Komplettlösung + Glitch-Anleitung

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Written by: Daniel Acaba
Online ID: Misfit119
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System: PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC

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1 - Update History
2 - New Skills
3 - New Specializations
4 - Characters
5 - Walkthrough
6 - Side Quests
7 - Glitches and Bugs
8 - About the Author

1. Update History
v.1.0 - 4/03/2010

2. New Skills
Runecrafting - Much like Herbalism or Poison-Making Runecrafting is an active,
creation skill. By activating this ability you can craft runes of any level to
be placed in your weapons and armor. To do this you will need the recipes to
craft them as well as the required items so be sure to stock up at a merchant.

Vitality - One of the better passive skills in the game, Vitality gives you a
fair boost to your health. This bonus only gets bigger as you level up this
skills ranks. This is an incredibly helpful skill for melee types who aren't
sword and shield warriors. Melee rogues, two-handed and dual-wielding fighters
as well as Arcane Warrior Mages all benefit from this skill.

Clarity - While Vitality is a really good skill Clarity is a bit less so. The
only people that will really want to bother with this are mages since they are
the only class that absolutely needs more mana / stamina. Fighters can get the
Second Wind skill which makes this redundant and Stamina Draughts solve most
other situations where more stamina would help so it's a waste of skills.

3. New Specializations
Spirit Warrior - The specializations start off strong with the Spirit Warrior.
Once you've mastered the class the main ability, Beyond the Veil, will
become an almost broken monstrosity. They will evade most physical
attacks thrown their way, resist most magic, move and attack faster
and his attacks can bypass armor. This is a great specialization for a
warrior who is using a two-handed sword or dual wielding since it will
help to protect them while letting them unload damage on the enemies.

Guardian - Even though this is an interesting idea it's not a very good class.
The problem here is that with all of the abilities warriors have easy
access to that draw attention away from others to themselves having
the ability to provide minor defense bonuses to your party is a fairly
redundant ability. There are much better things to do with your skill
points than put minor defense shields on party members.

Keeper - An interesting idea in theory the Keeper makes a serious mistake as a
class, it prevents the mage from moving around. Even if enemies in the
radius of the Keeper's main ability are slowed, damaged, etc. the fact
is that the Keeper can't move to avoid high powered attacks and this
can be a huge liability against bosses. You're better off sticking to
the other specializations.

Battle Mage - Battle Mage is essentially almost a patch for the Arcane Warrior.
Even though that specialization is really good it had certain gaps in
it that the battle mage helps to cover up. Notably the ability to
freeze enemies all around you comes in very handy for an AC who is
going deep into melee combat. Otherwise it's of very limited use.

Shadow - While a very powerful specialization the Shadow is also very hard to
use. It requires that you keep a lot of Stamina Draughts to help out
with the high draining skill use, lots of investment in Willpower to
boost how much you have in the first place and its only effective if
you're backstabbing. If you can do this though it can easily throw out
a solid 200 damage per attack.

Legionnaire Scout - This is probably one of the better rogue specializations.
It doesn't require as much micro-management, or stamina drain, as the
Shadow does and it's abilities are very powerful. It's a great match
for a dual-wielder who is taking the place of a warrior in your party.
The ability to render themselves totally immune to all forms of damage
is just incredibly powerful.

4. Characters
Mhairi - A young knight who has recently joined the Grey Wardens, Mhairi still
needs to go through the Joining. For all intents and purposes she is replacing
Alistair in your roster - she is a strong warrior who uses the sword and shield
style to good effect. Unfortunately if you're hoping to use her to be your tank
for the early parts of the game... well too bad.

Anders - An Apostate Mage of the Circle. As much as the game shows him using a
fair attack to kill Darkspawn he doesn't actually start with fire spells. Be
sure to give him some to take advantage of his starting equipment. Anders is a
Spirit Healer with a variety of spells so he takes the place of both Morrigan
and Wynne in your party. He makes for a far better mage than Velanna thanks to
how easy he is to keep around and his initial spell setup (although this is
sloved via Manual of Focus).

Nathaniel - If you thought that by playing Awakening you'd be missing out on
Leliana well then you were wrong. Here you get her again except this time as a
surly malcontent you can force to join the Grey Wardens. His bow skills match
hers quite a bit although you can restat him if you like thanks to the Manual
of Focus. However he does a great job as an archer, excelling as team support.

Oghren - There's not a whole lot to say here - Oghren is exactly as you will
remember him from the main game. He's loud-mouthed, smelly and a drunkard but
he uses his two-handed axe to cleave through foes. While the two-handed style
may have been a bit underpowered in the main game the new skills it has gained
in the expansion make it a very powerful choice which means Oghren is actually
quite the powerhouse now.

Sigrun - A dual-wielding dwarf rogue who wears medium armor? Sigrun is nothing
if not impressive. As a rogue she has a knack for getting behind enemies and
stabbifying the crap out of them. However she tends to lack in more thief like
areas such as Cunning making opening locks a bit of a chore for her. It's very
much suggested that you use a Tome of Focus to redistribute her points a bit so
she can at least pick locks reliably or focus entirely on her strength and
dexterity like a warrior. Giving her Duelist and / or Assassin is a good idea
as well since it will aid her in front line battles.

Velanna - Velanna is essentially the Awakening stand-in for Morrigan. She has
the same hair, the same with of the wilderness routine and the same wishy-washy
nasty attitude (they even got the complaining about helping people thing down).
What makes Velanna interesting to use is that she comes with the Keeper
specialization, a very defensive and highly mystical specialization that allows
her to do some very interesting things. However it's still a bad specialization
and it's highly suggested that you use a Manual of Focus to respec her, setting
her up to your own preference.

Justice - A spirit from beyond the Fade justice is your permanent stand in for
Alistair. His defensive capabilities are through the roof and when paired up
with his Spirit Warrior specialization he can be very difficult to actually
kill in combat. His main weakness is the fact that his character is horribly
glitched and will often jump to 100 approval without the stat gains, making the
act of actually using him a bit iffy. Justice is one of the few characters who
comes to you with a pretty good skill set up and doesn't necessarily need to
have a Manual of Focus used to respec him.

5. Walkthrough
To begin your journey you will have the option of picking from one of your
characters or start a new character. If you start a new character it will be an
Orlesian Grey Warden by background although you can pick any class or race that
you like for the new character.

5.01 - The Assault on Vigil's Keep
As soon as the opening cutscene ends you, and your new companion Mhairi, will
find yourself engaged in battle against some Genlocks. This small group is
easily dispatched, especially with the aid of the warrior. Speaking to him when
they're all down reveals that Vigil's Keep is under attack by Darkspawn. He
runs off allowing you to speka to Mhairi a bit before you must continue on.

Inside of the outer gate you will find a large number of Darkspawn. Head to the
right and take out the spawn here before dealing with any others who run up to
you. Further to the south is an Ogre battling a guard and you don't want to be
trying to fight him while any of the other Darkspawn are still milling around.
When it comes time to battle the Ogre you shouldn't have many difficulties as
he's not particularly powerful.

After clearing out the enemies head on up the stairs towards the large door and
try not to get caught in its explosion. The door blows down as a pair of
Hurlock attack alongside a Genlock Emissary. Try to do something about the damn
Emissary fast since he will spam spells over and over until you die. Once the
three of them fall make sure you're not cursed by any spells before moving on.

Head to the left to find a guard under attack by some Darkspawn. He is caring
for the wounded and requires some more bandages to do so and he needs you to go
get some more bandages. Now go to the right to find some more soldiers fighting
off Darkspawn; head inside to help them but be aware of the Shrieks who will
poof out of nowhere to stab you in the back. More of them will pop out as you
near the crate the bandages are located in. Return them to the soldier to
finish up this mini-quest.

With that done you can head into the Keep proper.

Another conversation with Mhairi will occur here before you are attacked by a
pair of Shrieks and a Shriek Alpha. These are easily defeated so long as you go
for the little guys first to get them to stop picking at your health. When the
big buy falls head up the nearby stairs to find Anders, the Apostate mage.

Enter the next room to find a man being attacked by Darkspawn. They will turn
to you when you get far enough into the room so go after them to save him. A
new quest "The Survivors of Vigil's Keep" will open up so keep your eyes open
for any non-Darkspawn to further this quest. Make your way up the stairs to the
next part of the keep.

The party appears on the battlements of the castle with a ballista in front of
them. Run forward to it and use it to start firing at the Genlock Emissary
further along the battlements. Your allies can fight off the Genlocks who rush
at you while you pummel on the spellcaster. A quick battle with them and then
you can go back inside of the keep.

Break the barricade to your right so as to allow the door to open before you
continue forward. Pull the lever here to prompt a cutscene showing a group of
Darkspawn getting blown to the Deep Roads and back. This still leaves three of
them for you to deal with so head down the stairs to fight them off before
going through the newly opened porticullis.

Open the door to your left as you go down the hallway to find another survivor
cowering in a room. With them saved go through the other door to find a number
of Darkspawn guarding another Emissary. Have someone deal with the Emissary as
fast as you can since the damage he deals will add up fast. Head through the
northern door, through the hallway, to find Oghren battling some Darkspawn. He
is ecstatic to be helping you out again and you get a number of points to
customize him with so get to work.

Head through the western door to reach a room with another survivor and some
Darkspawn. Lastly in the room furthest to the east you will find a Hurlock
Alpha and Emissary picking on the last survivor. Gang up on them to save the
person and finish off that quest. Make your way back two rooms before making
your way to the north.

Through the north door you will find a man named Rowland bleeding out on the
ground. He explains a bit of what happened before expiring. Continue through
the eastern door to find a long hallway with a number of Darkspawn. As you
approach the two archers will fall back trying to lure you into the way of the
other enemies further ahead. In addition to that the ones inside the nearby
room will emerge when you pass by so you'll be getting it from all sides. Try
to slowly clear the area, as well as the nearby rooms, by moving as a group.
It will prevent you from being flanked and enemies will fall rapidly.

Proceed out the nearby door to find yourself on the roof. A cutscene plays
out, showing a talking Darkspawn jawing off quite a bit. This creature, called
The Withered, is quite the pain in the rear end to defeat.

Boss: The Withered
For a starting boss fight The Withered is a hell of a kick in the teeth. He
doesn't really do that much damage but he hits often and his defenses are more
than insane. Even trying to deal the most insignificant amount of damage to him
can be an absolute chore most of the time.

He is fairly vulnerable to knock down as well as being frozen and this is the
easiest way to deal damage to him. Get rid of the regular Hurlocks surrounding
him and then focus everyone on him. Hit him with shield bashes, hit him with
Cone of Cold and keep it up. While he's frozen you can unload on him with your
whole party, cutting down his health as fast as you can.

Mind you that he's not going to just sit by and let you do this. He will try to
knock you down and lower your stats

After the defeat of the Darkspawn a cutscene will play showing the King, or
Queen, arriving at the fortress to offer support. From here you can choose to
allow Oghren and Anders to join up with the Grey Wardens. This leads into a
cutscene where the Joining will be shown with an unfortunate end.

5.02 - Preparations
Speak to Varel after the Joining has finished to have the nobles come to swear
fealty to you as the new ruler of Amaranthine. Use the Persuade option that
pops up at the beginning if you have it. Once the cutscene finishes talk to
Bann Eddlebreck - you have a leg up in his conversation if you're a human noble
since you knew his family. He asks for soldiers to help defend the farms of
his people. Speaking to Bann Esmerelle reveals that she thinks you should leave
the farms to their own devices to defend the city. You will have to make a
choice as to which option you prefer. Speak to Varel to make your choice.

* NOTE: Your choice only seems to have an impact on the epilogue. If you're
concerned with the best outcome pick defending the land. Otherwise choose the
option that your character would pick.

With that ugliness out of the way you can speak to Ser Tamra. She will warn you
about the nobles that are trying to usurp your position. There are a few ways
to proceed from here (see the sidquest for more information).

When you're done talking to the nobles have Varel send them away. Speak to him
again to find out that there's still a surviving Warden. You will have to hunt
down this Warden to find out what information it is that he learend. Next it's
time to speak to the two others that are standing nearby Seneschal Varel. Lady
Woolsey is the treasurer and will request that you speak to a man named Mervis
in Amaranthine to find out more information about merchant caravans being hit
by Darkspawn.

Next speak to Garvel to learn that two hunters found what may have been one of
the Darkspawn breeding grounds. You will have to find this hunter, Colbert, and
find out where this location is.

Now gather your party and head outside. Here you will find a woman who tells
of a Prisoner that was captured sneaking around the Keep and that he might make
for a potential recruit. She also has some letters from people asking for help.
You will have to choose how to proceed with the numerous missions given to you
for this one.

