.d8888b. 88888888888     d8888 888      888    d8P  8888888888 8888888b.    d88P  Y88b    888        d88888 888      888   d8P   888        888   Y88b 
Y88b. 888 d88P888 888 888 d8P 888 888 888
"Y888b. 888 d88P 888 888 888d88K 8888888 888 d88P
"Y88b. 888 d88P 888 888 8888888b 888 8888888P"
"888 888 d88P 888 888 888 Y88b 888 888 T88b
Y88b d88P 888 d8888888888 888 888 Y88b 888 888 T88b
"Y8888P" 888 d88P 888 88888888 888 Y88b 8888888888 888 T88b

___ __ _ _ __ ____ ___ ___ _ ___ _ _ __ ___
/ |__| | | / \ |___ |__] |__| | |__] \_/ |__| |
\___ | | |___ |___ \__/ | | | \ | | | | | |

ASCII Art courtesy of https://www.network-science.de/ascii/
[email protected]
_____________________________ | STALKER:Call of Pripyat |
| |
| |
| Val's Evil Twin |
| |
| (C) 23 DEC 2009 |

************************ UPDATED 20FEB2010 ****************************

Mission Guides to Gauss Rifle and Svarog Detectors
Circus Anomaly Fire Poltergeist
This Guide was made with the Russian Language version, v1.6.00, using
Tagaziel's excellent English translation. It may differ in detail from other
versions and from the English localisation when it is released in FEB 2010.
The GUIDE includes a BEGINNERS WALKTHROUGH to help new stalkers quickly
familiarise themselves with the controls, and a more detailed MISSIONS GUIDE
type walkthrough, with many *SPOILERS*, that is still under construction. Sorry
for all the bulleted lists, I hope it is still a pleasant read.
Thanks Peetz for extensive contributions and editing,and also Dimitroff9001 for
helping me out when I needed it most.
If you liked the first two STALKERS, you are going to love this one!

1.0 Overview
2.0 Controls
3.0 HUD & Inventory
4.0 Walkthrough Part I: Beginners Guide
5.0 Walkthrough Part II: Mission Guides
6.0 Hints & Tips
7.0 Weapons
8.0 Suits
9.0 NPCs
10.0 Mutants
11.0 Caches
12.0 Earning Money
12.0 Blowouts
13.0 Detectors
14.0 Anomalies
15.0 Artifacts
16.0 Achievements
17.0 Link between Items and Achievements/Rewards/Cash
18.0 Food, Alcohol & Drugs
19.0 Travel
20.0 Links
22.0 MODS
23.0 Unpacking the Data Folder
24.0 Version History
25.0 Acknowledgements
26.0 Permissions

To find 'Weapons', for example, press CONTROL + F and enter '7.0'.

This is a stand-alone game. There is no need to play Shadow of Chernobyl or
Clear Sky first. The STALKER trilogy is now complete: Clear Sky was the
prequel to Shadow of Chernobyl; and Call of Pripyat is the sequel, occurring
shortly after SoC ended.
With CoP the developers have added to the role play element, and the creepy
survival/horror atmosphere of SoC is back.

The Story:
A military study of the Zone codenamed "Fairway" is launched with the aim of
regaining control of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. All reconnaissance
helicopters crash and the mission is a failure.
You, as Agent Alexander Degtyarev, are sent into the Zone by the SBU (Ukrainian
Secret Services) to determine the cause of the crashes.
From the beginning of the game you already know the location of the crash sites
but to get there you have to do some smaller quests and get some help from
different characters of the game. As a military agent, you will be unable to
join Duty or Freedom factions.
The Zone around the CNPP is divided into 3 maps: Creek, Jupiter, and Pripyat.
These are populated with various Stalkers, Military, Loners, Bandits, Monolith
Scientists, Freedom and Duty faction members, supply caches, mutants and
irradiated anomalies.
You have a safe house and personal locker on each map.
The game ends with Strelok attempting an explanation of events in the three
games. You then have a choice between helicopter extraction from Pripyat, or
continuing the game in free-roam mode.

> No bugs!
> Flashdrives are no longer needed; toolkits are used for modifications.
> Hand grenades no longer homed in on my butt (Novice).
> NPC fights: NPC v NPC; NPC v mutants; Mutants v Mutants.
> Mutants now have circling as well as frontal attack.
> An 'Achievements' stat.
> Locations are now labeled on the PDA map.
> You can heal NPCs.
> Game engine is once again X-ray, v1.6
> Impressive weather effects, blowouts and day/night cycle.
> Improved RPG elements, including 'sleep' function.
> Stealth is improved through use of the Noise & Visibility meters in the HUD.
> New monsters: Tushkanah(Rats), Chimera and Burer.
> Water is rarely irradiated, compared to CS.
> After completing all missions, you can continue the game in freeplay mode.
> 100 Tutorial hints on the Load screen. eg HINT#10 "To see details of your
current mission, press TAB."
> Many of the locations are photo-realistic and based on real places:
Pripyat, Yanov train station, the Jupiter factory and Kopachi village.
Roads, buildings and playgrounds have authentic Soviet/Ukrainian architecture.
> Dx11.0 is supported, though graphics still look great on my C2D E8400 with
NVIDIA 8800GT card. FPS was fine except for the basement of the X8 lab.
> Caches can be accessed even before you are given the co-ordinates.

You'll immediately notice that STALKER games have a whole heap of controls, so
I should mention them first. The basic controls you find in FPS/RPG games still
apply but the are a few advanced controls.
These aren't ALL the controls, just the ones I felt were important.

*See the game's options menu for the complete list.*

> W + X = Run
> W + X + SPACE = Long running jump.
> LSHFT + LCTRL ie Crouch + Squat = Low Crouch.
This is useful for reaching cramped areas and hard-to-access caches.

> Pause/Break Key = PAUSE
> N Night Vision
> Y Change ammo
> V Change grenade
> 6 Bolts
> O Detector
> 0 Change fire mode between Full, Semi auto and Single mode.
> P for PDA
> I for Inventory
> Mouse Wheel to change weapon
> F5 quick Save
> F9 Quick Load
> SPC Jump
> ESC Main Menu
> L Torch/Light
> F Talk, Pick up, open doors.
> X Run
> R Mouse for iron sights
> R Reload. Also if a weapon jams, press R to reload.
> TAB Current Mission heading and sub-heading.
> F12 Screenshot. Stored at C:\Docs&Settings\All Users\Documents\Stalker CoP
for me. Peetz's game made a new entry at C:\users\public\docume~1\stalke~1.-\
Both screenshots and saves go in there.

Upper Left of Screen:
Time of Day.
Compass. Blue = North
Blue bar=stealth aid! Shows your visibility to nearby NPCs.
Green bar=Stealth aid! Sound level indicates approaching NPCs/mutants, and your
own noisiness reloading or crashing into bushes.
Yellow arrow is primary mission
Grey arrow is secondary mission
White dots are bodies you can mug

Lower Left of Screen:
Four hotkeys allow you to heal with medipacks, eat, take anti-rad meds or drink
Vodka for radiation sickness, bandage to stop bleeding, or whatever you select.

Lower Right of Screen:
Symbols in green, yellow or red indicate severity of damage/wear.
Symbols include bleeding, hunger, radiation, damage to suit/helmet, weapon; and
weight limit.
Important Health and Stamina bars here, check them often.

Center of screen:
The usual arcade crosshair.
If you are a real Stalker, R mouse gives you iron sights.

Many items in your inventory have a right-click menu. Double click R Mouse to
remove scopes, unload weapons, eat, drink, drop, drop all etc.
In the "Repair/Upgrade" screen, single click LMouse to repair or upgrade items.

