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Pajama Sam 3:
You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
A Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer ([email protected])
Copyright 2004

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Walkthrough
003a. Mountains
003b. Beach
003c. Foothills
003d. In the Heart
004. Locations
005. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called PajamaSam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet. A
Playstation version of this game also exists. It's a
sequel to Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide when it's Dark
Outside and Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So
Frightening. To contact me, e-mail
[email protected], but make the subject blank
if you do.


Sam: A mild-mannered Pajama Man fan.

Sam's Mom: She doesn't want him to spoil his appetite.

Pajama Sam: The world's youngest superhero! He goes off
after some rogue cookies and ends up saving the day by
preventing a war (seriously).

Florette: A nice piece of broccoli who likes Sam. She's a
member of the peace conference, representing the

General Beetfoot: A squat general who wants to declare war
on the sweets. The peace conference's goal is to stop the
war from occurring.

Carrot: An old friend from other Pajama Sam games, Carrot
is the leader of the Salad Liberation Front, which is a
group of vegetables who are trying to make it to the main
course, not just be pushed aside into the salads. He's
busy trying to get General Beetfoot not to declare war and
is the person who arranged the peace conference in the
first place.

Luke Wigglebig: A lollipop who is snobby. He's a member of
the peace conference, representing the fats and sweets.

Chuck Cheddar: Cheese...of...adventure! His adventures
have him in a bad stop! He's a member of the peace
conference, representing the dairy food group.

Granny Smythe: You don't know much about her because you
don't get to talk to her until after she's saved, and even
then, you don't learn much because she's off to the peace
conference. She represents the fruits.

Pierre Le Pain: A French bread (ho boy) who is trap-ed in
the boardwalk area. Save him and thanks you, very much.
He's a member of the peace conference, representing the

Selma Celery: She gives etiquette lessons. They are pretty
harsh lessons, too.

Selina Celery: Unlike her sister, she gives dance lessons.
That is, if she has shoes, which is hard for her because
her feet are utterly gigantic.

Bean Number 47: He's a small bean who looks pretty much
like all the other kidney beans. For some reason, he was
chosen to be the peace delegate for the meat, nuts and

Jelly Beans: They're like the kidney beans, except jelly
beans come in all different colors, not just dark red.
Sometimes they get mad and demand respect.

Kidney Beans: These guys are pretty much like the jelly
beans, in that sometimes they get mad and demand respect.
Otherwise, they work together peacefully.

Bean Foreman: It's a bean with a moustache! He's in charge
of all the other beans. He's a little timid, seems to me,
but then again he's always got some problem to deal with,
like a strike or a non-usable employee sorter.

Balloon Salesman: This guy is about as sarcastic as they
come. I guess he doesn't like selling balloons. His shoes
are in bad shape, too. The laces have come undone.

Dot, Star and Cherry: These three cupcakes hang out at the
beach, getting a tan. They do this until a bell rings or
until their shade is blocked.

Bran, Corn and Wheat: They are three muscular muffins who
also like to draw pictures of the cupcakes for art class.

Mickey Hollandaise: He's a comedian whose jokes are out of
order and just plain stink. The funniest thing about him
is his big shoes.

Tom Rutabaga: The Knock-Knock King; his jokes are even
worse than Mickey's but for some reason he fills in for
Mickey when Mickey is doing bad.

Zak Zuke: I have a feeling he's related to Carrot. He's a
cool dude who can guess weight correctly, every time.

Taylor and Pierce: These two are gourd guards. They guard
the telescope, with the strict orders of only gourds
allowed in. They're not that smart. A gourd is a food
that grows on a vine.

Sprinkle: She's a doughnut that Sam can ride along a river.

Gulp: A freaky fellow whose life is mostly just eating
French fries. Better keep him away from Pierre.

Deconstruction workers: Their job is to clear out an area,
which they never finish doing. You can get rid of them by
sounding a whistle.

Syllabus the Sage: He's a fortune cookie who sits high on
the mountain and ponders difficult questions. He blows the
Horn of Celebration when Sam solves the difficult questions
for him.

Librarian: She's an onion that is reading a sensitive novel
that she bought at a supermarket. Why would there be a
supermarket on an island where everyone is a piece of food?