If you'd like, examine the statue outside of the throne room with Anders in
your party to get a conversation with him. Siding with him will get you some
Approval boosts. Next head down into the dungeon and speak with the Cell Guard.
This allows you to speak to the man in the cell in privacy. Now open the cell
door and speak to Nathaniel. It seems that he is Arl Howe's son and is holding
quite the grudge against you.

You have three options with what to do with him; recruit him into the Wardens,
have him hanged or send him away. If you recruit him you will find that he
makes for a fairly good thief - something of a replacement for Leliana. With
that done head back outside into Vigil's Keep.

Make your way to the eastern courtyard where you can find a kitten. If you pick
it up you can give it to Anders as a gift to gain a huge Approval boost with
him. The kitty can also be used as an item to revive your whole party from the
dead so long as even one person still stands. That's... incredibly awesome for
a little kitty cat!

Now we need to make our way to Amaranthine since all three of the main plot
quests begin there.

5.03 - The Righteous Path
*NOTE: Do not speak to the smuggler after he moves to the house or you will
lock out Sigrun's side quest. Also do not speak to Constable Aiden after the
initial cutscene when you enter the city for the same reason.

Mervis can be found in the marketplace area of the City of Amaranthine. There
have supposedly been sightings of creatures moving through the shadows. Being
willing to help out here gets Mervis to promise that the merchants will make a
huge donation to the Grey Wardens. Sounds like a good reason to help!

We need to head into the Wending Wood to find out just what the heck happened
to these caravans. When you arrive you will see some bandits looting a caravan
that's been totally destroyed by something rather large. The bandits run off so
go ahead and follow them to be ambushed by a fair sized group of them. Try to
make sure the rogues and archers don't get the chance to turn your mage into a
pincushion and you'll do fine.

Head to the southeast where you will see a large Charred Sylvan attacking some
more scavengers. Either let them fight it out and then kill the Sylvan or hit
them with some AoE attacks while they're distracted before moving in for the
kill. When area is clear loot the bodies and then move towards the southeast.
Another Charred Sylvan, a Wild Sylvan and some Scavengers will attack. Take
them out and continue pushing to the east, fighting more enemies as you go.

When you reach the bridge cross over to the northern shore. As you try to cross
it a man will come running towards you talking about some Elf making the trees
themselves attack and then you get to meet the insane lady herself. After a bit
of rambling she teleports away just as abruptly as she arrived. This starts
the Trading Troubles quest. While this is listed as a side quest in the journal
it's really a part of this quest so it will be covered below.

Make your way to the north, taking out the bandits as you go, and you will find
another Charred Sylvan battling Scavengers. Defeat them and go to the north to
reach the Abandoned Dalish Camp. Here you will see that the camp has been
attacked at some point and nobody is left. However there are shallow graves and
weapons discarded all over. Loot the chests and leave, going to the west.

* NOTE: The following quests: Ines the Botanist and What is Built Endures
require you to go to the east here. The Granite Deposit needed is located here
and Ines is further down the path.

Head to the southwest, past the Charred Sylvans, until you reach the Militia
Survivor. He was there to drive off the Elf but his group was slaughtered by
Darkspawn. After you finish talking to him he begs you to finish him off as a
mercy, if you don't do this he runs off. Regardless of that the darkspawn sneak
up on you. Take them out and start heading back towards the camp but be sure to
get the Elven Trinket off of the corpses here. It helps with shutting Velanna
up in just a moment.

Along the way Velanna will ambush you, summoning up two Sylvans and some wolves
to attack you. Defeat them and get to the camp to speak to her. Showing her the
Elven Trinket will pretty much automatically turn her to your side so long as
you ask to help her out. She forces herself into the party for this mission so
be sure to take anything you need of Anders before heading in.

On the way back you will be attacked by an Ogre, Hurlock Emissary and a bunch
of cannon fodder, get rid of them and head into the mines.

Down the ramp you go until a cutscene plays. When it ends you will be in a cell
talking to Seranni, Velanna's missing sister. Speaking to her reveals that she
is actualy working with the darkspawn that have captured you. She gives you the
key to your cell so escape the jail. Three darkspawn attack as you do so, they
are weak and easily killed by barehanded attacks although magic will make this
go much faster.

Loot their bodies and start equipping their stuff, you don't have many options
at the moment. After looting the other cells head into the northern room. There
are a few codex entries in here as well as some levers to pull - pull them in
the order of left, right, left, right to remove the gas below. Head back into
the jail and take the door on the northern wall to get to the chest that was
covered in the gas, this nets you some good leather armor, the Blackblade. It's
just one part of the set though, the rest are around here somewhere.

After equipping everyone with stuff head to the south. In this room you will
see some darkspawn standing around a statue but they don't see you. Head over
to the ballista and use it to kill all of the darkspawn, except the Alpha, by
dropping the statue on top of them. Take the door to your side and go down to
fight the Alpha, killing it so you can loot all of the bodies. Equip your party
again with the most suitable stuff you've found so far.

* NOTE: There is a hidden chamber in the next hallway. Look along the western
wall where you will find what appears to be a bricked up doorway. Walk up to it
and it will be revealed as an actual door, open it to find some good loot.

Attempting to go through the door will cause a bunch of darkspawn to rush out
at you. Have your mage and archer get to the Emissary in the back while your
fighters keep the others busy. In the next chamber a cutscene will play showing
you a ghoulish thing walking around dressed as one of your party members who
will be righteously outraged. You must battle this Experimental Subject as well
as a number of Dragonlings. They're not terribly hard to defeat since the
creatures class and abilities are determined by the equipment it's using (ie.
if it takes Anders stuff it uses some magic).

Be sure to get your stuff back and equip it before continuing forward. Search
the room to the south in this large chamber to find Keenan. He requests that
you bring his wedding ring to his wife in Amaranthine before dying.

Continue forward into the next chamber to find a whole bunch of darkspawn as
well as another Experimental Subject. This one tends to be wearing your rogues
belongings so how dangerous they are depends greatly on what your rogue uses. A
dual-wielder can be an issue if they pop up out of stealth behind your mage or
archer while an archer isn't too deadly. The Hurlock Alpha as well as the huge
amount of archers makes this a tough fight but not too bad if you use your
skills intelligently. Just don't let anyone get overrun and you'll be fine.

In the next chamber you will find the last two experimental subjects backed up
by Genlock archers and Dragonlings. These will likely be your fighters so it
can be tough. Try to use spells like Force Field or, even better, Crushing
Prison to keep them out of the fight while you clean up everyone else. Then you
can turn your attention to them fully. Loot the bodies and get fully suited up
again - now you're in business.

Search the Silverite Ore Deposit in this room to get the ore needed for the
equipment upgrades in Vigil's Keep and search the southeastern small chamber to
find more Lyrium Sand for Dworkin.

* NOTE: Upon completion of the Silverite Mine you will be unable to enter it
again. Thus you must complete every quest in here, as well as gathering up all
of the equipment, as soon as possible or risk losing out on them.

Head into the northeastern part of the mines to find a Hurlock Dragon-Tamer
with a few Dragonlings and a Drake. The Tamer is nothing, only notable for him
being the one who is carrying Keenan's ring. You will likely have more issues
with the Drake due to his ability to pin someone down and munch their face off.
This means he can kill your weaker characters really easily, meanwhile the
Tamer is slow to attack, doesn't do a whole lot of damage and really only has a
lot of HP to his name. Once they fall loot the wedding ring off the Tamer, the
Drake Scales off the Drake and grab the Fresh Dragon Egg from one of the pens.

Go back into the last room and head south. Here a Darkspawn Necromancer summons
up some skeletons before retreating; try to hit him with a Crushing Prison so
that he can't get too far. He's trying to lure you up onto the upper level and
if you don't follow him he will rain down spells on you. If you do follow him
then you're caught between him, his skeletons, two archers and a whole slew of
other darkspawn as well as a Drake. Hang back and kill the enemies off as they
come to you instead of moving forward. This allows you to handle them in small
groups as opposed to one giant cluster of enemies.

Be sure to loot the Drake for his scales before continuing to the south. The
tunnels enter a ruin, look to your east for a room. This is the Architects
personal space. You have a key to the chest in here thanks to Velanna's sister
so loot the Ring of Discipline from it as well as checking out the documents
that are on the tables. Continue to the south, through the metal door.

Head up the stairs to find a Qunari merchant named Armaas to your right and the
chest containing your other equipment to your left. Sell off your junk to the
merchant and then gather your things from the chest. Be sure to ask Armaas to
come to Vigil's Keep and trade with you. It's also possible, with a high enough
Persuade skill, to convince him to sell things to you cheaply. This is a great
way to stock up on bombs.

Make your way through the two Metal Doors into the next chamber to start up a
cutscene. This leads into the boss fight of this dungeon.

Boss: Twin Dragon Thralls
This would be an incredibly hard fight. The Thralls are powerful, knocking your
party around and doing decent damage with each attack... heck they can even
pounce on you, pinning you to the ground and killing you almost every time. As
they are immune to stunning and knockdown you will not be able to get them off
of the person on the floor with anything short of a Cone of Cold.

Honestly this isn't that hard of a fight so long as you stocked up on bombs.
Keep flinging them at the dragons so that you whittle their health down as you
wait for your skills to be ready for use again. So long as you focus on one of
them at a time and save your Cone of Cold spells for when they pounce on
someone this shouldn't be too hard of a battle.

The reason that this "would" be an incredibly hard fight is due to how the
dragon thralls battle. They routinely leap into the air, off the screen, and
land somewhere else to continue attacking. However when they leap away the game
treats it as if the battle has ended and your unconscious members get up to
fight again. This means that so long as someone is alive your party will keep
on reviving itself making this fight a breeze.

Return to the City of Amaranthine and speak to Mervis. If you choose to not
mention Velanna's part in the killings then you gain approval. Letting him keep
the money so it may be given to the families of the slain nets you approval
from the other members of your party. With that done you can proceed on with
the game, moving on to the next mission, after Velanna's Joining.

5.04 - Shadows of the Blackmarsh
*NOTE: Do not speak to the smuggler after he moves to the house or you will be
locked out Sigrun's side quest. Also do not speak to Constable Aiden after the
initial cutscene when you enter the city for the same reason.

*NOTE: You should do this quest last out of the main three. There is a glitch
that pops up if you recruit Velanna or Sigrun last so instead do this one last
to avoid that happening and needing to use a work around.

Make your way to the Crown and Lion inn within the City of Amaranthine and talk
to the Innkeeper. Explain who you are and you can get the key to his room as
well as chatting with Sorcha, the bar maid. With the key you can enter his room
and loot the heck out of it. On his table you will find a book that explains
that he was tracking a talking Darkspawn in the Blackmarsh so that's where we
have to go next to find him.

Upon entering the Blackmarsh you will see that it's a rather cheerful place!
Bringing Sigrun along nets you some rather amusing dialogue if you've recruited
her already.

Proceed forward, past the sign warning you this place is haunted, and fight off
the Marsh Wolves. These are slightly stronger Blight Wolves so you shouldn't
have too much difficulty with them. Push forward, fighting through more of them
that pop up until you reach a fork in the road. Examine the house to the east
for a side quest and some treasure before heading to the east. A dead darkspawn
gives the clue that Kristoff was likley here a few days ago.

Fend off the Blighted Werewolves before continuing to investigate the village.
Leave through the northern gate, fighting yet more Blightered Werewolves and
head to the east. Up the central path here you will find a camp, examine it to
find more traces of Kristoff's passing through here. Continue going northeast
of his camp to find a path through the swamp.

Be mindful at this point, there's a new type of wolf scurrying around. These
are Blighted Shadow Werewolves and they're the height of obnoxiousness. Much
like a rogue they can use the stealth skill to sneak up on your party. Unlike
rogues they can pounce on you, slamming you to the ground and eating your face
off. And by you of course I mean your mage and only your mage. 99% of the time
they will take your mage down and kill them before you can do anything. Also
unlike other enemies stunning them doesn't stop the mauling, only freezing or
killing them does so you're very thin on options here. Expect to use up a few
Injury Kits here.

Eventually the game will save and you will be attacked by Childern Grubs. Kill
them and head to the next area to find Kristoff's Body lying on the ground. A
cutscene plays introducing another Disciple, the First. Your party, ever so
intelligent and vigilant they are in cutscenes, end up being sent to the Fade
by his "gift", trapping both you and him in the Fade.

Regardless of dialogue chosen the First will leave you to deal with his minions
while he runs off to find a way out of the Fade. Take out the enemies, it's
easily enough done since they're none too strong, and start moving forward. A
number of Lesser Shades will attack alongside a Greater Shade. You should have
no real difficulty with this either as you've fought this battle numerous times
during the course of Origins.

*NOTE: Just like in the Fade in Origins you will find a number of objects you
can interact with to increase your stats permanently. Be sure to find all of
these before heading into the Shadowy Crypt.