4.0 WALKTHROUGH PART I: The first ten minutes.

*This section is just to get you started if you are new to STALKER*

Check out the game options first. I suggest enabling Autosaving, and selecting
'Novice'level. Novice level is very easy! Go right through the Options TAB
and experiment with Video settings. Get a nice balance between graphics and
frame rate. Advanced Video Options like 'Sun-cast Shadows' can really overload
your video card!

When you first gain control, you will be standing in Woodlands, all alone.
It is 9.06am. The wind ripples the grass; shafts of sunlight pierce the cloud
cover; crows circle, wondering if you are about to die from mutant attack or
radiation poisoning! Your first key presses should be F5 for quicksave, and
the Pause/Break key. Take a moment to get familiar with the HUD. Notice the
Hotkeys, compass, clock, mini-map with white dot (you) and yellow arrow, Health
and Stamina bars, and the AK set to full auto with 30 rounds in the magazine.
Press (un)Pause/Break key, press I, press Pause again and check out your
inventory. The reason for using Pause/Break so much is this: if you just stand
there looking at your inventory or your PDA, life is still going on around you.
Time passes; you could be attacked by mutants; a Blowout could start; you will
get hungry; nothing good will happen!

You're not going anywhere just yet! Now press P and have a good look at your
PDA, especially the GPS, Stats and Mission Tasks. Note the GPS map's navigation
controls; try zooming with the mouse wheel; read the place names on the map;
check out all the tabs at the top of the screen.

OK, down to business. Head straight ahead to the south as shown on the compass.
Ignore the Yellow arrow at this stage.
Hold X if you like to run. A couple of Stalkers are walking towards you.
They are randomly named. (I hope you have NPC names enabled in Options).
They appear on the mini-map as a yellow star and a dot. Yellow means they are
not hostile towards you, just neutral. Press 3 to holster the AK, so you don't
accidentally shoot them! The guy with the star will talk to you so press 'F'.
Go through the entire dialogue tree with him. Press F5 again to quicksave.

Ask: "Where is the nearest Stalker camp?" and...
.."Do you know anything about the crashed helicopters?"

This triggers your first two missions:
"Go to the safehouse at the Skadovsk Wreck" and...
.."See Noah for a way to the Southern Plateau."

Ask: "Where can I find a work?"
You will get random answers to this. The people who can give you work are
easy to find later and include:
Sultan (Backstab Mission)
Beard (Artifact on Dredge)
Owl (Check mercenary camp)
Gaunt (Find Magpie/Soroka/Flint)
Glouchar (Bloodsucker Nest at BIS circle).

Ask:Where can I find artifacts:
He will name a few anomalies for you, Circus, Burnt Village, Iron Forest, etc.

Ask: "What's new in the Zone?" gives some background to the plot and
increases the immersion factor. He may tell you why Cardan has become a drunk.

Ask: "Are you doing anything now?"
He may take you with him a short distance for free, or offer to guide you to
various locations on the Creek map for a charge.

You can open up the TRADE window if you wish, as you have 3000 roubles, but I
wouldn't bother buying/selling until later.

Wow! Now you get to shoot something! Headshots of course.
You can press '0' (zero) and change the fire mode to single shot.
Hold R Mouse to use the iron sights. Their dead bodies, which you can now loot,
will appear on the mini-map as two white dots.
Check your HUD icons for bleeding and suit damage icons (Lower Right).
Press F2 to bandage your wounds.
Press R to reload the AK.
Of course if they killed you stone dead, press 'F9' to reload the previous
quick save.

You now have several mission tasks queued which you can view in the PDA.
Press P for the PDA and click the 'Mission Tasks' tab.

Locate the "Safe House: Reach the Skadovsk" mission. The Skadovsk is an
'icebreaker' shipwreck, stranded when the river dried up ... Ukrainian humour!
The Skadovsk is your safe house in the Creek, and the centre of all the action.
Click on the 'Centre-on-map' icon for this mission.
On the main PDA/GPS map, click the grey icon centred on the Skadovsk.
Now close the PDA. The grey arrow on your mini-map now points to the Skadovsk.
So head for the wreck before a blowout occurs. You could kill and loot another
group of Stalkers on the way if you wish, but I just couldn't do it to the poor
Any mutants attacking will turn your cross-hairs red, just so you know friend
from foe! Running backwards with the AK firing on Auto is my technique, but I
am ashamed of myself. Mutant boars(Flesh) and dogs are fairly common in Creek.

If a blowout happens along, you will be given a safe location on your PDA map
for shelter. Some of the shelter locations are more dangerous than the blowouts
themselves. If the indicated shelter is somewhere dangerous, you can find ANY
nearby shelter. You probably have enough time to get to the Skadovsk from most
areas on the Creek map. Just run in a straight line, the water here is not
irradiated as it was in Clear Sky. If you are directed to a tunnel near the
Burnt Village, be warned: there is a Controller in residence. This monster
will own you at this stage of the game, so you don't want to go there. It is
susceptible to grenade attack when you are more skilled.
Later with good protection and anabiotic drugs, you can survive a blowout
in the open. They are graphically cool, if you want to stand outside and
watch the show.

Once at the Skadovsk, You get a message "Completed Mission: Go to Safehouse."
Well done!

Press '3' to holster the AK and Press 'F' to open the hatch. Try not to get
squashed between the hatch and the wall!
Check out the stalkers inside on all three decks, but don't accept any work
just yet. Press F to talk and go through all the dialogue trees.
Then up the companionway to the middle deck to find your personal locker.
There is a mattress to sleep if you must wait to do a mission at a specific
time. If you are frightened of monsters in the dark you can sleep here every
night. It is rumoured that the mutants are more active at night but I couldn't
confirm this.
It is gloomy inside the ship so press 'L' for your torch. You can leave it
on permanently, though later it will clash with Night Vision (NV).
Find you personal locker and press 'F'. Try out the screen to transfer items
back and forth. Throughout the game you will retain access to the three
personal lockers on the three maps, Creek, Jupiter and Pripyat.

Just for practice, press 'F' to try out the bed. And no, GSC still left out
the female Stalkers. Too many polygons, too many script changes, too much
trouble all round!
Have a chat to Beard (Barkeeper) and Owl(Trader). You can trade some of the
loot from the Stalkers you so callously murdered.
First, separate the ammo from any guns you looted with the right-click menu in
your inventory. (Sell ammo, scopes, silencers and guns as separate items.)
Go to the weapons tech on the first floor. In Cardan's Repair/Modification
window, repair any guns with MINOR damage for sale to Owl. Also repair your
suit and helmet. Buy/Sell some meds to Tremor the medic for best prices; ammo
and guns to Owl; food and drink to Beard. You can talk to Nimble on the upper
deck but you will need some money before you place any orders with him.

A blowout probably occurred while you were safe inside the Skadovsk,
replenishing the anomalies around Creek with artifacts, and killing crows and
any bandits who were too slow seeking shelter.
Press ESC for the Main Menu and make a Hard Save. eg " 01 Operation Backstab".

Now to accept some paid employment:

I like to speak to Sultan first. When you first step inside the Skadovsk, the
first voice you hear is telling you to see Sultan. He initiates the
"Backstab Mission." Sultan is a bad guy. He wants you to help attack Beard's
Stalkers on the other shipwreck as they transport cash.
Next talk to Beard, the good guy. Side with him in operation Backstab. Report
to Sultan's henchman Knuckleduster, and wait until midnight for the attack.
Sleep if necessary to pass the time. Follow the marker on your mini-map to the
If you are backstabbing for Beard, shoot the nearest Raider and all the bad
guys will turn your crosshairs red. Don't shoot the friendlies! Collect all
the loot and report back to Beard for your reward.

