Sidequest Guide
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1. Introduction
2. Sidequests
3. World-Spanning Quests
4. Credits
5. Contact Info
6. Copyright

~ 1. Introduction ~

This guide will explain all details about each of the side quests in this
game. Most of them are not required to finish the game, but they are worth
doing for experience, items, more story, and fun.

~ 2. Sidequests ~

A. Taris
B. Dantooine
C. Tatooine
D. Kashyyyk
E. Manaan
F. Korriban
G. Unknown World

A. Taris

There are 12 sidequests on Taris.

A1. Rapid Transit System

Finish exploring the apartments and head to the Upper City. As soon as you
enter you will get this quest. This is probably one of the easiest quests.
When you are in the Upper City all you have to do is press start and scrollover to the map section using R or L. Then press X which takes you back to
your base. There, your done. This technique will be useful later on, so you
do not have to walk all the way back to your ship.

A2. The Duel Ring

Enter the cantina in the Upper City and enter the duelist room and watch the
little cut scene. Talk to Ajuur the Hutt. He offers to allow you to compete
in non-death fights with 5 people. Right away you should be able to beat
Deadeye Duncan and Gerlon Twofingers, but you might want to level up a bit
before you fight Ice, Marl, and Twitch. After you beat each person Ajuur will
pay you some credits. You can persuade him to give you more, but if you do
this quest early in the game it is unlikely it will be successful.

Deadeye Duncan: Just hack away at him or shoot him and he should go down
Gerlon Twofingers: A little tougher than Duncan, but still fairly easy. He
starts off with blasters so if you have trouble with him use grenades.(buy
them at Kebla Yurt's store, just outside the cantina.)
Ice: If you go directly into this quest as you first leave the apartments, it
will be easier if you wait for her. Later on you shouldn't have a problem
with her, but she also uses a gun so use grenades if you need to.
Marl: He's tough. He doesn't start with a blaster so it is harder to use
grenades. Plus, he can stun you with his weapon. Level up a bit and come back
to defeat him.
Twitch: Not as hard as you'd think. Use grenades on him if you can't beat him
with your guns or swords.

After you beat Twitch, you can talk to Ajuur about a death match. After he
agrees go see Bendak Starkiller at the cantina entrance. He will only be
there either after you recieve his bounty or after you become a duelist. Talk
to him after beating Twitch about a death match and after he agrees go talk to
Ajuur. Ajuur says it will take time to prepare, so leave the cantina and
re-enter it. But first you may want to go buy better equipment or get some
grenades, as Bendak isn't that easy. Use grenades or battle stimulates, if
you can't beat him. After you kill Bendak, recieve your credits from Ajuur
and also get Bendak Starkiller's Modified Blaster. After Bendak Starkiller
is dead and you claim your prizes this quest is over. Fighting Bendak gives
you dark side points because you are killing for credits and entertainment.

Killing Bendak also helps complete another sidequest.

A3. Pazaak Rules

Pazaak is a card game played throughout the galaxy. Go to the Upper City
Cantina and talk to Garouk. He will give you a deck. Then take a lesson of
Pazaak from Garouk to learn the game. Across the room is Niklos. Beat him at
Pazaak to complete the quest.

Bounty Hunter Quests

Head to the Lower City Cantina and speak with Zax the Hutt. He gives you five
bounties. Two are from the Sith and the remaining three are illegal ones
issued by Davik Kang, a crime lord on Taris. Talk to him and he gives you
details on each bounty. You have to kill the one's from the Sith, but you can
help the one's from Davik. When you go to collect a bounty, try to persuade
him to give you more credits. For each bounty you will recieve 300 credits or
400 if you persuade Zax for more.

A4. Matrik

You'll find Matrik in the first room to the left as soon as you enter the
first Lower City apartment complex.

Dark Side Points: Kill Matrik.
Light Side Points: Help him with his plan. Purchase explosives from the
equipment emporium in the Upper City, then return to Matrik and set them up.
Then Matrik escapes and you can claim the bounty by lying to Zax.

A5. Bendak Starkiller

Bendak is one of the official bounties from the Sith. To get him you must
first complete the The Duel Ring sidequest (see above section). After he is
dead return to Zax and Ajuur for your reward.

A6. Dia

Dia is in the apartment complex you were in when you first arrived on
Taris, in the Upper City. She is in the apartment right next to yours. It's
locked so use your security skill or break it open by force.

Dark Side Points: Kill Dia.
Light Side Points: Listen to her. She asks you to talk to Holdan, who put the
bounty on her. He's in Javyar's Cantina. Persuade him to remove Dia's bounty.
Then return to Dia and tell her.

A7. Largo

Largo lives in the first room of the second apartment complex in the Upper
City. Open his locked door and talk to him.

Dark side Points: Take his life.
Light Side Points: Pay off his bounty.

A8. Selvan

Selvan is the other bounty from the Sith. She lives in room 2 of the Lower
City's first apartment complex. Kill Selvan and go talk to Zax for your

A9. Infected Outcasts

Enter the Undercity, and head to the area containing the infected humans and a
healer at the gate. The healer warns you about the Rakghouls, but enter
anyway. Kill the Rakghouls. On the other side is a group of infected Outcasts
whom you can save.

Dark Side Points: After speaking to the infected Outcasts, refuse to help them
and kill them.
Light Side Points: In the southeast corner of the Undercity is a Sith body with
the rakghoul serum on it. Take this to the infected Outcasts and cure them. You
still have enough of the serum for the next quest.

A10. Rakghoul Serum

Visit the medical facility in the Upper City and learn about the disease
from Zelka Forn. Before you leave, talk to Gurney, Zelka's assistant, who
tells you that Davik is also interested in the serum. Then go talk to Zax the
Hutt in Javyar's Cantina about the serum. Go to the Undercity and find the
serum on a dead Sith officer's body in the southeast corner of the Undercity.

Dark Side Points: Return to Javyar's Cantina and sell the serum to Zax for
1,000 credits. It's possible to persuade him to buy it for 1,500 credits.
Light Side Points: Take the serum to Zelka in the medical building of the
Upper City. Refuse payment for more light side points.

A11. Rukil's Apprentice

In the Undercity, locate the village elder, Rukil. He seeks to find out what
happened to his apprentice, Malya. Her body is outside the Undercity's
village, in the northwest area. Locate her and retrieve the journal. You can
read it if you wish, but then return it to Rukil and access the next quest.