Zing: He's the leader of the soda cans. They are doing a
crazy dance called The Pogo, which was popular in the 70's,
like the music the furniture dance to in the first Pajama
Sam game. These guys could really use some dance lessons.

Rock, Paper and Scissors: These guys are plumbers, and
won't have much to do with you unless you're a plumber,
too. To be a plumber, you need a plunger.


The screen starts in darkness. A voice says, "Not so fast,
evil doer. It's jail for you, you tasty villain!" The
screen fades into the scene, which shows us that Sam is
talking to a cookie, which he eats.

"You and your chocolate chip gang are through!" Sam says as
he eats the rest of the cookies. He leans back and
realizes, "Boy, eating cookies is hard work!"

He rips the box top off of the box of cookies and puts it
on his pile of box tops. "Ah, but there's only one more
box to go and I'll have twenty box tops! And that means I
can get the Pajama Man action figure with titanic elbow
thrust! I can hardly wait!"

Sam's mom calls, "Sam, it's almost time for dinner!" Sam's
stomach churns and he says, "Dinner? Oh boy, I don't feel
so good."

The box of cookies rumbles. Sam says, "Uh oh, I don't
think that was me!" He peers into the box, and the cookies
burst out of box and run off.

First they spoil Sam's dinner and now they've run off!
Somebody must stop them! Somebody like...Pajama Sam!

Sam needs his superhero cake before becoming Pajama Sam,
so look for it behind the sofa, behind the mirror, or in a
dresser drawer.

When Sam finds his cape, go after the cookies. Pajama Sam
accidentally falls into their trap and gets transported to
a strange world where everyone is a piece of food.

Sam winds up at a party, held by the snacks and sweets
aggressive majority group. Aggressive? Whatever that
means, it's a cool party with plenty of snacks and nice
partygoers, like ice cream and cookies and a hot dog.

From here on, box tops will be scattered randomly
throughout the game. Sam needs to find twenty of these, so
look for them everywhere and click on one when you see it.

All parties must end some time, so click on the cake to
have Sam eat all of it. Click on the exit door to exit.
Sam says goodbye to everyone, by saying it's a great party
but it's almost his dinnertime and he wouldn't want to
spoil it.

The music stops and everyone stares at Sam. Ominous music
plays. "My mom made all that...broccoli?" Sam tries to
explain. Everyone gasps. Sam tries to play it cool as the
everyone acts increasingly hostile (the hot dog cracks his
muscles menacingly). The ice cream cries, "Traitor!"

Sam winds up in jail, where the candy version of Barney
Fife locks Sam in a cell and says he should tell it to the
fudge, at his trail next month.

There's a female piece of broccoli in jail with you, whose
name is Florette (this is a joke; a floret is a part of

Florette is a political prisoner. There's a peace
conference going on at the food pyramid, where delegates
from all the food groups are meeting so they can work out
their differences. The SSAM is holding her prisoner so she
can't go because they don't want a peace conference to
happen. Those meanies.

It's time to bust out of jail. Pick up a bonbon (in a pile
against the wall) and throw it at the key. Rip off a piece
of the candy cane bars (the lower/left part, with a hooked
end) and use it to get the key that's on the floor.

Use the key on the lock and Sam and Florette escape
quickly. Sweet troops are patrolling down a road.
Florette leaves down the other road, giving Sam a kiss for
saving her.

Go down the road, following after Florette because you
can't go down any other road. You're at the food pyramid.
Go through the front doors.

Inside, you see Carrot (from other Pajama Sam games) run
through the left door, saying, "No, general, no!" What's
that about? Follow them through the door.

Carrot is glad to see you. The island of Mop Top is in big
trouble! It's an island where the people are all food, and
the fats and sweets are taking over, as you've kind of
seen. They're causing problems all over the island, and
General Beetfoot wants to declare war on them.

Carrot started the peace conference to avoid the war,
because wars aren't good due to the fact that there's a
strong possibility that someone would get hurt. All of the
food groups are meeting to work out their differences
peacefully, like Florette said.

The problem is that only two delegates are here and there
are supposed to be six. That's bad news. They need
everybody, or the conference is off!