You can begin main missions now, or go artifact hunting to make some real
money. Soon you will need a few thousand to spend with Cardan and Nimble, and
the main missions will keep for later.

Time to collect an artifact.
You have the Echo Detector, which is very basic and difficult to read.
Leave the calm of the Skadovsk; check your PDA/GPS map for the Burnt Village
Anomaly and head in that direction.
Poor as it is, even the Echo should find something there!
As soon as you can, take out the AK and protect yourself from dogs. Hold 'X'
and outrun them if you are a dog lover.
At the Burnt Village, do a quicksave ('F5'). Yeah, last time I remind you!
Press 'O' to use the detector, and '6' for your unlimited supply of bolts.
Advance into the Burning Village, throwing bolts all the time to show any
geysers of fire in your path. Near a hut in the southern edge of town your
detector should light up and beep. In the room on the right (facing north) is
a Crystal artifact beneath/beside a low, leaning beam of charred timber.
Press 'F' to capture it for your inventory.
Crystal is typical of 'Burner' type artifacts. They absorb heat from the
extreme temperatures in a Burner anomaly, while remaining cool to the touch.
You can trade this for a nice sum! While you are here you can run up a leaning
beam and check one of the huts for the Vintar sniper rifle. If you are lucky,
you might even discover the teleport here!
Drink some Vodka or jab some anti-rads drugs with the 'F3' hotkey if your
radiation poisoning icon is flashing in the lower right of the screen.

Should a blowout interrupt you, there are two shelter locations nearby. One is
a tunnel inhabited by a Controller. The other is inside an underground anomaly,
where you can survive the blowout, maybe find an artifact or two, loot a body,
and sort through your inventory. Unload any weapons you have collected, and
drop the badly damaged ones with the right click menu.
Or if you prefer, sprint by pressing (W + X) and make it back to the Skadovsk
to shelter in comfort.

So what next? Well, that's about it for the first ten minutes. Believe it or
not, you have now covered pretty much every aspect of the controls and are
ready to head on out there by yourself.

You are now able to:
> access the PDA, Stats, Message log
> use the HUD/Compass/Mini-map
> Quick save/load
> Hard save/load
> Repair, unload, upgrade weapons
> Use a detector to locate artifacts
> Trade weapons, ammo, artifacts, medical supplies.
> Make some roubles.
> Manage bleeding, hunger, fatigue and radiation poisoning
> Identify friend and foe
> Find your way around the Creek
> Quick travel within Creek with NPC guides
> Access your personal locker
> Accept and complete missions.



A walkthrough? I would have to be kidding! After the first ten minutes you
already have a dozen options! This section is very much under construction.

Some general guidelines for the Creek:
> After each mission, see Cardan to repair/modify weapons.
> Press F4 or use your inventory if you are hungry.
> Make a full circuit of Creek after each blowout to collect artifacts.
> Do as many "Find Artifact" side missions for Beard as possible.
> As soon as you can afford it, place orders with Nimble for a pistol,
an assault weapon and a better suit. The pistol he provides is upgradeable to
full auto, and is ideal when exploring with a detector enabled.
The assault rifle doubles as a sniper rifle. The Clear Sky suit is upgradeable
to four artifact pockets and is a very handy suit until later when the Seva
becomes available.
> Make the decision now to play 'nice' or 'nasty'. I chose 'nice', and sided
with Beard against Sultan...and later, Duty rather than Freedom or 'neutral'.
> Keep an eye out for Cardan's "Toolkits" as you explore.
> Some missions have a time limit, especially Beard's artifact requests.

First Map

Beard's Mission to the Strange Phenomenon at the Dredger.
This mission can be easily completed with the most basic of detectors. There is
probably an artifact somewhere in the water. The water is phosphorescent around
it, so it will be fairly easy to find. The artifact in the wheelhouse of the
dredger is also obvious. The hard part comes when it is time to leave.
A stalker will try to trick you into handing over the 'steering wheel'. When
you refuse, get ready for a fight.
If you find the steering wheel before Beard gives you the mission...no problem!
Talk to aany stalker, they will tell you where to take it.

Glouchar's 'Who Is Killing The Stalkers?' Mission.
This rather lengthy mission earns you the Veles Detector and the 'Detective'
Achievement Award. It is typical of the high standard of secondary missions in
Call of Pripyat.
Glouchar, in the Skadovsk bar area, initiates this mission. Various stalkers
will recommend him when asked about finding a job. Many stalkers are missing,
and the bloodsuckers are the main suspects. Your first task is to find Daniel,
who is out hunting the bloodsuckers for Glouchar. You find a dead bloodsucker
at the GPS marker, but no sign of Daniel. Take the opportunity to search
PineOak for artifacts while you are here. Glouchar immediately summons you to
the BIS Circle, where he has discovered the lair of the bloodsuckers. Protect
him as you go deeper into the building. Shoot the grenades under the wire
mattress frame to move them and make them accessible. Collect them from the
other side using low crouch (LCTRL + LSHFT).
Observe the four white dots on the mini-map, these are bodies you can loot.
Glouchar picks the doorlock, and warns you,"Ssshh! It's full of sleeping
Bloodsuckers. Let's try to get past them without making a noise!"

If you manage to wake them up and kill them all, the mission will terminate and
Beard will reward you with a Veles. But with Glouchar dead, you will miss out
on the "Detective' Achievement. So...DON"T WAKE THEM UP!!
As you leave, check the tunnel for a cache. Once outside, Glouchar gives you
a "Yo later dude." When you exit the tunnel, you can do the Helicopter Crash
Site #5 Mission, as well as finding another artifact in the swamp.
Head back to the bar, and your reward. Beard gives you a further mission to
fumigate the bloodsucker lair with nerve gas, and tells you Owl may know where
to find a gas cylinder. This information costs you 2000 RU. You recoup this
by selling documents you find with the convoy transporting the gas cylinders.
As you head to the convoy, check the shack to the East of the Port Cranes.
There is the body of the hunter, Daniel, in a pool of blood outside a locked
door. Hmmmm!
Search every vehicle in the convoy carefully, both on and under the bridge.
Back at the BIS Circle, fumigate the lair. Tuck into a safe spot beside the gas
cylinder and clean up the few bloodsuckers that escape.
Return to Beard for a Veles and 5000 RU. When you get the call to see Glouchar
again, he is nowhere in sight. Beard tells you he has left you a note...he is
at the Port Cranes following a hunch.
All is revealed here, it was not the bloodsuckers killing the stalkers after
all. Return to Beard for a 10 000 RU reward and the 'Detective' Achievement!
As a further bonus, medical supplies will be randomly deposited in your locker
by grateful stalkers!

Snag is one of the loners hanging around in the Bar. He gives a simple mission
early in the game to retrieve his hoard, a steel case in a Zaporozhet that fell
into a nest of Snorks during an earthquake. Drop down a series of ledges to
the car.You will definitely need your flashlight and shotgun in the maze, which
exits onto the Claw anomaly. Back at the Skadovsk, bargain hard with Snag for
your share of the contents.
Later when you have purchased one of Nimble's rifles, Snag confronts you and
claims you are holding his recently stolen rifle. You can ask various
characters about Nimble's character, and they all agree he is a straight arrow.
Ask Nimble if he is selling stolen property, and a mission to track down
Snag will initiate.
Beard, who seems to know where everyone is, tells you that Snag is up at the
Port Cranes. After a battle here, a PDA has information that Snag is a thief
working for Sultan. Snag has fled to the Jupiter map, and you will have to
find him there later. Being a nice person, you can choose to spare his life!

Cardan's Toolkit Mission

Find toolkits so you can begin modifications to your suit and weapons. Keep an
eye out for Toolkits as you explore. When you approach the Workshop keep your
weapons holstered. The stalkers there will be friendly if you give them (6)
items of food. But when you approach the Sawmill, be sure to have your rifle
ready for the Zombies!
The Calibration Toolkits are only found in Pripyat, to save you searching!