Heading towards the village, something you should not do until you've shut off
all four of the Veil Devices, requires you to head to the east. A bulwark of
dirt has blocked off the northern entrance to the village so you need to head
around it. As you're going around more Lesser and Greater Shades will attack,
dispatch them and keep going.

Eventually you will find a woman who you can converse with for a bit. When you
are interrupted by skeletons dispatch them and then follow her down.

Inside of the crypt a large number of undead will attack, be sure to protect
your mage and archer by using area of effect attacks and crowd control. After
clearing out the first room head deeper into the halls to find yet more enemies
waiting as the woman runs off. If you're not doing her side quest ignore her
and simply head to the south. The final room down here contains a number of
skeletons as well as an Ancient Fanged Skeleton with a crossbow. When the last
of them falls you can leave this dungeon.

Upon arrival at the surface you will be halted by a guard. He explains how they
have been trapped in the village by some woman. Search the area around the
town square but don't actually enter it before you have activated all of the
various stat boosting items around the village. Then go into the village square
to meet Justice, a spirit of the Fade.

You have two choices here, you can either choose to help Justice storm the
Baroness' castle or refuse to do so. If you choose to help her instead of the
spirit then the situation is reversed but you also lose out on a party member.
Since the only benefit to siding with the Baroness is a reward that doesn't
actually work there's little to no reason to do so.

When you're ready beat tell Justice such and you will march on the gates to the
Baroness' mansion. Justice kicks open the door and you will get to meet her in
the flesh... as it were. This leads into a boss battle with the First.

Boss: The First
To start off this shindig you will have to fight the First, his darkspawn
flunkies, a human doorman and some Ash Wraiths. This isn't that hard of a fight
so long as you move quickly and efficiently. You have human allies here, one of
whom is a mage that does a remarkably good job helping out so you're not really

The First is actually a really tough nut to crack so you will want to keep him
out of the way. Try to have your tank draw his attention while you handle the
rest of the enemies (freezing him helps out with this). While your tank is busy
with that have your allies focus on killing the Ash Wraiths, these are the
strongest of the enemies here besides the First. The humans can handle getting
rid of the darkspawn on their own although if you have spells like Chain
Lightning then you can use that to do both at once.

When the rest of the enemies are gone it is time to turn your attention to the
First. Try to keep him frozen or knocked back as much as possible so that he
can't fight back against you. While that's happening use any skills you have
that will enable you to deal more damage to him and then just pile it on. He
will go down pretty fast so long as there's nobody else to distract you.

However that's not the end of the fighting...

The Baroness makes her escape from the Fade, taking you and your allies along
for the ride. Justice, the spirit, finds itself locked in Kristoff's body and
is none too pleased about this. He forces himself into your party until you can
kill off the Baroness for good.

Head to the west to find the first Fade Portal guarded by a Revenant. These
spew out an infinite number of Shades one at a time until they're closed by
bashing their non-existent faces in. Get rid of the Revenant first before going
after the portal. There are a number of these and its best to go after them
while also going after the chests released in the "Tears in the Veil" quest.

After closing the fourth one return to the destroyed village and head through
the gate. Here you will find the Baroness herself waiting for a fight.

Boss: The Baroness
Yes, she's one big ugly thing now but she isn't actually all that difficult to
handle in battle. She's actually more of a nuisance than anything else. While
she has a lot of health and defense her offense isn't really anything that you
need to be concerned about. Her attacks aren't really that dangerous either:

- Her basic attacks consist of throwing small fire or iceballs, usually at a
mage or archer. This will either set you on fire, dealing damage over time, or
freeze you in place for a few moments.
- She can claw you with one of her massive hands but this is done fairly
infrequently. It's not going to do much damage and she doesn't prefer it.
- Like an Ogre the Baroness can pick you up and drain your life using her
magic. It's nigh unto impossible to stop this, the only reliable way to do so
is to freeze her but she resists this every so often.
- Much like a Pride Demon she can fire off a cone of flames. This doesn't do
much damage but it can hurt your mages.
- After taking enough damage she will move to create a Fade Portal that spews
out Shades. She can be interrupted while doing this but it's hard. If she does
manage to get it created you will have to destroy it while trying to keep her
and the Shades from ganging up on you.
- A fireball type attack that she casts on top of herself. This causes a big
explosion of flames that will knock people down, unless resisted, as well as
setting everyone on fire. It does moderate damage.
- The Baroness can cast Crushing Prison on a character of her choosing.

For the most part the Baroness is content to stand there while using spells on
you or she moves to create a Fade Portal. Just manage your health and this
shouldn't be very hard for you to do at all. The hardest part of this fight is
managing the terrible AI who will stop attacking your tanks for no real reason
to turn their attention to your mage, who isn't anywhere nearby and healing the
party, or to go after your archer. Expect to see her walk away from the guys
pounding on her for 200 damage at a time because that archer has apparently
annoyed her.

After taking enough damage she will move to bust down the gates of the mansion,
moving to another position to create another Fade Portal. It is here that she
will fall so keep on swinging until she dies.

After she has died you can speak to Justice and convince him to come back with
you, helping out the Grey Wardens in their mission to stop the darkspawn.

5.05 - Last of the Legion
*NOTE: Do not speak to the smuggler after he moves to the house or you will
lock out Sigrun's side quest. Also do not speak to Constable Aiden after the
initial cutscene when you enter the city for the same reason.

Search around outside the City of Amaranthine until you find Colbert and his
Elf friend Micah. Speak to them and ask about the entrance to the Deep Roads
that they found. They will tell you of their encounter with the Darkspawn who
were acting fairly strangly. You can either give them some money for helping
you out or leave them in the cold.

Either way Colbert will mark the location on your map so you get to travelling
to the Knotwood Hills. As you travel to the hills for the first time there will
often be a random encounter - you will find a merchant named Lilith being
attacked by some Bandits. This is part of the "Trade Must Flow" quest but has
nothing to do with this quest so after killing them off head on your way.

Follow the path until you reach a Bereskarn, kill the beast and then continue
along the northern path. Here you will find two hangmen lynching someone for
what appears to be adultery. Okay then... Kill the two reasonable gentlemen
before heading down the hill. Cross the bridge and continue forward but stop
after reaching a small clearing. There's a treasure chest tucked in a corner by
the stairs that has a letter in it - this starts "The Long-Buried Past" quest.

Take the wooden ramp down all the way to the bottom of the chasm to find some
Deep Stalkers waiting for you. Kill them and then head along the chasm to the
south where you will find a bag. Search inside to start the "Lucky Charms"
quest. With that in hand head to the north to find the Deep Roads.

Walking forward a bit you will find a dwarf being dragged off by Darkspawn. The
Dwarf, named Sigrun, is the last survivor of her group of the Legion of the
Dead who went to investigate some Darkspawn activity. Sigrun is your next party
member and she's quite useful, a Rogue who is able to wear medium armor and
beat down Darkspawn with her twin weapons? Oh yes please.

With her alongside you make your way into Kal'Hirol.

Run down the ramp into Kal'Hirol to find a dying dwarf named Jukka. Broodmother
breeding is at a ridiculous high down here. There's also some sort of creatures
down here called The Children that are more of a threat than the Darkspawn.
Continue down the path to find a group of Genlocks waiting for you - as you go
to fight the three in front of you, including the Alpha, three more come from
the side while a pair of shrieks come up behind you.

This fight can be hard since you're getting it from all sides. If your warriors
have any AoE attacks now is the time to use them, especially the Whirlwind
attack from dual-wielders. Try to have your mage use control spells, like Cone
of Cold, to buy some space or just let him handle the Shrieks as they come up
from behind. If your archer has scattershot now is a great time to use it.

When the last of them falls loot the bodies and then continue forward. Hurlocks
will attack, led by a Hurlock Alpha. Send someone to deal with the archers as
your main tank keeps the Alpha busy. Three more come out to attack so keep your
eyes open to the sides to see if they try to flank you. With them dead cross
the bridge to find yet more enemies! This time it's Deep Stalkers; take out the
pushovers before opening the nearby crate to find some Ancient Dwarven Boots.

Continue up to the top level to find a large group of Hurlocks waiting for you.
Led by a Hurlock Alpha, you're dealing with melee Hurlocks and a trio of bow
users. Once more keep the Alpha busy while sending in someone to deal with the
archers. The area is tight so spells like Fireball work wonders, knocking all
of the enemies around. With the right party setup it's possible to kill them
without getting anywhere near melee combat.

Pass through the gates to find the Main Entrance to Kal'Hirol. If you have
Sigrun with you she warns you against taking the front door. You can approach
this in one of two ways - rush the front door or search for the hidden entrance
to avoid the traps that the Darkspawn have set. It is not advised to take the
front door even if you have thieves you trust 100% in your trapspringers.

As you walk further into the courtyard you will be attacked by The Children.
These are just Childer Grubs and they're pretty much pushovers but this won't
be true for later ones so enjoy it while you can. When they're all dead search
the face along the western wall to find a hidden switch that opens the way to
the side entrance.

Front Door
The main hall lower level is absolutely filled with pressure plate traps. Even
walking through the area without Darkspawn around is tricky but with them it's
even harder to manage. You will have to avoid the traps, kill the Darkspawn in
the immediate area and then rush to the far end of the room to deal with more
Darkspawn. As you're doing this a special Genlock called the Golem Master will
be awakening the Stone Golems along the walls so you need to move fast or you
will fight all six of them. He's not particularly difficult to kill meaning the
hard part is getting to him in the first place.
Side Entrance
This pops you out right on the upper level near the Golem Master. Opening the
door will give you a clear shot at him and many of his archer friends. Storm
out to devastate him and his allies before finishing up any others who wander
too close. With them defeated have your mage cast spells from far away to lure
the other enemies within range of your spells and arrows. When the last of them
falls have your party hold position and send your thief down to disarm all of
the traps and grab the loot - there's a hefty bounty of experience to be had by
disarming everything in sight.

Regardless of how you do it once the main hall is cleared head forward into the
next chamber. As you're moving down the stairs you will notice an Inert Golem
sitting in an alcove. If you looted the Golem Control Rod from the Golem Master
Genlock then you will be able to awaken this big guy. He will immediately rush
down the stairs to attack the Darkspawn in the next room.

This room has a few archers on either side and a Genlock Emissary on an upper
level walkway. Get rid of the Emissary ASAP but don't miss the pressure plates
on the floor. Loot the room and then pass into the next chamber to find some
ghosts having a battle with each other. The next room has a man trying to rally
the Casteless to save the thaig from the Darkspawn. As you're going be sure to
check all of the various corners and side rooms for loot, there's a lot of
small caches of stuff.

Head to the right from the main chamber, pass through it and as you go into the
next rooms you will find some spawn waiting on you. They're led by a Disciple
Scout who isn't terribly difficult to fight, nothing as bad as The Withered. He
simply has a bit more health than the other Hurlocks / Genlocks do.

The next room has a group of Genlock who will pour from the doorway near you,
namely an Alpha and Emissary alongside a number of regular reinforcements. They
usually end up right in close quarters with you so engage the Emissary as top
priority as well as the Alpha. Once you've gotten rid of the enemies loot this
room and continue deeper. In a side room, behind the two dwarves talking about
escape, you can find a Lyrium-Infused Skeleton. Loot it for some Lyrium Sand to
start the "Bombs Away!" quest.

You will enter the Commons now just beyond the barricade. To the east is the
way deeper into Kal'Hirol while more Darkspawn wait to the north. Killing the
Emissary will net you the Shattered Maul as well as a Staff of Vigor. Now head
into the Trade Quarter.

After the cutscene turn to the north and go into the room with the two Hurlocks
guarding a sarcophagus. When they're dead you will be able to loot it but the
three Steel Golems come alive at that. They're not that hard to fight though so
don't stress over it, just use spells like Crushing Prison and Cone of Cold to
keep them in place for a beating. When they're defeated check your equipment
as you likely have a good bit of loot before continuing on.

Leave the room and cross the bridge to the east to find a number of darkspawn
fighting Invading Darkspawn. There are five near you and four more to the north
so handle them however you like. In the northwestern room is a Lyrium Deposit
with some more sand for you the "Bombs Away!" quest. The southern room has a
commemorative marker that gives you the quest, "Memories of the Stone", as well
as Dailan's body so loot that for his shield and broken sword. These will be
useful in a moment.

Head to the northeast, through the door and down the stairs to find a large
battle between darkspawn. This is a pretty easy fight since they're so wrapped
up in fighting each other. When they're dead you can search the room:

- Examine the Lyrium Bucket with Anders in the party for a conversation.

- A broken axe near the Bucket and anvil.

- An anvil near a golem. This will show up as "Repair Equipment" and when it's
activated will fix all of the broken equipment in your pack. Examine it again
to pick up all of your equipment.

