny Frenzy.

* 5a. Fishing Contest *

The Fishing Contest is the first contest you'll be introduced to in the
story. There's not too much to it though. You have 72 game hours to enter
your fish to be weighed. You can enter up to ten and the best three of those
ten get totaled for the final. The owl explains most of it but in order to
end the contest you choose "Total Up" from the owl's menu. Your top three
fish will be pitted against random NPCs. To win I recommend at LEAST a
15000 minimum total. The more the better though. The prizes are as follows:

1st: Lure Rod
2nd: three of any synth crystal

* 5b. Finny Frenzy *

Finny Frenzy is probably what you'll look forward to the most when it comes
to your fish. This is where all that breeding and raising pays off. Here you
race your fish against the NPC fish for prizes. There are four rankings: Beginner,
Junior, Senior, and Master. If a fish you entered wins a class, they can't race
in any other classes until the NEXT Finny Frenzy. There are warm-up tanks you
place your fish in before the race and the tanks can affect your fish in different

Tank 1: Keep A Steady Pace - Same speed throughout the race.
Tank 2: With All Your Might - Fish goes as fast as possible but gets tired.
Tank 3: Come Out Fighting - Accelerates fast then goes at a steady pace.
Tank 4: The Last Shall Be First - Steady pace until the end when it boosts.
Tank 5: Settle It In The Ring - Fish will bump other fishes a lot to slow them down.
Tank 6: Go With The Middle - If you want 2nd or 3rd, use this one.

The prizes for winning are only the same the first time you win; afterwards
they become random everytime you place.

Beginner: Grand:
Junior: Grand:
Senior: Grand:
Master: Grand:

| 6. Legal |

This FAQ is the work of Leo C ([email protected]) and Mike O
([email protected]) and is only authorized to be on GameFAQs.com. If you see
this FAQ elsewhere or you decide to take it, so be it. Keep in mind though...for
every person who steals this...one puppy shall be thrown out a window. If you can
live with that on your conscience, go ahead...heartless bastard. Again, any
questions, corrections, praise or hatemail can be sent to either two of us, both
if possible. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

| 7. Thanks/Credits |


Level 5 - for making a sequel that beat a game that I already thought was perfect.

Mike/LuvAlix - for being a great pal and helping out with so much on this FAQ. I'm
glad I had someone like him to help with my first FAQ. A great guy, don't know if
I could have found anyone better.

Kashkachka - my ass-kicking Kaji. maxed stats...wicked fish...carnage in the ring.

my computer - for not crapping out when I really needed ya you pentium 2 beauty.



GameFAQs- Thank you guys for providing such a reliable, FREE service.
Here's to many more years of the same.

Level 5- The reason for this FAQ. Thanks for starting such a wonderful
franchise. More fish in the third, though!

Leo/Diablo- Thanks for helping out with the layout and the info for this FAQ. Even
though we've only talked a few times, he's a great guy with an awesome taste in
music, games, and cars. I couldn't have worked with anyone better than he on my
first GameFAQs contribution.

Beebo- I almost gave up fishing... Then he came along. If you read my
successful topic, he was first one to post where he caught larger fish. His
discovery of the Kaji and the Hama Hama caused me to keep on angling and see
what other fish lurk in the depths of Dark Cloud 2.

Alix, Amy, Jeff, Kristal, and Matt- Hey guys! I'm on a website! And I'm not

Acura- Thanks for the Integra Type R.

Sony- For making that best console on the face of the planet.

Swimmy and Nemo- My prize winning Champions in the Finny Frenzy.

Dens- They always make me laugh when I see them swim in the Finny Frenzy.

Baron Garayans- They're such an awesome fish!

Finally, I'd like to thank the Mardan Garayans. Although you didn't do it in
Dark Cloud 2, thank you for ALWAYS showing me the way.


Invader Zorka - breeding list
Dangerboy! - mood help
Syndicate Liger - bait and fish descriptions
Mathwiz10 - mardan times
Saberstar84 - fish moods
Paul - tank effects