Helicopter on Southern Plateau Mission

Be sure not to shoot Noah. Later he gives you the Compass artifact...though if
he is dead, you can acquire it elsewhere.
He is also a person you can ask to join your team into Pripyat...you can ask,
but he won't go!
Up on the plateau there's a cave with the bodies of two helicopter crew, and a
whole mess of Snorks!

Miscellaneous Creek Missions

Sultan gives a mission to disrupt Beard's artifact trade by killing his
stalkers and taking their enhanced Svarog detectors. I was only able to find
one Stalker team with a Svarog and was unable to complete this mission. (There
are two (2) Svarogs to find.) This mission starts later in the game after you
have found three Veles detectors for Owl and delivered them to the Scientist
Bunker on Jupiter map.
Updated 20FEB2010

"re Sultan Mission, I was looking online trying to figure out how to end the
detector mission and it seems many people were asking the same question with
no answers. It seems must be a common bug.

I'm not sure if this can be of any use to you. Or if you already know...

There is a mission many people online are having a problem with. It's the one
where Sultan says you must get TWO detectors by any means necessary to cut off
Beard's supply.
The first one is easy to get from the team of stalkers that shows up on the map
but nothing seems to spawn a second team of stalkers so it seems like an
impossible mission to clear.
Seems like a glitch just waiting for a patch to correct.


I was able to finish the mission by obtaining another prototype detector from
one of the scientists in the bunker. When you return with this detector and the
one you got from the stalker team, you can now approach Sultan to complete the
mission, which gets you a cut from Beard's income. I got 2000 when I checked
back in a few days. The bad thing is, it seems to end Beard's artifact missions
so in the end, it's really not worth it to back stab him this way.

I am sure the programmers meant to spawn a second stalker team, because buying
the detector from the scientist seems to be a work around that doesn't really
fit the mission story. Hope this helps."

END QUOTE. Thanks Kraygh.

Three missions begin in Creek but can only be completed after leaving for
#1 a mission for Owl to take three Veles detectors to the scientists.
If you shoot enough loners in Creek, you will eventually accumulate four Veles
#2 The "Find Magpie" mission for Gaunt continues in Jupiter.
#3 The "Snag" mission continues at Yanov Station.

Second Map
Some general guidelines for Jupiter
> Find your bed and locker.
> Find Nitro the gunsmith.
> Talk to everyone. Ask around for work.
> Do Uncle Yar's mission to Kopachi Village.
> The "Vano's Debt" and "Hostage Mityai" missions can be completed peacefully
to earn the "Diplomat" Achievement. Approach the bandits with your weapon
holstered! After you complete the missions, feel free to go back and clean them
> Take care to whom you sell Morgan's and Gen. Tachenko's PDAs! While CoP is
not really faction based, it does affect which Achievements you receive.
i. Systematically walk down each row. Start with the row on the far left.
When you are teleported back, go through the next row until you have walked
through them all. There are four curtains altogether.

ii. When all the curtains are revealed, walk a zig-zag path through all four
curtains to reach the Oasis room.

Load your shotgun and pick up the Oasis artifact. Or don't load it and sprint
for the ladder.
ie. The point is to go though the archways to activate the star curtain on each
one. Only by traveling through ALL archways with a star curtain will you reach
the Oasis.

Third Map
Pripyat X8 Laboratory
You may need to turn down your graphic options here. I had severe lag when the
Tushkanah attacked in the basement.
Take plenty of Medipacks and ammo in with you.
I believe there are six documents to be found.
The three Burers proved too tough for me and I just ran past them.
I found no artifacts in the lab the first time. The second time there were two.
One on the second floor and one on the roof. Sorry but you will have to keep
your detector out. Unless of course you already have 300 000ru, that you will
never get a chance to spend anyway!

"X8... Yes, the place is a maze - which is amazing considering that it is
really not very big at all. There are 6 documents to find. I'll try to give
you some pointers from memory.

When you enter, you find yourself being hit with flying objects due to the
poltergeists and Burers around. To your right is a locked door that you need
the red card to unlock (from the "One Shot- One Kill" mission). It just
contains ammo and weapons - nothing important. To your left are 2 doorways –
the one on the right is a hallway with a door straight ahead that has a
flash/shock anomaly roaming up and down the hall. If you open that door and
time it right - you can run down while the flash is down the hallway, grab the
document (#1 'American Experiment Log') there and run out back to the area
where you entered - without getting zapped.

In front of you is a stairwell down (remember, I'm going from memory, here).
Take it and you get to the next floor down and get attacked by 2 Snorks.
Then take the stairwell on the right up to a small level that has a big hole in
the middle of the floor. There's a ladder in the corner, taking you up to a
small room with a spinning, flashing light and a poltergeist. A few shots at
him and the barrels and wood stop flying at you. There's a machinegun there as
well. Watch for the rats through the hole in the floor before you go back down.

Go back to the Entry. Take the stairwell on your right, next to the Ammo Room.
There will be a small balcony overlooking that room and Snorks.
Go up the stairs and follow the balcony around to get to the Kitchen area and
the sound of the crying child.
The Burer is behind the door where the sound is coming from. Pull your knife,
run in and show the Burer how sharp it is! There's some ammo in a locked fridge
that can be opened with a shotty blast, and a document (#2 'Research Document')
on a table in the room.

Go back to the entry where you started.
Go to the hallway on your left that has the two elevators in it and enter the
left elevator. Climb down, and crawl out the bottom of the crashed elevator so
you can get into the other elevator shaft. Take that shaft up and leap into
another lobby area.
Around the corner from here is a difficult area with three Burers.
The trick here is to run up to the small top room. In that small room will
probably be only one Burer, which you can take care of easily. The others will
probably come in to investigate. Gives you a chance to save while you try to
take the others one-by-one. There is a document (#3 'Product 62 Manual') in
the small room – and another (#4 'Sample Experiment Report') in the main room
on a table beside the large vertical tank.

Go back to the main entrance where you started and take the stairs down, on the
left. Keep going down until you get to the basement level in the flooded room
where FPS can drop alarmingly! Lower your settings for this part - or save and
reload the game to see if that clears it. Take care of the rats and search the
room for another document (#5 'Rainbow Emmitter Document') on a table along
with some meds, ammo etc.
Make sure to read the popup on the model in the middle of the room (dunno if
it's important, but it seems like it should be)....
Exit the flooded room, enter the room just off that area with two big tanks
surrounded by a low concrete wall. Walk down into that area and you'll find
another document (#6 'Transfer Order') on a table. Rats, again...
If you picked up all six documents you will get a message to leave the X8 Labs.

Return to the Main entry only to find a Controller has taken up residence.
Convince him that is not in his best interest and you will be able to exit the
Labs and take the elevator back the surface.." thanks Peetz.

Pripyat: The Ending
You have the option of ending the game or continuing with free-roam and combat,
but no new missions. Strelok attempts to explain the events of the three
STALKER games. Ending the game gives a slide show presentation of characters,
present and future events.