"The conference is off?" screams the General. "THIS MEANS
WAR!!!" "No general, the conference is still on!" Carrot
quickly says.

Carrot needs to stay here and stop the General from
declaring war, which he seems to really want to do. Sam
will have to find the other four delegates. They're all
wearing straw hats, so it should be easy to find them (you
get a list of the delegates as well).

Go back to the main room of the food pyramid. Here you can
go up the middle route to reach the peace conference where
Florette and Luke Wigglebig are. Luke is a lollipop,
chosen to go because of his fine taste.

If you go up the right route, you're in the library. The
librarian is reading a sad book. Depending on your game,
you can get a card for a free dance lesson off the bulletin
board in this room.

If you need the bean sorter manual, you can get it here,
but first you need to have a library card. All you need is
a photo to get a card (use the photo booth by the beach to
get the photo), then you can go in the room on the right to
reach the book area.

This is a mini-game. You can jump on one of the elevator
platform things that go up and down. Use them to get to
the book in the middle of the room. Look out for jerky guy
there who likes to kick you out! (he doesn't get you if
you're on a elevator platform)

Exit the food pyramid and go back to where Florette kissed
Sam. The sweet troops are gone, so go down to where they


You're in the mountain area now. For the sake of the
guide, I'll explain how you get to the other areas before
explaining what you can do here.

Click on the rope hanging from the tree. This frees
Sprinkle, the donut with the annoying voice. Click on
Sprinkle and ride her to the right.

Here you'll see an egg. Talk to it to learn that its name
is Gulp and it likes to eat French fries with a certain
topping (mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc.).

Ride Sprinkle left. See the tree that has a shelf on it?
Ride up to the tree and choose a condiment from the tree.
This should be the condiment that Gulp likes on his French

Go back right and put that condiment on the French fries
that are blocking your way. Gulp eats them all, and you
get taken downstream to the heart. Enter the heart to find
four passageways.

These passageways, from left to right, lead to where you
came from, the beach, the foothills, and inside the heart.

Okay, so that's where everything is. Now go back to where
first found Sprinkle. From here, I'll explain what you can
do here in the mountains.

If you go left, you'll find two guards protecting the
astronomy tower. They only let gourds past. To get past
them, use a pumpkin head disguise. You get a pumpkin head
from Mickey Hollandaise's private room at the comedy club
by the beach.

Once in the astronomy tower, look in the telescope. You'll
find one of two things, depending on your game: What kind
of cheese the moon is made of, or how many pounds the bag
is on Chuck Cheddar's air balloon (remember that because it
will become important later).

Instead of going to the astronomy tower, one can go down
the road, over the bridge (from the area where you first
met Sprinkle).

Past the bridge are the deconstruction workers. Chuck
Cheddar may be trapped on a ledge here. If not, you have
to pull the whistle on the right to get the workers to go
away, so you can go up the mountain.

On the mountain top is Syllabus the Sage. He ponders hard
questions and blows the big horn if he figures out an

If Chuck was on the ledge below, you want that horn blown,
because that will start an avalanche, freeing Chuck. To do
this, you need to get answers to three questions. These
questions are: what kind of cheese is the moon made of,
which fork is the cheese fork, and which cheese is best to
use in a cheese sandwich.

To solve the moon question, get the pumpkin disguise from
Mickey Hollandaise's trashcan at the Comedy Club, then use
it to fool the guards at the astronomy tower and use the
telescope to look at the moon and find what kind of cheese
the moon is made of (it varies, depending on the game).

To solve the fork question, you'll need an etiquette lesson
from Selina Celery. You can get a lesson if you get a free
etiquette lesson card at the beginning of inside the heart.

To solve the sandwich question, visit the plumbers (inside
the heart) and click on the lunchbox to find out what kind
of cheese makes the best cheese sandwich.

When you've solved the questions, Syllabus lets you blow
the horn of celebration, starting an avalanche and freeing
Chuck. Yeah!

If Chuck isn't on the ledge, go right across the gondola to
find Chuck. He's trapped in his balloon and needs some
weight to go down. The problem? There's already a bag of
sand on the balloon.

