Zauberliste (Hack)

Ralen (gutechin yahoo com au)
July 11, 2006 at The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Full list of spells and there id for player.addspell <id> and player.removespell <id> console commands.

I dont see anywhere to upload the text so here they are. :-)

Adrenaline Rush (00047AE7)
Ancestor Guardian (00047AD5)
Arcane Well (0006A8EF)
Beast Tongue (00047AE9)
Berserk (00047AD3)
Cheater's Nip (0006A8F4)
Cobra's Dance (0006A8F8)
Dragon Dream (0006B6A3)
Dragon Skin (00047AD0)
Embrace of Shadows (0003BEDB)
Eye of Fear (00047ADF)
Fingernail Moon (0006A8F6)
Gates of Aetherius (0006B69D)
Hellride (0006A8F1)
Jode's Blood (0006B69F)
Jone's Shadow (0006B69E)
Lady's Warding (0006A8F2)
Lover's Bower (0006A8F5)
Lover's Kiss (00022A43)
Magicka Manifold (0006A8ED)
Mara's Gift (00022A3A)
Mara's Mercy (0006A8EC)
Mara's Milk (0006A8EB)
Moonshadow (00022A66)
Nirn's Breath (0006B6B1)Nordic Frost (00047AE4)
Pilgrim's Grace (00014D23)
Reign of Terror (0003BEDC)
Scamp Reflection (0000950B)
Serpent Spell (00022A63)
Shield of Shezarr (0006B6A2)
Sithian Web (0006B6A0)
Skein of Magnus (0006B6A1)
Spriggan's Heal (00008B21)
Spriggan's Heal (00008B20)
Spriggan's Heal (00008B22)
Star of the West (00047ADE)
Summon Bear (001779E1)
Summon Skeleton (00000EA8)
The Master's Hand (00008E53)
Tower Key (00022A6C)
Tower Warden (000CB623)
Vampire's Seduction (0003BED9)
Voice of the Emperor (00047ADD)
Void Seed (0006A8EE)
War Cry (0006A8F0)
Warden Key (0006A8F7)
Woad (00047AE3)
Ysmir's Scales (0006A8F3)

Absorb Magicka (0003C393)
Ancotar's Reverse Invisibility (0018540C)
Atronach Fireball (0003C17D)
Atronach Frostbolt (0007BE60)
Atronach Frostbolt (00009EFA)
Atronach Frostbolt (0003C17B)
Atronach Frostbolt (00009EFB)
Atronach Frostbolt (0007BE61)
Atronach Lightning (0003C183)
Beggar's Nose (00022A6D)
Blessed Touch (00022A3B)
Blessed Word (00022A3C)
Blood of the North (00022A41)
Bound Dagger (00046670)
Daedroth Shield (0003C17F)
Dagon Area Attack 1 (00165B38)
Dagon Area Attack 2 (00176192)
Dagon Area Attack 3 (00176193)
Dagon Area Attack 4 (00176190)
Dagon Area Attack 5 (00176191)
Eye of Night (00047AE0)
Faded Wraith's Curse (0002B4FF)
Fiery Breath (0001CE5A)
Fiery Touch (0003C17C)
Freezing Heal (00008879)
Freezing Touch (00009EFD)
Freezing Touch (0007BE62)
Freezing Touch (0003C17E)
Freezing Touch (00009EFC)
Freezing Touch (0007BE63)
Ghostly Touch (0005D2BB)
Ghostly Touch (0002B553)
Gloom Wraith's Curse (0003C391)
Gray Cowl Invisibility (00185933)
Guard Heal 1 (00014F04)
Guard Heal 2 (00014F06)
Guard Heal 3 (00014F07)
Guard Heal 4 (00014F08)
Guard Shield 1 (00014F09)
Guard Shield 2 (00014F0A)
Guard Shield 3 (00014F0B)
Guard Shield 4 (00014F0C)
Head Butt (0003F286)
Head Butt (0003F285)
Hunter's Sight (0003BEDA)
Icy Blast (00014662)
Icy Touch (00008E4F)
Invisibility (000CA0CD)
Kvatch Fireball (000CD4D2)
Mind Numb (0002B4F8)