Exit the forge area to the south, going up the stairs, into a chamber with
three darkspawn. The Hurlock Emissary, Hurlock Alpha and regular Hurlock are
pretty easy to take out so kill them before going over to the cage and speaking
to Stefan. He has a rune on him but all he wants is freedom. You can either
leave him in the cage, take the rune and set him free or take the rune and let
him rot in the cage.

Continue deeper into the mines to reach a cutscene. The Children apparently
grow stronger as they devour their foes which is great news for them, bad for
you. However they're still not that tough if you are using lots of crowd
control magic. Hit one with Crushing Prison then another with Cone of Cold so
that you can handle them one by one.

Go into the southeastern room to find a tomb. Here you will need to make the
five runestones match the pattern on the wall behind them. Simply keep moving
around the room looking at them and activating any that don't match so that
they will change to a pattern that matches the marking on the wall. When you
match them all up you will be have a scene of the sarcophagus opening up which
allows you to loot the tomb for the Hirol's Defense Gauntlets.

Now keep going into the southern room to find more of The Children although its
just Grubs in this section along with some Genlocks. Try to keep your party
close together so that you can use spells like Mind Blast or Cone of Cold to
stop the enemies in their tracks. After the last falls head south into the
treasurery for some nice equipment as well as the final piece of the Hirol's
Defense Armor.

Make your way into the webbed area to your west and it's time to travel through
a long corridor infested with Childer Grubs and Hatchlings. Fight your way to
the end of the corridor, being as slow and methodical as possible, until you
reach the far end where a large chamber awaits. Here Invading Darkspawn are
battling Children so you can wait it out or just start hurling fireballs into
the lot of them.

When they're dead you can either head down into the Lower Reaches or leave by
heading up into Knotwood Hills. This opens a path to travel immediately back
down into where you just were. Whenever you're ready head deeper into the
dungeon to near the end of this place. Thankfully it's nowhere near as long as
the Deep Roads section in Origins was. It may be worth picking up a Manual of
Focus or two while you're out there, the thing might come in handy here.

*NOTE: If you have recruited both Velanna and Justice before coming here you
should go to Varel and have Sigrun do the Joining now rather than waiting. If
you wait there's a chance that it glitches and Sigrun will not be able to
become a Grey Warden.

In the Lower Reaches make your way down the corridor to find a boss fight. And
this is a hell of a boss fight.

Boss: The Lost & Friends
By friends I mean that humongous ass Inferno Golem who wants to punch your face
right the heck off. He's a big ol' brute who does an ungodly amount of damage
and can pick you up before pummeling the crap out of you. Meanwhile The Lost is
a powerful mage who can knock you around with a number of spells, notably he's
more than willing to use the Grease / Fireball combo to burn the living crap
out of your party while not bothering the golem at all.

There's an easy way and a hard way to fight him. The hard way is... well most
ways. On the console versions this fight isn't so bad but on the PC it's a huge
freaking nightmare.

The easy way is to set one person as a meat shield. If you don't already have
one use the Manual of Focus to set someone as a Sword and Shield fighter. Give
them the Champion, Guardian and Templar then make sure that they have every
single skill or talent that boosts their health, defense or anything similar.
Lastly make sure they have the Grievous Insult and Fortifying Presence talents.
Rally helps out as well so long as you get Motivate. Make sure he is set to use
the highest strength health potion he has when his health gets below 50% so he
can survive this.

With this set up your warrior should be able to go one on one with the golem.
Now this all depends on the golem not being a jerk and picking the warrior up
because if he does... well the warrior is kind of screwed. But don't worry
about that too much. Instead have your other three members focus on The Lost.
Let your mage throw a Fireball or something else that will stagger or, even
better, knock down The Lost. Your archer should use Stunning Shot or Burst Shot
to try and keep him off balance while your other fighter closes in.

If the golem tries to help The Lost use Grievous Insult to keep it busy while
using Fortifying Presence to keep your party members healthy. Your Spirit
Healer (you do have one right?) should be alternating between Group Heals and
freezing, or otherwise incapacitating, The Lost so he can't use his spells. If
your second warrior is set up well and your archer assisting him then The Lost
should die fairly fast but that's a bit if.

Frankly don't be surprised if you die here a number of times really fast since
this is a tough fight. It's possible to die to a single Grease / Fireball combo
right out the door. Just reload and try again. You'll get it eventually and
then it will be so sweet watching him die.

Loot The Lost for his staff and loot the Golem for its shell which starts "The
Golems Might" quest. Continue onward through the tunnels where you will be
attacked by some tentacles that burst from the ground. These come in groups but
aren't particularly hard to defeat so just keep pushing forward. When you reach
the central room you will find four objective markers, you only need to destroy
two of these chains to wipe out the four Brood Mothers below, stopping the
tentacles and finishing off this breeding ground for good.

Sigurn can now be convinced to join you or sent on her way. If you convince her
to join up with you then you can put her through a Joining ceremony just like
the others.

5.06 - Rallying to Defend
After completing all three of the main quests you will be able to speak to
Seneschal Varel in the throne room. He asks that you speak to the nobles so as
to field the armies against the massing darkspawn horde. As you converse with
them you will find that a horde of darkspawn have attacked Amaranthine city and
you must rally to its defense. You can choose up to four people to come out to
do so with you although Sigrun volunteers quite readily.

When you arrive a horde of enemies await you outside of the city gates. There's
a lot of them but they are actually fairly weak so don't stress over it. Just
push forward slowly but steadily towards the entrance to the city.

As the last of them fall some dialogue will ensue with Constable Aiden trying
to convince you that the city is lost. Before you can decide what to do a lone
darkspawn will approach, another Disciple called the Messenger. He explains
that the Mother is attacking Vigil's Keep in an effort to wipe out the Grey
Wardens entirely. It's up to you what you would like to do now:

- Burn the city of Amaranthine to the ground and rush to Vigil's Keeps to try
and defend it against the darkspawn horde. Sigrun and Justice will disapprove
of this one, making a Persaude check necessary to get her to follow you.
*NOTE: This goes over especially badly if you are an Orlesian Warden.
- Stay at Amaranthine and try to help out the last of the survivors. Of course
you know Velanna is going to complain about this so you will need a persuade
check to shut 'em up. You also have the opportunity to recruit the Messenger to
fight at your side.
*NOTE: If you have fully upgraded Vigil's Keep and leave Nathaniel, Anders
and Oghren there then there's a chance the keep will not fall when it is
mentioned in the epilogue although it will still be inaccessible to you.

5.07a - The Siege Vigil's Keep
The Grey Wardens will pull out of Amaranthine city while archers and ballista
launch flames into the city, killing darkspawn and civilians alike as the city
burns to the ground. It's actually a very well done cutscene.

If you have completed all of the side quests you will have a number of things
working in your advantage. Dworkin will put some of his explosives in ballista,
giving you artillery of sorts to help out. Sergeant Maverlies can help you out
by firing her arrows a darkspawn although if you recruited the elf during the
Smuggler's Run quest he will help out (and is more effective). Depending on how
well you buffered the walls and armed the soldiers things will also go smoother
for you. Lastly you will have human soldiers at your disposal, like during the
final battle of the last game.

Take note that while your human allies are in limited number, and you likely
won't even need them, the archer and explosives are infinte in use. They simply
need to recharge like a normal ability. As such feel free to use these as much
as you feel like to tear down enemies. Friendly fire is possible with Dworkins
explosives but otherwise there's no limit to its use.

To start with your party will have to rush the front gates and hold off the
darkspawn there. Don't stress it if one or two get past you since they will be
met by other soldiers or will turn around to attack you from the rear. Just
keep attacking that main gate and anything that passes through. Good use of AoE
spells, skills like taunt, Dworkin and the archer will make this very easy.

After enough fighting the game will autosave and the commander is informed that
the Children are attacking the eastern wall. This is a bit of a chaotic fight
since there's a lot of enemies and allied soldiers in a very small area but it
isn't that difficult. Try to keep your good spells, like Cone of Cold and
Crushing Prison at the ready for when a Childer pins someone to the ground. You
can save them with the spell and then continue pounding on the enemies. This is
basically an endurance test so just keep on killing them until the attack ends.

Next up is the main gate again so head that way, dispatching the small group of
darkspawn along the path. When you arrive a cutscene will play after which you
get to battle a group of regular darkspawn aided by a pair of ogres. These are
nothing compared to some of the other stuff you've fought so take them down as
you would any other enemy. As the second one falls a third ogre, along with yet
more darkspawn will rush in. Hey look at that! There's some Shrieks attacking
in this wave! Neato.

A cutscene will play showing Seneschal Varel, pansy that he is, dying due to
the ogre's headbutt. If you've properly upgraded the keep then the keep will
still be in very good shape, otherwise things are going to be falling apart at
this point. In the short lull between fighting the healer will offer to sell
you some healing potions. You might think this is another case of profiting
from the end of the world that's so prevalent in RPGs but she's selling them at
a highly discounted price. Stock up now, clear out her stash of everything that
she's got.

Eventually the attacks will begin again, a wave of Shrieks and Shriek Alphas
pouring in through the front gate. This should be a cakewalk. Once the last of
them fall the soldiers yell out more indecipherable garbage and you're told to
retreat to the courtyard.

Here you must battle a number of Heretic Disciples but they're no real danger.
The danger comes in the form of the Armored Ogre Alpha who emerges after you've
cleared out the rest of the enemies. He's reinforced by a number of respawning
grunts and is more than capable of dealing fatal damage to you and your allies
in very short order. The trick here is that he does a lot of damage, takes a
lot of damage but is still, in the end, just an overpowered ogre. He doesn't
have any new moves and as such it's pretty easy to survive this. Keep freezing
him where possible and if he picks anyone up to pummel them slap a Lifeward on
them to ensure they don't die.

After he falls clear out the rest of the enemies in the area and then head back
towards the front gate. The Herald itself has come to attack. Like all of the
other Disciples he's a bit tougher than the normal darkspawn but he's a total
pushover after everything else you've been through.

With the battle finally over people will start to talk about what to do next.
There is only one option - to take the battle straight to the Mother herself.

5.07b - The Assault on Amaranthine
Once you've decided to defend the city it will be you, and the Messenger if you
recruited him, against the horde. You will need to head to every location that
is marked on your map and slaughter the darkspawn that are located there. You
are doing this to rescue the guards before they end up dead at the hands of
these beasts.

This a lot simpler of a battle than the battle that occurs in Vigil's Keep. Go
to the west and simply walk around until you've rescued all of the militia.

When the last of them fall speak to the city guard commander to be told you
should rest up at the Chantry where the survivors are. You can sell things to
Glassric if you're overburdened but he doesn't actually sell anything. Go back
out into the city and you will see that the streets are full of Childer Grubs.
Take out the lot of them before going into the inn.

Here you will find another Disciple alongside more darkspawn and Children. The
Disciple runs off but don't be in too big a hurry to follow him since there's a
flame trap up the stairs. After taking out the last of them you will be able to
head down into the Smugglers Cove to find more of them.

Down here you will find a large amount of darkspawn alongside another Darkspawn
General. If you have the skills you can use Grievous Insult and Massacre to get
rid of all of the darkspawn almost instantly while Mana Clash will sap all of
the Generals mana. Continue forward to the far end of this tunnel, taking out
the numerous darkspawn that rush into the tunnels.

Emerging on the far side you will find another Disciple General as well as a
huge Armored Ogre Alpha. If you have Mana Clash then the General will not be a
threat in the slightest. Go after him first in any case as he is the easier of
the pair to kill, then turn your attention to the ogre.

The Ogre is more than capable of dealing fatal damage to you and your allies
in very short order. The trick here is that he does a lot of damage, takes a
lot of damage but is still, in the end, just an overpowered ogre. He doesn't
have any new moves and as such it's pretty easy to survive this. Keep freezing
him where possible and if he picks anyone up to pummel them slap a Lifeward on
them to ensure they don't die.

When the two of them fall your defense of the city is complete. Decide what to
do with the Messenger (*NOTE: Letting him live positively affects the epilogue)
and then leave the city.

5.08 - Depths of Depravity
Make your way to the Lair of the Mother now. You will arrive in the Dragonbone
Wastes, a desolate region that consists of numerous darkspawn. This is just one
long running battle that includes all manner of darkspawn, including Armored
Ogres. At the end of this path is a surprise for you though - a High Dragon!

Boss: High Dragon
This is a rather surprising boss fight. Take note that at the beginning of the
fight she will actually go after the darkspawn, often at the expense of leaving
your party alone for the beginning of the fight. This allows you to get your
party set up even after being surprised by this big monstrosity landing right
in your face like that.