Use the astronomy tower (get the pumpkin disguise from
Mickey Hollandaise's trashcan at the Comedy Club, then use
it to fool the guards) to see the number on the bag of sand
that's on the balloon.

Using the two numbers (how much weight Chuck needs to go
down and how much weight he has), find out how much more
weight he needs (example: if he needs ten pounds total and
has seven pounds, he needs three more pounds).

You can get the weight needed at the beach, by visiting Zak
Zuke, the weight guesser. Once you do, return to Chuck and
give him this weight, saving Chuck Cheddar.

Go all the way across the gondola to reach the ski place.

If you need a wrench (if Granny Smythe is in the caramel
pit or if Pierre Le Pan is in the prize machine, you'll
need to use the lift ticket (gotten from the plumbers) and
the map on the wall to chart exactly how you should go down
the slopes (follow the pattern on the ticket, use the map
to know how to do this). Then ski down the mountain, using
the ski equipment in the shed there, and go down that path
to find a plunger near the end (click on the plunger to get
it). Visit the plumbers and show them the plunger to get
the wrench.

You can ski down the slopes how you want, whenever you
want; that's just the only time where you have to do it a
certain way. And that's all there is in the mountains!


On the beach is a little shop owned by a guy named Zak

If Zak is there, click on him to wake him up. Grab the bag
that he casts aside. You can fill it up with sand at the
beach later on.

If Chuck Cheddar is trapped in his balloon by the gondola
in the mountains section, you'll need a certain number of
pounds to free him (I discuss this in more detail in the
mountains section). Fill the sand bag with some sand and
go back to Zak.

Zak tells you how much you weigh. Pajama Sam weighs 42
pounds. Subtract 42 from the number Zak gives you to find
out how much the sand bag. Example: if Zak says you weigh
49 pounds, the bag is seven pounds because 42 + 7 = 49. Do
this to have the sand bag weight the number of pounds
needed to free Chuck.

Go left here to see the fairgrounds. Pierre Le Pan is
stuck here, either on the ferris wheel or inside the prize
machine. Neither machine works, because they're powered by
the currently-unused machine on the beach.

Go left to reach the beach. Dot, Star and Cherry are
getting a tan on the beach, while Bran, Corn and Wheat are
nearby, drawing pictures of them. Well, that's not good;
they should be using the machine.

You need to get rid of the girls. Depending on where
Pierre is, there are two ways to do this. You can either
ring a bell to get rid of the girls or grow some
cauliflower to block their sunlight.

To grow cauliflower, first you'll need a wrench from the
plumbers (use the lift ticket from the plumbers and the ski
slopes in the mountains to get a plunger, and then get the
wrench). Use the wrench on the hose there to fix the hose,
then use the hose on the cauliflower to make it grow and
get rid of the girls.

If you need to ring a bell, go right from where Pierre is
to meet the balloon salesman. Grab the hammer there (Sam
tries to use it to ring the bell, but fails).

Click on the balloon salesman's shoes to untie them. He
hands you the balloons, as he bends down to tie his shoes.
The balloons lift Sam up, by the bell. Quickly use the
hammer on the bell to ring it, which gets rid of the girls.

Once the girls are gone, the ferris wheel will work. If
Pierre is on the ferris wheel, he is naturally freed. If
he is in the prize booth, go on the ferris wheel and hit
the bell with the hammer (which is found in the place where
Pierre is) to free Pierre.

Note: You might need a photo of yourself (to get a library
card, which you need if Bean Number 47's whereabouts are
unknown). The photo booth either where Pierre is, or where
the balloon salesman is.

Go down/left to see the comedy club. Mickey Hollandaise is
trying to tell jokes, but he stinks and the audience throws
a pumpkin head at him and brings on Tom Rutabaga instead.

Visit Mickey in his room on the left. He's sad because
only his big shoes are funny. Click on the pumpkin head in
the trash can to get it (you need this to fool the guards
in the mountains).