Mythic Dawn Bound Armor and Mace (00022B37)
Mythic Dawn Bound Armor and Sword (00097C1F)
Poison spit (0003C181)
Poison spit (00000ED8)
Scamp Fireball (0000950A)
Shocking Touch (00007E85)
Shocking Touch (0003C184)
Snowball (000CD3F9)
SpiderParalyzer (0008DD95)
Spriggan's Curse (0002B4F9)
Summon Spiderling (00000EE5)
Venemous Vapors (00098099)
Venemous Vapors (000980AF)
Welkynd Stone Spell (000380BC)
Wrack (000C89AA)
Wraith's Curse (0005D49F)
Zombie Paralysis (0009851F)

Absorb Attribute: Agility (000A936D)
Absorb Attribute: Endurance (000A936E)
Absorb Attribute: Intelligence (000A9788)
Absorb Attribute: Luck (000A9789)
Absorb Attribute: Speed (000A978B)
Absorb Attribute: Strength (000A978C)
Absorb Attribute: Willpower (000A978D)
Absorb Fatigue (000CA0CC)
Absorb Fatigue (000CA0CB)
Absorb Fatigue (000A936B)
Absorb Fatigue (000CA0CA)
Absorb Health (000A9367)
Absorb Magicka (000A936C)
Absorb Skill: Acrobatics (000A978E)
Absorb Skill: Alteration (000A9790)
Absorb Skill: Athletics (000A9792)
Absorb Skill: Blade (000A9793)
Absorb Skill: Block (000A9794)
Absorb Skill: Blunt (000A9795)
Absorb Skill: Conjuration (000A9796)
Absorb Skill: Destruction (000A9797)
Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand (000A9798)
Absorb Skill: Heavy Armor (000A9799)
Absorb Skill: Illusion (000A979A)
Absorb Skill: Light Armor (000A979B)
Absorb Skill: Marksman (000A979C)
Absorb Skill: Mercantile (000A979D)
Absorb Skill: Mysticism (000A979E)
Absorb Skill: Restoration (000A979F)
Absorb Skill: Security (000A97A0)
Absorb Skill: Sneak (000A97A1)
Aegis (000A97AB)
Alluring Gaze (000A97AC)
Anchorite Spell (000BE5C0)
Arctic Blow (00005139)
Arctic Blow (000A97F2)
ArenaBasinRenewel (00092282)
Ascended Immortality (00088B63)
Average Lock (000A982D)
Ayleid Well (0006A8D8)
Baronoff's Bloody Icicle (0006D67C)
Beast of Burden (000A9803)
Beguiling Touch (000A97AE)
Black Winter (0006D67D)
Blazing Spear (000A97E1)
Blessing of Dibella (00064CA0)
Blessings of Akatosh (00064C9E)
Blessings of Arkay (00064C9F)
Blessings of Julianos (00064CA1)
Blessings of Kynareth (00064CA2)
Blessings of Mara (00064CA3)
Blessings of Stendarr (00064CA4)
Blessings of Talos (00064CA5)
Blessings of the Nine (00064C9D)
Blessings of Zenithar (00064CA6)
Blizzard (0003C3D8)
Bloodhunt (0006D680)
Bound Boots (000A97B4)
Bound Bow (000A97B5)
Bound Cuirass (000A97B6)
Bound Dagger (000A97B7)
Bound Gauntlets (000A97B8)
Bound Greaves (000A97B9)
Bound Helmet (000A97BA)
Bound Mace (000A97BB)
Bound Shield (000A97BC)
Bound Sword (000A97BD)
Bound War Axe (000A97B3)
Breath of Arkay (00177204)
Breath of the Underking (0018540D)
Breath of the Underking (00185409)
Breath of the Underking (0018540B)
Breath of the Underking (00185407)
Breath of the Underking (0018540A)
Breath of the Underking (00185408)
Buoyancy (0001FBB4)
Burdening Touch (000A97C1)
Burning Touch (0004C91E)
Calming Touch (000A97CA)