A12. The Promised Land

After completing the last quest, Rukil asks you to find two more journals with
details about a "Promised Land". You already have the Apprentice's journal.
When you head to the gate in the Undercity, Igear, the shopkeeper, asks you to
give the journals to him. He says if everyone goes to the Promised Land his
services won't be needed and he likes to feel important. He offers to pay you
credits. Both journals are in the Lower Sewers. The first one is in the center
of the map, to the right of the Gamorrean compound and the other is in the
northeast corner.

Dark Side Points: Sell the journals to Igear. Doing this causes Rukil and
Shaleena to curse you.
Light Side Points: Give the journals to Rukil. He then gives them to Gendar
and the Outcasts set out to find the Promised Land.

B. Dantooine

There are 5 sidequests on Dantooine.

B1. Mandalorian Raiders

As you leave the Jedi Enclave and head out to the Courtyard, a man named Jon
approaches you. He tells you about what the Mandalorians did to him and asks
you to take revenge for him. Telling him to seek help from the council causes
him to disappear, but agreeing to help him initiates this sidequest.

There are three groups of Mandalorians. One on the west side of the Matale
Grounds, a second near the center of the Grove, and a third in the
south-central area of the Sandral Grounds. After wiping out the three groups,
head to the center of the Grove for a fourth group, led by Sherruk. Him and
his men are more difficult than the other three groups. After defeating him,
return the news to Jon. Ask for more credits for dark side points.

B2. Missing Companion

Across the Courtyard is a woman named Elise standing next to a landspeeder.
She is searching for a droid. The droid is all that's left of her husband and
she offers a reward for its safe return. The droid, C8-42, is on the east side
of the Sandral Grounds. He is being attacked by kath hounds. Defeat the kath
hounds and talk to C8-42. He says he ran away because Elise has an unhealthy
attachment to him and she never leaves her estate or interacts with other
humans. He asks you to destroy him. You have 3 options.
1. Convince C8-42 to return to Elise. He reluctantly agrees and Elise remains
attached to the droid in the Jedi Enclave.
2. Destroy the C8-42. Go tell Elise of the fate of her droid. She runs off in
tears to the Jedi Enclave. Go find her there and discover that she's met a man
named Samnt. He helped her get over the loss of her droid and she thanks you
and they both leave.
3. Tell C8-42 that you will destroy him and tell Elise he is still out there.
The infuriated droid attacks you for your evil plot. Destroy it and tell Elise
you never found him, leading her on a lifetime of endless searching. This nets
you some dark side points. You can tell the droid you will destroy him and tell
Elise he still lives and still tell Elise he was destroyed to get the dark side
points and the good result. You can also tell the droid you will destroy him and
tell Elise he's still out there, but still tell Elise he was destroyed.

B3. Murdered Settler

A twi'lek Jedi named Bolook stands on a bridge on the west side of the Grove.
He's investigating the murder of a settler named Calder Nettic, and he asks
you to question the 2 men he has in custody. He already knows what happened, but
wants to test you. The two suspects are Handon Guld and Rickard Lusoff. Talk to
each of them and ask every possible question. Then speak to the information
droid. Then talk to Bolook. You are allowed 3 incorrect statements, 4 if you
persuade Bolook for another chance, before you're pulled from the case. When
asked who shot Calder, you only get 1 guess, 2 if you persuade. Your first
statement to Bolook should be "Rickard is lying. It was cloudy, there was no
sun glare!" Talk to Handon and Rickard again and then the information droid.
This time tell Bolook, "Rickard is lying. They had a fight over business
matters." Again, talk to the suspects and the information droid. Now tell
Bolook, "The blaster was Handon's. He lied about it being stolen." For the last
time, talk to the information droid. Tell Bolook, "It didn't belong to the
victim," "It's Handon's blood," and "He is clutching his side." Bolook
investigates your statement about Handon and then asks who is guilty. Tell
Bolook, "No, both are guilty," and "Handon admitted that Calder was having an
affair with his wife!" This double-guilty result is the best, but you can also
accuse one of the men, but Bolook isn't too pleased about that conclusion.

B4. Dead Settler

Once you become a Jedi Padawan, you will find a dead body on the east side of
the Matale Grounds. This is the body of Nurik Sandral's son, Casus. He was
killed by kath hounds while investigating the Rakatan Ruins. Take his datapad
and go to the Sandral Estate. Tell the droid you found Casus's body and he let's
you in to inform Mr. Sandral.

B5. Sandral/Matale Feud

After you become a Jedi, Ahlan Matale enters the Council Chambers and demands
his problem to be solved. Agree to investigate for him. Go to the Matale Estate
at the Matale Grounds and tell the droid your meeting with Ahlan Matale. He
explains to you he's been in dispute with the Sandrals for years. He's
convinced his son, Shen, was kidnapped as a retaliation for destroying Sandral
droids which were trespassing on the Matale Grounds.

Now go to the Sandral Estate on the Sandral Grounds. Tell the droid you're
here on behalf of the Council. Inside, you're greeted by Nurik Sandral. When
your conversation is over, Rahasia, his daughter, talks to you. Be nice to her
and she will tell you that Shen is a prisoner within the estate. She gives
you a key to the estate.

Enter the rear entrance of the estate and clear out all the droids and traps.
Go to Rahasia's bedroom and talk to her about Shen's location. Unlock the door
and talk to Shen. Tell him about Rahasia and he asks you to take a message to
her. Don't refuse, otherwise Shen won't leave. Tell Rahasia to meet Shen
outside and then go speak with Shen. Once outside, Ahlan Matale and Nurik
Sandral show up and yell at each other. You must resolve this fight. There are
5 possible outcomes.

1. Convince Ahlan and Nurik to make up. You must respond with these specific
"You two just need to calm down."
"Both of you calm down now!"
[Persuade] "Shen is capable of making decisions on his own."
[Persuade] "Children grow up and leave eventually."
2. Shen and Rahasia run off to the Jedi enclave and the fathers continue to
be angry with each other.
3. Rahasia and Shen break up and return to their fathers. For this result,
convince Shen that breaking up is the right thing ot do and their relationship
would never have worked out.
4. Shen and Rahasia break up. For this result, lie about Rahasia's
5. Both families kill each other. Everyone dies and then the droids attack
you. For this result lie about Casus' death and keep insisting this dispute
will end in violence. You get dark side points from this result.

C. Tatooine

There are 6 sidequests on Tatooine.