This dragon fights exactly like the High Dragon fought outside of the Gauntlet
in Origins. The only difference is that this dragon seems to use a lightning
based attack that can also set you on fire. Otherwise it fights exactly the
same and if you've beaten the Queen of the Blackmarsh then this won't be much
of a threat at all.

Try to use ice attacks to immobilize the beast while your party gets right into
its face and piles on the damage. It won't take too long to bring the monster
to its knees so long as you fight smart and heal whenever you're hurt too much.

Head inside to the Drake's Fall. When you enter the dungeon you will get a
quest update. If you have Velanna in your party she will have a conversation
with her sister who has been completely lost to the Architect. There is a chest
to your east, it is locked but it bears opening. You will be trying to collect
as many Crystals as you can in this stage for use on the three towers. Each of
these towers will give you a power to use in the final fight when you fill all
of the sockets with Crystals.

Go down the stairs, killing darkspawn as you go, and deal with the Disciple
General as well as the Armored Ogre here. Loot a Crystal off of the body and
search both this room and the small room to the south, searching inside of the
Flesh Pods to find more Crystals. Place them in the sockets to get the first
skill, Tower of Flame. This is basically a fire ball attack.

Cross the bridge where you will find a few Disciples, including an Alpha,
fighting with some Childer Grubs. Kill the lot of them before looting the Flesh
Pod nearby as well as the Disciple Alpha for Crystals. Make your way to the
bottom of the next tower to reach another auto-save. The Architect will reveal
himself to you and, long story short, you can choose to either accept his offer
or you can slaughter him right now.

If you choose to fight him most everyone will approve except for Velanna who
must be convinced. On the other hand siding with the Architect requires some
very difficult persuasion checks on your part. Be careful in your choices here
since after this is the final fight and you don't want to go in undermanned.

Should you choose to battle him:

Boss: The Architect
As you've likely guessed by now the Architect is essentially a very powerful
Hurlock Emissary and is quite the capable mage. Alongside his companion Utha,
the dwarven Grey Warden, he makes for a fairly decent challenge. He has a bevy
of spells at his disposal, starting with the Glyph of Neutralization and going
down the list to Inferno and most other general attack spells. Utha is a melee
fighter but she's no real threat.

To start with you should use Mana Clash on the Architect to do some damage and
whittle down a bit of his mana. Then it's just a matter of getting in his face
and swinging while keeping your health up. Your mage isn't the most useful when
it comes to dealing with him so try to let them deal with Utha so that your
warriors can fully focus on the Architect.

As he nears death he will use Inferno in the small area, burning your party as
well as Utha. He's more than capable of killing her off on his own while this
is going on so don't pay her much mind. Keep your health up until he falls is
really all that's required here.

If you killed the Architect loot his body for some good equipment. If you've
instead chosen to side with him then you will have another special ability to
call upon for the final fight. It's your choice but be sure you will have a
four man party by the time the talking is over.

Cross the bridge, killing the Childer and Armored Ogre along the way and go
down the stairs. There's yet more Adult Childer here so you'll need to take
them out as well as the Disciple General. Activate this last tower and then go
into The Next to find the Mother herself.

After the talking is finally over it's time to end this.

The Mother
As you can likely guess when looking at her this is basically just an overly
powerful Broodmother. She has the tentacles and ability to summon up darkspawn
to protect her. The main difference is the sheer power of her attacks - the
tentacles that she calls up are Elite enemies that will give you a fair bit of
difficulty. She can summon up lots of Children who attempt to pin you to the
floor so that they can eat your face off.

How you fight her greatly depends on what type of party you've brought along to
the dance. If you have a very fighter intensive party you can put your main
tank right in front of her and let him keep her busy. This will attract all of
her tentacles to come after your main fighter. If you have Carapace using it
will allow him to suck up most of the damage for a short time.

This buys the rest of your party some breathing space. Your other fightesr can
focus on getting rid of her tentacles while your mage assists them. After the
last tentacle falls you can then let your fighters keep going after the Mother
while two people, preferably a mage included, deal with the Children that come
out. You can wear her health down a little at a time until she falls.

It's also possible to bring two mages into the fight and just alternate in your
offense and defense. Placing Lifewards on everyone means you don't need to
babysit their health as much. That allows you more time to use Cones of Cold
and other spells to slow the enemy attack. By managing how you use your spells
for offense and defense it's quite possible to take out the Mother easily with
this sort of setup.

Another option is to have an entire party of ranged attackers and to stay out
of range of the Mother, simply attacking with bows. Doing this you can whittle
her tentacles health down, kill her Children and then fill her full of arrows,
all while staying far away from her.

With the fall of the Mother you get an anti-climactic ending and some pretty
terrible epilogues. Congratulations, I guess?

6. Side Quests
Vigil's Keep
Defending the Land
Obtained: Bann Eddelbrek

During the meeting with the nobles you will have to choose between defending
the farms from Darkspawn or staying close to guard the city of Amaranthine. If
you choose to defend the city then one of the merchants, Yuriah, will gain
access to all of her items. However if you choose this then there's a good
chance that the peasants will riot. The ending epilogue also indicates that the
bandits become a huge problem for the land. Choose as you will as there's no
really good way to go about this.
A Brewing Conspiracy
Obtained: Ser Tamra or Anders

During the meeting with the nobles you will find out from Ser Tamra that a
number of the nobles are plotting to kill you. Speaking to Anders instead will
have the same effect. From here you have a few options:
1. You can have the soldiers spy on the nobles. This does next to nothing and
angers the nobles at you more.
2. Hire Dark Wolf - He's located in Amaranthine and is dressed as a city guard.
His services work perfectly but cost 50 sovereigns. Paying him will net you
the meeting place of the conspirators allowing you to travel there to kill
them off for their crimes. It's not a very difficult battle by any means.
3. Take some of the nobles relatives as hostages. This means nothing bad will
happen but the nobles get mighty angry. Varel strongly recommends against
doing this as it's too Orlesian.
4. Do nothing. This will cause Ser Tamra to return eventually and allow the
conspirators to set a trap for you. This has the same effect as choosing to
let the nobles set a trap for you with Dark Wolf

See the quest "Are you Esmerelle?" for more information on the next step if you
choose to let the nobles set a trap. If you choose to take action against them
see below.
A Daughter Ransomed
Obtained: Private (outside throne room)

One of the vassals has requested that you save his daughter from the bandits at
Forlorn Cove. Travel to the Forlorn Cove and cross the bridge to find the group
waiting for you. You can handle this one of a few ways:
1 - The easiest is to just pay the 30 Sovereigns. This gets her released and
you can then leave.
2 - You can simply attack the bandits. If you do so then there's a good chance
that the girl turns up dead after the fight.
3 - Use Persuade to convince them to send her forward after asking to see her.
With that done you can either give them the money or attack them.

If you choose to fight be very careful. The Tough Bandit makes use of his
crossbow to Scattershot your party. Try to use Cone of Cold to freeze the lot
of them before focusing on the Tough Bandit, then the boss and finally the
regular enemies. They're all fairly easy to defeat but that stunning can be a
real problem here.

Return to the Private and ask to see her messages. Bensley sends his gratitude
along with 10 gold.
Far Afield
Obtained: Private (outside Throne room)

Darkspawn have been attacking a farmers family on the Turnoble estate. They ask
for your help and in exchange they will put in a good word with Lord Eddelbrek.
However there doesn't seem to be any way to actually save the family - when you
arrive at the farm the place is flooded with Darkspawn, including a number of
Emissary's and an Ogre. Be sure to loot the Good Wife's body and the Templar.
Elemental Requirements
Obtained: Herren

Speaking to Herren and Wade reveals that they could make better armor for the
keeps soldiers if you were to bring them some better materials.

- Veridium Ore can be found during the "It Comes From Beneath" quest in the
basements of Vigil's Keep.

- Iron Ore can be found during the "Last of the Legion" quest near the forge
located in the Trade Quarter.

- Silverite Ore can be found during the "The Righteous Path" quest inside of
the Silverite Mine in the Wending Wood. Be sure to find the deposit before you
leave since you cannot return to the dungeon once it's finished.

Speak to Herren after finding all of these to have your armies upgraded.
Trade Must Flow
Obtained: Mistress Woolsey

After speaking to Herren and Wade go back and speak to Mistres Woolsey. She
will suggest that you find merchants who are willing to trade and convince them
to come to Vigil's Keep to do so.

- Lilith on the way to Knotwood Hills is being attacked by bandits, kill them
and she will continue on to Vigil's Keep. This is a random encounter.
- Armaas can be found inside of the Silverite Mine. Speak to him and simply
ask him to return to Vigil's Keep to get him there.

It Comes From Beneath
Obtained: Sergeant Maverlies

Darkspawn are still infesting the basement of Vigil's Keep thanks to the bombs
that the dwarf used. It's important to head down there with some diggers and to
get rid of the stragglers. Whenever you're ready to deal with the spawn talk to
the Sergeant and head down into the lower levels.

In the first room you will find a wounded Mabari with a note on it from someone
named Adria. Nathaniel knows this woman and insists on helping her out. If you
have a high enough Survival rating you can comfort the dog which nets you some
Approval from Nathaniel.

Proceed forward into the next room to find a number of Hurlocks and an Emissary
hanging around. They shouldn't be too hard to take out especially with a full
party. Enter the north door for some loot and then enter the southern door to
find a strange statue to Andraste. Examine it and then the torch nearby to open
a hidden alcove in the wall that contains a good ring and man helpful potions.

Continue to the west and down the stairs to find a new enemy type: Ghouls. They
are fairly weak but they come in numbers that can overwhelm your mages and
archers pretty easily. Use area of effect attacks to maintain control over them
and you should do just fine. Loot the "Howe's Correspondence" container nearby
to get a letter that will give a good boost to Nathaniel's Approval.

Speak to the prisoners in the nearby cell and choose to either release them or
leave them there. Through the locked door nearby you will find a crypt full of
Avvar Sarcophagi. You can loot the ones on the top floor safely but when you go
down to the bottom floor skeletons will attack from all sides and even above
you. You're going to have to be careful since it's easy to lose your mages or
archers here. Try to get the enemies grouped together and use AoE attacks to
manage them a bit easier.

Loot the sarcophagi and you will find a key. There are four key holes on the
walls but only one key you can get so far. Use it if you like and then leave,
continuing to the north.

Here you will find Adria but unfortunately she's too far gone to be helped. She
comes charging at you with her swords a-swinging along with a few Ravenous
Ghouls. Adria isn't terribly difficult so long as you focus on her, getting rid
of her as fast as you can. Since her health and defense is fairly low this is a
really easy fight. With her out of the way move forward to start a cutscene.

Now you must leave the underground for a short time. Go complete a main quest
before returning to find the rubble cleared. Now you can go deeper into the
underground of the dungeon.

Speak to Sergeant Maverlies to be brought down to an entrance to the Deep Roads
under the keep. At the fork in the road head north to find a shrine to the
Avvar god Korth. Search the body nearby for a Golden Idol and the chest for a
Key. With those in hand you can either loot the offerings, gets you money but
the golems attack, or add the Golden Idol to the offerings. This nets you a
pretty good battle axe called Frenzy.

Go back and take the southern path now where you will find darkspawn waiting to
ambush you. Take the first two out and then search the rooms - the northern one
has more Lyrium Sand for Dworkin while the southern has another key. Further up
three more darkspawn will attack you, take them out and take the southern door
from there to find a gem mine. Loot the area to find a Flawless Diamond, a
useful item that can be added to a craftable weapon later on. For looting this
you will be forced to battle five Genlock and a Genlock Emissary. You can hit
them from around the corner with a fireball or large AoE effect to get a leg up
on them.

A pair of darkspawn wait further ahead, guarding the porticullis that leads you
further into the dungeon. Through the door you will find a circle of statues,
be careful as you approach it. A number of skeletons will ambush you and do
some very bad things to your mages and archers if you're not careful. Cross the
bridge afterwards to reach the boss.

Boss: The Dark Theurge
This guy right here? Not a terribly hard boss. His main attack is to keep on
flinging off spells at you, mostly electrical ones. If you have high elemental
resistance on your tank than keep him right in the shades face to battle it as
everyone else pelts at it. The only person in real danger here is your mage -
The Dark Theurge knows how to cast Mana Clash and if he does so then there's a
very good chance that your mage dies to it.

After he loses about half of his health skeletons will burst from the ground to
attack. Try to let your archer and / or mage keep them busy while your two
fighter types keep going after the shade. The battle ends when its health gets
low enough.

The beast will fly off into an alcove while the device in the center of the
room lights up. Activate it to free the wraith meaning you have to chase down
the thing and destroy it now. Start following the shade, grabbing the key from
the chest in the small dwarven outpost, but be ready for a brawl when you exit
out the other door.

