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Written by: Daniel Acaba
GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
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System: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC

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1 - Update History
2 - How to Romance
3 - Alistair
4 - Leliana5 - Morrigan
6 - Zevran
7 - About the Author

1. Update History
v.1.0 - 2/26/2010

2. How to Romance
Intiating a romance in Dragon Age is as simple as being nice to the members of
your party. While you can get away with some measure of sarcasm, especially as
far as Alistair and Morrigan go, but you always run the risk of angering them
with a smart mouthed response. It's usually fairly easy to tell what is going
to alienate your potential mate but if you're not feeling like taking the risk
then simply be sure to save your game before speaking to them in the party camp
so that a simple reload will solve any mistakes.

An important part of this whole process is raising the party members affection
rating. The two easiest ways to do this are by giving them gifts and finishing
their personal quests. Completing the personal quest and giving them a unique
gift will almost certainly bring your affection up high enough to "conclude"
your courtship.

At the bottom of each section is a list of possible outcomes for any of your
relationships. Some of these can contain spoilers so it's best if you don't
look them over unless you're trying to force a particular ending.

* NOTE: If you're a non-human and are looking to put Alistair on the throne it
is HIGHLY suggested that you read his outcomes. There is one and only one way
to reconcile your relationship while putting him on the throne if this is your
setup and it must be initiated fairly early on.

Keep in mind that it is possible to romance more than one character at a time.
Generally speaking your party members will comment on it but you can often
evade the question or convince them not to worry about it. It's even possible
for you to sleep with three out of the four NPCs in one playthrough by simply
romancing the hard nuts to crack (Alistair for girls, Leliana for guys) and
then getting it on with Morrigan and Zevran. Then you can break up with those
of the other two you're not interested in.

Take note that you can't get away from this without losing at least some of the
approval of the jilted parties. It ranges from five to twenty points depending
on how you handle it. With Zevran it's fairly easy to get the point loss down
by being apologetic and promising to remain friends. Morrigan is a lot tougher
to let down as is Leliana (although she's not quite as bad as Morrigan in this
regard). It may be worth it to keep some items on hand for when this happens.

3. Alistair
As a Templar who was raised in the Chantry Alistair is actually a somewhat
tough nut to crack. Like all of the other characters you can romance he's not
that hard to get into a relationship with but you have to be very careful how
you proceed once you've actually got the relationship going. Keep the following
things in mind when speaking to him:

- Take note that Alistair can only be romanced by a female Grey Warden. Keep
in mind that it can be hard to get the relationship to end well if you happen
to be a non-human.
- Kissing Alistair is appreciated even if you do it as soon as the option to
do so opens up. He has no problems doing this even in front of other members of
the party although he enjoys doing it in front of Morrigan.
- On the other hand the poor boy has never known a womans touch and doesn't
want to rush into things too fast. As such you can get away with propositioning
him once but after that you will lose approval for suggesting it. This goes
away when you get his relationship to roughly 90% full so it takes a bit.
- Be very careful when being smart mouthed with him when it comes to his
family or his shortcomings as a "man" or you will lose a bunch of approval. It
can sour a relationship pretty fast.

Preferred Gifts
Allistair's Mother's Amulet - Plot Gift +10
Black Runestone
Duncan's Shield - Plot Gift +10
Onyx Demon Statuette
Small Carved Statuette
Stone Dragon Statuette
Stone Warrior Statuette
White Runestone

Personal Quest
To start this quest up you will need to get Alistair's approval up to about 75%
or so. This is easily done by going to Redcliffe and finding his mothers amulet
in the Arl's study. Once his approval has reached the desired amount he will
ask to go to Denerim and speak to his sister Goldanna who lives near the Elven
Alienage. This is easily done by going to Denerim and heading to the center of
Market Square where you will find her house. No matter what you do things don't
go very well. If you'd like to not be a jerk you can tell him that you're his
friend but otherwise things end poorly for the guy.

* SPECIAL: If you would like to harden Alistair (which changes your potential
endings) then it's very important that you speak to Alistair properly. After
the conversation with his sister this is your chance to harden him up. Inform
him that he needs to stand up for himself more often. When speaking to him in
the party camp afterwards inform him that you weren't joking. This convinces
him that he needs a bit more spine and causes him to speak up for himself a bit
more often.