Candlelight (000A9827)
Captivate (0001C4AD)
Chameleon (000A97CB)
Chameleon (00083600)
Chameleon (0005DCC0)
Cloak (000A97CD)
Cold Touch (000A97EF)
Command Creature (000A97CE)
Command Humanoid (0003C3F8)
Commanding Touch (000A97D0)
Consume Health (000A9369)
Convalescence (0006D7AF)
Corrode Armor (0005DCC6)
Corrode Armor (000A97A3)
Corrode Weapon (000A97A5)
Corrode Weapon (0005DCB6)
Counterspell (00084B16)
Cure Disease (0003C3FA)
Cure Paralysis (0003C3FB)
Cure Poison (0003C3FC)
Curse of Weakness (000A97D2)
Damage Attribute: Agility (0003C3FD)
Damage Attribute: Endurance (0003C3FE)
Damage Attribute: Intelligence (0003C3FF)
Damage Attribute: Luck (0003C400)
Damage Attribute: Luck (000CBE6F)
Damage Attribute: Speed (0003C401)
Damage Attribute: Strength (0003C402)
Damage Attribute: Willpower (0003C403)
Daylight (000A9829)
Deathly Visage (0006D681)
Debilitate (000A9838)
Defend (000A97A8)
Detect Pulse (0006D67F)
Devour Health (000A936A)
Dibella's Kiss (00177205)
Dire Enervation (0003C3F1)
Dire Wound (0004C914)
Disintegrate Armor (000A97A4)
Disintegrate Weapon (000A97A6)
Dismiss Undead (000AA06B)
Dispel (000937FB)
Dispel Other (0003C3F5)
Dominate Creature (000A97CF)
Dominate Humanoid (0003C3F9)
Dominating Touch (000A97D1)
Drain Attribute: Agility (0003C3DF)
Drain Attribute: Endurance (0003C3E0)
Drain Attribute: Intelligence (0003C3E4)
Drain Attribute: Luck (0003C3E1)
Drain Attribute: Speed (0003C3E2)
Drain Attribute: Willpower (0003C3E3)
Drain Skill: Alteration (0003C3E9)
Drain Skill: Blade (0003C3EC)
Drain Skill: Conjuration (0003C3ED)
Drain Skill: Destruction (0003C3E8)
Drain Skill: Hand to Hand (0003C3EA)
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor (0003C3EB)
Drain Skill: Illusion (0003C3E7)
Drain Skill: Light Armor (00084B14)
Drain Skill: Marksman (0003C3E6)
Drain Skill: Restoration (0003C3EE)
Ease Burden (000A9800)
Easy Lock (000A9805)
Electric Shell (000A982A)
Electric Touch (000A97FB)
Electrocution (000A97F9)
Encumbering Touch (000A97C3)
Enemies Explode (00014720)
Enthrall (00070488)
Enthralling Presence (000A97FF)
Entropic Bolt (000A97B1)
Entropic Touch (000A97D3)
Essence Drain (0007BE31)
Essence Drain (0007BE2E)
Essence Drain (0007BE33)
Essence Drain (0007BE2F)
Essence Drain (0007BE30)
Essence Drain (0007BE32)
Eyes of Eventide (000A982F)
Eyes of Midnight (000A9830)
Favor of Akatosh (0000CCBB)
Fearful Gaze (000A97D6)
Finger of the Mountain (000C6984)
Finger of the Mountain (000C6986)
Finger of the Mountain (000C48A6)
Finger of the Mountain (000C48A7)
Finger of the Mountain (000C6983)
Finger of the Mountain (000C6982)
Finger of the Mountain (000C6985)
Fire Ball (000A97E7)
Fire Column Damage (000651DA)
Fire Damage from Bon Fires (000689B0)
Fire Damage from Bon Fires (00068824)
Fire Damage from Bon Fires (00014F3D)
Fire Damage from Bon Fires (000689B2)
Fire Shield (0005DCC5)
Fire Shield (000A9808)
