Leitfaden für legendäre Waffen und Dämonentüren


Contents of guide
-1 Demon Doors
-2 Legendary Weapons
--2a Melee Weapons
--2b Range Weapons
--2c Downloaded Content Weapons
-3 Unique Buildings
-4 List, Items, & Tactics
--4a Augments
--4b Quick Money Tactics
--4c Quick Experience Tactics
--4d Hero Dolls
--4e Statue Post Locations
--4f Shooting Range Prizes
--4g Expressions
--4h Enemies
--4i Corruption & Purity Tactics
--4j Good & Evil Tactics
--4k Box of Secrets
--4l Online Items
5 Contact Information

-----Demon Doors-----

Bower Lake Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: Expressions
-will be listed in order
--Point & Laugh
--Middle Finger
--Vulgar Thrust
--Bloodlust Roar
Contents: health potion
Demon realm name: Arid Sea

Rookridge Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: at least 5 dog tricksContents: Life Potion
Demon realm name: Memory Lane

Oakfield Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: listed below
-Get engaged in front of door or Blow kiss to spouse in front of door
Contents: House, legendary hammer
Demon realm name: Homestead, Serenity Farm

Westcliff Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: Be fully corrupt
Contents: Legendary Mace
Demon realm name: The Vault

Bloodstone Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: Play lute until told to stop
Contents: Master Longsword
Demon realm name: Winter Lodge

Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: Kick a chicken at the door
Contents: one 3-star skill, strength, will potions
Demon realm name: Forgotten Keep

Wraithmarsh Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: At least 10 people
Contents: Legendary Rifle
Demon realm name: Terry Cotter's Army

Brightwood Demon door: Opened
Requirements: Cheese & an outfit that is just plain stupid
Outfit: listed below
#1 Facial Hair: Mutton Chops
#2 Upper body: Posh Gentlemen's Shirt or Noble Blouse
#3 Headgear: Farmers Hat
#4 Hair: Dreadlocks
#5 Lower body: Strumpet Skirt
Do not have anything but this on
Contents: Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, & Harlenquin Trousers
Demon realm name: The Sepulchre

Fairfax Demon Door: Opened
Requirements: Open all other demon door
Contents: 50,000 gold & Marcus' Poems
Demon realm name: The Sanctum

-----Legendary Weapons-----

--Melee Legendary Weapons--

Legendary Mace: The Calavera
Damage: 67
Dmg Type: Blunt
Speed: slow
Augment 1: Flame
Location: Westcliff demon realm

Legendary Hammer: The Hammerthyst
Damage: 78
Dmg Type: Blunt
Speed: slow
Augment 1: Bearskin
Location: Oakfield demon realm

Legendary Katana: The Daichi
Damage: 96
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: fast
Augment 1: Bewitching
Augment 2: Devastation
Augment 3: Killerwatt
Requirements: listed below
-Jump off of the broken piece of railing at the
-top of the shorter side of the brightwood tower
Location: Archons Knot

Legendary Longsword: The Maelstrom
Damage: Unknown
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: normal
Augment #1: scourge
#1: get 2000 loyalty points at the temple of shadows
#2: sacrifice a spouse or monk to the temple between 12 am and 1 am gametime
Location: Temple of Shadows

Legendary Cleaver: The Rising Sun
Damage: 61
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: normal
Augment #1: Righteous Violence
#1: donate once to the temple of the light
#2: donate a large sum of gold to the temple at 12 pm
Location: Temple of Light

Legendary Axe: The Chopper
Damage: 86
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: slow
Augment #1: Discipline
Augment #2: Stoneskin
Requirements: beat The Crucible with all rounds perfect (will not work in initial run)
Location: The Crucible

Legendary Cutlass: The Wreckager
Damage: 65
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: Normal
Augment #1: Fear Itself
Augment #2: Golden Touch
Augment #3: Stoneskin
Requirements: Fable 2 Limited Editon
Location: Hall of the Dead

Legendary Sword: Hal's Sword
Damage: 22
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: Normal
Augment #1: empty
Augment #2: empty
Augment #3: empty
Requirements: Fable 2 Collector's Edition
Location: Hero's Guild
Type: Energy Sword

--Ranged Legendary Weapons--

Legendary Blunderbuss: The Enforcer
Damage: 177
Dmg Type: Bullet
Speed: Normal
Range: 20
Reload: 1
Augment 1: Lucky Charm
Augment 2: Barkskin
Requirements: own brightwood farm or dig up Giles`s grave after completion of the spire
Location: brightwood farm cellar

Legendary Crossbow: The Rammer
Damage: between 110 & 120
Dmg Type: Arrow
Speed: Normal
Range: 45
Reload: 0.75
Augment 1: Ghoul
Augment 2: Flame
Augment 3: Bewitching
Requirements: Destroy all 50 gargoyles
Location: Gargoyle Trove
Type: Crossbow