Outcomes **(SPOILERS)**
Default: Alistair will sacrifice himself when you battle the Archdemon totally
regardless of whether he is king or not.
Morrigan: You can either stay with Alistair, if he isn't king, or move on while
he stays as king with, or without, Anora.
Human Noble: It's entirely possible for a Human Noble to become Queen simply by
talking Alistair into becoming King and marrying you by staying with him.
Non-Human: If you try to make Alistair king, even without marrying Anora, he
will break up with a non-human character. There's only one way around this.
Hardened: If Alistair has been hardened you can convince him to keep you on the
side. This is done by convincing him to marry Anora and then stating that your
relationship doesn't have to change to both him and Anora. She will state that
she doesn't mind him having a woman on the side so long as she knows. Now as
long as Alistair is hardened you can convince him to do what he wants and keep
you on as his lover after the Landsmeet so long as him and Anora are to marry.
* NOTE: It's possible to convince Alistair to become king, have a three way
with him and Isabel (the Duelist) or even a four way with her, him and Zevran /
Leliana and then become his consort or queen. It's even possible to convince
your lovers to hang around afterwards keeping your own personal harem around.
The game doesn't mention it in the ending but it's possible.

4. Leliana
Leliana is a little bit on the weird side but she's incredibly well meaning.
A rather nice girl with a somewhat sordid and dark background Leliana is a good
person at heart and is only going to respond to someone who acts in a like
manner. Like Alistair she can be hardened via conversation options but even
then she's still very religious and doesn't respond well to the more jerkish
options in the game, such as destroying holy relics. A few notes about her:

- Leliana will start to come onto the player. She will be very forthcoming
when talking to a male Grey Warden but she plays it a bit more coy with the
women, probably to avoid coming on too strong.
- Much like Alistair she has a pretty good sense of humor but she takes her
religion and her background very seriously. Any insinuations that she's crazy,
an easy girl or spying on you don't go over very well at all.
- Other than being careful not to insult her Leliana is actually one of the
easiest characters in the game to romance. Give her gifts, speak nicely to her
and be sure to complete her quest. That's really all it takes.
- Once she's been romanced it's actually very hard to sink the relationship.
Even if you cheat on her with another character you can get out of trouble with
her pretty scott free by taking the blame for it. So long as you apologize for
it she will forgive you incredibly easily.

Preferred Gifts
Andraste's Grace - Plot Gift +10
Blue Satin Shoes
Bronze Symbol of Andraste
Chantry Amulet
Cute Nug - Plot Gift +10
Etched Silver Symbol
Golden Symbol of Andraste
Silver Sword of Mercy
Steel Symbol of Andraste

Personal Quest
If you can get Leliana's approval up to around 65% or so she will tell you of
her past the next time you go to the party camp. It seems that she is being
hunted by some people from Orlais which might come up in the future. Lo and
behold that the next random encounter you get into involves a bunch of hired
assassins coming after her.

This fight can be rough since there's a fair number of strong enemies here as
well as a few Mabari and wolves to get in your way. The easiest, also quickest,
way to complete this fight is to have Morrigan cast Vulnerability Hex on the
Assassin Leader before starting to hammer him with every elemental spell you
have as well as Drain Life. You can also use stunning spells to keep him from
trying to kill her. Once his health is low enough he will beg you to spare him
in exchange for information.

After he tells you where his contact is located you can either kill him or not,
it's your call. However you will need to head to Denerim to find this contact.

When you enter Denerim head forward and watch the houses on your right to find
a house with "Assassination Contract for Leliana" on a door. Walk inside to be
immediately attacked by two huge guards. Don't bother trying to knock them down
as it doesn't work, pretty much at all, stunning works well as does freezing.
Take them out and then open the door to head further in.

Here you will meet Marjolaine. There isn't much to say about this conversation
besides it having two conclusions: you can either kill her or let her go. If
you choose to let her go then that's the end of this. Should you not want to
let her go then you're in for a tough battle.

Boss: Marjolaine
Marjolaine is a powerful melee combatant as well as spellcaster. She will make
liberal use of a Mind Blast like spell that stuns everyone as well as cutting
people down in melee. She has two more guards, one in each side room, that is
watching over a mage. If you leave these two mages alive they will kill you in
very short order. As such there are two ways to approach this fight.

1 - Rush them. Take control of a melee fighter and have him slip past one of
the pressure plates to get into the side room. From here you can get into the
mages face and pummel it down. While he's doing this have your mage go to the
other door and use paralysis / freezing / knockdown spells to make short work
of the other one. This isn't hard at all but you'll still have to deal with the
rest of the enemies.

2 - Be tricky. Force your party to leave the room, disabling tactics if you
have to, and have them hold position in the first room. Here, where you fought
the two guards, you will force them to come to you. Tuck into a corner and
wait. Marjolaine will come to you so use a spell to make it easier for your
party to beat on her. Shortly after the mages and guards will come to you. Now
move Morrigan to the door and have her use Cone of Cold to freeze the lot of
them. Focus on a mage with everything you've got to take them out quickly. Try
to get them both dead regardless of what it takes, even if you have to heal the
heck out of Morrigan. Now have her pull back and help the party with Marjolaine
as she's likely almost dead. All that's left is clean up.