Fire Shield (0006946F)
Fire Storm (000A97E8)
Fireball (000359BA)
Fist of Talos (00177207)
Flame Shield (000A9807)
Flame Tempest (000A97E9)
Flame Touch (000A97E4)
Flare (000A97DF)
Flash Bolt (000A97E0)
Fortify Agility (000A9811)
Fortify Endurance (000A9812)
Fortify Fatigue (00085540)
Fortify Fatigue (0003C405)
Fortify Health (000A9820)
Fortify Intelligence (000A9813)
Fortify Luck (000A9814)
Fortify Magicka (0003C407)
Fortify Magicka (0008553F)
Fortify Personality (000A9815)
Fortify Speed (000A9816)
Fortify Strength (000A9817)
Fortify Willpower (000A9818)
Frenzy (000A9819)
Frost Bolt (00000F1A)
Frost Bolt (000A97EC)
Frost Damage for Frost Fire Glade (000AAA89)
Frost Shell (000A981D)
Frost Shield (0005DCC4)
Frost Touch (000A97F0)
Ghostwalk (000A97BF)
Glacial Wall (000A981F)
Grasp of Terror (000A97D8)
Greater Bound Armor (000C7627)
Greater Convalescence (000C7661)
Greater Dispel (000A9832)
Greater Dispel Other (000A9835)
Greater Fortify Agility (000A9809)
Greater Fortify Endurance (000A980A)
Greater Fortify Fatigue (0003C406)
Greater Fortify Health (000A9821)
Greater Fortify Intelligence (000A980B)
Greater Fortify Luck (000A980C)
Greater Fortify Magicka (0003C409)
Greater Fortify Personality (000A980D)
Greater Fortify Speed (000A980E)
Greater Fortify Strength (000A980F)
Greater Fortify Willpower (000A9810)
Greater Life Detection (000A97DA)
Greater Magicka Drain (0003C3F2)
Greater Soul Trap (000AA050)
Guard (000A97A9)
Hail Storm (0003C3D6)
Hailstone (000A97EB)
Heal Greater Wounds (000AA03A)
Heal Legen~dary Wounds (00083714)
Heal Major Wounds (000A9822)
Heal Minor Wounds (00027442)
Heal Minor Wounds (00000136)
Heal Superior Wounds (000AA03B)
Heart of Stendarr (00177203)
Heat Blast (000A97E2)
Heat Shell (000A9806)
Heroic Touch (000AA035)
Heroism (000AA034)
Hindering Touch (000A97C2)
Hush (0005DCB4)
Hush (00027441)
Ice Blast (000A97EE)
Ice Bolt (00005138)
Ice Bolt (000A97ED)
Ice Shield (000A981E)
Ice Storm (0003C3D7)
Illuminate (000A319D)
Immobilization (00070483)
Immobilize (000A9839)
Immolated (0005D501)
Immolating Blast (000A97E3)
Immolation (00094C3E)
Inspiration (000AA032)
Inspiring Touch (000AA033)
Invisibility (00084B15)
Jaws of Akatosh (00177206)
Jeanne Frasoric Practice Spell1 (00002335)
Jeanne Frasoric Practice Spell2 (00002337)
Kayleen's Grace (0018AD51)
Kynareth's Way (00177209)
Leech Health (000A9368)
Legendary Dispel (000A9834)
Legendary Life Detection (000A97DE)
Legendary Magicka Drain (0003C3F4)
Legendary Soul Trap (000AA052)
Legendary Spell Absorption (000AA056)
Legendary Spell Reflection (000AA053)
Lighten Load (000A9801)
Lightning Ball (0003C3DA)
Lightning Blast (000A97FD)
Lightning Bolt (000A97F8)
Lightning Grasp (000A97FC)
Lightning Shield (0005DCC3)
Lightning Shield (000A982B)
Lightning Storm (0003C3DB)
Lightning Surge (000A97F6)
Lightning Surge (00064F2E)
Lightning Wall (000A982C)