Legendary Pistol: The Red Dragon
Damage: 41
Dmg Type: Bullet
Speed: Fast
Range: 35
Reload: 0.75
Rounds: 6
Augment #1: Devastation
Augment #2: Lucky Charm
Requirements: First Place in Westcliff Shooting Range
Location: Westcliff
Type: Clockwork Pistol

Legendary Rifle: The Perforator
Damage: 81
Dmg Type: Bullet
Speed: Normal
Range: 60
Reload: 0.75 per bullet
Rounds: 6
Augments: unknown
Requirements: Wraithmarsh Demon Door
Location: Wraithmarsh demon realm
Type: Turret Rifle

--Downloaded Content Weapons--

-Melee Legendary Weapons-

Legendary Mace: Brodican Mace
Damage: 91
Dmg Type: Blunt
Speed: Slow
Augment #1: empty
Requirements: Regal Purple Dye
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets

Legendary Staff: Staff of Wrath
Damage: 91
Dmg Type: Blunt
Speed: Slow
Augment #1: Hardwood
Requirements: 1 Diamond
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets

Legendary Axe: Axe of Harmony
Damage: 99
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: Slow
Augment #1: empty
Requirements: 2 lutes
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets

Legendary Cutlass: Judge's Steel
Damage: 71
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: Fast
Augment #1: Justice Triumphs
Requirements: Monk Robe
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets

Legendary Cutlass: Wretcher's Blade
Damage: 75
Dmg Type: Cutting
Speed: Normal
Augment #1: Evil Triumphs
Requirements: 3 crunchy chicks
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets

Legendary Scepter: Royal Scepter
Damage: 90
Dmg Type: Blunt
Speed: Slow
Augment #1: empty
Augment #2: empty
Augment #3: empty
Augment #4: empty
Requirements: 15,000 point in The Colosseum
Location: The Colosseum

-Ranged Legendary Weapons-

Legendary Rife: Hal's Rifle
Damage: 59
Dmg Type: Bullet
Speed: Normal
Range: 50
Reload: 1.35
Rounds: 24
Augment #1: empty
Requirements: one 5 star experience potion
Location: Knothole Island's Box of Secrets
Type: Clockwork or Assault Rifle

-----Unique Buildings-----

Brightwood Tower
Initial cost: 250,000 gold
Requirements: get to Bloodstone
Rewards: 3000 renown on completion of quest & access to Nightmare Hollow
-Nightmare Hollow
---Going into Nightmare Hollow will lock you in, in order to get out you will
--need to win the battle of wits against "Chesty", doing so will allow you
--to leave and will award you with 100,000 gold and the Diamond of Sorrow,
--which is worth 100,000 gold itself. The "Chesty" feature of the area can be reactivated
--by selling or giving away the Diamond of Sorrow.

Fairfax Castle
Initial cost: 1,000,000 gold
Requirements: Kill Lucien
Rewards: renown (amount unknown), access to the silver 50 key treasure chest, & access to the Fairfax Tomb.
-Fairfax Tomb
---The Fairfax tomb contains the one and only sex change potion in the game
--The potion will disappear once you leave the tomb, so you'll need to decide
--whether your going to use it or not

Bloodstone Mansion
Initial cost: 100,000 gold
Requirements: Recruit Reaver
Rewards: renown (amount unknown) & access to Reaver's 5 diary pages

Brightwood Farm
Initial cost: 75,000 gold
Requirements: Listed in order
-Complete the "Cold Comfort Farmer" quest
-Complete the "Blind Date" quest
Rewards: Access to the farm cellars' tomb
-the tomb contains a legendary blunderbuss, you'll need your dog to dig it up

Cemetery Mansion
Initial cost: 100,000 gold
Requirements: complete the "Love Hurts" quest
Rewards: key to the Shelley Crypt

Bowerstone Bookstore
Initial cost: Unknown
Rewards: Book of Worship (located in one of the bookshelves)

-Lists, Items, & Tactics-


Beauty and the Beast
Combat Mastery
Cursed Warrior
Devourer's Scars
Divine Favor
Double Edged
Empty Shell
Energy Drain
Evil Triumphs
Fear Itself
Flame's Curse
Gold Burden
Golden Touch
Hidden Knowledge
Insatiable Thirst
It's Not Luck
Luck and Life
Luck and Skill
Lucky Charm
Madman's Bane
Martyr's Curse
Mighty Oak
Negatively Charged
Pain is Pleasure
Perfect Skin
Piercing Agony
Positively Charged
Power of Money
Rich Guilt
Righteous Violence
Sacred Scars
Sexy Scars
Shockingly Smooth
Skill and Beauty
Slash & Burn
Slow Burn
Soft Skin
Storm Scar
Strength of Evil
Terrifying Visage
Tree Sap
Uncanny Luck
Untapped Potential
Vanity's Curse
Warrior's Burden
Flame's Gift
Flame Resistant
Blessed Suffering
Nasty Scars