Mickey might have his note cards out of order (this happens
if Granny Smythe is doing the pogo in the heart; you need
dance lessons to do free her, but you have to help find
shoes for the big footed dance instructor to do this).
Sort out Mickey's cards so the answer is lined up with the

Q: What's round and tangy and blue?
A: An orange holding its breath!
Q: What's small and red and goes sixty miles an hour?
A: A strawberry driving a car!
Q: What can you use to make a salad, build a boat and brush
your teeth?
A: Lettuce, wood, and a toothbrush!
Q: What's yellow and has green stripes, six hundred legs,
and great big fangs?
A: I don't know, but it's crawling on your shoulder!
Q: What goes ha ha ha ha plop plop plop?
A: An audience laughing their heads off!

Once the note cards are sorted, Mickey goes out and this
time he's funny. He throws away his shoes, as he doesn't
need them anymore to bring on the funny. Grab the shoes,
as you can give them to Selena Celery, the dance


There's nothing at the start of the foothills, so go down
the road to meet Selina and Selma Celery. They give out
free lessons in etiquette and dancing.

You can get a card for a free dance lesson in the library
and a card for a free etiquette lesson in the heart. They
may or may not be there, depending on the game.

If you have a dance lesson card, you have a problem. Show
Selina the dance lesson card to learn she lost her shoes to
the sugar troops, and she wears a size 37 so she's hard to
fit. You'll find shoes for her in the comedy club at the
beach (more about that in that section), then give her the
shoes to get a dance lesson.

If you have an etiquette lesson card, you simply need to
use the card on Selma to learn all about etiquette. Before
doing this, you should see Syllabus the Sage in the
mountains section.

Go past the Celery sisters to visit the bean factory. Bean
Number 47 is here, and he's a delegate.

There are two possible situations here. The first one is
that the beans are on strike, and Bean 47 is stuck in the
air. Meanwhile, the jelly beans are in a group and the
kidney beans are in another group.

Talk to the two groups repeatedly to learn that all they
really want is a little respect. Go up into the trailer to
meet the bean foreman, who has a moustache.

He's in charge of the beans, and the strike is giving him
problems. Click on his paper pile to have him go out and
count the beans. While the beans are in formation, they
drop their picket signs.

Pick up one sign, then click on the other sign (while
holding the first sign) to switch the two signs. When the
foreman leaves, the jelly beans pick up the kidney beans
are best sign and the kidney beans pick up the jelly beans
rule sign.

The two bean groups mistake this as a sign of affection for
each other, and so they stop striking. This frees Bean 47.

If the beans aren't on strike, they're working happily. Go
into the trailer to meet the bean foreman, who's in
trouble. He's got a big bean sorting machine in that box,
but doesn't know how to use it.

He needs a manual. To get the manual, take a photo of
yourself in the photo booth at the beach. Take the photo
to the librarian (in the food pyramid) to get a library
card. When you have the card, go right and get the manual
from its pedestal in the room.

Once you have the manual, give it to the bean foreman and
he sets up the machine. Mini-game time! Sort the beans by
jelly bean or kidney bean. When you get to the
forty-seventh bean (which takes a while), you've found Bean
47, who is a delegate.

003d-In the Heart

In here, you can get free etiquette lesson cards. Get one
if it's there, so you can get an etiquette lesson from
Selma Celery in the foothills (but first, talk to Syllabus
in the mountains).

Go right to find Zing and the other soda cans dancing like
crazy. If Granny Smythe is dancing with them, you need to
stop their dancing.

To stop them from dancing, you need to get a dance lesson
from Selina Celery in the foothills, which means you'll
need a lesson card (from the library) and some shoes (from
the comedy club at the beach). Then get another dance
lesson card and give it to Zing to free Granny Smythe.

If Granny Smythe is not dancing with the cans, you can find
her by going down the road up/right (not accessible if she
is dancing).

Granny Smythe is in the up/right room, which is a big pit
of caramel that has walnuts in it. You've got a lot of
work to do to get her. You'll need to get a lift ticket
from the plumbers (later on in this section) and use it on
the slopes to get a plunger. Show the plunger to the
plumbers to get their wrench.

Use the wrench to turn off the water on the pipes below.
Replace the clogged pipe with a new one (choose carefully)
and turn the water back on. Then you can get the super
plunger from the plumbers.

When you have the super plunger, go to the caramel pit. By
carefully jumping, get as close as you can to Granny Smythe
and use the plunger on her to save her.

If you go right past the soda cans, you meet the plumbers.
Depending on your game, they can have different things.