C1. Middleman

Outside of Fazza Utral's Hunter's Lodge, engage a conversation with a woman
named Sharina Nal. She tells you her husband was a hunter, and he was killed.
Miners working with him came back to Sharina and gave her his wraid plate.
Sharina wishes to sell it, but she doesn't have a hunter's license to sell it,
and she turns to you. If you agree to sell it for her you must first obtain a
hunter's license.

Light Side Points: Buy the plate from her. Or you could buy it from her and
give her more credits.
Dark Side Points: Force Persuade her to give you the plate. Or take it and
sell it, then keep the credits for yourself.

C2. Tatooine Swoop Bike Racing

Go to the swoop racing building and talk to Motta the Hutt. After he hires you,
you can go right into racing or practice. Practicing costs 20 credits and racing
costs 100 credits. Only one time you can persuade Motta to let you race for
free. There are three times you have to beat.
Garm Totryl: 0:23:90
Yuka Rill: 0:23:29
Zoriis Bafka: 0:22:51

These aren't as easy to beat as Taris. Run over as much accelerator pads as
possible and avoid any wreckage. The accelerator pads are flat pads on the
ground if you cannot differentiate them between the junk. Motta pays you in
racer bonds. You can sell them for credits at any Tatooine shop. Each racer
bond sells for 60 credits.

Race Payouts
1 - 10 bonds
2 - 30 bonds
3 - 80 bonds

C3. Signing Nico

Nico Senvi is a skilled swoop racer hanging out in the swoop racing building,
where Motta is. After Motta tells you to hire Nico, he tells you he plans to
make Nico a touring proffesional, but the contract doesn't pay very well. It
is possible to get a better contract for Nico, but you must first beat the
times of all 3 swoop racers in Anchorhead, (sidequest C2). Convince Motta to
offer Nico a better contract, but you do not get a reward. Or Convince Nico to
accept the unfavorable contract and recieve a reward along with some dark side

C4. Fair Trade

At the entrance to the Dune Sea, is a Jawa named Iziz. Talk to him and he will
tell you about the Sand People taking his people to work in their camp. Iziz
asks you to help the Jawas. To venture out into the Dune Sea you need a
hunter's license. On your way to the Sand People Enclave make sure you pick up
Sand People outfits from the ones you defeat. You need one for every party
member in your party except droids. You should have HK-47 in your party so you
can also complete another quest. You can either negotiate with the Sand People
(needs HK-47), or force your way throught them to free the Jawas. Killing them
results in dark side points. Then free the Jawas and return to Iziz. He gives
you a map of the western Dune Sea, which allows you to reach the krayt dragon
cave for the star map.

C5. Tanis Trapped

You can first find Tanis in the Hunter's Lodge. He tells you that he uses
droids for hunting. You must have your hunter's license for this. Later, you
will encounter Marlena, Tanis' wife, just outside Anchorhead. She tells you
to say "hello" to Tanis when you see him. Head out into the Dune Sea and you
will find Tanis surrounded by 4 droids. Marlena rigged the droids to turn on
Tanis and if he moves or they are wrongfully tampered with, they will explode.
Tanis will ask for help. If you refuse he will move and try to kill you and
your party, but don't worry you won't get hurt. If you decide to help him, you
need to solve each droid's problem. You can also use repair parts to
automatically fix the droids.
Droid 1: K-X12A, Energy governor out of power. Choose Node 2 to fix this
Droid 2: K-X12B, Weapon heat displacement error. The missing value is 7.
Droid 3: K-X12C, Critical system failure. Allocate 120 large pulses.
Droid 4: K-X12D, Critical system failure. 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14.

C6. Worthy of History

You need HK-47, a hunter's license, and Sand People outfits for every
non-droid member in your party. HK-47 translates the language of the Sand
People. Stay friendly with them, but the chieftain will not just tell you
their history. First you must bring them a dragon pearl. Get the dragon pearl
from the krayt dragon's cave when you enter it during the main quests. Return
to the Sand People Enclave with the pearl and learn their history from the

This is basically their history:
Tatooine used to be covered with grass and the Sand People did not wear those
robes. They lived by using the planet as an aid so they do not like machinery.
Then the Builders (the Rakatan) came and tried to enslave the Sand People. The
Sand People fought back and got rid of the Builders, but their grassland was
burned and eventually replaced with sand. Then thousands of years later people
began to show up with their machinery so the Sand People attack them which is
why they hate outsiders.

D. Kashyyyk

There are 4 sidequests on Kashyyyk.

D1. Honest Debt

In the center of the landing port is a merchant named Eli Gand. Chat with Eli
about Matton Dasol, a man who has unpaid services to Eli. Go to the Upper
Shadowlands, and south of Jolee's home you'll find a droid. It tells you of an
encounter between Eli and Matton's shipmates. Eli ambushed the crew and sold
their ship and Matton is honoring the debt his friends made until they return.
Take the droid's head and take it to Eli.

Light Side Points: Let Eli run away.
Dark Side Points: Talk Matton into killing Eli.

After this quest Matton takes over Eli's merchant duties unless you
talk him out of it. This quest can also be completed by proving Jaarak innocent
in quest D2. Or by restoring Freyyyr as chieftan.

D2. A Wookiee Lost

Go to Woorwill's home in the Wookiee city. Speak to Woorwill and Jaarak about
the disappearance of a Wookiee named Rorworr. Woorwill wants you to find out
what happened to Rorworr. Rorworr wanted to sell Woorwill to the Czerka
Corporation as he did other Wookiees. He told Jaarak about his plan and Jaarak
didn't approve and he killed Rorworr. In the Upper Shadowlands, search
Rorworr's body between Jolee's house and the Czerka hunting grounds. Take the
datapad and bowcaster bolt casing from the body and take them to Woorwill's
home. He says you should go see the Holder of the Laws. Speak with Worrrozner
and start Jaarak's trial.

Light Side Points: Prove Jaarak innocent and Rorworr guilty. Doing this
completes sidequest D1 if you haven't yet completed it.
Dark Side Points: Accuse Jaarak of murdering Rorworr.

D3. Tach Poaching

In the Upper Shadowlands, at the Czerka hunting grounds, talk to Commander
Dern about tach hunting and if you agree to assist him he sprays you with a
scent attracting tach monkeys into attacking you. Kill the tachs and take
their tach glands. Sell the glands to Dern. You recieve money and dark side
points for every sale. This quest doesn't end until you finish the Jolee's
Request of the main quest.