> Search all bodies. Some hold important quest items such as PDAs.
> Shoot to dislodge cache items if they are unreachable beneath a pipe
or in the branches of a tree. Low crouch can also help.
> Some missions are time sensitive. Side missions may become unavailable if
neglected too long. For example, helping Owl to disrupt Beard's business by
taking the experimental detectors from his Stalkers.
> Resist the compulsive 'pack-rat' mentality of the typical RPG player, or you
will finish with hundreds of thousands of roubles and a pile of loot you can
never use!
> Use the Sleep Function to wait for Nimble's deliveries, or to do a mission
at a specified hour.
> Use 'crouch' for a stealthy walk.
> Don't get stuck behind opening doors, it's not a cool look!
> Check all anomalies for artifacts regularly to make money early in the game.
Artifacts randomly respawn after each Blowout.
> Quick travel to an anomaly by asking characters, "What are you doing?" and
then travelling with them.
> Quicksave before fights and conversations. Hard Save before each mission.
Set the Game Option to make auto saves at significant stages.
> Check your map and HUD often for load, hunger, fatigue, bleeding, radiation
and wear on weapon and suit/helmet.
> Talk to most all NPCs through the complete dialogue tree. After a while
you'll recognise those which are redundant.
> "The main thing about Pripyat, I've found, is that you do have to listen to
Kowalski... and remember to return to his base after each mission he gives to
talk to him and stock up on free ammo/nades/meds." P.
> Buy weapons from Nimble. These are often superior to anything you find in
the wild. Although Seva, FN2000, G36 and possibly others are just the same.
> Don't waste your money buying weapons from traders, you will come across them
soon enough as loot.
> Modify or repair weapons and suits with Cardan (Skandovsk Wreck, Creek),
Nitro (Jupiter), Uncle Yar or Lieutenant Kirillov ("Novelty" Laundry and
Dry Cleaning, Pripyat). Uncle Yar only becomes available in free roam at the
end of the game, after the military have evacuated.
> Weapon stats in your inventory can be used for comparison with the equipped
weapon. Green=Better, Red=worse.
> Choose your upgrade path carefully. What is more important, accuracy or rate
of fire?
> Pistols: Light and easily aimed; useful while holding a detector; the H&K USP
and .45 ACP can be upgraded to full auto with 16 round mag. Recommended!
> For most of the game. I stuck with the H&K G36 assault rifle with X4 scope,
and the Protecta shotty with 12 round mag.
> The knife was useful on Burers and the occasion crate.
> Grenades work well on Controllers.
> The grenade/rocket launchers impress other NPCs when you walk around with
them, and everyone goes "Wow!" when you blow something up.
> Silencers and sniper ammo don't seem to contribute much to stealth, as enemy
NPCs a few metres away never seem to notice when you shoot the guy standing
next to them. Silenced pistols are pretty stealthy though.
> "After returning to Pripyat and informing Col. Kowalski, you get to keep the
Gauss rifle. Although it is a "one-shot-kill", it is a bit impractical because
it takes a while to recharge in between shots."

> Heckler & Koch G36. 3.7kg, 5.56X45 ammo, 30 shot mag, x1.6 and x4 scope,
2nd gen NV. Good all rounder for everything from close range mutants, mid range
Zombie assault and long range sniping of controllers.

> Protecta shotgun. 3.54Kg, 12X70 shot or 12X76 Zhekan slugs, 12 shot mag,
full auto mode. You can do a partial reload and start firing again. It is
possible to attach a Susat X4 scope to the Protecta. The Protecta is effective
at medium range, but a scope on a shotgun is not terribly cool.

> PKM machine gun. Uses 7.62X54 ammo belts and weighs 8.80Kg.
Impresses the hell out of everyone when you walk (very slowly) around with it.

> Vintorez Sniper. 3.43kg, 9X39mm SP-5 ammo. VERY Stealthy!

> RPG-7 6.30kg, CG-7B grenades. Boom! Awesome destructive power.

> FN2000. 4.75kg, 5.56X45 ammo, integrated optics, adjustable sight, grenade-
launcher, auto-locking optics. Yum!

> Gauss Cannon. 6.00kg, electro-magnetic operation requires batteries.
Factory batteries are made from the shards of the Flash artifact. Home made
batteries, less effective, are available from Cardan. (Creek).
This gives a one shot kill on the nastier mutants at the end of the game.

> Don't store scopes in your personal locker as they degrade.
Put in a X4 scope and it will come out a X1.6. This bug is a piece of
Clear Sky nostalgia.

Nimble's Special Orders:
Nimble charges an arm and a leg, but CoP is awash with roubles so spend up!
Many of these are superior to anything else you loot or find in a cache.
They are all worth a try.

> March Pistol. This is a modified H&K USP. Mag holds 16 shots of the more
powerful .45 ACP ammo with a high rate of fire. Works on everything from
Tushkanahs biting your ankles, to Zombies. I carried it everywhere to use with
my detector. Simply amazing on Full auto!

> Lynx Sniper, based on the Dragunov. Silent death from 1000m! 7.62X54 H1
ammo, and the option of 2nd Gen NV or Body heat/auto lock on.

> Surf Sniper, based on the Vintorez. Mag holds 10 rounds of 9x39 SP-5. Ammo
is not common, so buy up from the traders.
I love the realistic ballistics: aim above the head to allow for bullet drop.

> Assault rifle from Nimble is the H&K G36, mag holds 30 rounds of the
plentiful 5.56X45 round. The adjustable high contrast sight is nice!

> Carabinieri. A military shotgun based on the SPAS-12. Full auto mode and
high accuracy.

> Thunderstorm. A Modified OC-14, Mag holds 30 of the plentiful 56.45x39
calibre, great rate of fire plus a grenade launcher.

> Frazer. This is an experimental sub-machine gun based on the MP5.
Rechambered for .45ACP it now has extreme rate of fire, high accuracy and great
stopping power. Yes!


Can't remember where I found mine, but late (too late) in the game there is one
in the tunnels to Pripyat. Free. This was my favoured suit!
This suit has an integral helmet/closed breathing cycle.
Its basic characteristics are poor bullet resistance, and excellent shielding
for radiation/anomalies. I had a carry weight limit of 104kg without any
modding, using the four suit pockets and the upgrades.
There are several options/choices within the second level of modifications.
For the SEVA I finished up with:
Gunfire +40%
Chemical +20%
Rupture -20%
Durability +10%
Radiation +50%
Carried Weight +10kg
Artifact pockets +3
Psionic +70%
Fire +20%
Restore +2
Bleeding +4
Health +4
The only disadvantage of the SEVA is no NV. It had NV in the previous two
games, and with the nights so dark, you really need NV in this game. There is
an Elite Nightvision and Carryweight MOD for those who think the devs got this
a bit wrong!
NOTE: Fill your pockets with Goldfish and Baloons.


The CHN-3a Battle Armour is based on the old CS suit, and is a special order
from Nimble. Novikov in the Scientist Bunker is an erstwhile Clear Sky member
and worked on the manufacture of this suit. He gets all nostalgic and upgrades
it to level three for you. Weighs 11.20kg, and needs a helmet. It gives good
overall protection, has four artifact pockets, is fully upgradeable. A very
spiffy suit!


I bought one from Nimble. Massively armored, huge carry capacity, modifications
allow sprinting. If cost is no problem ... and it shouldn't be ... get one and
impress everyone!


When you find Morgan's PDA you can do business with either Duty or Freedom.
Neither suit is worth the bother imo, but the Freedom suit has five useable
pockets and is very light. The PSS_M Universal Protection Suit is an updated
Duty suit with good gunfire and anomaly protection, and can be modified with
artifact pockets.


This, like the Clear Sky suit, requires a separate Helmet. It is heavy, has
few pockets, and no environmental protection. It does have NV and good bullet


The STALKER outfit weighs 5.00kg, and has two pockets and no NV. It requires a
4.00kg helmet/respirator.
The Bandit jacket looks badass if you want to impress the Stalker chicks in the
Zone, or take a screenshot of yourself. Dying!

9.0 NPCs
CoP is much more sparsely populated with humans than previous games.
Mercenaries, Monolith and Bandits are now friendly. They have the yellow icon
and no longer shoot you on sight. Give a wounded stalker a medikit and the
green icon shows he is now friendly. Only the Zombified hate you on sight.
NPCs fall into a few broad categories: Traders, Weapons Techs, Doctors,
Guides, and important characters who progress the story by giving missions.