Here a number of darkspawn attack you alongside an Ogre Commander. The Ogre is
basically just a souped up version of the regular ogre enemy in that he hits a
bit harder and has a lot of health. Try to fight carefully since this isn't the
last fight and don't let yourself run too low on health. When the beast has
fallen the shade will possess it, becoming a Possessed Ogre Commander. This is
basically the last fight all over again except backstabs and criticals don't
seem to happen as often.

When the beast falls... again, be sure to tell the Sergeant to give you a few
moments so you can loot the dead before returning to Vigil's Keep.

Now you should have three, or four if you didn't unlock the first door, keys.
These are used back in the basement to unlock the Avvar Tomb. Head on over to
it and open the way to find out that the shade is posessing the dead Avvar. The
three Avvar Lords are tough but not too hard since they rely on regular skills
to take you down. Try to keep the elite boss busy by freezing him in place or
stunning him so you can take down his support quickly. Just remember that as
undead bosses they're immune to critical hits / backstabs so just go for raw
power attacks over anything that causes criticals.

When he falls that will be the end of this quest. Loot the bodies and the three
sarcophogai before heading out.
Salvage Operation
Obtained: Private (Private Messages, get it?!)

It seems that a ship that was bringing supplies to Vigil wrecked out near a
reef. They're expecting scavengers to get to the stuff but you should head on
over to get there first. Head to the location to find three melee Scavengers,
an archer and a Blood Mage. This is a pretty easy fight and your reward is 14
Salvaged Trade Goods. These can be sold for 2 gold apiece, netting you 28 gold
to blow as you see fit. This is a good way to get the money for the repairs to
Vigil's Keep (see "Cost of Doing Business").
Cost of Doing Business
Obtained: Voldrik

Speaking to Voldrik in the courtyards of Vigils Keep reveals that he is going
to need a good 80 Sovreigns (gold) to properly repair the keep. Raising that
much money is going to take awhile so don't worry over it too much. When you
get your hands on the money bring it back to him to provide one of the needed
upgrades to the keep.
What is Built Endures
Obtained: Voldrik

After completing the Cost of Doing Business quest Voldrik has a new request. If
you come across any Granite Deposits he would like to know so that he can mine
them for proper stone to use in shoring up the defenses of the Keep. You will
find the Granite Deposit in the Wending Wood, in the northeastern corner of the
map. Return to Voldrik afterwards to complete this quest.
Bombs Away!
Obtained: Finding Lyrium-Infused Skeleton in Kal'Hirol.

Take the sand and bring it back to Vigils Keep after you have done Voldriks'
repairs. Take it to his brother Dworkin and speak to him of his "work", namely
the bombs. So long as you keep bringing him Lyrium Sand he will make his own
special explosives for you to use against the Darkspawn. These are found in
many of the dungeons you will go into, namely Kal'Hirol, under Vigil's Keep and
the Silverite Mine. Just bring them back to him to eventually finish the quest.
The Masters Work
Obtained: Speak to Master Wade

As usual Wade is bored with making the same old trite equipment. He wants you
to bring him rare and exotic materials so that he may work them into something
truly exotic and unique. These will show up as their own quests in the journal
and there are three of them, "Heart of the Forest", "Worked to the Bone" and
"Golem's Might". Each of these is found in one of the three initial main plot
locations so you really can't miss them.
The Golems Might
Obtained: Looting Inferno Golems corpse

Bring the Golem's Shell you get off of the dead Inferno Golem back to Vigil's
Keep. Wade can use this to craft the Golems Might Massive Armor. This ties in
to The Masters Work quest. You need the following items to get this:

Inferno Golem Shell - Taken from the Inferno Golem
Blood Lotus - Found in the Wending Wood
Master Lyrium Potion - Must be crafted (see "It Comes From Beneath" for recipe)
Pure Iron - Bought from Glassric the Weaponsmith in Amaranthine
Wood Padding - Found in a chest in Amaranthine
Heart of the Forest
Obtained: Looting The Old One

You can find The Old One located near Ines the Botanist. He's an elite Sylvan
type enemy but he isn't all that dangerous. The only major difference is that
his root entanglement does a LOT of damage and he has a lot of health. That's
it. Loot the Heartwood and bring it to Wade to start this quest. He needs the
following items:

Heartwood - Taken from The Old One
Catgut - Found on a dead Mabari in Blackmarsh
Flawless Ruby - Found on dead bodies
Grandmaster Lightning Rune - Can be crafted
Oil - Found in the Crown and Lion Inn
Worked to the Bone
Obtained: Find the Eldest Dragonbone

Take the Eldest Dragonbone, located in the Queen of the Blackmarsh's lair after
you have defeated her, to Wade. He will talk about the sword that he could
craft with it but you need to bring him other items:

Eldest Dragonbone: See above
Diamond - Found very easily
Fresh Dragon Egg - Found in the dragon pens in the Silverite Mines
Grandmaster Flame Rune - Can be crafted
Greater Warmth Balm - Found on bodies or bought

When you speak to Wade you can choose how to customize the blade to your own
particular fighting style.

- Tell him to make it a one or two handed sword
- Raw power or Flexible - Armor penetration or bonus to attack
- Sharp, Easy to Swing, Help Defense, Wade's Choice - Bonus to critical hits,
stamina / mana regene and stamina bonus, defense bonuses, +3 all attributes

Put together these will create one of the best weapons in the game.
A Day in Court
Obtained: Private or Seneschal Varel

You need to play judge and jury here for a few cases. There are differences in
how they end though:

1 - Alec the Sheepherder stole from the crown. Killing him has a negative
impact on soldier morale later on while flogging him is generally a neutral
response. Amusingly the good option is to have him join the army.
2 - There's an issue over who truly owns a bridge that Howe promised to one of
his supporters. If you claim the bridge you get 100 gold but that's about it.
If you just give it to Lady Liza nothing good comes of it. The only good way to
end this is to use your Persuasion to promise restitution to Derren.
3 - A murderer noble who is part of the conspiracy against you has killed Ser
Temra, the one who warned you about the plot against you. There is no evidence
of his crime so killing him doesn't go over very well. Putting him in the
dungeon is the neutral option. If you let him go though he will show up when
the conspiracy makes a move against you.

There is a fourth judgement that can show up if you're not investigating the
conspiracy. This happens instead of the #3 listed above:

3 - A deserter has left her post and you need to decide what to do with her. If
you release her or have her executed this negatively impacts soldier morale
later in the game.

After presiding over the judgements the session will be called to an end.
Peasant Revolution
Obtained: Head to Vigil's Keep after completing two Main Plot quests

Upon arrival at Vigil after completing two main plot quests you will see a
group of farmers have gathered. They demand that you open the food stores to
them so that they don't have to go hungry so often. Since you're not doing as
much as they'd like they've come to basically demand assistance. Apparently
they don't think it's a bad idea to attack the Warden Commander himself...

Unfortunately this quest seems to be pretty horribly bugged. One of the factors
to completing your dialogue peacefully is sending your soldiers to defend the
farmlands. In addition to that you should have a very high Cunning and Coercion
rating. However this isn't always the case. There are reports of people who
finish this quest having defended trade only and with low scores (20 Cunning
and only a rank or two in Coercion who are able to talk down the mob. Then the
people who should be able to do it (50+ Cunning, 4 ranks of Coercion and are
defending the farms) can't seem to get it to work.

It's possible that there is some sort of other "invisible trigger" that needs
to be activated to allow this to work. Things such as completing other quests
or talking to certain NPCs in a particular way might have some sort of impact.
There's no information on how to make this quest any more reliable.

This means that you can only either bully them away (via Intimidate), Persuade
them to accept some grain and leave or have your guards chase them off. The
problem with this is that only the "talking them down" option works out very
well in the Epilogue and since that only works when it feels like it... well
this is a pretty annoying quest.

City of Amaranthine
Smuggler's Run
Obtained: Shady Character

*NOTE: Do not speak to the smuggler after he moves to the house or you will
lock out Sigrun's side quest.

As you approach the main gates you will see a man "Shady Character" who seeks
your attention. He asks you to meet him by a house so head over to the west to
find him again. Here he explains that they need some help with one of their
old "allies" - it seems a bartender is keeping an essential passage closed on
the smugglers in hopes of getting more money. They need you to find the man and
"convince" him to stop being so difficult.

*NOTE: Completing even one of these quests, no matter how benign, turns the
city guard against you quite severely.

When you enter the bar you can either pay a sovreign to have him open the way
or use Persuade / Intimidate to make him do so. Speak to the Shady Character
again to find out that there are some thieves who need to be dealt with since
they're getting in the way of their operation. Enter the house and go into the
secret passage to find the thieves in question and take them out.

Head down into the basement to speak to the Smuggler Leader. He explains that a
city guard Lieutenant has been causing problems for them. You'll need to obtain
the key to the guard house from a city guard and then head in there to find the
man in question. Head up onto the battlements and find the guard Sergeant, kill
him and take the key off of his body.

Now head into the guard house to find the Lieutenant and his soldiers. Kill him
and loot another key off of his body; this opens up the nearby cell door and
releases Jacen. You can convince Jacen to help out around Vigil, since he's the
best archer in the arling he will be a great help. Return to the Smuggler
Leader to finish off the quest.
Law and Order
Obtained: Constable Aidan

*NOTE: Do not speak to the Aiden after the initial cutscene as you enter the
city or you will be locked out of Sigrun's side quest.

The flip side of the Smuggler's Run quest, this has you seeking to dismantle
the smugglers operation by helping out the city guard. They wish for you to
find the smuggler's hideout by speaking to a smuggler in the marketplace. When
you talk to the man this initiates a running battle where you must pursue him
around the city while he sends waves of hired goons after you. Continue doing
this until you have chased the man into the locked basement door.

Return to Constable Aiden, reporting what has occurred. He mentions that there
must be a door guard so return to the location to find a Shady Character. Kill
him and his guards to get the key allowing entry to the basement. Head on down
there, kill the Leader and his four guards, and then loot the place. Return to
Constable Aiden for your reward.
Ines the Botanist
Obtained: Wynne, near Chantry

On the easternmost side of the map you will find Wynne standing around the
Chantry. She asks for your help in finding a friend, Ines, who has gone off to
the Wending Wood. Apparently her help could really be used at a mages meeting
that's happening in Navarre so you get to go looking for her. She's located
deep in the woods on the north shore so it'll take some work to reach her.

After you reach the road that goes north to the Silverite Mine and south to the
Abandoned Dalish Camp head to the east. You will see a dead Scholar on the
ground as you go - loot his body for a journal that explains what purpose the
odd stone he's carrying serves. Here you will find a fair sized Darkspawn Camp
with a number of the beasts alongside a Genlock Emissary and Hurlock Alpha. Get
rid of the Emissary as usual to make this a breeze. Loot the area and continue
to the south.

You will reach two statues - one of peace and one of war. The war statue asks
that you speak to it, doing so starts the Brothers of Stone Quest. Further
south you will find a strange ruin of some sort. Kill the two Ancient Sylvans
that attack before fiddling with the ruins if you like.

When you're done go to the south yet more where you can find Ines nearby a
Wild Sylvan and the Great Old One, a boss type Sylvan. Speak to her to find out
that she doesn't care much for Wynne and isn't leaving the woods until she
finds the plant she's looking for. So, of course, you get to help her. They can
be found to the east of the entrance to the Silverite Mine, tucked away into a
corner. Get them and bring them back to her for a reward as well as sending her
off to speak to the mages.
Till Death Do Us Part
Obtained: Alma, Chantry

Speak to Alma in the chantry to learn that she's praying for her husband who
has disappeared recently. She mentions that he liked to drink at a local inn so
we should start there. Go into the inn and search around until you find a note
fragment. This will indicate something about the catwalks high above town - he
is referring to the battlements. Head up there to find another note fragment
that refers to an old abandoned house. This is located just near the entrance
to the City of Amaranthine map itself. Here you will find Karrem - bring the
bad news back to Alma to finish this quest.

Merchants' Guild Board
The Merchant's Goods
It seems that a merchants Orlesian Silks have never arrived from Denerim. This
requires you to search around in the Wending Wood:

1 - Located in a barrel near the destroyed Caravan
2 - Located in a barrel after the first battle with thieves
3 - Located in a Bundle of Cloth at Scavenger camp
4 - Located on the body of one of the Scavengers at the camp
5 - Located on the body of a Scavenger to the southeast of the Scavenger Camp
6 - Located on the other side of the Ruined Caravan in a locked chest
7 - Located inside a crate near the overturned caravan on the northern road
8 - Located inside a crate near the second overturned carriage on northern road
9 - Located inside an unlocked chest near the last destroyed caravan

Now return to the Merchant's Board for your reward.
Maferath's Monuments
Some scholar in the Chantry wants charcoal rubbings of some possibly heretical
writings located in the Wending Wood. These are labeled as Engraved Statues

To start off with search up a hill near the Scavenger camp
The first is found dead center in the southernmost part of the map.
The next one is found just to the north, near a small tent.
The third one is located to the east of the bridge leading to the north shore
The fourth one is found near the Darkspawn encampment to the east
Another is found near Ines, up on a hill just north of her
Next is the one located to the south east of the Corpse Pile
The last is hidden in a corner to the west of the entrance to the Silverite
Mine. It's in a small alcove that requires you go down the hill and around to
actually reach it.