D4. Hidden Hunter's

Enter the Lower Shadowlands and you will find a Wookiee, named Grrrwahrr,
fighting with some Mandalorians. Kill the Mandalorians and Grrrwahrr asks for
medical aid.

Light Side Points: Give him medical aid.
Dark Side Points: Refuse to help him.

Offer him healing and he explains what happened and offers a reward when you
complete this quest. Your party must be unarmed to fight the Mandalorians,
disarm your party members and wander around the Lower Shadowlands. The first
two battles will take place around the area of the swoop bikes. One the
northern most path and another on a path that leads down to the path to the
Star Map. Walk past the areas of dead Wookiees to initiate the fight. Take
the first and second datapads and the signal device from the Mandalorian's
remains and head for the swoop bikes in the southwest corner. Replace the
missing signal device and kill the final group of Mandalorians. Then return
to Grrrwahrr and recieve your reward if you helped him.

E. Manaan

There are 4 sidequests on Manaan.

E1. Sunry Murder Trial

This sidequest will not start unless you have got Jolee Bindo to join your

When you enter the court, a woman named Elora will approach you and recognise
Jolee. Her husband has been accused of murdering a female Sith officer, named
Elassa. She asks you to help prove him innocent. When you accept you become
the arbiter and you should go to the prison cells where Sunry is being held.
Talk to Sunry. Sunry believes it is an attempt to discredit his valor as a
Republic officer. Sunry was a famous pilot, but was crippled, then he recieved
the Republic's Hero Cross for his valor, which was found in Elassa's dead
hand. You also find out Sunry and Elassa were having an affair. There are
several things you can do to find evidence for this trial.

First, question the witnesses.
Elora: She mentions Sunry's war wound, his affair, how Sunry went to end it if
persuaded, and that Sunry is a war hero.
Sunry: Says Elassa was a spy, he was attempting to turn her into a double
agent, he admits he is disabled, he is a war hero, he also admits the affair
and that he went to end it if persuaded.
Firith Me: He saw Sunry fleeing from the room where Elassa was killed, he
didn't see the murder, if persuaded he mentions he noticed Elassa wore a
lightsaber under her cloak.
Gluupor: He saw Sunry flee the hotel room, he didn't see the murder, and if
persuaded he tells you the Sith paid him to plant the medal in Elassa's hand.
Ingus: He can be be bribed to admit false information, this increases dark
side points.

The Trial
First, if you bribed Ingus he will present his fake argument. I will be
stating a strategy on how to prove Sunry innocent. If you want him guilty,
just basically throw the case and say the opposite of what I say. When
Firith Me comes out just ask these questions.
Ask if he actually saw the murder.
Ask if he thinks the Republic medal is a little obvious.
Mention Elassa is a Dark Jedi.

Next Gluupor will come out. Ask these questions.
Ask if he saw the murder.
Ask if he thinks the republic medal is a little obvious.
Ask if he planted the medal.

Next is Elora. Ask these questions.
Ask Elora about the affair.

Sunry comes out next. Ask him these questions.
Ask how the medal got in the room.
Ask if he thinks the Sith killed her because he was ending the affair.

State these statements in your closing argument.
No one saw the murder.
The affair was over and she was useless then.

The judges should find Sunry innocent.

More evidence:
While you are searching for evidence, go to the Republic Embassy and look on
the computer where you decode the Sith passcard. You can only view the footage
after starting the quest. It shows Sunry killed Elassa. Confront Sunry about
it and if you agree to get Sunry aquitted you gain dark side points. You can
use the tape as evidence if you want Sunry convicted.

E2. The Missing Selkath

Before you enter the Sith Base, visit the Mercenary Enclave and talk to a
Selkath named Shaelas. He asks you to investigate the disappearance of a group
of Selkath youths. Enter the Sith base during the main quest. When you enter
an area with four rooms, one in each corner, go into the top left one and talk
to the Selkath.

Light Side Points: Give evidence to Shasa and her roommates of Sith betrayal.
Dark Side Points: Kill Shasa and her rommates.

Search the other two rooms. Enter the top right room and defeat the Dark Jedi
and Selkath inside. Then move into the bottom right room with bodies of
discarded Selkath lay dying. One Selkath gives you a pin proving Sith treachery.
This is the pin you give to Shasa. Or you can kill her and her friends giving
you dark side points. Report back to Shaelas after you finished with the Sith
base main quest and claim your reward.

Light Side Points: Tell Shaelas to keep his money.
Dark side Points: Demand more credits.

E3. Manaan Swoop Races

Enter the Swoop Registration building in Ahto East. Register to race and beat
the times of the three racers. Practice the course for 20 credits and race for
100. These are the original times of the three racers.
Queedle Malto: 0:23:82
Casandra Mateil: 0:23:25
Hukta Jax: 0:22:50

Race Payouts
1 - 500 credits
2 - 2000 credits
3 - 5000 credits

Light Side Points: Give Queedle 500 credits, he will later return them.
Dark Side Points: Insult Queedle.

If you give Queedle the 500 credits he uses it to upgrade his swoop bike and
he beats the top time. Instead of racing Casandra you will race against his
new time. If you give Queedle money before you start racing you will race
Casandra first instead of Queedle. You will then only race him last.

E4. Republic Hiring Mercenaries

In the Mercenary Enclave in Ahto East, speak with a Selkath named Nilko Bwaas.
He is confused as to why the Republic is hiring so many mercenaries. He also
notices that the recruits have not been seen for a while. He wants you to find
out what is going on. Continue with the main quest until you arrive at the
underwater Hrakert Station. When you enter you will find a twi'lek who tells
you the Selkath have been driven insane and slaughtered some of the
mercenaries. The rest were killed in the Hrakert Rift. Report this back to
Nilko for a reward.

F. Korriban

There are 11 sidequests on Korriban. You need to complete some of these
sidequests to advance through the main quest path.

F1. The Code of the Sith

In the academy, talk to Yuthura Ban and she will tell you the Code of the
Sith. Tell Master Uthar Wynn you know the code and he asks you to recite it
for him. He will give you the first part and you must finish it.
Here is the code:
"Peace is a lie. There is only - passion."
"Through passion, I gain - strength."
"Through strength, I gain - power."
"Through power, I gain - victory."
"Through victory - my chains are broken."

Uthar then asks one of three questions.