Regardless of what you do search the bedroom for a treasure chest with some
very good items, notably a great bow, before leaving.

* SPECIAL: If you would like to harden Leliana then choose to kill Marjolaine.
Afterwards you must encourage Leliana, reminding her that she enjoyed killing
and there's nothing wrong with that. So long as you don't back down from this
mentality you can convince her of the wisdom of this. She will become a bit
more mouthy and less religious.

Outcomes **(SPOILERS)**
Default: Leliana will ask to travel with, or stay behind, alongside you
depending on what you choose. If you perish in the fight with the Archdemon the
ending text you get is kind of touching in that unique, Leliana manner.
Special: It's possible to convince Leliana to stay around you even if you're in
a relationship with Alistair or Zevran. The game doesn't really make anything
of your little harem but it can still be done.

5. Morrigan
This witch of the wilds is a pretty tough nut to crack. Your relationship with
her is based upon what sort of Plot Gifts you can give her above almost every
other thing. It's actually not that hard to romance her due to this detail but
it can still be difficult if you don't speak to her in the right manner. She's
got all sorts of screwed up priorities:

- Most important of all she can only be romanced by a male Grey Warden.
- Morrigan will only teach you the Shapeshifting specialty if you speak to her
when your relationship with her is low but not too low. She stops being willing
to teach it to you when your relationship gets really high for some odd reason.
- Do not, under any circumstance, try to be a smartass with Morrigan. She does
not take well to it almost 90% of the time. It's just better to be as straight
with her as possible.
- Talking about things like love, family or settling down don't go over too
well with Morrigan. Selecting options like these will cause you to lose a small
bit of approval but, depending on your character, it may be worth it to do so
anyways. If you try hard enough you can actually convince her you mean it when
her relationship gets up pretty high.
- After you give Morrigan the Black Grimoire you will unlock her personal
quest. Getting Flemeth's Grimoire will make her incredibly happy and, upon
speaking to her again at camp, entirely willing to sleep with you. She puts the
moves on pretty thick at this point. You can either choose to sleep with her or
refuse it politely. If you do it once you can keep on doing it in the future.
- When your relationship with Morrigan gets high enough she will refuse to
sleep with you. She doesn't explain quite why this is but as you reach the end
of the game it's easy to see that this is her guilt at play.

Preferred Gifts
Black Grimoire - Plot Gift +10
Flemeth's Grimoire - Plot Gift +10
Golden Amulet
Golden Demon Pendant
Golden Mirror
Golden Rope Necklace
Silver Brooch
Silver Chain
Silver Medallion
Tribal Necklace

Personal Quest
Morrigan desperately wants to get her hands on her mothers tome, something she
will tell you once you've completed a Blight quest. If you've done the mages
tower then you will have likely found the Black Tome but if you haven't it's in
the First Enchanter's Office on the second floor. Go inside, open the treasure
chest in the rear of the room and take the tome.

Go to the party camp and give her the tome as a gift. This prompts a long bit
of conversation. That's where this ends for now but it's not done. After some
time she will ask you for help when you talk to her in the party camp. She has
discovered Flemeth's intentions towards her and isn't happy about it. You're
asked to go, without her, to Flemeth to kill her.

You can go one of two ways with this. If you don't want to, or can't, beat
Flemeth then you can agree to lie to Morrigan and tell her Flemeth is dead. By
giving her Flemeth's Tome you can see to it that Morrigan believes the lie. If
you don't want to do this then you can fight Flemeth. This is one of the harder
fights in the game thanks to the raw power this beast of a woman wields.

Boss: Flemeth
When she changes into her dragon form Flemeth has four primary means of attack.
The first is basic claws and bites, these aren't anything all that big. They do
a good bit of damage but they're not the problem. The only real issue with
these are that she can hit you no matter where you are. If you're fully behind
her expect to be kicked instead. Her second attack is a weird flailing type
attack that knocks down the people standing near her while doing a good bit of
damage to them. The third attack is a roar that will stun almost everyone that
you brought along thanks to its tremendous radius. Her last attacks are two
different fire breaths. If you're close by then she will use a sweeping wall of
fire but if you're far away she spits out a ball of fire that explodes. Both of
these can leave you on fire, dealing damage over time to whomever it hits.

What ends up making this fight so hard is that of Flemeth's special abilities.
She can pick you up in her mouth, gnawing on you for a bit before throwing you
up into the air, doing it some more and then slamming you into the ground. This
does about 300 points of damage or so, give or take, and can wipe you out in no
time even if you have someone heal them while they're dragon bait. Only allow
your strongest characters to stand in front of her face as she can't do this if
you're near her rear flank. Keep any melee rogues back here or watch them die
in very short order.