Llevana's Paralyze (0003C9C6)
Magicka Drain (0004C90F)
Magicka Drain (0005DCB8)
Major Bound Armor (000C7626)
Major Dispel (000A9831)
Major Enervation (0003C3F0)
Major Life Detection (000A97DB)
Major Respite (000A9823)
Major Wound (0004C913)
Master Marksman Paralysis (00000137)
Maximum Area Fireball (0000C152)
Mesmerizing Grasp (000A97AF)
Mine Fire Effect (000B52AD)
Mine Fire Effect 1 (000055B6)
Mine Fire Effect 2 (000055B7)
Mine Fire Effect 3 (000055B8)
Mine Fire Effect 4 (000055B9)
Mine Fire Effect 5 (000055BA)
Mine Fire Effect 6 (000055BB)
Minor Bound Armor (000C7625)
Minor Dispel (0008D1E9)
Minor Enervation (0003C3EF)
Minor Frost Shield (0006EF34)
Minor Invisibility (0005DCC1)
Minor Latch Crack (0001CEED)
Minor Life Detection (000A97DC)
Minor Magic Resistance (0008D1EA)
Minor Respite (00027443)
Minor Wound (0004C912)
Moonlight (000A9826)
Mora's Soul Trap (0001C10E)
Movement Mastery (000AA067)
MQ13 Bruma Cheer (0003D5F1)
Mute (000AA04C)
Namira's Shroud (0001CEA4)
Night Mother's Caress (0006D67A)
No Area Fireball (0000C153)
Old Lady's Luck (0006BD11)
Open Average Lock (000A9836)
Open Easy Lock (000A9824)
Open Hard Lock (000A9837)
Open Portal (00088B62)
Open Very Easy Lock (000A97FE)
Oppressing Grasp (000A97C4)
Pacification (000A97C7)
Pack Mule (000A9802)
Pants On Fire (0000A0DD)
Paralyze (00189044)
Paralyze (000A983A)
Paralyze (0003C964)
Protect (000A97A7)
Protect Other (00071090)
Psychic Motion (000AA065)
Punishment (0003CD16)
Rage (000A981A)
Reanimate (0004A98B)
Rebuke Undead (000AA06A)
Reflection of Nab (000336EF)
Remote Manipulation (000AA064)
Repulse Undead (000AA069)
Respite (0005E155)
Restore Agility (000AA03C)
Restore Endurance (000AA03F)
Restore Intelligence (000AA042)
Restore Luck (000AA040)
Restore Personality (000AA044)
Restore Speed (000AA049)
Restore Strength (000AA047)
Restore Willpower (000AA04A)
Revitalize (0009812A)
Ritual of Deactivation (00025357)
Rune Blade and Bracer (00066CD6)
Rune Bow and Helm (0006A8DA)
Rune Cuirass and Axe (0006A8DB)
Rune Cuirass and Sword (0006A8D9)
Rune Mace and Bracer (0006A8DC)
Sanguine Test (0007BABE)
Scales of Julianos (0017720A)
Scorching Blow (000A97E6)
Script Effect (0000A097)
Sea Stride (000AA071)
Searing Grasp (000A97E5)
Seductive Charm (000A97AD)
Serenity (000A97C6)
Sever Magicka (0003C3DC)
Shadow (000A97CC)
Shadow (00084B11)
Shadow Shape (000A97BE)
Shield (000A97AA)
Shock (000A97F4)
Shock Bolt (000A933B)
Shocking Burst (0003C3D9)
Shocking Touch (000A97FA)
Shroudwalk (0006D678)
Siege Blast (0006EDE7)
Silence (00084B17)
Silence (000AA04D)
Silence of the Grave (00005118)
Silence of the Grave (00005120)
Snowball (000A97EA)
Soothing Touch (000A97C9)
Soul Trap (000AA04F)
Spark (000A97F3)
Spectral Form (000A97C0)
SpidalSlowandPoison (0006AA8E)
Stark Reality (0001C12C)
Starlight (000A9825)
Summon Clannfear (000AA057)
Summon Daedroth (000AA058)
Summon Dremora (000AA059)