"passion that fuels the force": true
"nothing worse than love": false
"victory is always desirable": false

Completing this quest earns you a prestige point and dark side points for
embracing the evil oath.

F2. Aiding Lashowe

After being accepted into the academy talk to Yuthura. She will tell you about
Lashowe. Lashowe has found a Jedi holocron and Yuthura suggests you propose to
her that she let's you help her. Persuade her to let you help. After she
agrees, travel to the north side of the Valley of the Dark Lords. You have to
kill a few tuk'atas to get the holocron. After you beat it Lashowe decides to
take the holocron to Uthar, while falsely promising to mention your help.

Light Side Points: Let Lashowe leave and take the credit.
Dark Side Points: Kill Lashowe and take the artifact.

You earn a prestige point for bringing the holocron to Uthar and another for
killing Lashowe.

F3. Renegade Sith

Talk to the Sith teacher near the exit to Dreshdae, or talk to Yuthura about a
group of students who refused to kill innocent civilians and fled to avoid
death by their teachers. They are in the Shyrack Caves in the Valley of the
Dark Lords. The renegade Sith are in the south passage of the cave.

Light Side Points: Help the renegades escape by defeating the tarentatek on
the east side of the cave, across the bridge.
Dark Side Points: Kill the students.

Return to the academy and talk to Master Uthar for a prestige point, if you
helped the students lie for a prestige point.

F4. The Double-Cross

Yuthura gives you this quest when you talk to her and become her friend. She
plans to kill Uthar in the tomb of Naga Sadow. You can tell Uthar about it,
which activates the Double-Double Cross sidequest, but if you want light side
points do not tell Uthar anything. You can also turn Yuthura back to the light
side. If Yuthura or Uthar do not return to the academy, you will have to fight
the students inside.

F5. The Double-Double Cross

Once Yuthura tells you her plan to kill Uthar go and tell Uthar about it. He
will give you a datapad to give to Adrenas, who is located in the library.
This ensures that Yuthura will be poisoned. You can betray Uthar by telling
Yuthura that he knows about her plans. She will then give you a key to his
bedroom. Enter his room and put poison in his bed. Now both of them will be
weakened, making it easier to kill them later on. This results in dark side
points. If Yuthura or Uthar do not return to the academy, you will have to
fight the students inside.

F6. A Doubting Sith

Kel Algwinn, a Sith student, has doubts about the Sith. Persuade him into
admitting this.

Light Side Points: Advise Kel to leave the academy.
Dark Side Points: Convince Kel that studying the way of the Sith is the right
thing to do. Threaten or insult Kel to attack and kill him. Or talk to Master
Uthar about his doubts and earn a prestige point.

F7. The Hermit in the Hills

Learn of a former master named Jorak Uln, who vanished, from a Sith teacher
near the door to the Valley of the Dark Lords. Jorak is living in the tomb of
Tulak Hord. At the eastern end of the tomb, use the ancient console to open
the door and proceed through. You are knocked out by a trap and are in a room
with the insane Jorak Uln. Jorak has also captured Mekel. He gives you a few
questions about the Sith. Every question you answer correctly, Mekel is
tortured (dark points). Every question you answer incorrectly, you get
tortured (light points). Mekel is already weakened and after three correct
answers he will die. Jorak then gives you a Sith tablet. Here are the correct
answers to Jorak's questions.

1. "I use the oppurtunity to kill him."
2. "I take the reward and leave the weak fools to their fate."
3. "I keep it to myself."
4. "Kill him"
5. "A true Sith never dies."

For a light side bonus, answer 3 questions incorrectly so you and Mekel live
and then Jorak attacks, you can then get Mekel to leave the Sith. Answering all
questions incorrectly will not get you killed. You and Mekel kill Jorak. You can
then let Mekel escape or kill him. Take the Sith tablet from Jorak's corpse and
show it to Master Uthar for a prestige point.

F8. The Mandalorian Weapon Cache

In the interrogation room of the Sith academy, the torturer is trying to
extract information from a Mandalorian prisoner. Agree to help him get the
information about the weapons cache. To get the prisoner to confess you must
get his drug level to 9. He starts at 0 and if he gets to 10 or higher he

Light Side Points: Persuade the prisoner that you want to help him. You need a
high computer skill for this. Use the terminal and give him the catatonic
drug. He then falls into a coma and is dragged away by the Sith.
Dark Side Points: Use the drugs to extract the information.
Truth Serum
A high dose - Raises points by 5.
A moderate dose - Raises points by 3.
A small dose - Raises points by 2.
A moderate does of anti-serum - lowers points by 2.
A small dose of anti-serum - lowers points by 1.
So you can give him a high dose of of truth serum, and 2 small doses of truth
serum, or use whatever method you want. The interrogator decides to take
credit, so show him who will really take credit by slaying him. You can get a
prestige point for this.

F9. Rogue Droid

A student near the tomb of Marko Ragnos tells you of a droid inside who killed
his Sith master. Near the entrance pick up the datapad and sound-dampening
stealth unit. Go through the door at the halls east end with the stealth unit
equipped, otherwise the rogue droid will attack you and he is no pushover.
When you enter, the droid speaks with you about his history.

Light Side Points: Disable the droids systems. You must do this in a specific
order. You can make a few mistakes and ask for clues, but the more clues you
ask for, the fewer mistakes you can make. The droid will attack if you make
too many mistakes. Disable the droid's functions in this order.
Combat matrix
Motor function matrix
Sensory systems matrix
Memory matrix
Cognitive systems
Emotional construct matrix
Creative simulation matrix
Now permanently disable the combat matrix, and the droid will be freed. If you
do this the droid gives you good droid items for your droids.
Dark Side Points: Destroy the droid, or activate its self-destruct mechanism.

Return to Uthar for a prestige point, Lie if you freed the droid.

F10/11 The Tomb of Ajunta Pall/The Sword of Ajunta Pall

These two quests are basically the same so I will merge them together.

Learn about the Sword of Ajunta Pall from a Sith student named Galon Lor in
the valley, right next to the tomb. Enter the tomb. Go through the second door,
(use security skill or bash it), once inside, kill the tu'katas and pick up the
datapad from a severed arm on the bridge. Get another datapad from a Sith
corpse. To remove the obelisk, "give" it a plasma grenade. In the last room,
open the sarcophagus and take the three swords from inside. Turn around and you
will see the spirit of Ajunta Pall. Talk to him about the sword. He gives you
a hint as to which sword is the real one.
"I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night, and
slices the light." This is the notched steel sword. Turn around and place the
notched steel sword in the Sith statue. Talk to Ajunta again, and he will tell
you that you may keep all three swords. You can try to bring him back to the
light side. Be nice to him, if you anger him he'll attack and he will also
attack if you place the wrong sword in the statue.