Weapons Techs who modify/repair weapons and armour:
> Cardan is on the second level of the Skadovsk Wreck (Creek).
> Nitro is his counterpart at Yanov Station (Jupiter). Unlike Cardan he does
not require Vodka as part of the repair process.
> Norikov at the Scientist bunker in Jupiter can modify the CS suit.
> Lieutenant Kirillov (Military) at the 'Novelty' Laundry and Dry Cleaner,
Pripyat. He gives free ammo and grenades, and makes no charge for repairs.
He cannot make modifications though.
> Uncle Yar becomes the Weapons Tech after the Military evacuate from Pripyat.

Beard, Owl, Sultan, Tremor, the Pilot, Lieutenant Rogovets, Lieutenant Sokolov,
Zulu,Tutslan, Noah, Professors Ozersky and Herman, Vano and Flint are ...
....well you don't want to be spoon-fed now do you!


> Dogs, pigs, flesh and snorks attack with a circling motion now as well as a
frontal attack.
> Burers are susceptible to the knife. They have a shield, so take headshots
from a distance or when the shield is lowered. They use telekinesis to throw
junk at you so keep moving. As one of the 100 tutorial hints says, "No Stalker
ever won a fight standing still." They have a blast that lowers your stamina
if you are too close. They can knock your weapon out of your hands and deflect
grenades. They are also fairly slow and easy to run past. (I am thinking of
the room in Lab X8 that holds three of them.)
Burers locate you by sound and movement. "When stabbing a burer with your
knife... Watch the green sound sound bar on your upper left. Each knife blow
reduces the green until the burer finally dies (i.e., he can't hear you any
longer." Jim.

> Chimeras are very agile and mobile, with a long distance jump. They are
fairly easy to damage from an elevated or distant position, especially with the
Gauss rifle.
> Bloodsuckers attack from the rear so back up to a wall or a corner if
possible. They also have a chokehold move which is pretty scary. Otherwise,
running backwards from them while blazing away with a shotgun works.
You can locate them by their footsteps if they move in water.
> Pseudogiants do damage stomping on the ground. They are tough and absorb a
lot of punishment.
> Controllers have a psychic attack as well as sending in zombies against you.
Snipe from a safe distance or use grenades!

Here's a rundown on all the mutants as a whole from Dimitroff9001, who said it
better than I could:

"Bloodsuckers now turn completely invisible, and always circle around the back
when attacking, with a possibility of a restraining move. If you keep them in
your sight and run after them as they circle, they will go out of invisible
mode and try to run away, so the general tactic is to 'scare' them.

"Chimeras are not quite like snorks in the way that they attack. Whereas snorks
jump in from a very short range and claw at you repeatedly to get your health
down, a chimera will leap in from a fairly sizeable distance, hit/bite you once
or twice before jumping back into safety. Essentially, it is a mix of a
bloodsucker and a snork in that it has a hit-and-run tactic with its powerful
jumping ability. No, it does not breathe fire, and neither did I know of the
'exploding' variant that you mention, although I have gone through and played
with the creatures from the cut game files in SoC.

"Burers are quite possibly the most annoying creatures in the game, given their
wide range of abilities. Their telekinetic throws do indeed have the potential
of deflecting grenades back at the player, although it's typically very
inaccurate, and the grenade explodes in midair. They also have a psychokinetic
blast attack that lowers your stamina, and, if it already is low, knocks your
weapon from your hands. This is very annoying as it will probably get thrown
somewhere far in the fight, and you may not even be able to find it, much less
run and get it. The wave attack also returns, although as far as I can tell, it
only does physical damage as opposed to fire. To cap off this list of abilities
is their capacity to block bullets for a small period of time. Thankfully, they
have no telepathic attacks or effects akin to those.

"Tushkanos take only 1 shot (2 at most) to kill, although dogs are quite a bit

"Bloodsuckers turn COMPLETELY invisible, and while their choking move doesn't
do much damage, it's incredibly annoying, and leaves you powerless to defend
yourself against any other foes in the area for a few seconds.

"Burers do impact damage with their wave attack. Telekinesis does require you
to be directly in the monster's FOV to be of any use. Burers tend to put up
their shield as soon as they get shot at, it lasts for a few seconds before
they snap out of it, and you have a split second to place a headshot and take
cover before they drain your stamina.

"I THINK I remember seeing and even killing pyrogeists at the 'Circus' anomaly
in Creek/Zaton, but I'm not quite sure at this point. They appear to be in the
game files, from what I can tell, but they're rather rare in the game."

Updated 20FEB2010

QUOTE Craig (Kraygh)

"Yes the fire-poltergeist can definitely be killed. I will admit that I didn't
even notice the creature until one of my many return trips looking for
To be clear, I am NOT talking about those two anomalies that constantly circle
around the pit. I am talking about an actual "monster" that is hard to see
(blurred effect) but makes your crosshairs turn red when your aimed at it, so
you know when to shoot if you lose sight of it. Killing it is the same as
killing the gravity-poltergeist in the electrical plant not too far from there.
Using an assault rifle, it took about as many shots as a Chimera (very rough
estimate) and then it kind-of exploded or imploded away. I even remember
a charred fragment broke off from when it died. I followed the piece as it slid
down the pit, thinking I could pick it up, but then that disappeared as well."
UNQUOTE. Thanks to Craig (Kraygh)
11.0 Caches
All caches are accessible, though it may not seem like it. There are >100 in
the game.
Caches contain weapons and supplies. Unlike previous STALKER games, caches are
permanently placed on the map and fully stocked. You can either be given the
cache coordinates by a NPC, or stumble upon one by chance.

"When starting a new game there are a few that I try to get right away:
The Jellyfish in the Claw Anomaly; Twist under Burnt Farm; L86 in boat
by Port Cranes; SPAS in attic of building east of Port Cranes. The place where
you have the shootout with Morgan/Bandits/Stalkers). That gives you Rad
protection and a good rifle and shotgun to get started." P.

The Vintar on the roof of a hut in the burning village is nice to get early in
the game. One cache in the Kindergarten is hidden behind a crate. Generally
crates, safes and boxes etc. are empty in CoP. The cache on the Gas Station
roof requires the long-running-jump. Some caches are not at ground level,
perhaps hidden in the branches of a tree or below in a tunnel.
One cache on top of a pipeline pylon in Creek was almost impossible. At first
I shot the loot down, but later I realised it is possible to jump up onto the
pipeline. Make sure you are at full stamina and mobility and the jump is easy.

Cache locations are easily found on the net, but you will enjoy the game more
if you find them for yourself, at least on the first play-through. Look for one
on top of the Dredger in Jupiter, and below the six cooling towers outside
Jupiter factory, I was never given co-ordinates for these!


Selling bandages and bullets won't make you rich, although grenades can bring
400ru. I strongly recommend you don't go killing people for their stuff and
selling it at a tiny profit. As a general rule in RPG, don't kill anyone unless
there is no alternative. Hey, in CoP you can even give out medikits to wounded
guys. Makes their icon change from yellow to green and you feel better about
yourself. Selling artifacts should be your primary source of income, but when
you are doing other missions, it is easy to take stuff off a dead guy and earn
a little extra on the side.
There are a heap of ways to make money. I'll mention a few:
> Sell artifacts, as many as you can, and you'll soon be fabulously wealthy.
> Artifacts bring more money if Beard gives you a mission to supply him.
NB.Don't sell artifacts you'll need yourself(Goldfish, Baloon are used in suit
pockets to reduce radiation and increase your carry limit.)
> Unload weapons by using the Right-click context menu in your inventory.
Detach any silencers and scopes and sell them separately.
> Complete missions and sell PDAs and documents to the highest bidder.
Be VERY careful selling documents if you want ALL the Achievements.
(refer to the section on how to get "Information Dealer" and "Friend of..."
for a more complete explanation.
> You get better prices from friendly/specialist traders. eg. The medic gives
you the best prices to buy/sell medical supplies. Not that you'd ever need to
buy any, the stuff is everywhere!