If Chuck Cheddar is on the ledge in the mountains, there is
a lunch box here. Click on it to hear about the great
cheese sandwich inside, which is one of the clues to
freeing Chuck.

If you need a wrench (if Granny Smythe is stuck in the
caramel pit or if Pierre is stuck in the prize box at the
beach), you can find a piece of paper here, which is a lift
ticket. Grab it and go to the ski slopes (in the
mountains). Using the lift ticket and the map, go down the
slopes as indicated by the lift ticket, and near the end
you'll find a plunger. Pick it up. Show the plunger to
the plumbers to get their wrench.

If Granny Smythe is stuck in the caramel pit, you need to
go an extra step with the plumbers. Do the wrench thing,
then go right, down the stairs. Hit the switch at the top
of this area to turn off the water. Use your wrench to
remove the clogged pipe, then replace it with a new pipe
and turn the water back on. This way the plumbers' job is
done, so they freely will lend you the super plunger, which
is used to free Granny.


Once everyone is saved, you go to the peace conference,
which isn't going well. After a passionate speech, Sam
gets the delegates to stop fighting and work together (it
takes bread and cheese to make a cheese sandwich, which is
the bread and cheese working together, right?). The
delegates agree to work together.

"Cooperation?" asks the general. "Why this means...this
means..." "Peace, general. Peace." says Carrot. Then the
game ends, with funny pictures shown during the credits,
like a picture of Sam and the librarian watching a sad
movie and the general and Carrot having a peace party.


It can be hard finding all of the delegates, due to all the
cross references that get made, so here's a helpful section
that says where everything can be found.

Chuck Cheddar:

Chuck will be on a ledge in the mountains (you'll need to
start an avalanche by blowing Syllabus' horn to save him.
To blow the horn, you need to solve Syllabus' three part
riddle by looking at the moon in the astronomy tower (you
need the pumpkin head from the trash can in comedy club for
that), getting an etiquette lesson from Selma, and checking
out the lunch pail by the plumbers) or in a balloon stuck
by the gondola (you need to find out how much weight the
balloon needs to go down, see how much weight is on it by
looking at the balloon through the astronomy tower (you
need the pumpkin head from the trash can in comedy club for
that) and fill a bag with sand from the beach so it and the
weight already on the balloon equal the weight needed on
the balloon (Zak Zuke by the beach can tell you how much
the bag of sand weighs)).

Granny Smythe:

Granny Smythe will be doing the pogo inside the heart
(which means you'll have to take some dance lessons, using
the free dance lessons card in the library, and then give a
dance lesson card to Zing so he takes a lesson and everyone
starts tangoing instead of pogoing, freeing Granny) or
she'll be stuck in caramel (you'll need to use the lift
ticket from the plumbers and use it to find the plunger on
the ski slopes so you can get a wrench, then use the wrench
to fix the plumbing by the plumbers so you can get the
super plunger which you can use to save Granny).

Pierre Le Pain:

Pierre will be stuck on the ferris wheel (you'll have to
grab the hammer by the balloon salesman and untie the
balloon salesman's and hit the bell when he gives you the
balloons, which lift you up) or in the prize machine (get
a wrench from the plumbers (you'll need to use the lift
ticket from the plumbers and use it to find the plunger on
the ski slopes so you can get a wrench) and use it on the
hose on the beach so you can water the cauliflower plants
there to get the girls to leave so the guys will work out
and fuel the ferris wheel, then get on the ferris wheel and
use the hammer to hit the bell while riding on the wheel).

Bean Number 47:

Bean Number 47 will be trapped above the bean factory (that
means there's a strike going on between the jelly beans and
the kidney beans. Talk to both of those groups several
times to learn that all they want is respect, then talk to
the bean foreman to get him to call them to order, then
switch their signs when they're in order to end the strike)
or lost amongst the beans the factory (which means you'll
need the bean sorter manual from the library, which means
you need a picture of yourself (from the photo booth at the
fairgrounds) to check it out, then give the bean foreman
the manual and sort the beans until you find bean 47).


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2004. This game
copyright Humongous Entertainment, 2000. If you want to
use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
(instructions under general information)