With all of those found return to the your liason for a reward.
Ser Alvard's Missing Sword
A sword with a family heirloom set in the pommel has gone missing. You need to
go to the village near the Blackmarsh to find out what happened to it. The
village was destroyed years ago but, when you get a key to the docks, you can
head over there and search inside of some decomposing crates to find the sword
in question. It's nothing special but it is free.
Keep Out of Reach of Children
It seems that some Antivan poison has been smuggled into the city and the guild
is willing to pay you for every vial of the stuff you turn in. You can find
these scattered all over the place.

- One in front of Master Henley
- One in front of the noble perusing Glassric the Weaponsmith's wares
- One to the right of the two commoners talking near a forge, on a table
- Another is located to the northwestern-most part of the city near two locked
treasure chests on a table.

Return the five vials of poison to Kendrick for your reward (7 gold).
Rumblings from Beneath
Unlocks: After completing Law & Order or Smugglers Run
*NOTE: This quest is bugged rather badly - you get no reward for completing it
(as in no XP or money at all) and it doesn't always show up for people. Don't
be surprised if it never unlocks for you.


Chanter's Board
From the Living Wood
The Templars are looking for samples of the ancient Sylvan tree people. They
would like you to get some wood from these beasts as well as stopping them from
harassing people on the road. There are five of these creatures spread out in
the Wending Wood:

2 - Located near the strange ruin in the southeastern corner of the north shore
1 - Locaed northeast of the Militia Survivor
1 - Located on a hill north of the Militia Survivor
1 - Located near the Corpse Pile in the eastern side of the north shore

Return to the Chanter's Board with all five pieces for your reward.
Preying on the Weak
Apparently some thugs are picking on the refugees outside of the city and it's
up to you to help them out. There are four groups of three out there harassing
people so get to work. They're not difficult at all so wipe them out and then
you can return for your reward.
Out of Control
The chantry board doesn't give much information here but it seems that there is
some sort of problem with a mage. Accept the quest and go into the chantry to
speak to Ser Rylien, just inside the chantry. She explains that there are a lot
of Maleficar in Amaranthine. You're given images of three suspects to speak to
about the issue.

As you near the entrance to the town you will find a Muttering Elf. Follow him
for a bit as he mumbles about Templars. Eventually he will turn hostile and try
to run off so feel free to kill him. The next is found walking around the
market area and she reacts the same. Your third target is up the stairs to the
north and will meander around on the battlements for a bit before fighting.

With those three dead head to the west of the city gates to find an Apostate
Mage hanging around. He's none too happy about you killing off his apprentices
and will immediately attack you. He's not that difficult so just pile on and he
will go down in no time. Return to the board for your reward.
A Donation of Injury Kits
The chantry needs injury kits and you need to donate them. Get your hands on
the 5 kits however you like and then bring them to the chanters board.
A Donation of Health Poultices
The chantry needs health potions and of course you get to donate them again.
They want five Potent Health Poultices (?!) the greedy blighters so bring them
to the chanter to finish this quest line.

Blight Orfans Notis Bord
The Blight Orfans
Place 50 silver in the box near the door, it's as simple as that. This opens up
the rest of the quests.
The Blight Orfans (Again)
For this one you need to purchase the Antivan Brandy from the Bartender, at a
good 1 gold, 50 silver, and then donate a further two silvers into the box.
Feeling a bit ripped off yet?
Moonshine for the Children
Make your way over to the merchant Octham the Grocer and enter the building
right near him. This is the Moonshiner location - take out the three men and
grab the moonshine from the crate. Bring it back to the donation box along
with anything else you'e picked up.
The Sermons of Justinia II
For whatever reason the "orfans" want you to bring them one of the sermon books
from the Chantry. Run into the Chantry, grab the sermon book off the altar and
then bring it back to the Blight Orfans donation box.
The Scavenger Hunt
Now we're doing someones chores! We need to gather a pitchfork, hammer, some
soles to a pair of shoes and a doll. Also pie. The doll can be found near a
cart in the southeastern corner of the city, the hammer is in a small alley
right near the entrance to the Crown and Lion, a pitchfork in a tree to the
north of the entrance, the pie is near Master Henley and the shoe soles are
near the Weaponsmith.
Those Sweet Orphans
The orfans want you to play a trick on Mother Leanna and stick a bunch of herbs
in her bed. Pick up the herbs on the table nearby and head on back to the
A Present for Melisse
And now we're trying to terrify people by placing scarecrows on their lawn with
knives in their hands. Oye. Grab the knife from the kitchen before heading out.
Head to the farm outside of the city and grab the scarecrow from nearby the cow
before heading back into the city. Place it in front of the house to the right
of the city entrance in the soft patch of ground.
Making Amends
Now we need to get some flowers and place them in front of Melisse's house for
the orfans to say sorry for the previous prank. Run into the Chantry, again,
grab the flowers off the desk and bring them to Melisse's house. Place them in
front of the door and then head back to the Notis board.

Knotwood Hills
The Long-Buried Past
Obtained: Discarded Letter in a chest

Apparently a treasure hunter found something in this strange chasm and brought
it to Amaranthine. Make your way to the Chantry and examine the records to the
right of the altar in a bookshelf. Now leave the city itself and search along
the eastern side of the map, near the houses. Here you will find packed earth
that, when dug up, reveals a Ring of Subtlety.
Lucky Charms
Obtained: Bag in the Chasm

Searching under the wooden ramp you take down into the lowest level of the
chasm will bring you to a bag. Inside of this bag are some items that belong to
the two hunters, Micah and Colbert. Bring the lucky charm back to Colbert in
Amaranthine to get their thanks for returning it.
Memories of the Stone
Obtained: Examining Commemorative Stone in Kal'Hirl

When you find the Commemorative Stone Sigrun will remark that this should be
brought to someone from Orzammar. Bring it back to Vigil's Keep and show it to
Dworkin the Mad and he will speak to his brother about it. They will take it
and see that it's returned to Orzammars Shaperate.

The Wending Wood
Trading Troubles
Obtained: Entering the Wending Wood for the first time

Upon entering the Wending Wood you will see a cutscene of some bandits looting
a devastated caravan. Something huge must have done this and it's up to you to
find out what and make sure it doesn't do it again. After you cross the bridge
to the north this quest will update, informing you that the Elf you have seen
is responsible for the troubles in the woods. See The Righteous Path quest for
a solution to this quest.
Brothers of Stone
Obtained: Approaching the two statues

When you near the statues the War one will call out to you. Speaking to him
reveals that they are Avvar Barbarians who were trapped in stone by some sort
of spell by a Tevinter Magister. The statue asks that you free them by finding
the Magisters Remains, disturbing them to call up his shade and then destroying
it. Upon finishing the conversation the other statue will speak to you. He
explains that there is no release to their condition and that only by speaking
of peace can the two brothers rest.

You have two options from here:
- With a high enough Persuade you can talk the Statue of War into letting go of
its murderous intent. This nets you approval from Nathaniel and Sigrun as well
as some recipes for potions.
- Head to the north and find the Magisters Remains. Activating them calls up a
fairly weak boss-type Shade that attacks. He's not that difficult so taking him
out is a simple matter. This will appease the statue of war who claims that he
feels free now. He gives you the sword stuck in the ground near him, The Winter
Blade, as a reward.
Last Wishes
Obtained: Find Keenan in the Silverite Mine

Exploring the mines you will find a man named Keenan, a Grey Warden like you.
His legs were crushed by a large darkspawn and he's on deaths door with his
last request being that you bring his wedding ring to his wife in Amaranthine.
You need to track down this darkspawn and get that ring.

After obtaining the ring head to the city of Amaranthine. His slut of a wife
can be found in one of the Inn rooms with her lover. Give her the wedding ring
and get out of there.

The Blackmarsh
The Trail of Love
Obtained: Search skeleton to the east of the main road

Examining the body you will find an angry letter that Bonnie wrote to her lover
Corin who killed himself with a bottle of poison. She presumed it was a love
letter when in reality it was a clue to some sort of surprise he had for her.

First Clue: Head to the east, through the gates, and after fighting the pack of
werewolves search to the north. There's a chicken coop here and a hidden clue
near it.
Second Clue: Through the northern gate and to the northeast of the Veil Tear.
Here, near the camp, you will find the clue on a flaming statue. Examining it
will get you attacked by a pair of Blighted Shadow Werewolves. Be careful of
these guys since they can pounce on you and maul your face off.
Third Clue: Get onto the main road that led to the village and go north. Here
you will find a dragons skull and Tear in the Veil. Search inside the small
house to find your next clue.
Fourth Clue: This one takes a bit to get to. It's located near the plot item
all the way to the northeast on the map. If you're trying to finish this side
quest before the main quest just keep your distance from the plot marker and
search around.
Fifth Clue: Go to the Summoning Circle and search the largest stone to find the
next to last clue.
Treasure: Head to the east of the small camp Kristoff was using to find a
bottle floating in the small pond. Pick it up to find a wedding propsal and an
awesome ring inside of it.
The Burden of Guilt
Obtained: Find note hidden near a stash of crates to the north in the village

It seems that a merchant betrayed several young women to someone known as the
Baroness in exchange for money, felt guilty over it and killed himself. His
cache has been hidden to the northeast of town so find it and loot it for some
gems and a gold piece. It's right near a Veil Tear so it's easy to see.
The Lost Dragon Bones
Obtained: Find one of the bones.

Finding one of the bones buried in the dirt will start this quest. There are a
number of these to find although your mage suggests that the beast isn't really
dead so much as dispersed. This is a list of the Veil Tears that are part of
this quest:

1 - Located near the Dragon skull and the Veil Tear, north along the main road.
2 - Up a small hard to see hill to the west of the Summoning Circle north of
the village.
3 - Inside a small, ruined house in the northeastern most part of the map. It's
near the plot item.
4 - Near the northeastern part of the map, near where the plot item is.
5 - Behind the Baroness' manor on the docks.

Gathering up all five of them unlocks the way to the optional boss battle with
the Queen of the Blackmarsh, a powerful boss monster.

Boss: Queen of the Blackmarsh
Much like most of the other bosses in Awakening, the Queen of the Blackmarsh is
not that difficult. She's more of a slightly annoying, drawn out boss fight but
once you know what you're doing this dragon is actually one of the easiest
dragon fights you can have in any Dragon Age game.

The first stage of this fight operates exactly like the High Dragon fight in
Origins with one exception - you are going to take elemental damage from the
dragons breath attack. This also means that you will not be able to use those
spells on the Queen but you can use fire so it's a fair trade.

After taking enough damage the Queen will change into a small sphere of energy.
This sphere does nothing to attack but it is totally immune to physical damage.
It can only be injured by using magical attacks on it (elemental or otherwise).
As it hides in this form six Wisp creatures are summoned around it. These will
stay in place for a few moments before slowly moving towards the dragon. When
they reach the dragons orb form they will heal it. Once all six of them have
left the screen, through death or healing the dragon, the beast changes back.

This is how the fight continues until you manage to whittle down its health. As
the fight drags on it will change into the ball form more and more often which
just makes the fight take way longer than it needs to.

But there is a way to make this fight a good deal shorter. Come into it with a
mage who has Force Field, Crushing Prison and Cone of Cold. If you have an
archer give him Stunning Shot as well. Try to have as many of the bomb type
poisons as you can get your hands on too. When the dragon changes into its orb
form target the orb with Stunning Shot while your mage casts Force Field on one
of the Wisps. This will stun all of the wisps while locking one in place for a
long time.

With that done send your party members to attack the Wisps, getting rid of them
one by one until all that is left is the one Wisp you stuck in the Force Field.
Leave that one alone and send your party after the dragon while casting spells
on the Wisp to keep it stuck in place. By cycling between Force Field, Cone of
Cold and Crushing Prison you can keep it alive for quite some time while your
party attacks it. Your party likely won't be doing too much damage so to help
out use elemental coatings on your weapons and have your party members fling
grenades at the orb over and over. It might not seem like much but one or two
people hitting it for 50 - 70 damage over and over will quickly wear down its
health to nothing.

Eventually the Wisp will die and you will have to fight the dragon some more.
Beat on it until it changes back into orb form and repeat the process to take
it out with little difficulty.

Loot the dragons body as well as the bone pile nearby.