You can survive in the open by using anabolic drugs, and get a Achievement stat
for doing so. Most normal people head for the shelter marked on the PDA. If
your first blowout is near the starting point and you are directed to a cave
haunted by a Pseudo-giant, well...the only thing I can say is move away from
the start quickly and spend your first blowout in better surroundings. If your
first shelter happens to be in the Ark with Noah, (weird ship with the windmill
on top) stand back until the door opens and wait until he has finished shooting
before you enter. DO NOT SHOOT Noah!
After each blowout, artifacts randomly respawn in some (not all) locations.

You might look funny, like one of those water diviners, but you should get used
to walking around with your Veles detector out. Plus a fully upgraded pistol.
As well as artifacts, it detects radiation. If you have a Jellyfish, Twist or
Baloon in your suit pocket, radiation is not much of a problem just roaming and
> The Echo is basic and outdated. It registers presence, direction and
distance with the frequency of its audio-signal. ie Beeper. It has a very
limited database so will not even detect most artifacts.
> The Bear is a current generation detector. It detects artifacts and gives
direction, but has a limited database.
> The Veles is "next generation". It detects radiation as well as
triangulating the position of artifacts. The database includes all known
artifacts. I found mine early in the game on a dead stalker at the
Circus anomaly.
> The Svarog is an enhanced prototype detector needed for specific missions.
It detects artifacts and anomalies not yet studied by scientists. You can see
unknown artifacts on the display and you can collect them if you have a mission
for them. Known artifacts are poorly diplayed on the Svarog, and there is
a MOD to correct this.
Me, I just stuck with the Veles!

These highly radioactive sites are the result of the CNNP accident.
(In comparison, the novel "Roadside Picnic" on which the STALKER trilogy is
based, the Zone was the result of an Alien landing.)
Anomalies are of different types:Chemical, Burner, Gravitational, Electo-shock,
and have high levels of radiation. The type of artifact is related to the type
of the anomaly. Not all anomalies are obvious. Most are marked on the map,
but not all. (eg the one beneath the burnt village.)
> Not all artifacts are found in anomalies; use your detector while travelling
to find random artifacts.
> Artifacts spawn again randomly following blowouts.
> When searching for specific artifacts (eg missions for Beard), the type
of artifact is linked to the type of the anomaly. ie Sparklers are more likely
to be found in an electric anomaly; Eye, Flame and Firefly in a burner anomaly.

These are treasures, formed in the Anomalies, that lured Scientists, Military,
Stalkers, Bandits, Duty and Freedom to the Zone around the CNNP.
Beard pays the best price for artifacts he contracts you to find, but artifacts
still bring a good price wherever you sell them.
The Compass and the Oasis are quest items but you are still free to use them.
A Meatchunk and Kolobok are required by Garik to progress a mission, so hang
onto them. (The Kolobok is quite a climb up the Pineoak Anomaly!}

I like to have Baloons and Goldfish in my pockets to increase Radiation
resistance and increase carry weight. The rest you are free to use or sell.
All weigh 0.5kg.
ARTIFACT Positive Negative Family
Goldfish Max Wt + 12kg RAD +3 Gravity
Gravi Max Wt + 8kg RAD +2 Gravity
Night Star Max Wt + 4kg RAD +1 Gravity
Baloon RAD -4 Gravity
Twist RAD -3 Gravity
Jellyfish RAD -2 Gravity

COMPASS allows you to pass through anomalies with added protection:
Fire, Chemical, Psionic and shock are all +3. Stamina is +2.
The disadvantage is RAD +4

The Oasis Artifact is a mission item for the Scientists: give nourishment +1,
Regeneration, Stamina and bleeding are all +2, and radiation is +4.

For the sake of completeness, the others are:
Dummy Stamina +4 RAD +2
Soul Regen +2 RAD +2
Kolobok Regen +4 RAD +2
Eye Bleed +4 RAD +2 Burner
Crystal Fire +3 RAD +1 Burner
Mama's Beads Bleed +2 RAD +1 Burner
Firefly Regen +6 RAD +3 Burner
Fireball Fire +6 RAD +1 Burner
Stoneflower Psionic +3 RAD +1 Gravity
Sparkler Shock +3 RAD +1 Electro
Flash Shock +6 RAD +2 Electro
Battery Stamina +2 RAD +1 Electro
Snow Flake Stamina +6 RAD +3 Electro
Meatchunk Chemical +6 RAD +2 Chemical
Stone blood Chemical +3 RAD +1 Chemical

New to CoP is an Achievements stat in your PDA.
It adds to the game's replayability, as the way you do missions affects your

I finished up with:

'Mutant Hunter' for killing all varieties of mutant.

'Detective' for detecting who is killing the Stalkers in Creek.

'Pioneer' for exploring new anomalies for the Scientist quests, including a
plant in the Rotten Grove.

'Skilled Stalker' for finding arifacts in ALL anomaly types.

'One of the Lads' for defeating the Bandits and giving the Compass artifact to

'Diplomat' for completing Mityai and Vano's missions without bloodshed.

'Wealthy' =)) I hate being poor! >100 000 roubles.

'Seeker' for finding all artifact types.

'Researcher' for delivering the Oasis artifact to Professor Herman; and the
Svarog enhanced detector mission.

'Battle Systems Master' for supplying three toolsets to Cardan.

'High Tech Master' for supplying three toolsets to Nitro.

'Herald of Justice' for helping Vano (Yarnov Station) and catching out
Magpie (Flint/Soroka).

'Leadership' for recruiting Zulus, Rogue, Vano and Sokolov for the journey to

'Keeper of Secrets' for giving Strelok the three notes referring to him and his

'Friend of Duty' for telling Duty about Flint, hiring Duty for scientists,
giving General Tachenko’s and Morgan's PDAs to Duty.

'Marked by Zone' for surviving three blowouts using anabolic drugs.

'Information Dealer' for selling nine Documents/Items and/or PDA’s to Owl.

'Friend of Stalkers' for doing the 'Spying on Morgan' mission for Beard, doing
Vano's and Mityai's missions, and killing the Chimera in Creek for Tutsan.

'Balance Advocate' for selling General Tachenko’s, Morgan's PDA to Owl and
tell Gaunt about Flint/Soroka/Magpie.

Alternative achievements:

Friend of Freedom: tell Freedom about Flint, hire Freedom for scientists and
give General Tachenko’s and Morgan's PDAs to Freedom.

Kingpin: Defeat the Stalkers and give the Compass artifact to Sultan.


Exploring the connection between items and achievements:
Quote peetz:
"NB. There are numerous other documents and PDAs that may be sold to various
Traders. The idea is to use the items/PDA's that weren't needed for other
Achievements or could be better used elsewhere.

Friend of Freedom/Friend of Duty/ Balance Advocate.
General Tachenko's/Morgan's PDA can be given to Duty or Freedom for the Friend
of Duty/Freedom Award. If you give it to Owl for the Balance Advocate
Achievement you will be unable to recruit Rogue for the Pripyat expedition
later on and the Leader Achievement will be unavailable. Consequently the Guard
Detail at the Scientist Bunker will be awarded to either Freedom, Duty or the
FoF/ FoD need the 2 PDA's as well as Telling Freedom(Duty) about Flint and
hiring Freedom(Duty) to guard scientists. For BA, sell 2 PDA's to Owl and tell
Gaunt about Flint. Simple!