When you leave the tomb, Shaardan is waiting and asks you for the sword. You
can give him the real sword, a fake sword, or just kill him. Give him a fake
sword and you will see Master Uthar kill him in the academy. If you show the
real sword to Master Uthar for a prestige point, you do not get to keep it.

G. Unknown World

There are 2 sidequests on the Unknown World.

G1. Invisible Mandalorians

If you side with the warrior Rakatans, talk to Garn, who is standing near the
water at the North Beach. He tells you about how a group of Mandalorians
killed his men and he wants you to avenge them. Go to the pillar at the Temple
Exterior, the south side. When you approach, the Mandalorians will appear and
attack. Dispatch them and take the leader's head back to Garn. As thanks he
shows you a locker filled with many items. You can do this quest if you sided
with the Elders, but it won't be initiated from Garn and you do not get the

G2. Rakatan Research

If you side with the Elder Rakatans, speak to Ll'awa. He is a researcher with
3 of the One's men locked in cages. He is researching Rakatan genetics and
needs information from the temple. In the temple Catacombs' computer, copy the
genetic information onto a datapad and return to Ll'awa for a reward.

You can also kill Ll'awa and take his key to free the One's men. They will
head back to their settlement and tell the One about your deed.

That's it for the sidequests.

~ 3. World-Spanning Quests ~

The World-Spanning quests are quests that take place on more than one planet.

A. Bastila (Romance)
B. Carth (Romance)
C. Bastila (Messenger)
D. Carth (Messenger)
E. Mission (Messenger)
F. Canderous (Messenger)
G. Juhani (Messenger)
H. Alien Stowaway
I. Darth Bandon and Calo Nord
J. Genoharadan Assassin Guild
K. The Trouble with Gizka
L. Unfinished Business

A. Bastila (Romance)

You can hold 12 different conversations with Bastila throughout the game. When
a conversation is available, the game will tell you, however, you can start
one before the game tells you. The "romance" portion of the quest can only
take place if you play as a male character.

The first four conversations all become available on Taris and Dantooine.
Conversation 1 - Bastila demands you tell her what you've been doing since
her ship crashed, and tells you of your Force sensitivity.
Conversation 2 - Bastila questions you about your past so she can judge your
Conversation 3 - Bastila asks when you started to notice your ability to
command the Force. She then warns you about the evils of the dark side. Ask
why she is so upset, but she won't explain.
Conversation 4 - Bastila gets nervous about your lack of training in the

Conversations 5 through 7 are available after you collect the first star map.
If you haven't reached Conversation 5 before you collect the second star map,
the romance subplot ends.
Conversation 5 - Bastila explains that she was taken from her family at a
young age and her relations with her family.
Conversation 6 - Bastila comments on your light side/dark side leanings, she
compliments you if you lean toward the light side and warns you if you lean
towards the dark side.
Conversation 7 - You ask Bastila why the Jedi council sent you on this mission
with so little training.

Conversations 8 through 10 are available after you collect the second star
map. If you haven't reached Conversation 8 before you reach the third star
map, the romance subplot ends.
Conversation 8 - Bastila confesses how she's come to depend on you, and
commends your progress.
Conversation 9 - Bastila again comments on your light side/dark side
direction. If you're dark side, Bastila asks how it feels to do whatever you
want. If you're light side, Bastila asks how you're able to control yourself
without training.
Conversation 10 - Bastila confesses that she's never made it past the rank of
Padawan and that she should have left you at Dantooine. If you mock Bastila at
this point, the romance subplot ends. Be supportive to continue the subplot.

Conversations 11 and 12 are available after you collect the third star map.
You must complete Coversation 12 before collecting the fourth star map or the
romance subplot ends.
Conversation 11 - Bastila confesses her love for you. You can ignore her
feelings and end the romance subplot, or respond in kind.
Conversation 12 - Bastila confesses that she is still in love with you. If
you're light side, she remarks on how much stronger you are than she is, and
begs you to see the quest through, no matter what. If you're dark side, you
can try to tempt her. Bastila asks how you feel about her. If you say you
don't feel the same, the romance still continues through the rest of the

If you are on the dark side instead of conversation 10 you will probably get
a scene where you and Bastila kiss. After this, Bastila says the kiss was a
mistake. When this scene is over do not talk to her again or a bug will cause
the romance to end. You will know it worked if at the temple on the Unknown
World you ask her "How will I know you won't betray me?" and she should say
something about her passion for you.

B. Carth (Romance)

You can hold 15 different conversations with Carth throughout the game. The
game will tell you when Carth wants to talk, but you can hold a conversation
with him earlier. This "romance" quest can only take place if you are a female

The first four conversations all become available on Taris.
Conversation 1 - Carth asks what you were doing during the battle that crashed
the ship, and states that he intends to keep a close eye on you. (If Bastila
is present she argues with Carth.)
Conversation 2 - You can ask if Carth has a problem with you, and he admits to
your expertise and tells you about how he won't trust anyone.
Conversation 3 - Carth angrily tells you a tale of betrayal of Revan and the
Republic fleet and apologizes for how he's treated you.
Conversation 4 - Carth talks about Saul, the current admiral of the Sith
fleet, and how he and Saul were once close friends.

Conversations 5 and 6 are available after you collect the first star map. If
you haven't reached Conversation 5 before you collect the second star map, the
romance subplot ends.
Conversation 5 - Carth asks some pointed question about your conversations
with the Jedi Council (you can answer or ignore). If Bastila is present, she
tells Carth to mind his own business. If you're light side, Carth wants to
know how you have so much responsiblity; if you're dark side, Carth mentions
your inclinations.
Conversation 6 - Carth apologizes to you and mentions he wants Saul dead, but
he also wants to help out with your main mission.

Conversations 7 and 8 are available after you collect the second star map. If
you haven't reached Conversation 7 before you collect the third star map, the
romance subplot ends.
Conversation 7 - You ask Carth why he wants revenge on Saul, and he
relates how Saul devastated the planet his wife and son lived on. His wife
died, and his son disappeared. This opens up an extra quest on Korriban.
Conversation 8 - Carth says he doesn't believe the dark side can change
someone so completely. If you're dark side, Carth expresses his concern.