Tears in the Veil
Obtained: Find Tear in the Veil outside of northern gate from the village

There are a number of tears in the Veil into the human world and you need to
find a way to close them off. You will need to be in the Fade itself to really
do anything about them though. There are a number of these:

1 - The one that starts this quest.
2 - Northeast of the Summoning Circle, on the hill
3 - Near the dead dragon skeleton ("The Lost Dragon Bones" quest)
4 - East of the Summoning Circle near Karsten's Cache

When you find your way into the Fade you will also find some Desire Demons near
a device called the Veil Device. They are casting some sort of spell on it so
head on over and bust them up before deactiving the device. This seals the Veil
Tear in that spot. Now you simply need to find the four devices to seal all of
the tears up. Upon returning to the real world go to all of the tear locations
to find a chest with a piece of the Sentinel armor set inside, a great reward
for a rather simple quest.

There is an unlisted sub-quest of sorts to this one. When you reach the
summoning circle there are the six pillars you can interact with. By doing so
correctly you can start a fight with a number of Rage Demons. Killing all of
these will activate the pedestal and allow you to send back a chest containing
a rather nice belt. The pattern to do this is generally as such: find shortest
available pillar and activate it, now activate the one directly across from
that one. Repeat until all are active.

Upon return from the Fade you can now go around to where all of the Tears were
located to find a treasure chest. Each of these holds a part of the Sentinel
Armor and when paired up with the piece you looted from the First you will have
the whole, very powerful (and very glitched) set.
A Maiden in Distress
Obtained: Speaking to the woman near the Shadowy Crypt

As you near the Shadowy Crypt the lady will speak to you about what Blackmarsh
once was. You are interrupted by some skeletons that attack, defeat them before
following her into the crypt.

Inside of the crypt a large number of undead will attack, be sure to protect
your mage and archer by using area of effect attacks and crowd control. After
clearing out the first room head deeper into the halls to find yet more enemies
waiting as the woman runs off. Defeat them as well before following the lonely
soul down the eastern corridor.

When the woman speaks to you in the last room she reveals herself to be a demon
in disguise. If you have a high enough Intimidate score you can bully her into
going away but that's not advised. Instead fight the beast, killing it fairly
easily. When it gives over those beautiful experience points be sure to check
the coffin in the corner of the room to find a hidden constitution bonus.

Companion Quests
The Howe Family
Obtained: Samuel, Groundskeeper in Vigil's Keep

Upon entering the western part of Vigil's Keep you will meet an old Elf who
speaks to Nathaniel. It seems that Nathaniels sister is still alive and living
with a merchant in Amaranthine. When you make your way to the city he would
like to visit her very much. Agree to do so to gain approval.

Delilah will spawn in the marketplace after you have completed a few quests
within Amaranthine. Approach her and the two will begin to have a talk. If you
are a human noble then you will get some special dialogue here. When speaking
to Nathaniel don't mention anything about his father being a hero. Any of the
other options will net you a decent bonus but he doesn't like that one. This
resolves his quest.
Freedom for Anders
Obtained: Nemaya, Northeastern corner of City of Amaranthine

As you walk along the northernmost part of the city you will see a rather short
woman standing there in leather armor. Speak to her to find out that she was
helping Anders with something. It seems that the phylactery's have been moved
to a warehouse within Amaranthine. He desperately wants you to go help him get
to his phylactery so he can destroy it. Agreeing to do so gains you approval.

Head to the warehouse, it's located near the gates, and loot the first room. As
you attempt to go deeper two Templars spring an ambush. Make sure to stand by
Anders, telling the Templars you will not let them have him. They're not too
hard to fight as it's two of them versus four of you. Focus on Rylock and don't
let her fight back for a quick kill.

Once they're down speak to Anders again and let him know that you consider him
a friend. This gets you another MASSIVE boost to approval. Head into the next
room and loot it before heading out with this quest finished.
Oghren the Family Man
Obtained: Return to Vigil's Keep after doing a few side quests.

It seems that Oghren abandoned his pregnant wife to come out on the road with
you and join the Wardens. When she first arrives at the keep, occurs after you
raise Oghrens approval to about 50 or so, choose the following dialogue options
for the best approval:

- Do you have an appointment
- What now?

Shortly after this you can speak to Oghren who should be drunk. He's wondering
about the money he should be paid from the Wardens for his work.

- You will be paid if the nobles pay their share.

There's one final conversation after you get your approval with him near around
the 70 point range. This one completes the quest and nets you a lot of approval
so long as you choose the right dialogue options.

- What's this about?
- You're not the marrying kind Oghren. No use dwelling on it.
- I don't see what's stopping you from seeing your child.

And that's the end of that "quest" from Oghren.
Sigrun's Roguish Past
Obtained: Walking around City of Amaranthine

* NOTE: It took two full playthroughs and starting a third to find out how bad
this quest was really glitched. Apparently if you so much as accept either the
Law and Order or Smuggler's Run quests then the NPC needed disappears. So near
the beginning of the game don't talk to them or be ready to be annoyed.

While walking around Amaranthine with Sigrun's approval at around 50, as you
walk to the east, along the path from the entrance to the inn a cutscene plays.
Sigrun bumps into a dwarf who accuses Sigrun of being responsible for the dwarf
being kicked out of Orzammar.

Leave Amaranthine and head back to Vigil's Keep to speak to Sigrun. Tell her
"You have changed" when given the dialogue choice and the quest will update,
telling you to see out Mischa. She can be found at the Crown and Lion Inn and
upon speaking to her there are a few ways this quest can play out:

- Let Sigrun give the ring to Mischa. This ends things on a happy note.
- Pay Mischa money for the ring. She claims it's worth at least 20 gold but
you can either pay her 20, go up to 30 to be generous or persuade her down to
taking only 15 gold.

Upon returning to Vigil's Keep speak to Sigrun again. Choose the following
dialogue options for a +5 approval.

- Aren't out purposes the same?
- That won't happen for a long time.
- But don't you want to live.
- You've lost friends, I don't want to lose mine.

That finishes up her quest.
Velanna's Exile
Obtained: Traveling between Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep

This is basically just a bunch of dialogue. Pick the below options to maximize
the approval gains you get from this.

- If she is still alive, we will find her.
- Velanna has changed, she's done good things.

* NOTE: I'd love to know why the Dalish are torching trees here. It's just
weird and it looks like they're under attack.

Choosing these will net you +9 approval. Next speak to her in the Throne Room.

- Yes, very.
- And you left, even though it hurt you?
- Do you regret what you said?
- A late apology is better than none.

This nets you a +8 to approval and finishes this quest.
Justice for Kristoff


7. Glitches and Bugs
Quest Glitches
- Trade Trouble: While adventuring in the Wending Wood after meeting Velanna
you will see a locked entrance to the Silverite Mines. By getting too close to
the door you can actually find another door beyond the first, locked door, that
is unlocked. Going through this door will screw up your game entirely.
- Smuggler's Run / Law and Order: Finishing the Law and Order quest while you
have the other quest active will result in it permanently staying in your
journal as well as showing up on the map. Completing the quest causes the
guards to stop talking to you, calling you a murderer. There's no way around
this at the moment.
- Peasant Revolution: This quest doesn't seem to work properly. Completing it
properly normally requires a high Cunning, max Coercion and having sent your
soldiers to guard the farms. However those who do this have found themselves
unable to complete the quest peacefully while others who have none of the above
requirements are able to talk their way through it.
- City of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep: These quests will sometimes reset
themselves upon returning to them. Inventory will restock, quest givers will
give you the quest again, etc. This is more of a nuisance than anything else.
- See Sigrun for personal quest information.
- See Oghren for personal quest information.
- See Velanna for personal quest information.
- Rumblings from Beneath: This quest is bugged rather badly - you get no
reward for completing it (as in no XP or money at all) and it doesn't always
show up for people. Don't be surprised if it never unlocks for you.
- Shadow of Blackmarsh: No matter what option you pick the Baroness' ritual
will never net you any stat boosts regardless of the fact that she says it does
and the game acts like it does. Essentially there's no way to be rewarded for
working with her.

Equipment Glitches
- Incorrectly Regarded as Glitch: The only DLC that is brought into the game
is the Return to Ostagar equipment. Blood Dragon Armor, anything from Warden's
Keep and any other equipment will disappear. This is an intentional decision on
the part of Bioware.
- There is an unintended effect to the above: If an equipped item disappears
there is a chance the item will permanently impact your stats. So if you have a
ring that disappears you will permanently get the bonus but having armor on
that goes away will cause you to permanently have fatigue. Be very careful with
this one or you could have a problem.
- The equipment from the Stone Prisoner DLC is supposed to import but there's
a near 50% chance that it doesn't do so, instead disappearing like the content
mentioned above.
- The gloves, breastplate and boots of the Sentinel armor instead look like
the Warden Commanders armor when equipped on a human character. This will only
happen if you have the Warden's Keep DLC installed. Deleting your saved game
will solve the problem but it makes it impossible to play with any characters
who had any interaction with that DLC.
- Much like the above, the Vigilance Sword will instead look like the Starfang
Sword. This is solved like the above problem.
- The Tricksters armor set will sometimes lose its set bonus. Remove a piece
of the armor and put it back on to solve this.

Character Glitches
Imported Warden
- Using a Manual of Focus when you have more than 99 points will cause you to
lose the excess points. This is only a problem if you've used plenty of stat
increasing books. It also doesn't happen every time so save before using a
Manual and reload if the numbers don't add up.
- The Dexterity bug from Origins remains unfixed. This means that you don't
do the proper damage when weilding daggers rendering them somewhat useless
instead of being one of the more powerful dual-wielding setups.
- Your "Power of Blood" abilities, gotten from drinking the potion in Warden's
Keep DLC will no longer function. They appear in your ability list but they can
no longer be used.

- If you complete the Wending Wood last then there's a chance that Velanna
will not be able to undergo her joining. To avoid this make sure that you go to
recruit Justice last.
- Upon recruiting Velanna it's possible that her approval jumps up to 100 upon
giving her a plot gift, like the Elven Trinket. When the cutscene finishes she
will jump to full approval without getting any abilities and locking out your
future ability to gain any approval.
- For some people her personal quest has an incredibly low encounter rate. In
some cases it has been taken up to THREE HOURS of just walking between Vigil's
Keep and Amaranthine to actually get it to trigger.
- If you don't have Velanna in the party then her quest will still pop up and
the elves will be hostile to you. Killing them renders this unfinishable.

- If you complete the Knothole Hills last then there's a chance that Sigrun
will not be able to undergo her joining. To avoid this make sure that you go to
recruit Justice last.
- Upon recruiting Sigrun it's possible that her approval jumps up to 100 upon
giving her the first plot gift, like Spyglass. When the cutscene finishes she
will jump to full approval without getting any abilities and locking out your
future ability to gain any approval.
- Accepting the quest Smugglers Run or Law and Order will cause a dwarf woman
in Amaranthine to disappear. There is no fix for this and it will cause you to
be totally unable to finish Sigrun's personal quest on that playthrough.

- Importing a Warden will cause Oghren's approval to not function properly.
He will immediately be subjected to diminishing returns on gifts that you give
him. There isn't enough dialogue in the game to get his approval up even close
to maximum and getting any negatives at all in dialogue will permanently make
this impossible to do. Gifts that should give him +15 will instead be doing
about half of that by the time you play Awakening. The only solution to this is
NOT give Oghren any gifts during Origins main game.
- Related to the above it's nearly impossible to get Oghren's personal quest
to actually trigger if you're importing a character. You need to get a fairly
high approval rating with him to get him to talk about it but it's hard fairly
hard to actually do this.
- Oghren's personal quest is also rather horribly bugged. It seems that, for
whatever reason, his quest doesn't consistently trigger. Some people have been
able to finish it almost immediately after he joins by giving him gifts found
between quests while others have had to get him up to a near max rating.

- Upon recruiting Justice it's possible that his approval jumps up to 100 upon
giving him a plot gift, like Kristoffs Mementos. When the cutscene finishes she
will jump to full approval without getting any abilities and locking out your
future ability to gain any approval.
- Much like the above basically any time you recruit Justice there seems to be
a good 75% chance his approval leaps up to +100. The main difference between
this and gift giving glitch is that when this happens the game will claim that
Justice's approval skills have been unlocked - it's lying, they haven't. But
there's almost nothing you can do since when it happens once it seems to have
glitched that save data entirely and no amount of reloading to recruit him
seems to have any effect on this glitch. The only workaround for this glitch is
to lower his approval in dialogue and then give him gifts to raise it up again.

8. About the Author
My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in Groton, Connecticut and I am 27 years old.
Im a freelance writer who has done work for a number of sites and have come
onto the writing staff of a website recently. I am still actively pursuing
more paid work in the field of video game journalism, hopefully as a FAQ /
strategy guide writer.

So far Ive written the following FAQs:
Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
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