Information Dealer.
Sell a minimum of nine items to Owl for the Information Dealer Award plus cash.
Items available are:
Bandit's PDA
Snag's PDA
Sultan's Messenger's PDA (Bandit killed with Snag)
Mercenary Hook's PDA (Water Treatment Plant)
Mercenary Ridge's PDA (Water Treatment Plant)
Internal Order #423 (x2) (Bridge Documents)
Internal Order #562 (Bridge Documents)
Product #62 Delivery Memo
Product #62 Notebook Page
Evacuation Notice (Jupiter Factory)
Memory Module (unlocked)

Scientists Cash Reward.
Give the Product #62 Administration Documents and Black's PDA for cash only.

Keeper of Secrets
Give the notes written for Fang, Strelok and Ghost to Strelok. Nice rewards for
these are Flame and Firefly artifacts and 20 Gauss Batteries.

Opening the Passage to Pripyat.
Get the Black Box decrypted by Nitro, and give him the P1 Underpass
Schematics, Shift Journal, and the Binder with Papers.

Note from Sokolov.
Return it to Sokolov for a cash reward." P.

Foods: Regeneration Nourishment Weight
> Canned Meat +20 +10 0.3kg
> Bread +20 + 6 0.4kg
> Kolbasa +20 +10 0.5kg

So canned meat is the best option, but the Kolbasa is tastier.

> Energy Drink = Red Bull. Good in conjunction with drugs for racing around.

> Cardan requires Vodka to perform second level modifications. Don't
give him more than two at a time!
Vodka is also used to rid the body of accumulated radiation. Once you have
a Twist or Baloon in your suit pocket, radiation is not a problem.

Never took any myself, but I imagine they are very useful on harder difficulty
levels while bleeding and facing multiple attacks with a damaged suit.
Drugs can temporarily boost healing rates or increase carry capacity. If you
need anti-rad meds, the drug is way lighter than hauling Vodka. And they sell
for a tidy sum.

> You can quickly move around the map a short distance by asking NPCs if you
can tag along with them.
> If you ask a NPC to guide you to a specific location within the current map,
they will charge you three or four hundred roubles. Real STALKERS don't believe
in paying for it!
> The Pilot will guide you between Creek<->Jupiter for 1 000 roubles, and
between Creek <-> Pripyat for 4 000 roubles.
> Garik will guide you between Jupiter and Pripyat.
> The teleport at the Burnt Village remains open throughout the game.
20.0 LINKS
< Russian language maps:

> Gamefaqs Call of Pripyat Home Page

> RockPaper Shotgun interview:

> STEAM Users Forum CoP

> GSC Forums:

> GSC main site:

> The SoC Encyclopaedia is gone, but CoP "Zone World" is worth a visit.
- Personages
- Monsters
- Anomalies
- Artifacts
- Weapons
- Items

Well what can I say? I don't want to ruin the game for anyone.

> Use the long running jump (W+X+SPC) to jump across the anomaly on the dredge
and also to reach the cache on the Gas Station roof by jumping from the lid on
the gas tank out back.

> Toolkits:
Rough Sawmill (Creek)
Train with travelling Anomaly (Jupiter)
Fine Workshop (Creek)
Jupiter Factory SW building (Jupiter)
Calibration Old Services Centre (Pripyat)
Bookstore (Pripyat)
Some Level3 modifications are available from Norikov in the Scientist Bunker.

> 'Magpie' is an alias for Soroka/Flint (Freedom) at Yanov Station.

> Noah can give you two (2) Compass artifacts if you ask twice.

> Clear out the Controller in the tunnel under the Burnt Village. Later you
may need to shelter there from a Blowout.

> Keep a Meatchunk and a Kolobok in your inventory, Garik will want them later
in the game.

> Kindergarten #3 When the time comes you will be granted access. In the
meantime, forget about getting inside. The Burer here quickly dies under your
knife. I hit it a hundred times before I realised it had died standing up after
the first couple of blows!
> The team you gather for the journey to Pripyat will include Zulus, Sokolov,
Vano, Rogue(ex Monolith, currently with Freedom) and your own sweet self. Noah
can be invited but he never goes to Pripyat.

> Destroy the "Source of Interference" with grenades.

22.0 MODS
> Filefront MODS:

> GSC Game World MODS:

Any of the unpackers for SoC or CS will work here.
You can, modify jump distance and carry capacity etc. or make your own MOD.
"It does take awhile (maybe 15 minutes) to unpack all the databases,and it puts
them in a directory called "unpacked". Don't worry, it doesn't change anything
in your game. It simply unpacks all the databases so that you can view them."
I would recommend making your first playthrough without changing anything.
But on a subsequent playthrough you can easily alter the carry weight limit
without resorting to a MOD.
The advantage of this is not just to increase your load limit! The real
advantage lies in being able to run long distances without tiring!

The process involves changing two files. If you cannot find these files, you
will need to run the 'unpacker' first, modify the files with Wordpad and save
them to the correct folder.
i. In the main game directory, locate the gamedata\configs folder\system.ltx.
ii. Open system.ltx with Wordpad.
iii. Find the line - max_weight= under the [inventory] section and change that
value to whatever maximum weight you want.
iv Save it and overwrite the original system.ltx

i. In the main game directory, locate the gamedata\configs\creatures\actor.ltx
ii. Open with Wordpad and find the line max_walk_weight = and change that to
be the maximum weight you can still walk before being overloaded.

iii. Save it and overwrite the original.


If you cannot find these two files in you gamefolder\configs you will have to
use one of the many STALKER unpackers available on the net. When you run the
unpacker's .bat file, nothing appears to happen for a while, but believe me it
is working. It takes quite a few minutes to unpack the CoP databases and
requires 6Gb of free disk space.
If you save the two original files in a safe place, you can easily restore the
game's default values.

"Remember that the game ties the stamina depletion to the percentage
of max_weight... so, if you are 25% of max weight you can pretty much run
forever... at 50% your stamina will deplete slowly and at 75% it will run down
after just a short sprint. So, if your object is to be able to run for a long
time, I suggest you increase those numbers.
For example, I use 900 and 1100 respectively... that way, I can run constantly,
unless I REALLY have a big load on. Just try it - and change/edit it as you
see fit. It can be changed "on the fly"... no need to start a new game and it
will work with any old save game." P.

If you think the 3000 RU the devs gave you was a bit stingy, it's easy to
increase the amount.
Navigate to gamedata/configs/gameplay/gameplay_desc_general.xml
Rename the file extension to .txt and modify the line
<money min="3000" max="3000" to suit your extravant tastes.
Rename the file extension to .xml and there you go!

With the Toolkit and Night Vision MODs, increased carry limit and extra roubles
you can now see in the dark, get some nice gear, and run everywhere. Wow!
v0.5 20NOV 2009 Basic layout and most sections fairly complete.
Walkthrough under construction.
v0.6 13DEC 2009 Added to walkthrough.
v0.7 22DEC 2009 Corrections and Additions to all areas.
v0.8 10JAN 2010 Additional Permissions to Host.
v0.9 20FEB2010 Updates to Section 5 Mission Guides and Section 10 Mutants.

My sources were the game manual, the game itself, the official GSC site,
my friend Peetz, and Dimitroff9001.
Thanks Jim Byram for additions and corrections.
Written with Notepad 2 text editor.
Biggest thanks to Tagaziel Staval Iurien for his brilliant English translation.
Thanks to the Ukrainian team at GSC who created this beautiful, atmospheric,
freeroam series.
Thanks to Liam Flint and Craig for Mission Guide Updates (Section 5) 20FEB2010

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