Conversations 9 and 10 are available after you collect the third star map. If
you haven't reached Conversation 9 before you collect the fourth star map, the
romance subplot ends.
Conversation 9 - You can ask Carth why he seems so distant. He explains that
he's had difficulty remembering his wife's face.
Conversation 10 - You can ask Carth what he plans to do after he takes revenge
on Saul and he doesn't know, for he always focused on killing Saul and ssumed
he would be dead too, but now he has a reason to live.

Conversations 11 and 12 are available after you collect the fourth star map.
If you haven't reached Conversation 12 before you collect the fifth star map,
the romance subplot ends.
Conversation 11 - Carth compliments your strongest skill and mentions that
you've been invaluable to him and the team.
Conversation 12 - Carth expresses his concern for you. If you're light side,
he's worried that you're making yourself a target. If you're dark side, he's
worried about how much you've succumbed to violence and anger.

Conversation 13 takes place after the Leviathan. Bastila has been taken and
Saul has been killed. Carth tells you a shocking bit of information. You can
express surprise and tell Carth he has nothing to do with your destiny (which
ends the romance subplot), or that you won't follow the same path. How much he
believes you depends on your light side or dark side leanings.

Conversation 14 takes place before the Unknown World encounter at the temple
summit. Carth speaks to you before the challenge and promises to protect you.

Conversation 15 takes place after the Unknown World encounter. If you've
chosen the dark side, Carth runs off and swears that he'll save you. If you've
chosen the light side, Carth expresses his love for you and you can return that
love for him.

If you decide to restore your title of Dark Lord of the Sith by falling to the
dark side you will kill Carth right after you defeat Malak.

C. Bastila (Messenger)

To initiate this quest speak to Bastila often-(for the most part, after every
time you gain a level). Eventually a messenger approaches Bastila at one of
the space ports and says that her mother, who lives on Tatooine, is dying.
Travel to Tatooine and visit the cantina, where Bastila and her mother get
into a fight. Bastila agrees to retrieve her dead father's holocron,(located
in the krayt dragon cave). Find the holocron, talk to Bastila, and return to
the cantina.

Light Side Points: Give the holocron to Bastila's mother.
Dark Side Points: Keep the holocron.

D. Carth (Messenger)

To initiate this quest, speak to Carth frequently-(after every time you gain
an experience level). Eventually, a messenger approaches Carth at one of the
spaceports and says that his son, once thought to be dead, is alive at the
Sith Academy on Korriban. Travel to the Sith Academy and reunite Carth and
Dustil, who's quite a hostile youth.

Light Side Points: Break into Uthar Wynn's room and take the datapad to
Dark Side Points: Kill Dustil.

E. Mission (Messenger)

To initiate this quest speak to Mission frequently-(after every time you gain
a level), and a character named Lena will approach you in one of the
spaceports. She reveals that Mission's brother Griff is on Tatooine working
for Czerka, but when you ask after him in the Czerka office, the official says
that Griff was taken prisoner by the Sand People. Mission pleads for the safe
return of Griff, who has apparently been captured by Sand People.

After you speak to Lena, you can find further information about Griff from the
Czerka Corporation office inside Anchorhead. Recieve a rescue mission into the
Sand People Enclave. Free Griff with the Sand Chieftan's permission(HK-47
required), or by killing the whole Sand People tribe. In additon to claiming
the Jawas, you can either request, or demand, the freedom of Mission's
brother. Once freed, Griff waits for you at the Czerka Corporation offices.

After you free Griff, he asks you to meet him in the Czerka office and asks
you to secure a tach gland for him. This requires you to go to Kashyyyk, and
head to the Shadowlands, and either offer to help the poachers hunt tach(dark
side), or steal one from their storage bins. After Griff aquires the gland,
he'll leave.

F. Canderous (Messenger)

To initiate this quest, speak to Canderous often-(after every time you gain an
experience level) about his war stories. Eventually, a Mandalorian named Jagy
approaches Canderous at one of the spaceports and challenges him to a fight in
the Dune Sea. Go to the Dune Sea and walk out to the right of the sand crawler
and Jagy and his men will approach you. Defeat Jagy.

G. Juhani (Messenger)

To initiate this quest, speak to Juhani frequently-(after every time you gain
a level) about her past. Eventually, a character named Xor approaches Juhani at
one of the space ports and talks about how he tried to buy Juhani as a young
girl and now he wants to purchase her as an adult. Xor leaves but shows up
again later and attacks. You can either let him die or have Juhani kill him.
Having Juhani kill him doesn't affect her, but will give you dark side points.

H. Alien Stowaway

After collecting the first star map and returning to the Ebon Hawk, Zaalbar
tells you that someone has been tampering with the food supply. Wander around
the Ebon Hawk until you hear footsteps, and go inspect the food kiosk in the
storage room. Now speak to the stowaway. Notice you don't understand her. This
is because she doesn't know Basic. You must figure out the dialect she speaks.
If you end the conversation she runs back to the food kiosk and stands there
until you speak with her again.

(You can tell her to get off your ship, which gives you dark side points.
Before she leaves keep talking to her and telling her to leave to get as many
dark side points as you want.)

Once you learn to communicate with her, you learn that she's the daughter of a
wealthy Dantooine settler. Her name is Sasha, and she was stolen away by
Mandalorian slavers at an early age and was never taught to speak. (The only
word she remembers from her time on Dantooine is her name.) She warped
together her own language from the one spoken by the Mandalorians. If you
learn this about Sasha, you can go to Dantooine and return her to her family.

An alien servant named Lur Arka Sulas at the landing port of Dantooine serves
the family of the stolen girl. If you haven't yet uncovered her story, the
Ithorian tells you that he waits here and questions new arrivals about a girl
named Sasha. If you've uncovered her story, you can tell this to the alien
servant, who takes Sasha back to her home.

I. Darth Bandon and Calo Nord

Your encounters with these two murderers aren't sidequests, but they are
world-spanning and will be included here. At any of four points in the game,
you are ambushed by Calo Nord (when you reach any of the four points for the
first time) or Darth Bandon (when you reach any of the four points third,
after slaying Calo Nord).
The four points are:
1. Leaving the krayt dragon cave on Tatooine.
2. Descending into the Shadowlands of Kasyyyk.
3. Leaving the Hrakert Station after collecting the star map on Manaan.
4. Entering the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban.