-----Quick Money Tactics-----
Buy weapons on sale, and then go sell them in the Fairfax Gardens
Go through Nightmare Hollow over & over again, you must sell the Diamond of Sorrow before you go back in or you won't get it

-----Quick Experience Tactics-----
Don't kill the Great Shard at the end of the game because it will never stop spawning foes.
Play the Crucible over & over & over again
Play the Colosseum over & over & over again

-----Hero Dolls-----
-the Hero, Lucien, & Theresa dolls can be obtained without online trading
Hero: fable2.com
Lucien: Cursed Skull
Theresa: Cursed Snowglobe

-----Statue Post Locations-----

Fairfax Gardens: In the fountain
-cost: 500 gold
Oakfield: By the Sandgose Inna
-cost: 50 gold
Brightwood: On the main road
-cost: unknown
Westcliff: Up a side path on the way to the shooting range
-cost: unknown
Bloodstone: At the main docks
-cost: unknown

-----Shooting Range Prizes-----
-1 legendary pistol
-2 hero doll
-3 unknown
-4 unknown
-5 unknown
-6 unknown
-7 unknown


-1 kiss my ass
-2 chicken
-3 point & laugh
-4 vulgar thrust
-5 middle finger
-6 play dead
-7 beg

-1 fart
-2 burp
-3 sock puppet
-4 dance
-5 victory arm pump
-6 laugh
-7 hat, headband, moustache

-1 gift
-2 follow
-3 dismiss
-4 lute
-5 thumbs up
-6 thumbs down
-7 trophy

-1 scary laugh
-2 threaten
-3 extort
-4 bloodlust roar
-5 growl
-6 feign attack
-7 slap

-1 pickup line
-2 seduce
-3 come back to my place
-4 heroic pose
-5 worship
-6 whistle
-7 blow kiss

-1 punish
-2 treat
-3 fetch
-4 heal
-5 praise




Lesser Mage
Greater Mage
Lesser Stilt
Greater Stilt

--Hollow Men—



Shadow Monk
Cornelius Grim
Blue: Strength
Yellow: Skill
Red: Will

--Highway Men--
Darius Zing

--Spire Personnel--
Spire Guard
Spire Soldier
Great Shard


--Corruption & Purity Tactics--

Buy all of the houses in the Gypsy Camp and set the rent price at -75% or -100%

Buy all of the houses in the Gypsy Camp and set the rent prices at +75% or +100%

--Good & Evil Tactics—

Disobey everything at the Spire & make sure you have plenty of experience before going there so you lose no skills

Play as a henchmen and massacre a town's population
Sacrifice a monk or spouse at the Temple of Shadows between 12am & 1am
Obey everything at the Spire

-- Box of Secrets—

-Brodican Mace-
Item: Regal Purple Dye
Amount: one

-Chasm Outfit-
Item: Crucible Peanuts
Amount: two

-Wretcher's Blade-
Item needed: Crunchy Chicks
Amount: three

-Axe of Disharmony-
Item: Lute
Amount: two

-Judge's Steel-
Item: Monk Robes
Amount: one

-Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit-
Item: Murgo's Big Book of Trading
Amount: two

-Hal's Rifle-
Item: Pure Experience Extract
Amount: one

-Staff of Wrath-
Item: Diamond
Amount: one

-Greaser Wig-
Item: Eternal Love Ring
Amount: one

-Knothole Island Skirt-
Item: Marriage and How to Survive It
Amount: one

-Black Wheel Gang Outfit-
Item: Pretty Necklace
Amount: one

-Assassin Outfit-
Item: Puny Carrot
Amount: two

-Cascading Hair-
Item: Table Wine
Amount: two

--Online Items—

On https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/splash/f/fable2/default.htm there is a fable 2 puppet show titled
A Hero's Tale. You will need to be logged into you xbox live account for this to work, it can be done on the website.
It can take awhile for the items to be transferred to your account, they are located in the treasure chest in the
Chamber of Fate.
You will need to reload the game after getting each set of the items.

-Good Items-
Items: a Hero Doll, and a Lionhead body & face tattoos
#1: Down/Right option
#2: Good option
#3: Right/Third option
#4: Good option
#5: Left/First option

-Evil Items-
Items: Counterfeit Warrior; the feign attack expression book, a bottle of dye
#1: Left option
#2: Evil option
#3: Left/First option
#4: Evil option
#5; Right/Third option

-Funny Items-
Items: 3 piece chicken suit
#1: Left option
#2: Evil option
#3: Left/First option
#4: Good option
#5: Middle/Second option

-Contact Information-
If you wish to give me more updated information, then please contact me at
[email protected]