All of this sounds bad, and it really is, but your ability to defeat Flemeth is
based upon how prepared you are. Activated skills, potions and salves aren't
going to be enough to defeat her due to their short duration. You need good
equipment, weapons, skills, spells and to be fairly leveled. There are some who
have beaten her as early as level 9 while others end up waiting until level 13
or even later. That's not necessary but it may be necessary depending upon what
sort of character you've built.

Regardless of what you normally travel around with you're going to want to have
at least two Warriors and one healing dedicated Mage. Some people find that
having a third Warrior works out while others prefer an archer. Depending on
your class you will find different strategies to be more effective:

Mage - If you don't have healing magic then it's best to wait until you have
gotten Wynne. If you're not going to be able to get her, or have killed her,
make sure you have at least some minor healing capabilities since you'll need
to heal anyone who gets grabbed in her mouth. However you do have choices in
what to do here: you can either bring in two warriors and an archer, two
warriors and another mage (to either heal or attack) or, my favorite as a mage,
three warriors. Just make sure you keep your health up as much as possible to
get through her attacks alive.

Rogue - Let's just hope you're playing an archer type rogue, as a dual-wielder
is likely to get killed. Archers can hang back near the mages, spread out a bit
so that they don't both get hit by any stray fireballs, peppering Flemeth with
Rapid Fire arrows. Dual-wielding characters should get behind the dragon and
start cutting... and praying. You will need a healing mage here as well as the
two warriors to keep cutting at the dragon.

Warrior - This is easy! Either bring two fighters or a fighter and rogue with
your healing dedicated mage and just go to town. You, Alister and Oghren or
Sten can do incredibly well just cutting at the thing, especially if someone is
using two-handed swords (you should have Yusaris which works great here). If
you're finding that she does too much damage with her fire attacks swap out
Alister for Shale (if you have the DLC) and equip him with Flame Crystals to
protect him from fire attacks quite a bit.

Honestly this fight comes down to tanking her damage while doing as much damage
to her as possible. Mages do the most damage but you're probably not going to
have that option unless you're a mage PC since you can't bring Morrigan. Archer
types with Rapid Fire going can do a good bit of damage but this isn't a really
good idea unless you're using a strong bow (Ice Arrows help with this). Fill
her full of arrows to pick her apart little by little.

When she goes down search her body for a key; use this to get into the hut and
open the chest. Take Flemeth's Tome to Morrigan in the camp to make her your
bestest friend evar!

Outcomes **(SPOILERS)**
Default: Morrigan leaves your party before the final fight never to be heard
from ever again.
Morrigan: If you choose to perform the ritual then she will leave once you take
out the Arch-Demon. A dog that is hanging around near Sten looks like one of
her shapeshifted forms but it may or may not be her. More is stated about where
she is in the epilogue. Should your relationship be high enough and you choose
to leave then your guy will try to hunt Morrigan down.
Special: Should you choose to leave Flemeth alive then it's implied in the
ending that she might find Morrigan (with or without child) after the threat of
the Blight has passed.

6. Zevran
Out of all the characters in the game Zevran is the easiest to romance. Getting
him into your tent is remarkably simple but getting him to actually fall in
love is a bit tricky. The problem is that in his line of work he's used to the
idea of sleeping with someone you like, no strings attached, but love is a bit
foreign to him. There are a few things to keep in mind:

- Zevran takes fairly well to joking, not really taking much of anything you
say to heart. Thus you can choose to make jokes, be sarcastic or just generally
mess around with him to no ill effect.
- However this does not apply to conversations about love and the like. Joking
about these topics will just get him really annoyed, causing drops in approval.
- You only need to get your relationship around the 60% mark or so before he
will sleep with you. While this gets you the achievement / trophy for doing so
there's still more talking to the relationship to bring it to its full and
final conclusion.

Preferred Gifts
Antivan Leather Boots - Plot Gift +10
Dalish Gloves - Plot Gift +10
Medium Gold Bar
Medium Silver Bar
Small Gold Bar
Small Silver Bar

Personal Quest
Zevran has no actual quest although it's not really necessary.

Outcomes **(SPOILERS)**
Default: Zevran doesn't care about your race or gender. It has no impact on
your relationship and will always end the same way. Only your choice of how to
deal with the Archdemon will affect it.
NOTE: Zevran will ask to stay alongside you if you survive the end regardless
of if you are romancing him or not. Thus it's possible to romance someone else
and leave with them only to have Zevran tag along.

7. About the Author
My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in Groton, Connecticut and I am 27 years old.
Im a freelance writer who has done work for a number of sites and have come
onto the writing staff of a website recently. I am still actively pursuing
more paid work in the field of video game journalism, preferably as a FAQ /
strategy guide writer.

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