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STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC 2: THE SITH LORDSLocations of all Lightsabers/Lightsaber Components
By BastillaLoveChild

The Lightsaber Location FAQ

This FAQ is for the XBOX game Knights of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR 2). This
is a Star Wars-based RPG set five years after the events of KOTOR 1,
approximately 4000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies.

This FAQ will describe all of the locations in the game where you can earn a
lightsaber/lightsaber component.

I have tried to avoid including any information that would spoil any major
elements of the gameplay story. However, out of necessity, some spoiler-based
information will be present. Be warned.

For anyone who has played KOTOR 1 or KOTOR 2, you've learned that gaining your
first lightsaber is a noteworthy event. In KOTOR 2, your first lightsaber
must be built, using components which are found in your travels. Once you
have all of the parts, one of your party members will help you craft your 'saber.

As in the original KOTOR, there is a great deal of flexibility in the order of
the planets you travel to, once you have completed Peragus and Telos. While
you can travel to any of the planets to start, I have found that starting with
Nar Shadaa is the easiest planet to start with if you want to get your first
lightsaber in the shortest amount of time possible. Additionally, Dantooine
should be one of your first planets as well, as there is a very special
crystal which can be found in a cave.

When crafting your first lightsaber, three components, plus a focusing crystal
(which corresponds to a color crystal), are required. For most of the
locations listed, you would gain one of these components if you have not
crafted your first 'saber. If you have crafted one, you will find a
lightsaber, or, where noted, a lightsaber upgrade component.

As I've stated, the focus crystal is synonymous with a color crystal, i.e.,
blue, gold, green, red, violet, cyan, silver, orange, bronze, or viridian.
These crystals are usually not found as item drops. The best place to find
one, early in the game, is in one of the following areas (understanding that
merchant inventories are largely randomized)-

1. From the arms dealer on Telos Citadel Station, the 'unscrupulous'
2. From one of the two arms/equipment dealers in the main square of Nar
Shadaa. The main square is near the Ebon Hawk, and is the area from which the
Refugee Sector, Cantina, and Shuttle Docks can be accessed.
3. From the salvager on Dantooine who sells Jedi relics, located outside
the Academy approach area.

Following are the locations, listed by planet -


1. One part is earned from either the Ithorians or Czerka, depending on
who you decide to assist. The part is earned after you've helped them deal
with the Exchange.


1. From Lootra, located in the flophouse area of the Docks. The part can
be earned by killing him the first time you meet him, or by successfully
reuniting him with his wife, who is located in the Refugee Sector.
2. NS (or other first planet): Part earned by defeating Visas, when she
first appear to fight you on the Ebon Hawk. If Nar Shadaa is your first
planet, and your alignment is at least 25% light-side or dark-side, she will
appear here.
3. Vogga's side chamber. To access the area, you need to complete
several side-quests. You'll need someone stealth-equipped to eavesdrop on two
aliens in the flophouse, to learn how to deal with the Kath Hounds. After,
you'll need to speak to the bartender in the Cantina to get the Juma Juice for
the Kath Hounds water. After, you'll need to speak to the Twilek in the bar,
and agree to dance for Vogga. Once you've put Vogga to sleep by dancing,
spike the Kath Hounds water urn with the Juma Juice, and use a character with
a moderate security skill open the side chamber door.
4. From Husef, in the Refugee Sector. The part is given once you've
helped the Refugees in dealing with the Serocco and Exchange, and helped
reunite a mother with her daughter, being held by the Exchange.
5. After meeting with the Jedi Master. This part is earned if any of the
previous were missed.


1. Available for purchase from the salvager you rescue from the Jedi
Academy Sub-Levels. He will normally charge 1000-1300 credits for lightsaber,
focus crystal, and upgrade component. If you do not have the credits, do not
worry, he will hold the items for you on the surface, back with the rest of
the salvage crew.
2. In the Jedi Academy Sub-Levels, you will find two salvager corpses, if
you spoke to all of the salvagers on the surface to activate a certain sub-
quest. The second corpse will have a will on their body, which you can tamper
with. If you alter the will, and then show it to Zherron (located in the
Khoonda Administrative Building), you will receive a lightsaber, multiple
components, and some dark-side points.
3. After meeting with the Jedi Master on the planet.


1. Earned after killing a Canook in the jungle. If you have a saber at
this point, you earn a type of upgrade crystal/component.
2. Earned from Mandalore, after you have completed all of the sidequests
required to earn his assistance. These include: killing the rakkeg and
getting proof, dealing with the lost Mandalorian, helping the Mandalorian
Scout in the jungle, completing all three parts of the tower repair work,
opening the Mandalorian cache, and winning the Battle Circle.
3. In Iziz, from Dhagon Ghent, earned after meeting him back at his
4. On Dxun, at the end of the tomb explored by the side party you send.
5. In Iziz, on the Sky Ramp, dropped by one of the enemies.
6. In Iziz, in the palace, in the room which resembles a bedroom located
on the north end. The 'saber, or part, is in one of the secure plasteel
cylinders, and requires a high security skill to open.


1. Earned from the Jedi Master.
2. Earned after completing the area located in the back of the Shyrack
Cave. Hint: check all containers before leaving this area, once all of the
enemies have been defeated.


1. From one of the Sith, fought in the first interior area you come to.
2. Earned after defeating one of the final boss characters.


I'd like to thank Bioware and Obsidian, for crafting two of the finest RPG's
available for XBOX, or any other platform for that matter.

Special thanks also go out to IAPN, for their excellent web-site, and to the
IAPN KOTOR Board. Great folks who love great games.