Summon Dremora Lord (0003C413)
Summon Faded Wraith (000AA062)
Summon Flame Atronach (000AA05A)
Summon Frost Atronach (000AA05B)
Summon Ghost (000AA05C)
Summon Gloom Wraith (0003C419)
Summon Headless Zombie (0003C414)
Summon Lich (000AA05D)
Summon Scamp (000AA05E)
Summon Scamp (00014EF8)
Summon Skeleton (000AA05F)
Summon Skeleton Guardian (0003C415)
Summon Skeleton Hero (0003C416)
Summon Ske~le~ton Champion (0003C417)
Summon Spider Daedra (0003C418)
Summon Storm Atronach (000AA060)
Summon Xivilai (000AA061)
Summon Zombie (000AA063)
Sun Damage Self (00016090)
Super detect life (0006461F)
Superior Bound Armor (000C7628)
Superior Convalescence (000C7662)
Superior Dispel (000A9833)
Superior Life Detection (000A97DD)
Superior Magicka Drain (0003C3F3)
Superior Soul Trap (000AA051)
Superior Spell Absorption (000AA055)
Superior Spell Reflection (000AA039)
Superior Wound (0004C915)
Telekinesis (000AA066)
Terrifying Presence (000A97D9)
Test Dispel (00053DA4)
Test Dispel (0001F862)
Test Drain Health (0001D0E8)
Test Fire Damage Touch (0001B92F)
Test Fortify Magicka Spell (000C9BA5)
Test Frost Bolt (0001FD00)
Test Invisibility (00053DA3)
Test Self Restore (0001B930)
Test Spell (0009812B)
Test Spell (000054D2)
Test Telekinesis (000340BF)
testAbsorbAttribute (000340C0)
testAbsorbFatigue (000340C1)
testAbsorbHealth (000340C2)
TestAbsorbMagicka (000336F3)
testAbsorbMagicka (000340C3)
testAbsorbSkill (000340C4)
testBoundAxe (000340C5)
testBoundBoots (000340C6)
testBoundBow (000340C7)
TestRestTarget (0003A82F)
TestRestTouch (0003A82E)
TestShock (000B6C2B)
TestStatMod (00033D15)
The Unwelcome Guest (0006D67E)
Todd's Tester Spell (00000818)
Torchlight (000A9828)
Touch of Fear (000A97D7)
Touch of Frenzy (000A981B)
Touch of Rage (000A981C)
Trappable Spell (000018D2)
Turn Undead (000AA068)
Untrappable Spell (000018D3)
Vampire Reward Spell (000A3DF9)
Voice of Dread (000A97D5)
Voice of Rapture (000A97B0)
Void Gazer (0006D67B)
Wabbajack Spell (00026D8A)
Water Breathing (000AA06C)
Weak Fireball (0001EF7F)
Weakness to Disease (0005DCB9)
Weakness to Fire (0003C40D)
Weakness to Fire (0005DCBA)
Weakness to Frost (0005DCBB)
Weakness to Frost (0003C40E)
Weakness to Magicka (0005DCBC)
Weakness to Magicka (0003C40F)
Weakness to Normal Weapons (0005DCBD)
Weakness to Poison (0005DCBE)
Weakness to Poison (0003C411)
Weakness to Shock (0003C412)
Weakness to Shock (0005DCBF)
Weight of the World (0007108A)
Will of Sithis (0006D679)
Winter's Grasp (000A97F1)
Winter's Grasp (0000512B)
Wisdom of Mara (00177202)
Withering Bolt (000A97B2)
Withering Touch (000A97D4)
Wizard's Fury (000C4818)
Wizard's Fury (000C481A)
Wizard's Fury (000C481C)
Wizard's Fury (000C481D)
Wizard's Fury (000C4819)
Wizard's Fury (000C481B)
Wizard's Fury (000C481E)
Zenithar's Ear (00177208)
Breton Enhanced Magicka (00047AD2)
Breton Magic Resistance (00047AD1)
Warrior Birthsign (00022A6E)