J. Genoharadan Assassin Guild

After you defeat Calo Nord, a Twi'lek named Senni Vak approaches you near the
Ebon Hawk and gives you a datapad with instructions to meet a Rodian named
Hulas on Manaan (in East Central Ahto) alone. If you approach Hulas with party
members active, he acts like he doesn't know what you're talking about. If you
approach him by yourself, he offers to make you a member of the Genoharadan
Assassin Guild, but you must first carry out a few missions for him.

The first and second missions are easy: a Rodian named Lorgal in the Republic
Embassy, and a Grann slaver named Zuulan Sentar at the Matale Estate. You only
need to kill one of the two in order to advance to the remaining quests, but
you can kill both if you want. You get dark side points for killing Lorgal. To
get him slice into the Republic computer and use the computer to kill him or
talk to him and use the Force Power Kill or Choke. Zuulan is near his land
speeder on the Matale Grounds. If you don't kill him before you are taken
aboard the Leviathan, you cannot kill him and must kill Lorgal to proceed with
the rest of the missions.

When you return to Hulas, he gives you three more targets: A Gamorrean named
Vorn Daasrad (find his droid in the Sand People territory) attack his droid
then either reprogram it to attack its master or place a frag mine in his
swoop bike, you will then be taken to Vorn, attack and kill him (dark side
points), a Selkath named Ithoriak Guldar (talk to his servant Vek in the
Manaan swoop lounge, then meet him at the docking bay without security cameras
next to the Ebon Hawk) then kill him (dark side points), and a shape-shifter
named Rulaan Prolik in the Upper Shadowlands (find a Wookiee corpse with a
datapad mentioning the "faceless one," then find a Wookiee impersonating the
one whose corpse you found, he should be just past the corpse). Keep attacking
Rulaan and he will eventually shapeshift into a tach. He will then run to the
circular area by Jolee's hut. There will be alot of tachs around and you will
have the option to "Use" the tach. Eventually you will kill Rulaan and his
corpse will appear.

When you've killed all three targets return to Hulas and discover he's
double-crossed you. If you wish, you can challenge him to a duel. He asks you
to to show up alone at the Dune Sea. Hulas will bring a squad of assassins to
the duel, however, so bring your own party members to match his sneaky lie.

K. Trouble with Gizka

When you arrive on Tatooine and depart from the Ebon Hawk for the first time,
you're approached by an alien named Jor Ul Kurax, who says that a "shipment"
has been delivered to the ship "as requested." You can ask what Kurax means,
but he says that the gizka are your problem now.

The next time you board the Ebon Hawk, you find 6 gizkas hopping around. Each
time you land on a planet, the number of gizkas doubles, until you reach a
maximum of 96. You can pick up or snap the neck of each gizka, but when you
do, another spawns to take its place. There are two methods to rid your ship
of the gizkas.

The first method is to purchase gizka poison from one of the stores or
merchants that sell it. Two such vendors are Mic'Tunan'Jus in the Tatooine
spaceport and the bartender in the Tatooine cantina. The poison causes a
gizka to go rabid and attack other gizkas; a bitten gizka turns rabid as well.
A rabid gizka dies after a few moments.

The second method is to speak with Nubassa, the Selkath in the docking area of
Manaan. Make him take the gizkas from you for his zoo exhibit. You will get
dark side points if you lie to Nubassa about the gizka not reproducing and sell
them for 100 credits.

If you still have the gizka when you reach the Unknown World, you will release
them there for that is their homeworld.

L. Unfinished Business

On Korriban, next to the Dreshdae cantina, you run into a Rodian named Lurze
Kesh. He's heard about the arrival of the Ebon Hawk and asks if you're the
pilot. If you say yes, he asks about a shipment from Davik. Davik's men were
to deliver a shipment of spice to Lurze, and he thinks the spice may be on the
Ebon Hawk. He asks that you look for a hidden compartment on the ship, and he
gives you a passcode (RED-47) to open the compartment.

Return to the Ebon Hawk and go into the cargo hold (with the emergency cache
of food and the various containers on the floor).The hidden compartment is
towards the back of the room. Open it and give the spice to Lurze.

Lurze is quite pleased and rewards you with 1,000 credits. If your persuade
skill is high enough, you can convince him to increase the payment to 1,500
credits. When the transaction is complete, Lurze asks if you're interested in
earning additional credits. Lurze has a simple mission: taking a package to a
Hutt named Motta on Tatooine. Deliver the package and you'll be rewarded with
2,000 credits. Agree to the task and Lurze has the package loaded onto the
Ebon Hawk. He also warns you not to open the box, under any circumstances.

If you open the box, you find yourself alone, in a room of endless white,
featureless except for a small bed surrounded by four pillars. As you approach
the pillars, a Rakatan emerges from behind one of them. Speak with the Rakatan
to discover that you're trapped inside a mind prison. The Rakatan was a great
leader who started a civil war within the Rakatan empire. He was captured and
sentenced to eternity inside the mind prison.

The Rakatan has found a way out of the prison, but he can't return to his body,
as it's dead. He can, however, transfer his consciousness into your body. The
Rakatan challenges you to a set of riddles. If you answer one incorrectly, the
Rakatan will seize your body. If he answers incorrectly, he'll send you back to
your body, unharmed.
Here are the riddles and the answers:
1. Until I am measured, I am not known, yet how you miss me when I have flown.
2. I never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come. I can
carry nothing, yet hold much for some. (Tomorrow)
3. Who makes it has no need of it. Who buys it has no use for it. Who uses it
has no knowledge of it. (Grave)
4. I am always hungry, I must be fed. The finger I lick will soon turn red.

After you answer all four riddles correctly, the Rakatan will fail one of your
riddles, then keep his promise and return you to your body.

Go to see Motta in Anchorhead's swoop registration building. He rewards you
with 2,000 credits, but you can bargain him up to 2,500.

~ 4. Credits ~

I would like to thank Prima Games. Their strategy guide helped me organize
this guide.

Thanks to Korhil Dragon for help with the Manaan Swoop Race sidequest.
Thanks to FatedSwordsman for help with the Bastila Romance quest.
Thanks to Debaser22 for help with the Genoharadan Assassin Guild quest.
Thanks to Hycatra for the Trouble with Gizka quest.

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If you noticed, for many quests I have placed an area under them telling what
to do for light or dark side points. Other quests I am not sure about, but if
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strategy you used posted and I might post it. I will also accept any valid
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